Rags To Riches Chapter 437-438

 Chapter 437

When he woke up, Qin Ming found himself completely undressed and wrapped up in a blanket with Mu Xiaoqiao. He hadn't lost his virginity, had he?

                No, why was his hand in a strange place?

                Qin Ming touched it, it was soft and big, his skin was slippery from sweat, I must say, Mu Xiao Qiao's development was really first class, worthy of a great beauty.

                Qin Ming's body was on fire with evil, rising uncomfortably, he wanted to push Mu Xiao Qiao away, but the sheet was wrapped tightly, he couldn't push yet, instead he touched Mu Xiao Qiao's chest a few more times.

                "Mmm ......" Mu Xiao Qiao was made a few times, biting his lips, drowsy sleep, eyelids did not lift, but her arms again hold tighter Qin Ming, mouth muttered: "husband are you still cold? "

                Qin Ming's heart was stunned before he remembered that he had been bitten by a poisonous snake last night, and after his consciousness returned last night, he remembered that for a while his body was cold, unbearably cold, and then in a daze, he dreamed of a woman, hugging him, and the warmth of that woman made him hold on.

                "Could it have been her?" Qin Ming looked at the sleeping Mu Xiao Qiao, and it could only be Mu Xiao Qiao who gave Qin Ming warmth.

                Qin Ming slowly lifted the quilt and saw the sleeping Mu Xiao Qiao's jade body Chen Heng, feasting his eyes, he hurried to cover her up again, exclaiming that it was hard to top, to tempt people to commit crimes.

                Qin Ming took his own clothes and put them on and went out to find Ah Long and the others a few metres away, eating canned food around the fire.

                When the men saw Qin Ming wake up, they immediately followed him, "Young master, you're awake? Wonderful."

                "Wonderful, that herb really works."

                "Miss Lin, it's thanks to you."

                "Young master, last night it was Miss Lin who found a special herb that gave you the cure for the poison involved."

                "Oh, and Miss Mu took care of it all night and just fell asleep."

                Listening to the little brothers you are talking about, Qin Ming looked at the wound on his arm, the swelling had already gone down, he also listened to the people talk about the fierce danger last night, also a pang of fear, this big mountain a poisonous snake, almost killed his dog, but now it is finally back from the ghost gate.

                Lin Yurou said modestly, "I didn't help much, your wife took care of you all night last night and only closed her eyes in the early hours of the morning, she was the one who worked the hardest."

                Qin Ming's heart fluttered, it was really Mu Xiaoqiao who had taken care of him all night.

                Ah Long asked, "Young master, do we have to rush? Let's get a few people to get a stretcher to carry her."

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "Rest for a while, wait until Xiaoqiao wakes up, she's tired too."

                Qin Ming went back to the tent and looked at the sleeping Mu Xiao Qiao, stroking her hair, Qin Ming's heart was in a bit of turmoil, because some mistakes in the past had brought them to this situation.

                Since ancient times, heroes have difficulty with beauty, Qin Ming knew that he would not be able to get through this one.

                "God, what do you think I should do? I've signed the divorce papers and she still managed to lose them. I didn't intend to ask for that box of stuff, and she still managed to come all the way here and remember me and take care of me."

                "I can't blame her for getting married in the first place, she did it for the sake of the wedding and to save her grandfather, Mu Hai Ran, out of filial piety. These were all calculations and set-ups by Mu Hao and Zhang Quanzhen. But what she did for me, I can't ignore."

                Qin Ming stroked Mu Xiaoqiao's cheek hair and murmured, "You can't get much heroic energy, and it's hardest to get rid of beauty's grace."

                At noon, Mu Xiaoqiao also woke up, she felt around and woke up immediately without touching anyone, and realised that she was not dressed, and hurriedly covered herself with the quilt, only to find Qin Ming sitting by the side.

                "Awake?" Qin Ming asked.

                Mu Xiaoqiao's cheeks suddenly flushed scarlet and she said, "When did you wake up? You didn't do anything bad to me, did you?"

                Qin Ming snickered, "What? Didn't you say that we are legally married? What's wrong with doing something bad to you? What? You still want to call the police to arrest me?"

                Hearing this, Mu Xiaoqiao was even more ashamed, and she scowled, saying, "They're all out there, how can you, how can you be so shameless."

                "Haha, teasing you, what's the point of worrying blindly, I haven't even touched you." Qin Ming laughed out loud, "I played minesweeper with my phone all morning, you see the advanced one played for 98 seconds."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was in a tense and shy mood, her mind was in turmoil, wondering what "bad thing" Qin Ming had done to her, kissed her? Did he sleep with her? Did he touch her?

                The result was that Qin Ming threw down a plate of cold water on his face and he actually played a morning game of minesweeper in front of her without clothes?

                "Tsk ......" Mu Xiaoqiao's mood immediately sank, she ruffled her hair and propped her head up, her heart felt hard, was she unattractive? The fact that she had been married for several months and was still a virgin was probably not even believed when she said it.

                She had been the most popular girl in the school from junior high school to university, and there were many people chasing her.

                How come she was disliked by all kinds of people when it came to Qin Ming?

                Qin Ming took a set of his clean clothes and said, "Your skirt is dirty, don't wear it, wear my clothes. We have to get ready to leave, it's almost afternoon."

                "Hmm?" Mu Xiaoqiao looked at the time, it was already 1pm, which meant that the whole team had waited for her to sleep and hadn't left?

                This team must be led by Qin Ming, which meant that Qin Ming had been guarding her all morning, waiting for her to rest before leaving?

                Mu Xiaoqiao took Qin Ming's clothes and felt warm again, this act of Qin Ming doting on her made her very happy.

                It wasn't long before Mu Xiaoqiao was ready too, and the group planned to continue their journey to Lin's fortress.

                An hour's journey was neither long nor short. Lin Yurou was obviously used to walking among the mountains, and she could navigate even the roughest roads and walk fast.

                It was not necessary to say that Ah Long and Bi Yuan and the others were simply walking on smooth ground.

                After all, Qin Ming was a man and was physically fit enough to keep up.

                But Mu Xiaoqiao was having a hard time walking, almost falling several times, and her physical strength was not as good as Qin Ming's and the others.

                As Qin Ming watched her walking hard like this, dripping with sweat and gritting her teeth all the time, he simply squatted down, patted her back and said, "Come up, I'll carry you."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was stunned, biting her lip, looking at Qin Ming's back, her heart warmed, she gently ambled on Qin Ming's back and said, "I, I'm dragging my feet."

                Qin Ming raised the corners of his mouth confidently and said, "It's alright, with me here, who dares to say a word against you?"

                Qin Ming's domineering words caused Mu Xiaoqiao to snicker with delight.

                "Am I heavy?" Mu Xiaoqiao asked.

                Qin Ming turned it upside down and said, "Not too bad, not too heavy."

                "Heh heh heh." Mu Xiaoqiao raised the corners of her mouth happily, and hooked her arms around Qin Ming with a happy expression.

                Lin Yurou on the side looked at the two of them, but her heart was something else, how come the beard around this Qin Ming's mouth seemed to be a bit unstable in its stickiness?

                A fake beard?

                Lin Yurou couldn't help but slow down her pace and suddenly reached out her hand and grabbed the fake beard on Qin Ming's cheek.

Chapter 438


                Mu Xiaoqiao was very alert and grabbed Lin Yurou's hand that was reaching out, not letting Lin Yurou tear off the fake beard on Qin Ming's face, and coldly questioned, "Miss Lin, what are you doing?"

                Lin Yurou was stunned, not expecting to be stopped by Mu Xiaoqiao, she drew back her hand and said, "Nothing, the beard on Mr. Qin's face seems to be fake, why is it falling off on one side?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly used his hand to press the fake beard, in his heart he cried out in danger, if he were to recognize Lin Yurou as the person who slept with her, the consequences of this could not be predicted ah.

                Normal de-worming was out of the question, and he might even be in danger.

                Qin Ming said, "It doesn't matter if the beard is fake or not, it's enough that I have money."

                This remark made Lin Yurou wary, it was Qin Ming's way of implying that she should not be nosy, and that if she was nosy again, she would not lend the money.

                Despite her curiosity, Lin Yurou covered her scandal with a smile and let it go.

                After a long journey of more than an hour, the group also finally crossed the mountains and rivers and came to a Pandi village and town, where the terrain was smooth, and from afar we saw cooking smoke, terraced fields, some old-style wooden buildings, a patchwork of low-rise houses, looking as if there were as many as a thousand families?

                Deep in the mountains lives one of the more original and conservative villages, the Lin clan of Dazhai.

                Ancient style buildings abound, but you can't find two that resemble each other. There are large hills on either side, towering into the clouds; there are small hills, like rockeries in a garden.

                There are earthen hills, yellow and black, and stone hills, green and white, some rising slowly, some standing steeply.

                As soon as they entered the village they were greeted by a cool, refreshing air, and Ah Long could not help but exclaim: "This kind of place is not bad for retirement, the environment is just right."

                Lin Yurou said proudly, "Of course, our village is a longevity village, now the longest living person, Grandpa, is 106 years old, and many Grandpa and Grandma are also over 90 years old and still in good health."

                Qin Ming was very curious and said, "Modern society has become urbanised, how come there are still young people willing to live deep in the mountains? My parents don't even want to live in the village, they all moved out of the town too."

                Lin Yurou said, "Depending on the mountain, we can eat the mountain, depending on the water, this is the treasure left by our ancestors, it is our foundation. Leaving here our Lin clan will have nothing."

                As we gradually walked into the pandi, we could still see the electricity poles and wild dogs barking on the roadside, but Lin Yurou's appearance was a surprise to many villagers, who came up to greet them.

                The most common question asked was, "Has Missy found a solution?

                Clan factions in southern China are a long-standing problem, and even in modern times, such an environment of seemingly feudal clans still exists.

                The Lin Yuanwang family is not only the patriarch of the Lin clan, but also the village head, holding the livelihood of the whole village. The Lin clan is active in western Hunan and has a very wide influence by virtue of its clan power.

                Qin Ming made his way along the village path, attracting many ogling glances from the village, as Ah Long and the others were all fully equipped and seemed to make the villagers sense the danger, with somewhat hostile gazes.

                In particular, Ah Long and Bi Yuan and the others were all in an encircling posture towards Qin Ming, shielding him in the centre, obviously very wary, much less making the local villagers feel good.

                Lin Yurou said, "Mr. Qin, I will first arrange for you to stay and rest in the fortress, I will ask Lin Chaofeng and the others to return the 50 million they cheated you out of, and then I will ask my father to come and talk to you about it, and hopefully we can negotiate a partnership with you."

                Qin Ming said, "We are guests, let's listen to your arrangements."

                Not long after, the old lady who had started the conflict yesterday also arrived at the news, she anxiously pulled Lin Yurou and whispered a few words in her ear, Lin Yurou's face suddenly changed and she hurriedly rushed towards the village.

                And that old woman, Sister Bai Ying, led that Lin Mingwei, whom Qin Ming had captured yesterday, over to make amends: "Mr. Qin, thank you very much for your generosity and escorting our young lady back. For all the offenses I have committed before, the old lady makes amends on behalf of those who did not know any better."

                After saying this, the old lady bowed deeply, the old lady herself was old and this bending was afraid of breaking her back.

                The Lin family was a big family in western Hunan, and Qin Ming expected that they were not unreasonable people. The previous conflict was entirely caused by some juniors cheating money, which could not be on stage, and he was not surprised by the wife's attitude.

                Qin Ming also did not want to intensify the conflict and did not say anything more.

                Qin Ming was indifferent to this and asked, "Yesterday at the airport gate, was it your staging? Or was it Lin Yurou's staging?"

                Bai Ying's sister-in-law was stunned and knelt down straight away, saying, "It was my wife's impulse that misunderstood Mr. Qin, fortunately Miss stopped me in time, if Mr. Qin wants to hate me, my wife has no complaints, I am willing to bear all the blame."

                Qin Ming's fist clenched, Nima, so it was you, the old woman, who had made the mistake, he took a step forward.

                That Lin Mingwei immediately rushed out and said, "This time it was all my idea, Mr. Qin, I will pay you back the money. Where did my grandmother offend you, I, Lin Mingwei, will suffer for her."

                Ta-da-da, the people from the assassination squad immediately surrounded the two grandma's, while some people around the village also quickly gathered, holding hoes, choppers and the like to surround Qin Ming and the others.

                "What are you people going to do to Sister Bai Ying?"

                "Drop your weapons or you are not welcome at our Lin's Dazhai."

                "Kid, I'm warning you, if you want to walk out of the Great Walled Village alive, you should know your place clearly."

                The atmosphere became unusually hot in a flash.

                Sister-in-law Bai Ying knelt in front of Qin Ming and loudly scolded, "Nobody move, this is a private matter between me and Mr. Qin, I did wrong Mr. Qin and almost put him in danger, if Mr. Qin wants to punish me, I have no complaints whatsoever."

                Qin Ming looked at the elderly Bai Ying's sister-in-law on her knees in front of him, and then recalled the sharp movements she had made yesterday when she kidnapped Mu Si Chun.

                Looking around at the villagers who refused to retreat, he frowned and said, "I'll put that down for now and see how this trip goes. I am a mundane person, I will repay any grudge and repay any favour, so you remember that for me."

                "Yes yes yes, Mr. Qin, this way please." Sister-in-law Bai Ying happily accompanied him with a smile and reached out to invite Qin Mingdao to stay in the unoccupied house inside the big fortress.

                As she led the way, Bai Ying's wife said, "Our village chief is out of town and I'm afraid he won't be back until tonight, so please wait for a moment, Mr. Qin. Little Wei, you are responsible for treating Mr. Qin and the others well and giving you the chance to make up for your mistakes."

                Qin Ming and the others arrived at the lobby of the Great Cottage Hanging House, only to find that there were other outsiders here, all of whom also came with black-clad bodyguards and stood at the entrance wearing sunglasses, quite imposing looking.

                And walking inside, Qin Ming was even more stunned to see Zhang Quanzhen.

                This awful old man, the stinking weedy Taoist priest, was actually here? He was drinking tea slowly and leisurely? Aigoo, he was even touching his hand bones with the young girl he was entertaining?

                As soon as he saw Zhang Quanzhen, Qin Ming became furious and immediately brought a knife towards him.