Rags To Riches Chapter 435-436

 Chapter 435

"Holy shit, Mu Xiaoqiao, are you crazy?" Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiaoqiao who jumped down from the arch bridge, too late to make any reaction, he could only stretch out his hands to catch it.

                The others, on the other hand, turned over and went into the water, saving one bad move and the whole boat would sink.


                Qin Ming, with his feet spread apart and firmly planted in a horse stance, did so in style, holding Mu Xiaoqiao in a princess hug.

                The boat's draft immediately deepened and sank badly, and Qin Ming was not stable enough, so he almost fell over on the floating hull.

                But Bi Yuan and Ah Long and a few other youngsters immediately surrounded the boat and used all their strength to stabilise it, not allowing it to flip over on its side, nor did they make Qin Ming's perfect princess hug possible.


                "Cowhide, so powerful."

                "Wow, that girl really dared to jump."

                "The ones who went into the water are out of luck, hahaha."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was also excited as she hooked Qin Ming's shoulders, calming her excitement, she didn't know if Qin Ming would catch her, but when he did catch her, she was still happy inside, at least she wasn't dispensable in Qin Ming's heart.

                However, Qin Ming then had a cold look on his face: "What are you doing following me? Don't you know it's dangerous? Do you think you're going to play?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was full of joy, but when she suddenly saw Qin Ming's "Sima face", her heart suddenly went cold again.

                She was extremely aggrieved, "If I wasn't worried about you, would I have risked coming along? You can't even understand this, are you a straight man of steel?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lip, she had been suffering from aggression, she simply disliked back, "Humph, then you throw me into the water ah, I will swim back by myself."

                "You woman are really ......" Qin Ming looked at the few subordinates below the water, quite distressed that they had gotten wet for no reason to protect Qin Ming, and chided, "Mu Xiaoqiao you are unreasonable and adding to the mess. "

                "I!" Mu Xiaoqiao was exasperated and wanted to retort, but for a moment she didn't know what to say, after all, Qin Ming hadn't called on her either, and she had indeed forced herself to come along.

                Following the river, the ancient town went farther away, the number of tourists diminished, along the way one would occasionally see some rural Miao cottages, the light was dark in the high mountains and gorges on both banks, while the current became more and more rapid the further one went.

                The sound of apes crying on both sides of the river, and even birds sweeping low and passing by, instantly introduced into the green forest of the green hills, along the river occasionally see large fish swarming and passing, a good natural scenery of western Hunan.

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Your scenery in western Hunan is just right, my hometown of Baishui is full of barren mountains and weeds along the way, not even a single stream or river in sight."

                Lin Yurou was quite proud of herself and said, "Of course, there is a place called the Valley of the Ghosts, covered by clouds all year round, with snowy peaks piling up at the top of the mountains, those big mountains with hidden magnetic fields, very complicated and chaotic, electronic devices can't even be used, a bad one won't be able to walk out, encounter poisonous snakes and beasts, even if they escape, they will get some strange diseases."

                Mu Xiaoqiao, a girl from a big city, had heard to Lin Yurou say that this kind of horror novels in general places, also some fear, subconsciously patted hands and feet, caution against some mosquitoes and insects bite, will get some strange disease.

                Qin Ming took a bug spray and said: "Come on, what skirt are you wearing? You don't even know to put on a stocking?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao huffed and took it, not saying thank you, but the moment she looked down, the corners of her mouth lifted in a happy smile.

                Lin Yurou added, "Our Lin clan keeps some compulsions, as long as there are such compulsions in the body, ordinary poisonous insects will not dare to come near the person when they smell, so they will not be bitten by insects and get any fatal diseases, but still need to be careful against some poisonous snakes and fierce beasts."

                Hearing her say so, Qin Ming became more and more curious about the bugs raised by the Lin clan, which were so magical.

                It was getting dark, and as the three boats shuttled through the gloomy valley, the birds and beasts and insects in the mountains and forests on either side became clearer and clearer, and it was no longer possible to make a call on the mobile phone, except to check a time.

                But Ah Long had a super satellite phone ready, which was a private satellite of the Huan Yu Century Group, and could still contact the outside world, so Qin Ming was not worried.

                It was just that as they entered a low canyon, there were more monkeys on either side.

                "Kiri ......" they screamed in patches of agitation, annoying people.

                They were also pulling at the canes on the mountain walls, bobbing around on the water, and attempting to snatch the luggage bags of Qin Ming's party.

                Ah Long was quick on the uptake and hit a few monkeys with a few stone throws, causing them to wail in pain, but instead of stopping the monkeys, Ah Long's actions made them more and more irritable, attracting more of their kind through their screams.

                "Oh no, the monkeys are angry." Lin Yurou looked at the situation and carried a glass lamp to shine a shadow on both banks and said, "There are many of them, usually given some food they won't attack the boats along the way, hitting them with stones just now has obviously angered them."

                As soon as the words left their mouths, more and more mountain monkeys rushed out from both sides of the shore, pouncing on them in groups, pulling branches, tearing at the people and grabbing the goods.

                The group scrambled around, covering each other, and Qin Ming kept Mu Xiaoqiao behind him in a deadly manner.

                These monkeys were also very clever and knew how to throw stones at Qin Ming and the others on top of the mountain wall, emitting louder and louder howls that disturbed the crowd.

                Fortunately, Qin Ming and his men were well-trained warriors and although they were not equipped with hot weapons, they were able to beat the monkeys with their bare hands.

                "With a bang, the three boats flipped over one after another, and it was a man all overboard.

                By the time the crowd came ashore again, they were already in the water.

                "Goo ......" a burst of beasts cried out in the middle of the three forests at night.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was timid and nervously hugged Qin Ming's arm, looking around in panic.

                Qin Ming sighed, you say you are such a timid woman, why did you have to come along? Now you're suffering, right?

                But at times like this, he wouldn't sneer at Mu Xiaoqiao and protect her all the time.

                With Qin Ming's sudden warm gesture, Mu Xiao Qiao felt a surge of warmth even though she was drenched, and she also subconsciously leaned towards Qin Ming's back, thinking of him in her heart even though her mouth was arguing with him.

                Qin Ming felt two soft, soft flesh on his back, rubbing against his back and rubbing against him, this was Qin Ming's favourite hugging position, and he couldn't help but feel apoplectic.

                "No one is missing, right?" Qin Ming asked.

                "Nope." Ah Long counted the number of people and asked, "Miss Lin, how much further is your fortress?"

                Lin Yurou said, "On foot, it's about an hour away, but it's very close to the legendary Valley of the Spirits, and it's still a small matter for snakes, insects and rats to infest the area, and for some fierce beasts to come out at night, it's easy to get hurt."

                Qin Ming sighed in depression, this is really outside the section, also afraid of the night long dream ah.

                The crowd looked at him, here he had the say, whether to rush or find a place to rest was at Qin Ming's beck and call.

                Qin Ming naturally wanted to hurry, but he didn't know if Mu Xiao Qiao's status could take it, and when he looked at Mu Xiao Qiao, he suddenly raised his eyebrows.

                Mu Xiaoqiao noticed Qin Ming's surprised expression and froze, "What's wrong?"

                Qin Ming saw a colourful green-spotted flower snake lying on the tree trunk behind Mu Xiao Qiao, and was opening its bloody door to bite her where her neck was, Qin Ming was so anxious that his body reacted instinctively and immediately reached out to block.

                "Ah!" Qin Ming let out a low, painful sound as his arm was bitten by this colourful green-spotted flower snake.

                Qin Ming's arm quickly felt a tingling sensation.

                Quick-eyed, Ah Long snatched the large snake with his bare hands, pinched its head and shouted, "Quick, prepare the serum."

Chapter 436

The tingling sensation quickly spread from the wound on his arm.

                He had played with many snakes in his hometown when he was a child, but they were all non-poisonous, whereas the one that bit him was obviously a poisonous snake.

                He tied up the blood vessels in Qin Ming's arm to prevent the toxin from spreading too fast, and at the same time cleansed his wound.

                Bi Yuan quickly identified what type of venomous snake it was, so that he could select an antivenom.

                "What kind of snake is this?" After observing for a while, Bi Yuan frowned: "It's a bit like a silver ring, but not quite, the colour is too bright, it's definitely a type of pit viper, let's use a refined multivalent antivenom."

                Thanks to the fact that he was well-prepared for this trip and had many options, Bi Yuan immediately injected Qin Ming with the serum.

                After the serum was injected, the tingling sensation in Qin Ming's arm disappeared somewhat, but it was still there and his body was gradually becoming somewhat unconscious.

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked worriedly, "Honey, how is it? Is it any better?"

                "No, it's fine." Qin Ming's body took a few steps, but his feet went weak, his eyes went black, and he collapsed straight into Mu Xiaoqiao's arms.

                "Honey! Qin Ming you don't scare me, you wake up." Mu Xiaoqiao's frightened eyes wept as she hugged Qin Ming, who had fallen into a coma, and was inwardly very self-conscious.

                Bi Yuan was still holding the anti-snake venom serum, very embarrassed, this snake venom was too fierce, right?

                Ah Long immediately said, "Find a place to set up the camp immediately and inform Secretary Song."

                A group of young men, all fully equipped, immediately found an open position under the dodge in the mountain forest, set up a glowing fire, propped up the tent and took out all the medical tools to give Qin Ming emergency treatment.

                But to their despair, the special satellite communication equipment did not work either!

                Deep in the mountains of western Hunan, the magnetic field was complicated, so the signal could not be transmitted smoothly.

                The effect of the snake venom serum, although a little, was not good. Qin Ming had already started to show signs of red rash and fever, sweating profusely and unconscious.

                The crowd was anxious, and if Qin Ming was going to die here, they were afraid that they would not survive either.

                However, Qin Ming had just come ashore and was standing in a safe position. It was only when Qin Ming suddenly gave himself up to rescue Mu Xiaoqiao that everyone was unprepared.

                Seeing Qin Ming poisoned like this, Mu Xiaoqiao burst into tears, "I'm sorry Qin Ming, it's all my fault, it's all my fault."

                On the side, Lin Yurou looked at the chaotic crowd, she went outside to look and brought back a strange bunch of weeds and said, "Try this one."

                The crowd looked over and none of them could identify what kind of herb it was.

                Ah Long asked, "Will it work?"

                Lin Yurou said, "I was expecting him to borrow money to save our Lin family, how could I let him die? That big flower spot just now is a kind of pit viper, specialising in eating poisonous insects and rats and ants in the valley, and over time it becomes more toxic, much more poisonous than a normal flower spot. This kind of Xinglin grass, which is rarely recorded in books, usually grows in cold, damp places in the valleys, and it is also his fate, I guess. Let me find a bunch."

                The crowd still hesitated, this random weed was brought in and given to Qin Ming to eat?

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked, "Are you sure?"

                Lin Yurou said mysteriously, "Before I came here, I reminded you all to fear nature, now you are at a disadvantage, right? No matter how much technology develops, the mysteries of nature can never be explored to the end. As the saying goes, nature is full of dangers, but at the same time, there are opportunities everywhere. Don't worry, I've used this herb before to cure a friend who was poisoned by a snake."

                Ah Long asked, "What do I do? Decoct the herb?"

                Lin Yurou shook her head and said, "Chew it with your mouth and then put it on the wound. If the fever doesn't go down, you can properly dispense some anti-inflammatory medicine and western medicine for analgesia and fever reduction, take off all his clothes, prepare fresh water to wipe his body, and if you don't have saline for an IV, you have to prepare fresh water and feed it constantly to prevent dehydration."

                Ah Long listened and said gruffly, "OK, I'll chew it."

                Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly took the Xinglin grass and said, biting her lip, "No, I'll do it, you guys get the medicine and water ready, quickly."

                Ah Long and Bi Yuan looked at each other, they both knew what was going on between Qin Ming and the Mu family, but the relationship between Qin Ming and Mu Xiao Qiao was something that could not be sorted out.

                Below the stone walled valley, Ah Long and the others prepared their things and then took guard around the area.

                After chewing for a while, she was so sour that her brow creased into a "Chuan" shape, and the green juice dripped from the corners of her mouth, making her want to cry.

                After chewing it for a while, Mu Xiaoqiao put it on Qin Ming's red and swollen wound.

                Not long after, Ah Long and the others came in and gave Qin Ming an anti-inflammatory injection, but Qin Ming still did not wake up, instead his body was getting hotter and hotter, and once measured, he had a high fever of 39°5 and his body was sweating profusely.

                Mu Xiaoqiao undressed and wiped Qin Ming's body again to keep him dry and his skin breathable.

                But after sweating more, Qin Ming's lips were visibly dry, his body had lost too much water and he had to be hydrated.

                Ah Long helped try a few times, but Qin Ming, who was unconscious, was not able to swallow very well, and basically choked and spat out the water he poured in.

                Ah Long frowned and said, "It's a bit difficult to do, we have to gag him, but if we use too much force we are afraid of vomiting."

                Lin Yurou said aside, "Let's use the dumbest method, use your mouth."

                Use your mouth? There were all grown men here, they wouldn't bat an eyelid if they had to fight and kill.

                "I'll do it." Mu Xiaoqiao took the clear water and took a sip herself first, then held the back of Qin Ming's head and fed him water mouth to mouth, although a lot still flowed out, through Mu Xiaoqiao's efforts, Qin Ming more or less drank some.

                She couldn't care less about the shame of people watching as she fed Qin Ming mouthful after mouthful of water, prying open Qin Ming's lips and plugging up the water that was pouring out, just begging Qin Ming to take a sip.

                When the crowd saw this, they looked at each other and knew it was not appropriate to stay any longer and walked out, leaving the tent to the two of them.

                "Mmmmmm ......" Mu Xiaoqiao used her arms, hugging Qin Ming so that Qin Ming's head was resting on her chest, and lowered her head to give Qin Ming a mouthful of water, truly comparable to a nurturing bird of mercy.

                And time and time again in the pair of kisses, Mu Xiao Qiao also became more and more familiar with Qin Ming's lips, thick and hot lips, the man's rigid and masculine breath man, making her irresistible.

                She subconsciously placed Qin Ming's hand on her heart.

                Mu Xiaoqiao used the dumbest method to feed Qin Ming water for three hours in a row before Qin Ming drank some, during which time she wiped a lot of sweat from Qin Ming's body, which could be considered meticulous care.

                Only then did Qin Ming's body temperature gradually drop back.

                The exhausted Mu Xiaoqiao showed a stiff smile, because her mouth was so close to kissing that she could not feel it anymore, she still hugged Qin Ming with tears in her eyes and prayed silently in her heart.

                "Er ......" Qin Ming slowly turned awake, his eyes hazy but powerless to open, his consciousness still in a daze.

                "Haitang ...... you don't leave me ...... Haitang, I want ...... I want ......" Qin Ming let out a low murmur in his daze.

                "What do you want?" Qin Ming's voice was so weak that the tired Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't hear it at all.

                She had to lean down and press her ear to Qin Ming's mouth, asking, "Are you awake, husband? What do you want?"

                "I want you to stay by my side forever." Qin Ming murmured in a daze, "...... sea, sea ahem ......"

                "I'm not leaving, I'm not leaving, I'll always be by your side, you must get better, get better." Mu Xiaoqiao did not hear the front, nor the back, but heard the middle one, she hugged Qin Ming tightly and said, "I will never mention divorce again, I was wrong, you are my man, always will be, even if you do not know how to express it, but I feel it, you fool."

                "I'm cold ......," Qin Ming began to chill again after his fever had subsided, and his body was shivering and his consciousness was muddled.

                Mu Xiaoqiao took the quilt, took off her own clothes and the two of them hugged tightly, using the warmth of her body to give Qin Ming warmth: "Not cold, not cold, I'll hold you and cover you with the quilt, Qin Ming, don't you leave me."

                When Qin Ming woke up the next day in the heat, he found that he had regained consciousness and was sleeping in a tent, wrapped in two layers of bedding in the heat.

                The most exaggerated part was still Mu Xiaoqiao clinging to him, their sweat sticking together, and she was still undressed.

                Qin Ming's heart 10,000 head of grass mud horse crashing past, who will tell him, what happened last night? How did his hand end up in a strange place?