Rags To Riches Chapter 433-434

 Chapter 433

"Young Master, we've contacted the Lin Shenghui Travel Group side, but those people haven't given us a response, and Lin Yuanwang hasn't come forward either, and doesn't seem to know too much about the Lin clan. Unless we're going to use force on the entire company of dozens of people."

                "The robbers' escaped cars, they've also been found, but the men have already run away, and I've dispatched the local assassination squad to participate in the search for now."

                "The police have not been notified yet, and additional manpower has been sent over."

                Qin Ming listened to Ah Long's report and was in an agitated mood. He treated Mu Si Chun as if she was his sister, and now that Mu Si Chun was involved because of him for no reason, he could not be at peace with himself.

                Qin Ming asked, "How long has it been?"

                Ah Long said, "It's been half an hour, but there has been no contact from the other side. That Lin Yurou is also under our watch, and we have her phone under control."

                After saying that, Ah Long blamed himself, "I'm to blame for this, if I had organized my team and equipment more quickly, I wouldn't have been exploited by those people, and Miss Lin wouldn't have been caught."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "I am to blame for not bringing more people with me. I thought I could talk to the Lin family on the stage on this trip, but it turned out that I had to fight with them. It's just that, let's start with that Lin Yurou."

                Qin Ming came to the hotel's dark room, Lin Yurou was tied up tightly, her body was tied up, but she had a beauty of bondage, but her belongings were all laid out.

                Qin Ming picked up Lin Yurou's identity card and read it out, "Lin Yurou, age nineteen, from Shaoyang. Do you know that your people from the Lin clan kidnapped my subordinate Zhang Xianmin and shorted the Century Tourism Group by fifty million dollars?"

                Qin Ming said, "We didn't call the police yet, thinking that you are also a famous family in western Hunan, so we just settled it privately. You're a good boy, you're here to rob people. Is it because you know that I haven't called the police yet and you want to snatch the person away, so you have no evidence and plan to deny it?"

                Lin Yurou was poked at the plan, biting her lip and could not retort, there was no other way, this matter involved the grandson of her grandmother, Lin Mingwei, who was responsible for protecting her since childhood.

                Once the matter was stirred up back to the Great Walled City, Lin Mingwei's kidnapping of innocent businessmen and fraudulent payment of fifty million dollars would be enough to take half a life.

                Unfortunately, she came here smelling the smell of insects on Qin Ming's body, intending to teach him a good lesson as a negative man, but ended up falling into Qin Ming's hands instead.

                Lin Yurou looked at Qin Ming, changed the subject and said viciously, "You are a scum who started and ended up in trouble because you have the unique compulsion of our Lin clan on your body while your wife does not."

                This Qin Ming was so wronged, even more wronged than Yang Naiwu.

                He was the one who was set up by this woman in front of him, Lin Yurou, how dare you talk about me, the victim?

                But he thought about it, without breaking this lie, he might be able to continue hiding his identity through other methods.

                Qin Ming said, "I found a quite capable Daoist priest who told me about the capabilities of the Lin family, a large clan of your Xiangxi clan. This kind of heartlessness and enslavement is something only you people can do, how dare you scold me? Shouldn't two lovers respect each other? Instead, the woman uses the worm to blackmail the man's life?"

                Lin Yurou argued, "Bullshit, the women of our Lin clan would never use such underhanded tricks. We of the Lin Clan raise worms to cure illnesses and save people, and to strengthen our bodies. You have no choice but to use this kind of love compulsion. If you had not left her, the male insect in your body would have been familiar with the scent of a female insect and would not have been affected by the scent emitted by other females. The irony is clear, you are a scum."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Oh, you call it compulsion when you have someone's little life in your hands? What a self-deception. If you don't have the ability to keep your man, so you make such underhanded tricks, it's strange if the man doesn't leave."

                However, Qin Ming was really a bit surprised, this compulsion was so mysterious? It can also distinguish the smell of the mother insect, and is not affected by other mother insects once it is familiar with one smell?

                Qin Ming said, "You are good at bragging, how can there be such a mysterious thing under the sky? Then try to draw out the male worm in my body?"

                Lin Yurou was furious, "No, I won't. You can suffer for the rest of your life, it would be easy for me to kill you."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Fine. Then we'll have to see who doesn't let go of who first? I heard that you still have the ability to cause the compulsions in my body to die directly through scent, which will also lead to my death. Then I can tell you clearly that once I die, you will definitely die too, my men will first strip you naked, then cut you with a thousand cuts, and when the blood is almost gone, pour honey on it, then throw it inside the mountain forest and find a nest of bullet ants to put it in, so that you can try the taste of hundreds of bullet ants gnawing on you."

                When Lin Yurou heard such a horrible way to die, she was so frightened that she almost cried, her legs were together and she looked at Qin Ming like a monster, this man, was too scary.

                Qin Ming approached Lin Yurou's side and said, "How about we make a deal. You get the bug out, have your people return the 50 million, and we'll forget our grudges with a smile. How about that? Let's forget about today, I'll let you go, and you let my sister go too. After all, you are all innocent."

                Lin Yurou was stunned, why did it feel like Qin Ming's conditions had suddenly relaxed? It was indeed wrong to blackmail people for money, one had to pay back.

                But he surprisingly didn't hold a grudge, so this was already considered a step back.

                Lin Yurou thought to herself, "Although this guy is a negative person, now that the Lin family is suffering from internal and external problems, they really can't make any more enemies."

                Lin Yurou said, "How can I be sure of your words?"

                Qin Ming directly untied Lin Yurou and said, "What else do you want? Turn a small thing into a big thing, a big thing into a huge thing, a huge thing into a life-and-death feud? Stop early before there's a human life, I'm not a bad person either."

                Lin Yurou was stunned again, really amused by Qin Ming's expression, the words were not premature, there was no need to continue to raise things to a higher level.

                Qin Ming's words of resting his case made Lin Yurou feel a little more good about him.

                Lin Yurou bit her lip and said, "Okay, I'll believe you for once. Let's exchange hostages first, and then I'll help you get the parasite out of your body. Of course, it's right here in the hotel, you have quite a lot of people, so you're not afraid that we'll suddenly run out, right?"

                Qin Ming calculated that this seemed fine, and he asked Lin Yurou to take back his mobile phone.

                Lin Yurou dialed the wife's number and said, "Sister Bai Ying you come back to the hotel, bring the girl back too, trust me, it's fine. Also hurry up and raise the 50 million, it's money that you cheated people out of, you have to pay it back anyhow. What? You have already taken the water route back to the big village? Something happened to the clan?"

                "What about the girl? Oh, oh, she's at Uncle Lin Shui's place. All right, I'll take care of things here."

                Lin Yurou hung up the phone and said, "You send someone to pick her up from the small restaurant at No. 8, Lane 6, Phoenix Ancient Town, don't worry, I won't leave."

                Qin Ming listened and immediately asked Ah Long to send someone to pick up Mu Si Chun.

                When he arrived at the restaurant, he saw that Mu Sichen was eating with an open stomach and asked Qin Ming to help him pay the bill, which made him laugh and cry.

                It was as if it was all a farce.

                Lin Yurou said, "The person has been released, so you should let me go too, right?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "What about the 50 million? You have also left, where am I going to find 50 million? It's not a small amount."

                Lin Yurou looked straight at Qin Ming and said thoughtfully, "I can return the money to you, but you have to come with me to see my father, my father has money."

                Qin Ming said, "Your father is not in Dayong City? He doesn't live deep in the mountains, does he?"

                Lin Yurou explained, "Normally, he takes care of business in Dayong City, but there is something going on at the Tuzhai, so he is there all the time. It's half a day by water, so don't worry it won't take long, we're not primitive."

                "And ......" Lin Yurou paused and said, "The compulsion inside your body has to be easily lured out, I also need to use some herbal materials and need to go back to the Dazhai to get them, you have to at least release me and I'll get the stuff out to save You must at least let me go and I will get the stuff before I can save you."

                This debt collection has gone to the mountains? Qin Ming was frowning, should he go?

Chapter 434

Qin Ming went to fetch Mu Sichen back, but this girl had a big heart, she was still eating and drinking on other people's turf, she didn't look like she was tied up at all.

                Qin Ming asked, "It wasn't difficult for you, was it?"

                Mu Si Chun proudly crossed her arms and said, "Of course not, as soon as I reported your name as brother-in-law, they were shocked, hmmmmmm, they received me like a guest, the local food here is so delicious eh."

                Qin Ming breathlessly stroked Mu Si Chun's head and said, "It's good that it's okay."

                Mu Sichen looked at Qin Ming shyly as she was touched on the head with a little cute snicker.

                At the side, Mu Xiaoqiao watched the scene, the two were not siblings, what was the meaning of being so close?

                She was inexplicably uncomfortable in her heart, and hurriedly went forward to pull Mu Sichen away, saying, "Xiaochun, let me take a look, where is it bumped and hurt."

                On the contrary, Mu Sichen said with displeasure, "No, sister, I'm fine."

                Qin Ming moved to return to the small dark room and said, "Lin Yurou, your people have all run away and left you alone, how unexpected, I thought you were important."

                Lin Yurou said confidently, "It's just that Sister Bai Ying has left, it's not like our Lin clan is pulling out of Dayong City. I think your hotel has just fired a few "traitorous staff", right? They were members of the Lin clan who assisted us in infiltrating the hotel and robbing people in a fake arson attack. So I'm still under the protection of a large number of people."

                Qin Ming frowned, indeed just now Bi Yuan fired a manager and four employees of the hotel, they had neglected their duties to allow the Lin family's people to infiltrate and come, it turned out that it was not negligence, nyet they were all insiders and outsiders.

                Qin Ming sighed: "The Lin family is worthy of being a big family in western Hunan, even my own hotel has been infiltrated by you, I heard that those are still old employees who have been working for seven or eight years."

                Lin Yurou said, "Normally, of course, they work conscientiously to support the family, but when it comes to the family's prosperity, every member of our Lin clan will be willing to make sacrifices, and I am no exception."

                Lin Yurou paused and said, "If the compulsion inside your body wants to be easily drawn out, I also need to use some herbal materials that I need to go back to the Great Walled City to get, you have to at least release me and I will go and get something out before I can save you. Right now something has happened to our Lin family, and it might take quite a bit of time for you to wait for me to return."

                Wait? Qin Ming didn't want to wait for a moment, it was already afternoon, and he still wanted to get things sorted out within the next two days.

                But to go, this this debt collection to the mountains? Qin Ming's brow was furrowed, should he go?

                Qin Ming, however, was guilty of muttering and asked, "Why did you invite me to go to your earth cottage?"

                Lin Yurou said, "I think you should be very rich, our Lin family has been in trouble recently, and I think my father might talk to you about some business, and I am inviting you with this purpose in mind. If the business deal works out, I can also help you get rid of the bugs in the first place, and wouldn't it be smooth for you to take back the fifty million and leave?"

                The reasoning was this, but too smooth also made Qin Ming uneasy.

                Qin Ming asked, "It's still not about the money? Isn't your Lin family in the tourism business? What could there be that is worth paying for? Is it hard to sell bugs to me?"

                Lin Yurou said, "This is about our Lin family's secret, so I can't talk about it. But if you negotiate a business deal, my father might let you know some of it."

                Qin Ming was intrigued, after all, he had physically felt it, the power of those worms: "You are at least a powerful family, short of money to such an extent? How big a shortage of funds do you probably have?"

                Lin Yurou said tentatively, "One hundred billion to solve this trouble."

                Qin Ming was quite surprised, one hundred billion? This really wasn't something that an ordinary magnate could take out, and it was impossible for an ordinary bank to borrow that much.

                No wonder Lin Yurou wanted to marry a world class magnate, the old Qin family of Hai City, as her daughter-in-law in the first place, and even went out of her way to use that underhanded tactic.

                However, your your difficulties are not an excuse for individuals to add to the trouble.

                Qin Ming naturally had no intention of giving them 100 billion, it would have been fine if he had borrowed it, and it would have been a sum of money to collect interest later.

                Qin Ming questioned, "Are you implying that my life is worth a hundred billion dollars?"

                Lin Yurou shook her head and said, "Your wife's sister has been released back, I hope you can let go of your prejudice against our Lin family, I am hostile to you because you have a love compulsion in your body while your wife is an ordinary person, I think you are a negative person and I just want to teach you a lesson."

                "If you can help our Lin family, I will also put aside the preconceptions in my heart. In the future, you and our Lin family will also be close business partners."

                Qin Ming now had two doubts, what had happened to the Lin family as the local gentry that forced Lin Yurou to go on a blind date to join a marriage to cheat money; and secondly, could going to the Tuzhai really get rid of the bug for him?

                Once you go to the earth cottage, you'll be a fish on the chopping block, which carries some risk.

                But taking what Zhang Quanzhen had left behind, wouldn't that be falling for his trap?

                This was what made Qin Ming even more annoyed. That stinking old Taoist priest Zhang Quanzhen was calculating to trap him, and he was determined not to be manipulated by him.

                Lin Yurou had actually been observing Qin Ming, she saw that Qin Ming had quite a lot of bodyguards around him and had married such a beautiful wife, she was afraid that he was also a very rich and powerful businessman.

                She tentatively said 100 billion, in fact, she did not need that much to save the Lin family, only 50 billion would be enough.

                As a result, Qin Ming did not even blink, seemingly thinking that 100 billion was not an exaggerated astronomical figure, but a price he could afford.

                This excited Lin Yurou, their Lin family had already raised loans everywhere, and although they had borrowed a lot of money to tide them over this difficult time, there was still a big shortage of funds.

                Moreover, for some reason, they could not tell everyone about the Lin family and make it known.

                Qin Ming thought about it, that the Lin family is not some unforgivable gentry, the danger factor is not too high, since the other party has a request, it is good for him to run to make acquaintance, one more friend is also good.

                Especially being able to de-worm his body was key.

                Qin Ming said, "I can look into this, one hundred billion our group can take out, but it's not likely that it will be given for nothing, the interest is negotiable."

                Lin Yurou was overjoyed and said, "Really? What is your name, sir?"

                Qin Ming smiled, "My surname is Fu, my name is Xinghan."

                Lin Yurou directly smacked her lips and rolled her eyes, "Aren't you intent on revenge? You are a big man who is so petty?

                Since the two sides had agreed, Qin Ming was ready to go.

                Qin Ming deliberately acted stealthily this time, without informing the two sisters Mu Xiaoqiao, to save them from following quietly again.

                As he had to take a small boat, Qin Ming's side only found three, including two senior cadres, Ah Long and Bi Yuan, and must have brought nine people with him, swinging this small boat downstream, so that he could reach the Tuzhai village of the Lin clan at night.

                What had happened to the Lin family would be resolved by going there and following up.

                The boat set off slowly, and the group dressed as a jungle adventure, and also provoked a lot of ogling from tourists along the way.

                Lin Yurou said: "You do not bring your wife? Are you worried about seeing the girl you abandoned when you get to the big fortress, for fear of causing conflict?"

                Qin Ming said, "The women of your Lin family feed worms everywhere, there are many victims like me every year, right?"

                Lin Yurou said, "Not at all, we wouldn't do that unless we had to. Moreover, once we do so, the nature spirits will give a curse to punish the women we put under the love parasites. So there won't be too many people casting love compulsions."

                "Huh ......" The men around Qin Ming burst into laughter, thinking that Lin Yurou's metaphysical talk was simply a legend among the countryside, and that it was okay for the general public, who were all men who had been killed in a gunfight and didn't take it seriously.

                Bi Yuan scoffed, "You curse even more bull, can be more powerful than a mouthful of blue fire Gatling?"

                "Hahahaha ......" The surrounding minions burst into laughter again.

                Lin Yurou was a little aggrieved, feeling that the mysterious legends of her hometown were underestimated, she hummed, "The mysteries of nature can never be understood clearly."

                "Eh? Who's that? Miss Mu? What's she doing here with us?" Suddenly, Ah Long pointed to a woman running quickly over by the river bank.

                The crowd looked up and saw that it was indeed Mu Xiaoqiao running along the river bank chasing after their three boats, that was quite fast, not at all like a pampered young lady, her athleticism was quite high.

                Lin Yurou looked on and laughed: "Look, your wife thinks you're going to meet your lover and there's a fire in your backyard, right?"

                Qin Ming frowned, what was this stupid woman doing here? Didn't she know that it was dangerous to go into the fort this time?

                Qin Ming hurriedly shouted, "Quickly, quickly, row faster."

                But it was useless to row faster, for ahead was an arch bridge in the ancient town, and Mu Xiao Qiao ran to the arch bridge just to leap at Qin Ming's boat.

                "Holy sh*t!" The crowd looked horrified, was this an attempt to die together?