Rags To Riches Chapter 431-432

 Chapter 431

"Hoo, hoo ......" Qin Ming's breathing became rapid, his desire came and went, completely out of control, his body was on fire and unbearable, he then thought of pouncing on the young woman across the road and crushing her underneath him.

                It was illogical; Qin Ming was not at all interested in that woman.

                That result spoke for itself.

                The other woman had a female worm inside her body, a female parasite produced by the Lin family, a great clan of the western Hunan clan, which was said to be strong and healthy for women, and could also control the male worm inside a man's body by emitting a special scent, and then influence endocrine secretion through the male worm, causing the man to be incomparably fascinated by the woman, falling over, losing control and willingly giving everything.

                This can be considered a very vicious act.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but take off his trousers and lunge at the woman, not caring that this was an airport with many passengers.

                Mu Xiaoqiao, who had just boarded the bus, asked curiously, "Qin Ming? What's wrong with you? What are you doing with your trousers all of a sudden? The car, the car will not be good, at least, at least to the hotel first that what ah ...... eh? Qin Ming where are you going?"

                Suddenly, an old lady walked by the woman who was staring at Qin Ming, took the woman's hand and said, "That's enough miss, don't make a scene."

                The young woman said, "But this man must be a negative man, the smell emanating from the baby inside his body is too strong, and his wife is not even a woman from our earth cottage. He must have played with the women of our Tuzhai and abandoned them and then married someone else, I want to avenge the injured sisters of the Tuzhai."

                The old woman said, "Enough, look at that driver on the other side, his face is fierce and the smell of blood is too strong, he is not a simple person, we have business to attend to, we must hurry to find the man who took your body, this man is a middle-aged uncle, he should not be the one we are looking for."

                The young woman said in annoyance, "It is the middle-aged uncle with a mature and stable temperament who is good at fooling the simple young girls of our Tuzhai and playing with their feelings. He's a scum, damn it, I'll cut him into pieces."

                The old woman pulled the young woman stiffly, "Miss, calm down, don't place the resentment of the man who took your body on others, it's against the great taboo of our clan again."

                "Qin Ming!" Mu Xiaoqiao sensed that Qin Ming was very wrong and immediately pounced out, hugging Qin Ming's waist.

                Qin Ming's movements also suddenly stopped, he regained his composure, swallowed and took a breath of fresh air, a pang of fear in his heart, again in that trance, losing his mind, as if he was possessed.

                The road was still full of traffic, so he walked past so recklessly? Wasn't he afraid of being hit by a car?

                Qin Ming had a moment of fear in his heart: "It must be the mysterious Tuzhai woman who can flexibly use the compulsions in her body, am I being discovered? It's really impossible to guard against this."

                But then Qin Ming looked across the road and the young woman was gone.

                Mu Xiaoqiao, still holding his waist, fell to the ground and looked up to ask, "Qin Ming what are you doing?"

                "I... I'm fine." Qin Ming exhaled a cloudy breath and said, "I'm sorry, it got a bit out of hand."

                Qin Ming looked gratefully at Mu Xiaoqiao who was holding him, no matter what, Mu Xiaoqiao also cared about him before stopping him, a thought that Qin Ming was grateful for.

                However, why had Laozi taken off his trousers? His red trousers were leaking out.

                The shameful movement and the shameful posture of Mu Xiaoqiao, who was holding him in a position where her face was facing the red trousers, made the two of them extremely embarrassed.

                The shameful gesture also drew a lot of onlookers.

                An old man travelling with a tour group said, "Tsk, the world is really bad nowadays, taking off their trousers right outside the airport.

                The grandmother next to him also said, "It's hurtful, young people nowadays, ouch, and wearing red, slutty."

                "Maybe make a video? People nowadays will do anything strange to get attention."

                "You have to pay attention to the social impact of filming anything, there have to be rules in a public environment, everyone is messing around, so what's the mess?"

                The people next to you said one thing and one thing, pointing at Qin Ming all over the count.

                Qin Ming hurriedly put on his trousers, pulled Mu Xiaoqiao into the car and drove away.

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked worriedly, "What happened to you just now? It's like you've been smitten, rushing out without thinking, don't you know there are many cars on the road?"

                Qin Ming said, "I've been put under a compulsion, and I can't help myself when I'm faced with some people making bad moves. Just now, someone made a bad move on me."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was silent for a while, and she complained, "Why didn't you tell me about such a big deal? You still don't think I'm your wife."

                "I never thought of you as my wife."

                Qin Ming was silent for a while, such hurtful words, at this moment, he could not say them.

                Every time he felt Mu Xiaoqiao's tenderness and patience towards him now, all he wanted to do in his heart was to chop Zhang Quanzhen's dog's head off with a knife and eat it with wine.

                At the same time, he also deeply regretted why he had suddenly become superstitious and listened to the belief that "washing away happiness" and "transforming robbery" would turn Nie Haitang's bad luck into good luck, and then joined the Mu family, which was really a sinful fate.

                Of course, he admitted that Zhang Quanzhen was capable, but he had also seen the depth of Zhang Quanzhen's tricks. In short, the old hairy Taoist priest was both capable and effective in his tricks, making his relationship with the Mu family deeper and deeper, and it was almost difficult to tell them apart.

                Mu Xiaoqiao also reached over and helped Qin Ming tie the button on the front of his jeans, not feeling the least bit bad about it, just a little shy.

                Mu Xiaoqiao took out the wooden box with a special fragrance again and said, "This can save your life, right?"

                Qin Ming took the wooden box and suddenly felt a pang of nausea, a sudden pang of nausea, the fragrance of this wooden box, I'm afraid it had some effect on the compulsions inside his body.

                After Qin Ming took out the martial arts book, "Unity of Righteousness", he hurriedly closed the box.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said: "I've read this book, it seems to be some practice of spitting and breathing, and some martial arts moves, it said it was for me to protect myself from wolves, I guess it was a lie at the time, just to save it for you. These martial arts books are available in the library. But the stuff given by Zhang Zhen Zhen should have something over the top."

                Truthfully, Qin Ming had a headache when he saw this kind of stuff, he might as well be shown a corporate q1 marketing report for comfort.

                But this thing could save his life, so he had to delve into it seriously.

                Since he had this life-saving contraption, did he still have to go to the Lin family, a big clan of the earth cottage?

                "Go, or go." Qin Ming was still relatively determined, since he was here, he had to have an end to it, not to mention practising this exhalation and unreadable move movements, it would take at least a month in terms of time, and it might not take so long to find the Mu family directly.

                Even if it's because the Lin family's people kidnapped Zhang Xianmin and made up to look like Zhang Xianmin, losing a lot of money to the Dayong City Century Tourism Group, this has to be recovered.

                At this time the other end of the airport junction, an ordinary Santana car came to meet the young woman and wife who had affected Qin Ming.

                They were greeted by a young lad who asked; "You're back, Miss? Wei has been arrested"

                The old woman said nervously, "What did Little Wei do? Who did you get in trouble with this time?"

                The young man said, "I messed with Zhang, the president of the Century Tourism Group in Dayong City, and both Wei and Ping were arrested, but the other side didn't call the police. And the big boss behind Zhang Xianmin is here, naming our Lin family for trouble."

                The old woman changed her expression and chided, "You guys are really nonsense, now that the Lin family is in danger, you are still making so much trouble ...... ugh ...... Yu Rou, what is to be done?"

                Lin Yurou sighed, you have changed your name from Miss to Yurou, is that still not a plea? Who does not know that Lin Mingwei is your grandson ah?

                Lin Yurou said, "First get the people out, can not leave evidence, then set it right."

Chapter 432

Inside the group's hotel, Qin Ming brought Mu Xiaoqiao back and first reunited her with her sister Mu Sichen.

                Qin Ming went to a separate small dark room and asked, "Bi Yuan, did you confess why you kidnapped Zhang Xianmin? What else did you ask about?"

                Bi Yuan laughed out loud, "Hahahaha, he confessed after two scary sentences, and the tools weren't even used. There was nothing special about it. They explained that the Lin family had some big changes and needed a lot of money, they originally knew Zhang Xianmin, so they wanted Zhang to shortchange the group, but as a result, Zhang Xianmin refused, so they kidnapped Zhang."

                "That Lin Chaofeng looks a bit like Zhang, his body type is similar, he used to be a good friend, and he was the one who mainly shorted the group's finances. In a little over a week, the deficit has been over fifty million for the group."

                Qin Ming nodded and asked, "Did it say anything about what happened to the Lin family?"

                Bi Yuan responded, "They weren't sure, they all said that someone from the family above had let it slip that whoever could get the money would get their name written into the ancestral ancestral hall. The Lin family's ancestral shrine is usually only for the sons of the family to write their names in."

                The words of these two Lin family clansmen actually confirmed the purpose of Lin Yurou going on a blind date with the old Qin family's young man in Hai City, it was for money.

                How can the Lin family, which is also a powerful family, be so short of money as to be so exaggerated?

                Can't friends borrow? Couldn't the bank borrow money?

                These specifics, Qin Ming did not know, and he did not want to care, asking, "Let them say how to meet the Lin family's principal?"

                Bi Yuan said, "I asked, but they said they were too low in status within the Lin family clan to know. But the person in charge of the Lin family, is called Lin Yuanwang, I have checked this person, he is the chairman of Lin's Shenghui Tourism Group, the company is within Dayong City, I have sent people to inquire, but I can't see anyone, any business is done by the deputy director on behalf of the company, the deputy director is not a member of the clan within the Lin family."

                "Lin Yuanwang ......" Qin Ming recited and asked again, "Continue to have people keep an eye on Lin's Shenghui Tourism Group, once found, take control of Lin Yuanwang first."

                Bi Yuan received the order and immediately went to work.

                With a harvest and a target on Qin Ming's side, the next step of the plan was well underway.

                Qin Ming arrived at the room of the two sisters Mu Xiaoqiao and was about to knock on the door when suddenly a fire alarm sounded in the hotel: "Ring ring ring ring~!"

                The sudden fire alarm and the thick smoke of burning hay that came out of nowhere quickly filled the entire hotel.

                The hotel's security guards immediately sprang into action and ran to evacuate the guests, and the hotel immediately became a mess.

                But Qin Ming was frowning, this hotel was on fire, the smell was not right, it couldn't be the smell of burning hay, right? Wasn't it the sour smell of burning plastic?

                This was someone deliberately setting fire to create chaos!

                Bang, bang, bang, Qin Ming rapped vigorously on the door and called out, "Mu Xiaoqiao, Mu Sichen, are you there? Stay inside and don't come out."

                "Here, it smells great, it's that negative man." Qin Ming then heard a woman's feminine voice.

                At the end of the corridor, a woman in a long yellow dress walked out slowly, she looked at Qin Ming hostilely and said, "I didn't expect to see you here, you heartless man, think about which girl of our Lin clan you have failed, right? I never thought you would dare to come to Xiangxi."

                Qin Ming's expression moved, he recognised the yellow-shirted woman in front of him, wasn't she the one who had given him the parasite that day, Lin Yurou?

                The reason why the other party did not recognise Qin Ming was because he had been very resourceful in putting on make-up from the beginning and disguised as a middle-aged uncle, so that he was not discovered.

                Qin Ming saw that Lin Yurou was accompanied by two dark-skinned men, who looked like professional fighters.

                Qin Ming looked at all the other party's thugs and his heart fluttered, "Not good, Ah Long go and prepare the team and equipment, Bi Yuan go and arrange for someone to keep an eye on Lin Yuanwang's company, as it happens there is no one around me."

                Lin Yurou pointed at Qin Ming and said, "You guys go and give him a severe beating."

                The two thugs grinned fiercely, squeezed their fists and said, "It really smells strong, scum, did you come to our Xiangxi Lin clan to bully any girl and start a fight? Then leave both legs behind."

                Qin Ming took two nervous steps back and held his breath. He was a street fighter, and he had never been afraid of fighting.

                When he saw that the two fighters were about to rush in front of Qin Ming.

                With a creak, the door of the hotel room suddenly opened.

                The two fierce fighters only had eyes for Qin Ming, but they didn't expect the door to open suddenly.


                Both of them slammed straight into the door and were knocked to the ground in a faint.

                After a while, Mu Xiaoqiao poked her head out and said, "Is there a fire alarm? I, I bumped into someone? Are you alright, Qin Ming? Sister, come on, forget about the clothes, the fire alarm is there."

                Mu Si Chun said from inside the house, "No, brother-in-law bought them for me, I can't lose a single one."

                Uh ...... this scene, Qin Ming looked at the two women, and then looked at the two beaters who had fainted on the ground, and laughed out loud, earning heaven help me.

                He rushed forward with an arrow step and immediately grabbed the yellow-shirted woman.

                Lin Yurou was not strong enough and did not struggle twice, but was slapped twice by Qin Ming and had to be honest.

                After holding Lin Yurou, Qin Ming said proudly, "You didn't expect that, did you? I'm so lucky, it's you, it's all you."

                Lin Yurou bit her lip, her cheeks were red from the beating, she was so depressed, this was too unexpected, these two were the better bodyguards of her Lin clan, strong in physical fitness and fighting, but this turned out to be good, they all knocked their heads against the door and fainted on the ground.

                Lin Yurou scolded stiffly, "You bitch, negative-hearted man, our Tuzhai Lin clan will not let you go."

                Qin Ming raised his hands viciously and said angrily, "You won't let me go? I won't let you go yet. You ......"

                Suddenly, a sinister voice came from behind, "Kid, let the man go. This little sister and your wife are sisters, right?"

                Qin Ming turned around in surprise, it was a hunchbacked old lady in a flowery wisp of a dress, but her eyes were very sharp,? kui scarlet? grating furore? The father of the family is the father of the family.

                That old lady is surrounded by, isn't it the two Lin clansmen who assisted Lin Chaofeng in defalcating the group's funds? How could they have been rescued?

                It turned out that these people were also people from the Lin Clan One, who had suddenly snapped to rob people.

                And Mu Siqiu was caught by that wife's thugs because she had just come out of the room.

                Mu Xiao Qiao followed a few steps because she was worried about Qin Ming and got stuck in the middle instead.

                When Mu Xiaoqiao saw this situation, the first thing she did was to run towards Qin Ming. She looked at Mu Sichen worriedly, but she didn't know what to do, she just reprimanded, "It's you guys? I've seen you on the plane, who the hell are you people? Let my sister go."

                The old woman demanded, "You release her first and then we will release her."

                Qin Ming said, "You are the ones who are setting the fire, right? Let my sister go first and I'll let this woman go too."

                One of the thugs at the side yelled, "Let our lady go, you have no bargaining terms."

                Too late, a large number of security men rushed up from downstairs, and Ah Long and Bi Yuan also arrived at the news.

                "Five, six, seven ...... eleven ...... are in trouble, there are too many people on the other side, retreat first." The old woman slightly side ear, heard a large number of footsteps, immediately chose to retreat of, led the crowd directly into the room next to Mu Si Chun.

                Boom froze, the sound of breaking glass was heard, followed by the men jumping straight down the stairs.

                When Bi Yuan and the others arrived, they found that they had already set up ropes by the window, and one by one, like scurrying monkeys, climbed down the stairs with the ropes.

                There was a spare escape car next to the hotel, and they ran off in a flash.

                Bi Yuan picked up his walkie-talkie and shouted, "License plate number Xianga?****, give me chase immediately!"

                After these people from the Lin clan escaped, the hotel also quickly restored order, but now the situation was not optimistic anymore, Qin Ming had captured Lin Yurou and they had captured Mu Si Chun.

                This is still thinking of finding someone from the Lin family to get the bug out, but as a result, the conflict is getting deeper and deeper, huh?