Rags To Riches Chapter 43-44

 Chapter 43

Early the next morning, Cloud Peak Villa.

        Bai Yuchun woke up from the guest room and found herself sleeping on a super comfortable goose down bed, a European court style room with dazzling glass chandeliers, and a big red carpet with all kinds of luxurious wall paintings, all of which showed off the luxury of the room.

        Thinking back to last night when he was being chased by the credit company and had to be arranged to be a room princess in a bar, she thought of dying and was saved.

        Bai Yuchun wiped her forehead, bulging with a bag from a mild concussion that caused her to be unable to remember who had saved her.

        "Am I being saved or am I being ...... saved?" Bai Yuchun muttered, and immediately lifted the covers to find herself properly clothed, not feeling any pain down there, and no blood on the bed, in a slightly more peaceful mood, seemingly not having been violated.

        This was good news in any case.

        At that moment, Song Ying walked in and, seeing Bai Yu Chun awake, said, "You're awake? It was our young master who saved you again this time."

        Bai Yuchun recognised Song Ying and was overjoyed. She recognised her because previously, at the hospital, the money for her mother's operation had been stolen by her brother and it was Song Ying who had helped arrange her mother's operation when she was desperate.

        Bai Yuchun hurriedly got up and said, "Thank you, sister, was it your young master who saved me again this time? May I see him for a moment, please? He saved my mother in the hospital last time, and he saved me again this time, I really want to thank him in person."

        Song Ying said, "Young master was drunk last night and is resting, no one is allowed to disturb him. You can go back now that you're okay. We'll take care of the loan sharks for you."

        "Eh?" Bai Yuchun was very surprised, if saving her mother was out of kindness and saving her was out of accident, then what was the reason for helping to pay off the loan sharks?

        Bai Yuchun was very puzzled and asked, "Sister, I took out the loan myself, why did your young master do so much for me? Your young master has helped me so much, I don't even know how to repay him,."

        Song Ying said indifferently, "No need, the young master often does good deeds and never thinks of asking for anything in return, because the young master never lacks anything, our young master is the richest man in the world, a small matter of tens of thousands of dollars is no different to our young master than a penny dropped on the ground."

        Bai Yuchun was silent, knowing that there was no way to thank her benefactor in person, so she said, "Thank you very much sister, if your young master wakes up, please pass on for me, I am very grateful to him, thank him very much, for saving me and my mother. In the future, if there is an opportunity, I, Bai Yu-chun, will definitely repay him."

        Bai Yuchun left the villa and walked a few steps, looking back at the super villa at the top of Cloud Mountain with envy and gratitude in her eyes, she muttered to herself, "There are good people in this world after all, unknown young master, I hope you will be treated gently by the world too."

        It was not until the afternoon that Qin Ming woke up leisurely, feeling only a headache after his hangover.

        He asked, "Where are they, Old Xuan?"

        Seeing this, Song Ying gently put her hand on his forehead and massaged it, saying, "They came to visit again at noon, but seeing that Young Master was still sleeping, they left some of their local specialties to say goodbye, and are probably all on the plane now."

        Since he had gone back, Qin Ming didn't say anything more, after today, all the assassination teams in China were under his command, and within China, there were only the groups in charge of the commercial industries in North and West China left, some of the group leaders he hadn't met yet.

        Qin Ming did not ask for this, because some things cannot be rushed, everyone has their own ideas, he is too hasty to easily fall into passivity.

        Qin Ming suddenly remembered that he had saved Bai Yuchun yesterday and asked, "Where is the girl that I saved yesterday?"

        Song Ying said, "Young master, she woke up early in the morning, and the family doctor has also seen her, there is nothing serious, just a slight concussion, she has long gone."

        Qin Ming was depressed at this, a hangover had missed so many people.

        But Song Ying's massage packing was really good, after massaging together, Qin Ming's hangover migraine was gone.

        He couldn't help but praise, "Song Ying, this massage technique of yours is really good, have you often given massages to people before?"

        Song Ying was flustered and hurriedly explained, "Young master, absolutely not. I only received professional training after I came out of the training camp, and I have always practiced on dummies, Young Master is my first massage subject, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it well, but I am relieved that you said so, Young Master."

        This was not the first time that Qin Ming had heard Song Ying talk about training camps, he tilted his head curiously and wanted to ask what was a training camp.

        As a result, when he tilted his head, he saw the two full jade peaks of Song Ying's white shirt, not only were they not small, they really matched her tall figure, and Qin Ming also smelled a faint scent of orchids, and he couldn't help but take a few more breaths.

        Song Ying was a real beauty, wearing the uniform of a professional female white collar, with a special charm.

        Suddenly, Song Ying exclaimed, "Ah ah? Young master why are your nose bleeding, wait a moment ...... I will wipe it for you."

        Song Ying smiled playfully, of course she understood why Qin Ming had a nosebleed, it was because of her charm, but she couldn't be too reckless and honestly dried her nosebleed.

        After drying his nose, Qin Ming forgot to ask about the training camp, because he felt so humiliated that he could still get a nosebleed from watching football in a civilised manner.

        After staying in the villa for a while, Qin Ming decided to go back to school first.

        Inside the Rolls-Royce, Song Ying was holding a tablet computer and introducing Qin Ming to the industries around the world that he would inherit in the future. In fact, Qin Ming had the information on hand, but he preferred Song Ying to read it to him.

        For one thing, Song Ying's voice was very nice and gentle enough to make his ears pregnant.

        The second point was of course that when Song Ying was introducing herself, she would sit close to Qin Ming, would Qin Ming touch her arm, which made Qin Ming have a little ? Pan gnawing milk? Anxiously?

        This personal secretary, the name is true well.

        The most important thing is that Song Ying's personal explanation will make it easier for Qin Ming to understand which industry is profitable, which industry is still incubating, which industry is only at a disadvantage when dealing with the government, and which industry is a strong and important asset that can be negotiated with a certain government for leverage.

        Suddenly, the car brakes sharply and Song Ying, who is in the middle of a lecture, is caught off guard and lunges forward.

        Song Ying is practiced, she is quick to see, about to reach out and support the seat cushion in front of her, but Qin Ming worried that she fell, hurriedly reached out and held her to avoid hitting the wall in front of the small refrigerator.

        "Boing ......" Song Ying was suddenly swept into Qin Ming's arms, while Qin Ming's hand, in order to catch Song Ying, impartially caught Song Ying's right breast, which felt soft in her hand.

        Song Ying was really embarrassed, but she didn't dare to move, after all, Qin Ming was also protecting her so that she wouldn't get hurt, but Qin Ming's hand was too big and it also grabbed her most sensitive place, although she was all shy, she couldn't hit Qin Ming, right?

        Qin Ming was still calm and hurriedly put Song Ying aside, saying, "This ...... well ...... are you okay?"

        Song Ying nodded, straightened her clothes, and said, "Young master, I'm fine. I really don't know how Xiao Meng drove, I'll have to give him a couple of lectures later."

        At this moment, a voice came from the intercom inside the car, "Sorry young master, a child suddenly ran out of the road just now, so I had to brake sharply, but fortunately I'm fine."

        Qin Ming said, "That's good, go on."

        When he got back to school safely, Qin Ming remembered the bodyguard he had just recruited, Ah Long, and asked, "Song Ying, what position have you put Ah Long in?"

Chapter 44

Song Ying said, "Young Master, I think Ah Long is from an unusual background. When I asked him which team he used to be a soldier in, he said he was just an ordinary soldier and refused to tell the truth. With the skills he showed yesterday, it would be too condescending to let Ah Long be an ordinary bodyguard, so I asked him to train the bodyguards around Young Master, similar to the role of a chief instructor, while receiving the general administration, responsible for docking and managing the various teams of the commercial groups and assassination teams."

        Qin Ming tilted his head, wasn't this the executive director in the head office? Then wouldn't the people in the branches below have to treat Ah Long like a grandfather when they see him?

        A debt collector of a credit company had turned into the administrative director of the world's number one corporate empire, Qin Ming felt that Ah Long's fortune was not much worse than his own.

        In fact, Qin Ming's admiration for Ah Long lies in his kung fu skills, and he believes that he will need Ah Long in many places in the future.

        As he got out of the car and just walked into the campus, Qin Ming's mobile phone rang.

        Two angry and pissed off expressions, from two girls.

        Very coincidentally, Chen Mulin and Nie Haitang had sent him a WeChat emoji pack at the same time, an angry avatar.

        Qin Ming's head tilted, what was going on here? He had been so busy recently, he hadn't offended these two beauties, had he?

        At this time, inside the city's first hospital, Chen Mulin sat on the hospital bed holding her mobile phone with her heart in turmoil.

        The two days Zhao Menghua and Ling Shaoyong came to visit her, while Qin Ming did not come once, obviously added WeChat friends, obviously gave him the opportunity, but do not know how to chase girls, must be thinking about doing part-time work all day, or so? Pan Jun

        Chen Mulin is sulking, throwing the phone away, saying: "Humph, it's not enough not to come to see me, but also not to send me messages, give you the opportunity, but still do not appreciate. You think I don't care about you?"

        And at this time in a high-class villa community in Guang City, inside a small red three-storey house room, Nie Haitang lay rolling on her fan's big bed, her long legs swaying from side to side, her mobile phone held in her hand, her long fingers typing rapidly, but then deleting the content quickly.

        Nie Haitang shook her head nervously, "Mmmmmmmmm, how can I ask first? Nie Haitang, you have to be reserved. Qin Ming you big wood, I've been seen by you not to mention, I've given you back your first kiss, hinted to you so much and you just, you just ...... ahhhhhhh, so shameful, so shameful."

        When Nie Haitang said to herself, remembering the solitary man and woman sharing a room in Century Mansion, she was so ashamed that she grabbed the quilt and burrowed in.

        After a long time, a messy-haired Nie Haitang peeked out from the sheet, reached out and grabbed her mobile phone, typing in, "You saved me yesterday, I haven't thanked you much yet, I'll treat you to dinner tonight, do you appreciate it?"

        Not long after, Qin Ming messaged back, "Sure, but we have a lot of homework this week, I have to catch up on my homework and I can't go too far."

        "Ah ...... huh! Homework is more important than me?" Nie Haitang was so angry that she slammed her phone straight onto the bed.

        On her phone, the text she had just typed, "It's a nice day today, why don't we go to xx park and play badminton together, and have dinner afterwards, I know a good restaurant nearby" was deleted before she could send it.

        Nie Haitang puffed out her mouth, and her fingers pressed the delete button quickly.

        A short while later, Qin Ming sent back a message, "It's not a big deal, we can make do with a meal in the school canteen."

        Nie Haitang held her phone, her resentment building up as she broke into pieces and said, "Qin Ming you idiot, pig-headed, orphan."

        Still, Nie Haitang quickly replied, "Tonight at 7pm in Little Jiangnan, I won't see you there."

        After replying, Nie Haitang rolled on the bed with a smile on her face, then jumped up and opened all three wardrobes in her room, crossing her arms, looking at her three wardrobes, which one should she choose? Which one would Qin Ming like?

        And at this time, Qin Ming, is buried in their own homework, but also while complaining: "Ouch, next week the entire badminton club to invite all the people together is not good? Save time and money, Haitang is also really, so I do not have enough time to do the project report ah."

        If Nie Haitang heard Qin Ming's complaints at this time, she would probably be furious, so many people in the university city invited her Nie Haitang, she never faked it, it was rare for her to invite a guy to dinner for the first time, but she actually had to be complained about?

        In the evening, Qin Ming stretched his back, looked at the time only six o'clock, moved to leave for a banquet at the small Jiangnan in the front of the Star River trend.

        Although Qin Ming was complaining, he was still very happy about Nie Haitang's personal invitation, and at the moment Nie Haitang was the only one who could make him forget about Li Meng's heartbreaking love affair.

        Qin Ming arrived at Little Jiangnan a step early and saw that the restaurant was actually a three-star Michelin restaurant.

        Qin Ming had never dined in such an upscale restaurant before and felt embarrassed to enter without a more formal dress, and was probably going to be laughed at by the waiter.

        However, Qin Ming was used to being poor since he was a child, and he was often given a blank stare and cold words, so his personality was rather "autistic" and he was not too surprised by people's mockery of him.

        Qin Ming walked into the small Jiangnan, the hotel is divided into a total of three floors, one floor than the other with style, the third floor specifications are the highest, spacious location, a table equipped with a waiter at any time, the tableware used porcelain or Republican antiques, to eat on the third floor, you must also make a reservation in advance to do so.

        The waitress didn't let Qin Ming's plain clothes deter her and asked politely, "How many people are there, sir?"

        Qin Ming said, "Two, she may not be here yet, find me a good seat."

        The waitress guided Qin Ming to a window seat, and Qin Ming was about to sit down when suddenly an ass next to him crossed over and took his place first.

        What was this? He had been guided by the waitress, and he was still robbed of his seat?

        But when Qin Ming saw the woman, he was also stunned, Li Meng?

        The waitress said with great dissatisfaction, "This lady, this seat was this gentleman's first."

        Li Meng turned back with great impatience and said, "Public seating, who can't do it? My boyfriend went to park the car full for a while, huh? Qin Ming?"

        The two of them were also wide-eyed, what an ingrate, always bumping into each other these days.

        After seeing Qin Ming, Li Meng laughed out loud: "Waiter, you don't have to argue, you let him do it, he will at most eat a green vegetable and then send a WeChat friend circle, how much money can you earn? Because he is just a poor? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of money from the company. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet. The actual fact is that you can get a lot of money from the internet. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money from the internet. The woman's frown was on her face.

        The waitress frowned and said, "Miss, this gentleman said he was here to dine. No matter how much he eats or what he eats, he is still a guest. This seat came to him first."

        Li Meng was very annoyed, this waiter was out of his mind? Why did he favour that stinking Qin Ming? Pan Junke? The strainer? The waiter was very angry. The waiter was very angry. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it. The chimney? What's the best way to get the most out of your life? What's the problem? What's the best way to do this? The convergence of the two sides The city of London The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. What's the difference? The bad bow of the harvest is not only a good idea, but also a good idea. The waitress was a bit embarrassed by the fight.

        The brawl here, alarmed other customers, the waitress is also a bit difficult to do, thinking how to meet such unreasonable customers?

        Qin Ming looked around again, the small Jiangnan was more popular, and now it was meal time, it was already full, there was no other place but this one.

        Qin Ming said insistently, "Li Meng, I won't let you, I'll take this seat."

        Coldly, Yang Wei's disgusted voice behind him, "Tsk, Qin Ming you really have a dark soul ...... you are still relying on Meng Meng? You really don't see the coffin, believe it or not, I'll make you ashamed of yourself here?"