Rags To Riches Chapter 429-430

 Chapter 429

Ah Long called urgently and said, "Young master, there's a big discovery, you need to come over here right away."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and said, "Xiaochun, something is going on over there, you ......"

                Mu Si Chun said with tears in her eyes, "Brother-in-law, will you be responsible for me?"

                Qin Ming said with a flourish, "Negative, definitely responsible. I'll let you kiss me back, once is not enough you kiss me more times, kiss me until you feel no loss, how about that?"

                "Brother-in-law, you're thinking beautiful." When Mu Si Chun heard Qin Ming's shameless words, she immediately broke into a smile, "Alright, get busy with business first. Let's get going."

                Qin Ming's heart was moved, it was rare that Mu Sichen didn't cause any trouble, she was still quite well behaved when it came to important matters, this was something that both sisters were somewhat alike, putting the bigger picture first.

                It had to be said that Mu Hao was not a very good person and had raised daughters with their own flaws, but they were still kind and considerate at heart.

                The duo followed Ah Long's hints and made their way to a water house on the edge of the ancient town of Phoenix, with a few wooden boats sitting next to it.

                Qin Ming arrived just in time to see Zhang Xianmin and a companion, jumping onto the wooden boats with a black leather bag full of money and quickly paddling away.

                And next to them, in a shop selling local souvenirs, there was the sound of a fight.

                Qin Ming immediately followed him inside, and just as he entered, he saw a stout, bare-chested man being squeezed by the neck with one hand by Ah Long and given a crashing smash on the shop's display case, scattering the souvenirs all over the floor.

                "Ah Long watch out behind you." Qin Ming looked up as a man lunged down from upstairs and attempted to lock Ah Long's neck.

                Ah Long reacted extremely quickly, sidestepping and kicking him in the abdomen with his knee.

                "Ah!" The man curled up on the floor in pain, unable to get up.

                Ah Long rushed outside to the bridge of the ferry, but was looking at the river, the other side was rowing downstream and was quite fast, Ah Long's priority was to keep Qin Ming safe and could not chase him along the shore.

                Ah Long tied up the two men from unknown sources and escorted them to Qin Ming, saying, "Young master, give that Zhang Xianmin a run for his money, he panicked when he saw me, something is odd."

                The bare-chested man shouted, "Who are you? Robbing in broad daylight? It's almost noon, people are coming and going, you want your hide to be exposed, we're just decent businessmen, watch out if we call the police and get you all arrested."


                Ah Long kicked the other man in the fat of his abdomen.

                "Ow~ please, don't kick, it hurts." The bare-chested man hastily begged for mercy, "I'm really just a decent businessman, selling some small gifts to tourists."

                "If you don't want to suffer, be honest with me." Ah Long scolded, "Say, what do you do?"

                The other skinny man said, "We are really just proper businessmen here, those few just now were just our acquaintances, I thought you had a problem with him and helped him escape."

                Qin Ming looked at the small mud-brick shop, which was somewhat old and did not have any special organs.

                Qin Ming instructed, "Ah Long, close the shop first, to save any idle people from coming over."

                On Ah Long's side, he went to close the door, and Qin Ming began to inspect the old house, which had a dry well, quite deep and dark.

                Qin Ming used his mobile phone to shine a light under the well, but found a person.

                He immediately asked Ah Long to find a rope and went down to bring the person up, but the person he found was Zhang Xianmin, who was not wearing glasses?

                How could there be two Zhang Xianmin's? Twins? No, that's impossible.

                This Zhang Xianmin was obviously much more emaciated.

                "What's going on? Bribing people? This is Mr. Zhang of the Century Tourism Group in Dayong City, not to mention that you don't know him, the one who escaped just now also looks the same." Qin Ming brought the unconscious Zhang Xianmin in front of the two shopkeepers.

                When those two shopkeepers saw Zhang Xianmin unconscious in emaciation, they both fell silent; sophistry at such a time would only reveal more.

                Qin Ming analyzed, "So, the Zhang Xianmin I saw today was a fake and this is the real one. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. What do you guys have to say?"

                "......" Those two were still silent.

                Qin Ming simply waved his hand and said, "Since you don't want to talk, take them back and interrogate them slowly."

                Ah Long immediately called for Bi Yuan to send someone over, and not long after Bi Yuan arrived in large numbers.

                A few medical personnel from the assassination team put Zhang Xianmin in place and immediately administered medical treatment. After some busy work, Zhang Xianmin slowly opened his eyes.

                "Hoo, hoo ...... I'm saved?" Zhang Xianmin said breathlessly, "Young man, who are you? Did you save me?"

                Qin Ming said, "Sort of."

                Bi Yuan walked over and exclaimed, "Old Zhang, do you remember me? Bi Yuan."

                "Oh, old Bi." Zhang Xianmin said in a breathless voice.

                Bi Yuan said unhappily, "Luo Bi you granny bear, can you stop calling me by my nickname?"

                Zhang Xianmin laughed: "It seems that you are true, ah, old Bi ah, I have fallen for someone's plan this time, I have to be careful. There's a guy who's made up to look exactly like me, and he's been trapping me here for over a week now. Eh, this young man is your little brother?"

                Bi Yuan hurriedly dodged and said, "Aiya, Old Zhang, you really dare to say that, this is our young master, the heir to Chang Lao."

                "What?" Zhang Xianmin was startled and immediately came to life, sizing up Qin Ming carefully before finally saying once again in gratitude, "So it was Young Master who saved me, my subordinate is ashamed of Young Master, he almost also let Young Master fall into the calculations of those thieves from the Lin family."

                Qin Ming frowned, regardless of anything else, and asked, "The Lin family? The Lin family, the big clan of the western Hunan clan?"

                Zhang Xianmin said, "Yes, those Lin Chaofeng people are members of the Lin family. The Lin family is famous in western Hunan, and everyone who has a wide range of friends knows them. But their earth cottage is a bit far from Dayong City."

                Qin Ming clapped his hands together and said, "No wonder, that fake Zhang Xianmin was nervous when he saw me, that was because he was a thief, and he said he didn't know any of the big clan of the Lin family from the earth cottage, which was simply nonsense, because they were from the Lin family and knew that I was here for trouble."

                Bi Yuan pursued, "Old Zhang, why did they impersonate you?"

                Zhang Xianmin said, "It's not for money, they originally knew me, the one impersonating me, Lin Chaofeng has also been my friend for many years, one midnight dinner, they suddenly coerced me to deficit the company and make money for them, I have been working for the group for more than 30 years, I have long considered the group as my second home, naturally refused, and then they kidnapped me. "

                Qin Ming was puzzled, "The other party is a big family, would they be short of money? And would go out of their way to ask for all this money for illegal crimes?"

                Zhang Xianmin said, "Young master is new to this country, I don't know anything, in fact, I've known about this for a short while, something happened to the Lin family, the biggest clan of the western Hunan province, I don't know what kind of trouble they are in, now they are very short of money."

                The story was clear.

                Lin family trouble, that is why two months ago let Lin Yurou to find the old Qin family in Hai City marriage, the result let Qin Ming touch, that Qin understand to take advantage of the words, the result of the marriage naturally failed to end.

                And it seems that the Lin family is in big trouble, even starting to have clan members who are desperate to do something illegal and disorderly for money.

                There was no telling whether it was the clan chief's order or the thoughts of a small group of people.

                Qin Ming had a premonition that this journey of his would not be easy.

                Qin Ming asked, "Chief Zhang, do you know where the Lin family's earth cottage is?"

                Zhang Xianmin hesitated for a while and said, "This is something that ordinary people cannot find, the Lin family is very mysterious in western Hunan, they are a big local clan and are spread all over the Xiangxi Tuzhai, their influence is not how much money they have, but the large number of clansmen and some of their Lin family's unique mystical doctrines. It's fine to meet ordinary clansmen, such as that Lin Chaofeng who impersonated me, who I also know, but it's not easy to meet the clan leader."

                Qin Ming bit his lip, there were so many rules here?

                Ah Long enquired, "Young master, what should we do next?"

                Qin Ming was about to make a judgement when his phone rang, Mu Xiaoqiao had arrived.

Chapter 430

Qin Ming never expected that he would run into someone from the Lin family just after he arrived in Dayong City, and that he would impersonate his own subordinates for seeking money, exposing both his purpose and wasting half a day of his time.

                If Mu Si Chun hadn't had to pester him to go to Phoenix Ancient Town to eat and drink, Qin Ming wouldn't have been able to discover the secret.

                "So, I'm important, right?" Mu Si Chun proudly patted the big white buns on her ripe and plump chest and said, "So what if you're the vice president of Greater China, it's still not up to me, my cute, smart and charming sister-in-law, to be a lighthouse on your coastline and guide you towards the truth, hehehehe."

                Qin Ming laughed, not going to bother with this little girl.

                Qin Ming ordered the two clansmen of the Tuzhai Lin family to be invited back to the hotel for tea, more or less to ask for something, he believed that Bi Yuan's assassination squad had a great deal of ability to pry open the mouths of these two Lin family members.

                However, Qin Ming still planned to go and pick up Mu Xiaoqiao first.

                After being set up by that old bastard Zhang Quanzhen, Qin Ming had asked Mu Xiaoqiao for the box containing Tiger Dragon Mountain's unique martial arts, but when Mu Xiaoqiao refused to give it to him, Qin Ming was more or less sulking and arrogant in his heart, so he decided to come to Xiangxi to find the Lin family in person.

                Now that Mu Xiao Qiao suddenly sent it from a thousand miles, he was very happy again.

                Qin Ming arrived at the airport and saw Mu Xiao Qiao standing at the entrance of the airport at a glance. She was poised, extremely beautiful, with a tall figure and curvy proportions that stood out proudly.

                She was dressed in black, and under the hot afternoon sun, her skin was even more beautiful than snow. Her hands were white jade, holding the two peaks on her chest, which seemed to be holding her black dress apart, causing many hooligans to whistle.

                But Mu Xiaoqiao was like a quiet lotus flower in a lotus pond, which could be watched from afar but not profanely played with.

                Finally people saw an ordinary brat, dressed in a stall, white washed jeans and an old pair of patched back shoes, and he walked straight towards Mu Xiaoqiao.

                "Hey, there's a poor bastard trying to strike up a conversation."

                "He doesn't know what kind of status he has, that goddess knows at a glance that she's waiting for her boyfriend to drive up."

                "There's never a shortage of these shameless poor bastards these days, toads trying to eat swan meat."

                "Oh, we'll just have to watch the fun."

                "Kid, you want to pick up a girl at least, get a bouquet of flowers."

                "Eh, there's a big Ben driving over there, wow, there's a big handsome guy coming down."

                "This must be the boyfriend of this goddess, right? Sure enough, a pretty woman still needs to be hit with money."

                Qin Ming was a little annoyed to hear these people gossiping and looked back, it was the car in front of him that had gone and Ah Long had brought the car up from up, so that it would be convenient for Qin Ming to get in later only.

                Qin Ming walked up to Mu Xiaoqiao and said, "What are you doing here?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was more surprised by the beard and glasses on Qin Ming's face: "What are you doing with this make-up? You look like an older man, trying to pick up a young girl?"

                Mu Xiao Qiao looked at Qin Ming, her heart was full of mixed feelings, she didn't know how to speak for a while, but as soon as Qin Ming asked, he questioned why she came along, this made Mu Xiao Qiao feel very upset, I'm not worried about you, why am I coming along? I'm not worried about you, why should I come? Wouldn't a grown man like you think of my intentions? Did you get in the way of you and my sister wandering around here?

                Her face suddenly turned ugly and she seriously doubted whether Qin Ming and Mu Sichen had had any illicit relationship.

                When he heard Mu Xiaoqiao say that his make-up was for "picking up young girls", he could not help but remember that he had accidentally kissed Mu Sichen, and that sweet and fragrant kiss, it seemed that he was really a bit suspicious, so he immediately felt weak and did not know how to answer.

                For a while, both of them stared at each other with wide eyes, and neither of them said anything.

                However, Mu Xiaoqiao hesitated for a moment and still chose to believe Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was suffering from a strange disease and needed what was in the box in her hands to save her life, and she still disliked him with such a bad attitude, and slapped him, and made no sense, and went to a nightclub to get drunk, and had to have Qin Ming come to her rescue.

                Isn't it just harder to get over an ex-girlfriend? What is she jealous of?

                But she didn't know what attitude to use to face Qin Ming, the little woman at heart or the everyday iceberg poker face?

                "Let me tell you, the divorce papers are gone, legally we are still husband and wife." Mu Xiao Qiao ghosted a scowl.

                After saying that, Mu Xiao Qiao regretted a little in her heart, she had come a long way to catch a passenger plane to come to Dayong City, why did she have to give Qin Ming a scowl? Shouldn't this be a fight?

                But she didn't know how to face Qin Ming either, she wanted him to pamper her and spoil her, but he didn't, so she was annoyed and in a depressed and uncomfortable mood.

                However, the conversation between the two immediately left the hooligans and landlubbers watching around dumbfounded and stunned, Turtle, this poor boy is this beauty's husband? This is too much, right?

                "My God, what's wrong with this society? Can a good cabbage be given to a poor pussy?"

                "Who can tell me how these two can encounter each other with their social backgrounds? And still have sparks?"

                "What the hell? It's clearly a life version of Duan Yanqing sleeping with Dagger White Phoenix, damn, this poor pussy boy, he can still sleep with such a good woman?"

                "Look at her water snake waist, that face is so tender that it can wring out water, I learned to read from a master some years ago, this woman has a clear human middle. Apart from reflecting a woman's body and longevity, the human middle also means that she has excellent luck with her husband and very good luck with her children."

                "Holy shit, this woman's face is so strong?"

                "No, she has a clear middle and good luck with her children, which means her children are not only intelligent but also very filial. As soon as their children grow up, they can bring themselves a lot of wealth, so that they don't need to continue to work after middle age and can enjoy happiness, which is one of the typical facial features of an honourable husband and filial son."

                "A flower stuck in cow dung, the heavens are unfair, I'm still a bachelor after working my ass off here every day."

                Qin Ming glared at the hooligans and gangsters next to him, which caused those people to immediately shift their eyes, smoking, and sending out WeChat, as if they were not the ones who were talking about the wind.

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "It doesn't matter if you lost the divorce agreement, write it again."

                A passerby couldn't sit still and got up and cursed, "Shit, this man is a fool, right? He doesn't even want such a good woman?"

                Another fat man came over and said, "Beauty, do you need love? I'm famous for loving my wife."

                "Beauty, such a scum doesn't want you, don't be afraid, there are more opportunities and more men for a good woman like you."

                "Sure enough, an honest man like me is a single dog, scum just change women day in and day out."

                Qin Ming was really speechless, what had he done wrong? What had he done wrong to be ridiculed for getting a divorce? What do you passers-by know?

                However, these people tried to take advantage of the opportunity to hit on Mu Xiaoqiao, Qin Ming also did not allow it.

                He pulled Mu Xiaoqiao's hand and shielded her behind him, saying, "All of you get lost."

                When Qin Ming was angry, his face was fierce, and his eagle eyes were dark and stern, as if they had a sharp, cold aura that penetrated the heart, shocking these hooligans who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to fish in the water.

                Although she was a cold and arrogant woman on the outside, she was very delicate and sensitive on the inside, and this action of Qin Ming softened her heart.

                Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly hugged Qin Ming from behind, waved her face at these idle people and scolded, "We two couples quarrelling, what has it got to do with you."

                This ...... sudden wave of dog food spilled out, so that the passers-by watching the hustle and bustle had a full meal, they could not stand to lose face and all dispersed.

                Qin Ming was suddenly hugged from behind by Mu Xiaoqiao, his heart was also a bit confused, this is his favorite hugging position, it always makes him lower his guard and stereotypes a lot.

                He said gently, "Okay, it's hot outside, get in the car, let's talk about it at the hotel."

                The two got into the car, Qin Ming habitually looked back around, but then noticed something unusual, there was a woman with long black hair in plain clothes standing by the roadside, that woman, she was looking straight at Qin Ming.

                "Buzz off!" Qin Ming stared at her for a moment, suddenly in a trance, for no reason at all he had a desire rising from the bottom of his heart, his body was hot, it was the same kind of feeling as the last two times, it was the same kind of feeling that the compulsion in his body was affecting his endocrine secretion!

                Qin Ming suddenly propped himself up on his forehead, he felt that he was losing control.

                He was going to, he was going to take off his trousers in public!