Rags To Riches Chapter 427-428

 Chapter 427

As a famous tourist city in China, Dayong City has the famous Glass Ball, Phoenix Ancient City, Golden Whip Creek, Forest Park and other attractions, and there are countless tourists coming to Dayong City every year.

                As Qin Ming had arrived in Dayong City in western Hunan, he had to meet with the Lin family, a local clan of a large earth cottage, right?

                He went to stay at the most high-end hotel in the local city, which was also the local branch of the Huan Yu Century Group, so there was no need to worry about security.

                In order not to be easily recognised, Qin Ming had done some make-up, got fake myopic glasses and a scruffy beard, and Mu Sichen even laughed at Qin Ming for turning into a mature uncle and trying to fool little girls.

                Qin Ming naturally wouldn't try to deceive little girls, after all, he was mistaken last time, and now he is still afraid that the other party will use the female insect to emit a smell to lure the male in Qin Ming's body, thus making Qin Ming lose control.

                So some make-up to change his appearance is still a must.

                The last time I came back from ? country, because he had saved Nie Haitang, Qin Ming did not remember too much about the affair that happened in the ancient castle, including the woman whose virginity he had broken.

                But after that old Daoist priest Zhang Quanzhen reminded him, Qin Ming remembered that he had been mistakenly identified as a relative by Qin Zhongbai, the eldest young master of that old Qin family in the city of Hai, who was known as the Ninth Young Master.

                "These gentry can really give birth, the ninth young master ......" Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "As the saying goes, people have similarities, things have similarities, I'm really curious how much that ninth young master really resembles me?"

                The local head of industry came to meet Qin Ming, the big boss, not long after Qin Ming's group stayed at the hotel.

                In terms of qualifications, the head of the industry in charge of Dayong City did not have the face to come and meet Qin Ming, usually the head of the industry in charge of South Lake Province would come to accompany Qin Ming personally, but Qin Ming did not want to make too much of a mess, and in the way of his subordinates earning money for him, so he let the head of the industry in Dayong City come and forget it.

                According to the group's internal personal information, the head of the Dayong City industry team was an elderly general manager called Zhang Xianmin, with strong business ability and many years of experience, who intended to work for a few more years in the Huan Yu Century Group, receiving preferential retirement for the kind of excellent employees.

                Zhang Xianmin came to Qin Ming, but was a little formal and nervous, saying, "Young master, I have heard of your name, but today is the first time I have met you, young master is really young."

                Qin Ming immediately stepped forward and stopped him from bowing, a senior in his fifties who had worked hard for the group all his life, Qin Ming gave him courtesy.

                But why did it feel like Zhang Xianmin was a little too nervous?

                He was at least an old boss, right? He was managing so many hotels, scenic restaurants and restaurants in Dayong City, why was he so formal like a youngster?

                He said, "Mr. Zhang, please sit down first. This time I have to trouble you because of some personal matters, it's my problem."

                Zhang Xianmin wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, "Young master, what are you talking about? We are all working for you. Is the young master here on a pleasure holiday this time? Or is it a visit to a strange man?"

                Qin Ming was surprised, "Oh? What strange people do you have in western Hunan?"

                Zhang Xianmin was stunned and said, "Young master, the whole of western Hunan? That's too big a scope, I thought you were looking for a strange man in Dayong City."

                Qin Ming said, "It is true that the scope is a little too large, the great clan of the Xiangxi Tuzhai, the Lin family, that's all I know. You've heard of it?"

                Zhang Xianmin thought for a moment and shook his head, "I'm very sorry, my subordinate doesn't really remember much, but I'm familiar with many dignitaries and rich people in western Hunan, so I can ask around about that Lin family. What's so special about their Lin family?"

                Qin Ming said, "Likes to grow worms for people."

                The corners of Zhang Xianmin's mouth twitched, he didn't feel right, but he didn't know and didn't dare to ask, responding, "Young master, then my subordinate will go do it right away. I'll arrange for my secretary to come to your side on my side, and I can dispatch her whenever I want."

                "Don't want one." Qin Ming vetoed, "If something comes up, I will have Bi Yuan contact you."

                Zhang Xianmin was an old employee and naturally knew Bi Yuan, who had been one of Chang Hongxi's important bodyguards at the time.

                Qin Ming was surprised that the Lin family was not famous in Dayong City, was their influence so low? Unable to radiate to Dayong City?

                Then how come even the young master of the old Qin family, Qin Zhongbai, was helpless at that time and was forced to go on a blind date with Lin Yurou? Could it be that influence is not money?

                If it wasn't the influence of wealth and power, but other aspects of influence, the general public really wouldn't know about it.

                "It could also be that it's more low-key." Qin Ming counted the possibilities, looking for sure he could find it, he was afraid he would have to wait for a few days, muttering in his heart, "Should I go back to school first?"

                Qin Ming was dirt poor this time.

                It was only a little over an hour to fly directly from Guangcheng to Dayong City, and with his private plane, it was just under an hour.

                It was really faster than his trip back home, where he still had to take a few hours in an old bus into the mountains.

                He couldn't even afford to take the high-speed train in the past, and he always felt that it would take him a long time to get to Dayong City, but he didn't know that a private jet would be so fast.

                His imagination was really limited by his previous poverty.

                After Zhang Xianmin left, Ah Long came over and said, "Young master, why do I feel that this man is a bit strange? He is restless, as if he is hiding something in his heart."

                Bi Yuan also said, "That's not bad. When he met with Elder Chang in the past, he wouldn't be so nervous and nervous, could it be that your majesty is so powerful that it has scared him?"

                Qin Ming said, "I'm just a brat, how can I be that powerful? Forget about that, let's get down to business."

                Qin Ming thought since he had to wait for news, let's wait.

                "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law!" Putting down the surname Li, Mu Si Chun ran over wearing a sun visor and took his hand, saying, "Let's go to the glass bridge, quick, quick, quick, I haven't been there yet, I heard it's very scary, it makes people weak in the legs."

                "......" Qin Ming was speechless and said, "Mu Sichen, I'm here on business, not for fun."

                "Oh, I, I forgot." Mu Sichen playfully spat out her tongue and added, "Then let's go eat the local cuisine, three under the pot, waxed blood tofu, cold noodles and Tujia buckled pork ...... pant, my mouth is watering."

                Qin Ming reached out and flicked Mu Sichen's forehead, "You foodie, you just know how to eat."

                Mu Sichen threw Qin Ming's arm petulantly, "I want to eat, following brother-in-law has meat to eat, right?"

                Qin Ming had no choice but to take Mu Sichen out for food first.

                At this time, Mu Xiao Qiao on the plane was tugging at the wooden box in her hand, but she couldn't contact her sister even if she wanted to.

                Mu Xiao Qiao's heart was in turmoil, her mind was filled with Mu Si Chun's dream-like words, "Brother-in-law, don't leave, sister doesn't want you, I want you", which lingered in her mind.

                When did the two of them have feelings for each other?

                What did Qin Ming think?

                Mu Xiaoqiao covered her head in pain: "If why didn't you write your name on the divorce papers, if you did, I wouldn't have any more illusions about you, do you like me at all? However, whether you like me or not, this thing that can save your life, I will definitely give it to you with my own hands."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was worried when suddenly a pretty girl in the front seat poked her head over and said, "This sister, you brought this box?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked, "What's wrong? It's just an ordinary box."

                The woman said, "I know it's an ordinary box, but the smell of the box makes me physically ill, so I hope you can put it in your bag."

                Mu Xiaoqiao picked up the box and took a sniff, the usual wood scent, nothing special?

                But she didn't want to start an argument with anyone, so she put it in her bag.

                The woman in the front row sat back, took a long breath, pressed her abdomen and said, "How can a normal person have something like that? Little Bo was almost restless. It's bad luck this time, I just followed the scent to Guangcheng, only to have to rush off to Dayong again."

                There was an old woman sitting next to the woman, saying flatly, "Proof that the man is running amok, but we'll be able to catch him soon. I don't believe that we, the Xiangxi Lin family, are going to let you, Miss, suffer this one stifling loss of body, and the old Qin family in Hai City is still playing Taiji for us, so we must find the man."

Chapter 428

As the saying goes, both come and go.

                Qin Ming could not have imagined how the big clan of the earth cottage in the mouth of others, set aside in his subordinates here had never heard of it, and could only wait for Zhang Xianmin to find it first.

                Qin Ming led Mu Sichen to a nearby attraction to have some fun first, it just so happened that he had never been here either.

                The two came to the ancient town of Phoenix, the ancient town is slightly quiet during the day, but not crowded, a round down Mu Siqun mouth did not stop, but also bought a local Tuzhai ethnic dress, wearing a head are all kinds of flowers, I have to say, as long as people are beautiful, any clothes can be managed.

                This outfit was misunderstood by the tourists as a local ethnic beauty, and she had to drag Qin Ming around to take photos and buy a bunch of local specialties that she had to take back with her.

                When Qin Ming looked at the energetic Mu Sichen, he felt tired, was he here for business? Or was she here to have fun?

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Why don't you go to the hospital and take a CT? Can't you find out and operate to remove the worms?"

                Qin Ming casually nibbled two bites and said, "I took a photo, but I can't find it. If it dies in the blood vessels, I will also die of heart attack."

                When Mu Si Chun heard the word "death", she became a little scared and flattened her mouth, "I'm sorry brother-in-law, am I ...... getting in your way? I just want to help you, but I don't know what to do. I just want you not to leave our house, but I can only follow you around."

                Qin Ming dotingly stroked Mu Si Chun's head and said, "It's okay, the more money you have, the more annoyances you have, and I'm used to it, but I'm still quite happy to have you, a little beauty, following me around."

                Hearing Qin Ming's praise, Mu Sichen happily pursed her lips and smiled shyly, "Then I'll let you have a bite of my iced sugar gourd too."

                Qin Ming was about to eat it when he was stunned, at the intersection in front of him, he saw Zhang Xianmin.

                Zhang Xianmin was carrying a black leather bag, walking with some young men in local ethnic costumes, they were in a hurry, and they looked like they were taking three steps back.

                The first thing Zhang Xianmin did was to look around and be on guard.

                Qin Ming's heart moved, Zhang Xianmin did not go to him to inquire about the Lin family, come to the scenic spot to do?

                However, Zhang Xianmin's eyes were about to cast Qin Ming's side, and he hurriedly walled Mu Sichen, who was nibbling on an iced sugar gourd, against the wall of the small roadside shop to avoid being seen by Zhang Xianmin, who was watching left and right.

                "Ah! Brother-in-law you ...... what are you doing?" Mu Sichen was startled, she shrank her neck, facing Qin Ming's strong wall knock, she didn't even know how to react, did Qin Ming want to take advantage of the scenery to have a fling, to kiss her?

                So it was all a plot by her brother-in-law, saying he hated taking her, but he ended up bringing her to the scenic spot for good food and drinks, and swinging the boat and buying clothes, and then walloping her while she was happy, and then he was going to give her a bite of a kiss?

                Bang bang, bang bang, Mu Si Chun looked at Qin Ming's face, she only felt her body burning like fire, her mood was excited, the two buns on her chest were heaving together.

                She didn't know if she should follow the kiss when Qin Ming was about to kiss down? Or would it be better to slap it?

                But Qin Ming's eyes looked over to Zhang Xianmin's side, who, after seeing nothing unusual around him, quickly picked up the money with his companion then walked away.

                Qin Ming threw a look at Ah Long who was secretly protecting him, signalling Ah Long to follow immediately.

                Ah Long and Bi Yuan guessed right, this Zhang Xianmin really has something odd, but I don't know what kind of odd, let's follow it first.

                "That little pure ......" Qin Ming looked back at Mu Si Chun, she was surprisingly red in the face, her body was stiff and didn't dare to move, her eyes were drifting everywhere.

                "Sick?" Qin Ming probed Mu Sichen's forehead, why was this girl's forehead suddenly rolling hot?

                "No, no, brother-in-law you, what are you doing all of a sudden?" Mu Sichen felt Qin Ming's hand and became even more nervous, she licked her lips and said in a panic, "Walloping, walloping someone, there are so many people here, here."

                Qin Ming said, "Oh, I scared you, actually you misunderstood, I ......"

                Qin Ming's words had not fallen, suddenly behind several tourists children running and jumping to chase each other, one of them accidentally hit Qin Ming's back, Qin Ming was caught off guard and crashed headlong.


                The two of them coincidentally kissed each other on the lips.

                "!!!" Mu Sichen's eyes widened in surprise, and a deep sea of huge waves rose up inside her: "Look, look, it's true that brother-in-law just has a plot, he made me so happy, just to take advantage, oooh, my first kiss."

                Qin Ming really cried out in his heart, his back was unguardedly bumped by a junior high school student, he kissed Mu Si Chun's delicate little mouth with a mouthful, his lips were a little cold and there was a hint of sweetness from the iced candy cane.

                The soft lips took Qin Ming by surprise, Mu Sichen's fragrance and tenderness softened his whole body and bones, and he couldn't help but stretch his tongue across.

                "Ah!" Mu Sichen's delicate body shook, her taut body kept shaking, and tears were flowing down her eyes.

                This process also had four or five seconds, Qin Ming felt that the impact was not good and hurriedly released his lips, but a pain, rubbing miles, by this girl to bite through.

                Mu Si Chun's eyes were straight up with tears, staring at Qin Ming pitifully, with Qin Ming's blood at the corner of her mouth.

                "Big brother is sorry." The two tourist children who had just bumped into Qin Ming because of the chase were polite enough to apologise.

                Qin Ming waved his hand, not bothering with the little kids, "It's alright, you guys be more careful next time."

                Qin Ming looked back at Mu Si Chun, she still looked aggravated, Qin Ming soothed, "That little pure, just now I found my subordinate in suspicious shape, that's why I walloped you on the wall to hide my whereabouts, and happened to be bumped into, this ...... is too much of a coincidence. "

                "But why are you sticking your tongue out? I'm your sister-in-law." Mu Si Chun puffed out her mouth, tears in the eyes straight, just did not flow out.

                These words really stuck out, directly causing Qin Ming's lewdness to go unnoticed.

                Well, Qin Ming admitted that when faced with a beautiful woman like Mu Sichen, he couldn't hold back the moment of the accidental kiss just now.

                Qin Ming was also depressed, he managed his lower body but not his upper body. Tsk, it's so hard to be a man, and even harder for a good man like him to manage this and that.

                But Qin Ming retorted to save face, "You, you don't reach over too."

                "Ooooooooooo ......" Mu Si Chun, who had been holding back, was poked inside and became even more shy, not even daring to look at Qin Ming, and finally let out a wow to hold back, tears rustling down her face.

                She threw up her pink fist and punched Qin Ming, "Brother-in-law is bad, big bad, despicable, shameless, nasty, bully, I'll tell my sister."

                Qin Ming said, "I've just divorced your sister."

                Mu Si Chun said, "Then you have to be responsible for me, what you just did was my first kiss."

                While the two were squirming, Ah Long called and said, "Young master, there's a big discovery, you need to come over right away."