Rags To Riches Chapter 425-426

 Chapter 425

A headache, Mu Xiaoqiao's brain ached.

                Her consciousness was somewhat fractured, her own last self being taken to the car by Su Shiming.

                Who was Su Shiming? She was drinking at a bar tonight and happened to see him picking up girls and then got stuck with him.

                She was at the bar tonight and happened to see him picking up girls, and then she was pestered. Due to her partnership with his father, Mu Xiao Qiao didn't be too rude to drive him away.

                In the end, in order to appear spontaneous in front of Qin Ming, she let Su Shiming send her back to the empty old company building, saying that she couldn't be a wimp about anything.

                Her eyes snapped open, she wondered how long she had been drunk, if Su Shiming had ended up taking her to the car, would she have lost her virginity, the very thought of it made Mu Xiaoqiao drenched in cold sweat and instantly sobered up.

                She wasn't going to be possessed by Su Shiming while she had the chance, was she?

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked around her when she woke up and felt the clothes on her body and was relieved to be lying comfortably on the bed again.

                This was her room, and her clothes weren't messy.

                "I didn't expect that Su Shiming to be such a gentleman and send me straight back." Mu Xiao Qiao let out a long, cloudy breath and couldn't help but feel a little more kindly towards Su Shiming in her heart.

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked at the clock, it was only after 3am.

                She also saw Aunt Fang, the nanny, dozing off to the side, and she called out a few times, "Aunt Fang, Aunt Fang, get me a cup of warm water."

                "Oh, you're awake, Missy." Aunt Fang yawned and hurriedly poured Mu Xiaoqiao a cup of warm water, saying, "Oh, your father and wife were so distressed when they saw you being sent back drunk. Fortunately, the aunt sent someone to bring you back, otherwise it would have been ...... if you had met a bad person."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was stunned and said, "Wasn't it my friend who sent me back?"

                Aunt Fang said, "No, it was a friend of the aunt, a woman, very beautiful."

                Mu Xiao Qiao reached out and grabbed her heart, she was having some difficulty, she had clearly decided to forget that hard-hearted man, she clearly no longer wanted to remember him, but the moment she heard that Qin Ming had sent her back, she couldn't help but steal joy in her heart, instinctive feelings cannot be deceived.

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked through her bag, but could not find the divorce papers, and when she thought about it, she seemed to have left them in the bar.

                That copy of the divorce agreement had to be given to a lawyer before it could go through to have legal effect, and if it was lost then another copy would have to be signed.

                Mu Xiaoqiao sighed: "Forget it, let's go look for it later. Aunt Fang, you go to bed, it's been hard on you."

                Aunt Fang got up to leave, but then stopped and said, "Eh yes, just now Missy your phone kept ringing, so I turned it off for fear of disturbing you, I don't know if it would make you miss something important, Missy you should check your phone first."

                Mu Xiao Qiao took her phone and found that they were all calls from her sister Mu Sichen, more than thirty of them, and because she couldn't get through, she had sent messages afterwards.

                After reading the messages, Mu Xiao Qiao was so shocked that she couldn't put on her shoes and immediately got up and ran, turning back to grab a pair of shoes after running out the door.

                Aunt Fang, who had just come downstairs, wondered, "Eh? Are you going to the kitchen, Miss? What do you want to eat? I can get it for you."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Aunt Fang, I'm going out for a while. Don't tell my parents."

                Mu Xiaoqiao had only just sobered up and didn't dare drive herself, so she hailed a taxi from the roadside and returned to the nightclub bar where she had spent the evening drinking.

                Even after 3am, the nightclub was still very busy outside, but there was a smashed BMW 7-series on the roadside, which Mu Xiao Qiao recognised as Su Shiming's car.

                She quickly walked into the bar and asked the bartender who had made her a drink: "Sir, do you remember me? I started out with eighteen of your cocktails and I think I ended up taking a bottle of your whiskey, and my husband came to me with a divorce settlement, where is that settlement?"

                The bartender said, "Oh, I saw it. Our bouncer threw it in the trash by hand, so if you want to look for it, look in the outside trash."

                Mu Xiaoqiao ran to the alley outside the bar again.

                "Ah!" Just as she stepped outside, she was startled to see several drunken women lying over to the place, with some men leering next to them.

                One pretty-looking one was even carried away, and a few ugly ones were left unattended instead.

                Mu Xiaoqiao held back her fear for a moment and walked quickly to the bin.

                The rubbish was piled up in the gutter behind the bar, emitting all sorts of stench, and she came across a condom containing an unknown liquid.

                Mu Xiaoqiao frowned in disgust, but she had to get the divorce papers out.

                She wanted to make sure of something, had Qin Ming signed the agreement when he came to see her?

                Was he that stone-hearted? And if he was so hard-hearted why did he come to control her again? Not to let her fall, not to let her get drunk all over the place?

                Mu Xiaoqiao remembered the message her sister Mu Sichen had just sent her, saying that Qin Ming had a strange disease that would kill him and needed something in a box in her hands to save his life.

                Mu Xiao Qiao was actually quite puzzled, the box she had was given to her by Zhang Zhen Zhen when he came to visit the Mu family today, saying that it was a book of martial arts for strengthening the body, and it also contained a musk bag with a fragrant scent.

                It was just a very ordinary gift, nothing special.

                She originally found it very strange, she had always been in good health and was not at all interested in any body-strengthening martial arts, she would go to the gym if she wanted to exercise.

                Why did Zhang Zhen Zhen give her this?

                Then she heard Qin Ming's phone call and realised that Qin Ming wanted this item.

                But she really didn't know that Qin Ming was going to take something to save his life.

                At that time, Mu Xiaoqiao was on fire and when she heard that Qin Ming wanted the box, she threw it straight into the bin behind the bar.

                So, the box Qin Ming wanted, along with the divorce papers, were all thrown into the rubbish.

                With this mountain of rubbish, Mu Xiaoqiao could only go through the bags one by one and find them slowly.

                Inside, apart from wine bottles, cigarette boxes, food, there were many adult products, and women's sanitary napkins, and even bags of condoms, the smell of which made her want to vomit.

                "Vomit!" Mu Xiaoqiao really threw up, vomiting in a big way, her stomach full of alcohol.

                But after she had vomited, she wiped her mouth, not caring so much, she could only continue to look for it, it was something that concerned Qin Ming's life, and she regretted very much that she had casually thrown it away.

                Mu Xiaoqiao gritted her teeth and said, "Why does he have a strange disease? Normally it doesn't look like it at all."

                Mu Xiaoqiao had been searching for almost an hour, the mountains of rubbish were all scattered, every plastic bag was opened and its contents dumped down, and she was sweating and dirty from the search.

                "Hoo ......" Mu Xiaoqiao gulped and wiped her sweat as fatigue swept through her body.

                "Hey, what are you doing? You stinking beggar, looking for rubbish elsewhere, all messed up, I'm going to get docked." The bar's cleaning aunt hit Mu Xiaoqiao on the back with an angry broom.

                "Ah!" Mu Xiaoqiao grunted in pain and fell to the ground.

                "Huh? You ...... you're not a beggar." The cleaning aunt saw that Mu Xiaoqiao had a beautiful face, only her clothes were ridiculously dirty, before she realized that she had hit the wrong person: "Are you too high on drugs? What are you doing going through the rubbish? Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were a beggar from the neighbourhood."

                Mu Xiaoqiao endured the pain and said, "Auntie, I'm fine. Have you seen a piece of paper, a divorce agreement. There is also a very ordinary wooden box, but it smells good."

                The cleaning aunt thought for a moment and said, "Oh, a wooden box? I picked it up, you want it, you have to give me a tip."

                Mu Xiaoqiao hurriedly opened her bag and took out all the cash she had, saying, "Auntie, this is all I have, the box must be returned to me, people's lives are at stake, I beg you."

                The cleaning lady took a hundred yuan and said, "We are not blackmailing you, a hundred yuan is enough for a tip."

                Mu Xiaoqiao then took the wooden box that Zhang Quanzhen gave her and found that the contents were not missing, she was relieved and a reassuring smile spread across her cold face.

                She pushed all the money over and said, "Auntie, you can take the money too, as compensation for the mess I made here. So, did you see a copy of the divorce papers?"

                The cleaning lady said, "Yes, but you can write another one, I didn't bring any paper to the toilet that day, so I wiped my butt with that white paper. What's the point of writing another copy when you're already divorced anyway?"

                "......" Mu Xiaoqiao was speechless, this flushed the toilet?

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked, "No, auntie, where the man signs, does it say face? It's obvious, right? A quick glance and you can see it, right?"

Chapter 426

"A signature?" The cleaning lady thought carefully and said, "No. I say to you, little girl, life is not easy for anyone, two couples have to understand each other and get by when they can, my old partner and I used to quarrel a lot when we were young, although he was not much of a man and could not earn money, but isn't that how life is? At least he loves me, his wife."

                "I saw that young man too, he was obviously worried about you being taken away by someone."

                "The owner of that BMW is a regular at our bar here now, I've seen him hook up with a lot of girls who have bought drunk, tsk ...... at the time I thought you were going to get in the car with him, so you're definitely going to lose your virginity tonight."

                "Hey, your husband is quite a man, hard to snatch you back. I'm not going to blame my wife for talking too much, because you gave me this three thousand, I'll advise you, the day can live together, then come over."

                "What man in the world is not a womanizer? He has you in his heart, right? Eh, my partner says that a man who is not capable of doing anything is not a philanderer. Hey, hey, so he'll only be able to treat me right for the rest of his life."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was being "lectured" by this cleaning lady, but she didn't listen to her, she only heard the cleaning lady say that Qin Ming hadn't signed the divorce papers.

                Why hadn't he signed?

                Didn't he miss his Nie Haitang? Then go away, why hasn't he signed? Why is he still bothering me?

                Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't figure it out, and she returned to the Mu family compound in a daze, all dirty and confused.

                She arrived here in the study and didn't see Qin Ming's figure.

                In the days when Qin Ming had been a member of the Mu family, he had almost always slept in the study, and this was also the place where Qin Ming had spent the longest time.

                She saw the nine-eyed dzi bead that lay on the study table, an antique full of antiquity and the vicissitudes of history.

                Mu Xiaoqiao picked up the nine-eyed dzi and wore it around her neck again, then left her tired self on the sofa in the study where Qin Ming used to sleep and went straight to sleep.

                Early the next morning, Qin Ming was already fully loaded and ready to go.

                He had already decided to solve the problem at the source, as the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group, why be so cowering?

                He slept with that Lin Yurou, right? But how does it count if you lay the bug first?

                If you really want to fight, I'm not afraid of you. Hurry up and be honest and get the bug out for me.

                Rather than suffer Zhang Quanzhen's set-up calculations, he should go and get Lin Yurou to get it out.

                "So that's how it is, I've been put under a parasite, I'm going to Xiangxi to find someone to get rid of it, what are you doing following Mu Si Chun? Hey, you girl, you still know to squat in my dormitory for me to go back to ask for leave? You're really a ghostly spirit." Qin Ming was speechless as he looked at Mu Sichen who was holding on to his arm.

                This woman had never let go of her hand since she squatted on Qin Ming in the school dormitory last night, hanging on to him like a tree bear.

                She had also not closed her eyes all night, lest Qin Ming should run away.

                Gritting her teeth, Mu Sichen nuzzled her mouth and said, "I want to follow you. What if you are in danger in the mountains? I can protect you."

                "Hahaha." The bodyguards beside Qin Ming burst into laughter, this delicate Mu Sichen, and she said she would protect Qin Ming? Wasn't that a joke?

                Mu Sichen looked at Bi Yuan and said unhappily, "What are you laughing at? Oh, I recognise you, you are all friends of Qin Ming's, aren't you delivery people, waiters and janitors? Are you wearing formal clothes now? You look like you're going to war, aren't you going to work?"

                Bi Yuan laughed and said, "We are brothers, so we have to go to the tiger's den."

                Qin Ming had taken Ah Long and Bi Yuan with him on this trip, and last night the lead team had already rushed to Xiangxi for deployment.

                Song Ying had to stabilise her business and operations on the Chinese side, and Ao Mei was currently busy with gathering information on the Zhao family.

                Ah Long was also originally very busy, but for the sake of Qin Ming's safety, he was drawn over.

                Mu Sichen hugged Qin Ming to death and said, "I don't care, brother-in-law, I will follow you wherever you go until you change your mind and don't divorce my sister. If you don't take me with you, I'll go home and cut my own veins and leave a letter saying that you bullied me and tried to be irresponsible after you got pregnant."

                "......" The crowd was speechless, wasn't Mu Si Chun playing a scoundrel?

                Qin Ming looked at Bi Yuan, who reluctantly nodded his head, feeling that he could still protect Mu Si Chun.

                One more person was just one more mouth to feed, so it didn't matter to Qin Ming.

                The group set off in style, and after taking the private jet arranged by the group, Mu Sichen was finally sure that Qin Ming would not leave her behind, so she finally closed her eyes.

                But this girl didn't go anywhere when she was sleeping, she still had to lie on Qin Ming's lap, and it's a good thing this was Qin Ming's private plane.

                When the plane reached the halfway point, Qin Ming looked at Mu Sichen lying on his lap, sleeping with a cute mouth nuzzling, because of the little black skirt and white round-neck top he wore, a big white long legs entwined.

                Qin Ming couldn't resist stealing a photo.

                Just as he was about to save it, his phone rang.

                "Hello, something wrong?" When Qin Ming saw that it was Mu Xiaoqiao calling, his emotions were relatively calm, the past was in the past and he didn't think much about it.

                However, there was some inexplicable discomfort in his heart, as if it was a bit of a loss to get divorced without having slept around.

                Mu Xiaoqiao's side looked more anxious: "Where are you? I'm sending you the things that Zhang Zhen Zhen gave me. Why don't you be patient and tell me about such an important matter?"

                "What?" Qin Ming looked at the clouds and the blinding sun outside the private jet and said straight away, "No need, I'll go and find other high achievers to solve the matter of my body. That old man Zhang Quanzhen set me up, I won't let him off the hook. Keep that thing for yourself, I heard it can strengthen your body, just throw it away if you find it useless. Also, I won't meddle in your affairs from now on, but I advise you to get drunk in nightclubs less often, there are all kinds of people in places like that."

                Mu Xiaoqiao clenched her fist and said, "Don't give me any more bravado, just tell me where you are. Can't I send you there myself?"

                Qin Ming said nonchalantly, "I'm on a plane, you're flying over to deliver it to me?"

                "......" Mu Xiaoqiao was silent for a while, then added, "Then give me the address of your destination, and I'll fly over to deliver it to you."

                Qin Ming said, "No need, why are you following me here? Didn't you ask me to leave you alone? Since we're divorced, you don't have to care about me either. I asked you yesterday, and if you don't give it to me, I don't expect you to."

                "You're angry, aren't you?" Mu Si Chun said, "Last night I, I ...... admit that I was angry and didn't listen to you carefully, and I did wrong. But you didn't sign your name on the divorce papers, didn't you just try to get me back last night? We are still legally married now. Isn't it right for me to help you when you're having health problems? Give me the address."

                Qin Ming's head tilted, he remembered that he had signed it.

                "Oh!" Qin Ming remembered, the paper had been wetted by Mu Si Chun's pot of water, did the handwriting get smudged?

                Qin Ming said, "Forget it, you've filed for divorce, what else ......"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said directly, "I'm against divorce now, tell me where you are? Do you even want your life? I'll send you something over here."

                Qin Ming licked his lips, not knowing how to speak, Mu Xiao Qiao suddenly gave him the contents of that box despite everything, which was quite touching to Qin Ming.

                Suddenly, the sleeping Mu Sichen reached over and hugged Qin Ming's neck, pressing herself against his chest and muttering in her sleep, "Brother-in-law, has Dayong City arrived yet? I'm hungry, ow, bite your flesh ...... brother-in-law don't go, sister doesn't want you, I want you."

                "......" This was awkward, and a short silence fell over the call between the two.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was so shocked that the breath in her chest was hard to calm, she pinched the nine-eyed dzi bead she was wearing around her neck, suddenly having the unpleasant taste of having the most important person snatched away from her, and said, "Qin Ming, how come my sister is beside you? Didn't you say you were on the plane?"

                Qin Ming was speechless, this was too much of a coincidence, right? Thief God, aren't you fooling me?

                I am a young man with money, people, status and position, but I am misunderstood as a scum who has hooked up with his sister-in-law?

                Mu Xiaoqiao said: "Dayong City, right? Qin Ming you wait for me, remember, you and I are not divorced yet. I'll send you something over right away, let's talk it over, okay?"

                Qin Ming really couldn't understand, why are you all following me here?