Rags To Riches Chapter 419-420

 Chapter 419

Zhao Yuxin came from a prestigious family, and when she was in the capital, she was the object of chasing by countless gentry and families.

                With the Zhao family's background in China, she could pick whichever handsome man she wanted, and the other party might not even think of objecting, not to mention that she herself was not bad looking, and she knew from a young age that she would be the future mistress of a world-class family, living like a royal family.

                This time, she had no choice but to follow her family's arrangement and come on a blind date with the future heir to the world's top company, the Universe Century Group.

                She had thought that even if it didn't go well, she would still get along for a little while.

                We were of a similar age and there would be plenty to talk about.

                As a result, Qin Ming came up and told her that he was a philanderer and could not give her back her sexual happiness, and that she had to serve Qin Ming together with other women, and even had a French wet kiss with a blonde foreign girl in public.

                This was an insult to her.

                She punched her chest lightly with her small hand and stroked her breath twice before saying, "That young Qin, I, I promise, I promise ...... can't."

                Qin Ming shrugged indifferently and said, "Then ...... the blind date has failed. Elder Feng, you can arrange for Miss Zhao's return trip."

                Zhang Yuxin was stunned, she had flown all the way over for a blind date and it was over in just these few minutes?

                When she looked at Qin Ming, she only felt that he was so arrogant, did he really not understand how influential the Zhao family behind her Zhao Yuxin was? Was she that annoying?

                Zhang Yuxin got up and said, "Qin Shao ......"

                But Qin Ming no longer wanted to say more, and directly got up and walked out.

                Qin Ming gestured for Song Ying and other subordinates to follow him inside the office.

                The first thing Qin Ming did when he sat down was to look at Ah Long, Ao Mei and Song Ying and asked, "What was said here will not leak out, right?"

                Song Ying assured, "Young master, please don't worry, ever since I accepted Hua Xia's property, I have personally kept an eye on all aspects of security and information work at Century Mansion, so there will be no more slip-ups."

                Qin Ming trusted Song Ying more, so he said, "Good, Ao Mei, you start from today to collect all information about Feng Dongxiang and all his future actions. You and Ah Long do a good job of joining forces, one day in the future, I will definitely take him down, and the position of the Four Elders, I will be on my own in the future."

                When Qin Ming said the words "one of our own", he swept a glance at the three of them, implying clearly that he would promote them from among the three.

                The four elders of the Universal Century Group were in control of all the industrial affairs on one continent, and they had to do all kinds of things for Qin Ming.

                Both Ah Long and Ao Mei were very interested. If they had any ambition, they wouldn't want to be a bodyguard or an intelligence chief for the rest of their lives.

                However, Song Ying was willing to work for Qin Ming as his secretary for the rest of his life.

                It was like the difference between being a frontier minister and a red eunuch at the emperor's side, each with their own advantages and benefits.

                Song Ying also knew very well that as long as she was Qin Ming's secretary, then she could oppress and fear no one but Qin Ming, so that she could protect him all the time.

                She said, "Young master, I'll stay out of it, let's leave this to the two of them."

                Qin Ming was quite happy, Song Ying meant that she wanted to stay by his side, giving Qin Ming a bit of vanity satisfaction.

                Ao Mei and Ah Long said in unison, "Got it, we'll arrange it."

                Qin Ming added, "Xiaoying. In the future, if Feng Lao arranges a blind date for me, try to put it off if you can, push it off if you can, and arrange it if you really can't. Also, can you find information on that Zhao family?"

                Song Ying said with difficulty, "There are rules within the group, members of the highest board of directors, cannot conduct investigations. Privately I have also sent people to search some of the contents, but nothing was found, the other party hides very deeply, this is afraid that there is a deep official background."

                Qin Ming said, "Ao Mei, from now on you will mainly collect any and all content and information about the Zhao family, and you make the intelligence system of Huaxia independent from the Huanyu Group for the time being."

                Ao Mei did not push back, she deliberately but cried poverty, "Boss, how can I start my work with a salary of a thousand per month? My sister is still undergoing rehabilitation in the general public hospital and her livelihood is in question."

                After saying this, she winked petulantly at Qin Ming, her turquoise blue eyes revealing the symbol of small money.

                Qin Ming wondered, "Xiao Ying, haven't you done her induction yet?"

                Song Ying looked at Ao Mei hostilely and said, "Young master, this is your private hire employee. Corrie? Olsen, as Chang Huan's former subordinate, has not yet gone through the inspection period and is not allowed to be inducted according to the rules."

                O-Mei clasped her hands together and said aggressively, "Look, young master, she is jealous that I am prettier and more talented than her. It's like just now, Young Master chose me over her for the sake of acting."

                Ao Mei spoke to Song Ying's sore spot, and Song Ying was so angry that she wanted to pounce on her and fight.

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Fine, fine, I have money of my own, I will give you one hundred million, whether you hire someone or buy them, if you don't do something, you will receive a thousand dollars monthly salary for the rest of your life."

                Ao Mei was overjoyed and said, "OK, I won't let boss down this time."

                After instructing a few things on Qin Ming's side and signing a few more documents for the more important industrial investments, Qin Ming remembered Zhang Quanzhen, he had to go to him to deal with a personal matter this time.

                Qin Ming arrived at the eighty-eighth floor of Century Tower.

                He saw Zhang Quanzhen enjoying a massage from three beautiful women, lying on a glass terrace overlooking the entire Pearl River and the night view of Guangzhou City.

                Qin Ming said, "Tsk tsk tsk, Zhang Zhen Zhen, are you still a monk? Aren't monks not close to women?"

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled and said, "There is a saying that says, "Wine and flesh go through your intestines, but Buddha stays in your heart. As long as I have the Tao in my heart and do not violate my conscience, there is nothing I cannot do. Besides, the people you have arranged for me, if I don't suffer, they may have to be chastised, and I am helping people."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "You really can blow this, this can even be rounded back to you."

                Qin Ming waved his hand to indicate the waitresses to leave and said, "I remember when I came here, you said I was blessed with a flirt tonight, but I was forced to go on a blind date with a woman tonight. But you miscalculated, I won't have anything to do with her."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled, "Because you brought me back, where there is a cause, there is an effect, I am your cause, and the fact that your voluptuous fortune is gone is the result I have made for you."

                Qin Ming disagreed and said, "Bragging, do you want me to go back and sleep with that Miss Zhao now and refute you?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Well ...... how about this, you go back now, guess what will happen to you and that woman?"

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

                 He didn't believe it.

                Qin Ming came to Zhang Yuxin's presidential suite, a whole floor by herself, but he saw that there was no one here to serve him?

                "Where is everyone?" Qin Ming looked around and muttered, "There are a few waiters standing at the door instead."

                With a click, the bathroom door suddenly opened, the mist of water inside drifted out and a woman walked out from inside.

Chapter 420

Zhang Yuxin came out of the bathroom with a damp mist, her complexion pink and curves attractive.

                Only when Zhang Yuxin walked out she found a man standing at the door, a good two steps away from her.

                Qin Ming was wronged, he saw the room without even a bodyguard, too much of an anomaly, he thought Zhang Yuxin had left in anger and was not here, he was still smug in his heart, Zhang Quanzhen you have miscalculated, right? It turned out that she was here alone in the shower and came out with nothing on.

                "Ah! Young Qin, you, what do you mean by that? Breaking into my room with force." Zhang Yuxin let out a scream of fright and questioned loudly.

                Qin Ming confessed, "I'm sorry, Miss Zhang, I had another matter to come to you, but it turned out that there was only our waiter at the door, so I came in and didn't see your bodyguard, I thought you had left, why didn't you leave a bodyguard behind?"

                Zhang Yuxin ran back to the bathroom, but she tripped over her feet and fell in the bathroom with a 'bang', hitting her head.

                The way she was on all fours, Qin Ming saw it all.

                Zhang Yuxin fell to the floor, making painful noises, and passed out a short while later.

                Qin Ming felt very wronged, he did not do anything, he just stood in the doorway, the result is like this.

                Qin Ming hurriedly grabbed a towel and put it on, and carried him to the bed.

                Qin Ming took a deep breath to calm himself down, but the fragrant smell of the woman in the room made it difficult for him to settle down, and the evil fire surged up and he had the idea of doing something like that.

                Qin Ming laughed at himself, "I'm getting worse and worse, I want to sleep when I see a woman, what's wrong with me? However, this woman is never to be moved, the Zhao family is still not good to offend, as long as she does not lose her virginity, it is all good to deal with afterwards, right? Besides, Zhang Quanzhen is still waiting for me."

                Qin Ming knew he could not do that kind of thing and immediately moved to leave, but as he reached the door, he ghostly walked back.

                In a trance, Qin Ming had this kind of feeling for the second time.

                The last time was in the ? The last time was when he saved Nie Haitang from the ancient castle of the country, he was mistaken for a relative and sent on a blind date with a young lady from a decadent and wealthy family in western Hunan.

                Qin Ming had forgotten the name of that young lady, Lin or Yurou.

                At that time, when Qin Ming was tricked and drank the faulty water, he was also in this kind of trance

                His spirit and brain went blank, as if he had forgotten to do something? Turning back to see Zhao Yuxin, who was lying unconscious on the wear, Qin Ming pounced on her at once.

                He kissed the unconscious Zhao Yuxin, enjoying her small lips and tenderly kissing every inch of her skin.

                The unconscious Zhao Yuxin also let out a burst of ecstasy, and subconsciously she was even cooperating with Qin Ming.

                But inside Qin Ming's consciousness, he knew that this was wrong, but he just couldn't control his desire.

                When he had almost finished kissing and touching, Qin Ming took off his clothes and was about to go further when one of them suddenly rushed in behind him, and it was Zhang Quanzhen.

                Zhang Quanzhen bellowed, "Wake up!"

                Qin Ming was hugging Zhao Yuxin, his blank mind suddenly woke up, and then the back of his body was violently nudged by Zhang Quanzhen's finger, Qin Ming suddenly felt a pang of nausea, and immediately lay down on the edge of the bed to vomit.

                "Vomit!" Qin Ming vomited a mouthful of bitter water furiously and fell awake.

                After waking up, Qin Ming turned back in horror to tidy up the scene, he touched his trousers and luckily, they were still on.

                He thought back to what he had just done to Zhao Yuxin and felt a pang of pleasure, ah no, a pang of fear in his heart, he had almost committed a crime ah.

                "What's going on?" Qin Ming muttered to himself, "I didn't drink any unknown liquid, ah?"

                Zhang Quanzhen covered Zhao Yuxin with the quilt to cover her body, and then said to Qin Ming, "How was it? Little Qin, I didn't lie to you, did I? If I didn't come, you might have gotten someone else's girl pregnant."

                Qin Ming frowned deeply and said, "What is going on here? Daoist Master Zhang, have you tampered with me?"

                Zhang Quanzhen waved his hand and said, "I am a monk and do not do such harmful things. The last time I saw you, I felt that you smelled wrong, and this time the smell is even greater, so I am even more certain. You have a worm inside you, and another female worm is looking for this male worm inside you, so the smell is especially noticeable."

                "A worm? Parasitic worms?" Qin Ming sniffed his body in confusion, reasonably, there was no smell? Your old Taoist dog nose?

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Good, both parasitic worms, to use the name in our profession, is also an ancient compulsion. To put it more plainly, x-worms on the brain are the same kind of worms."

                "This kind of male worm is parasitic in the human blood, and its excrement affects the body's endocrine secretion, influencing hormone secretion in large quantities, as well as stimulating the brain's nervous system, causing people to lose their minds completely."

                "I gibberish." Qin Ming was bitter in his heart, but he could not say so.

                The first time this kind of physical inability to control himself happened, it was at the ? The ancient castle of the country, he was mistakenly thought to be a relative of the ancient castle's owner's family who looked like him and was forcibly dragged to a blind date for the children of a fallen gentry in western Hunan, when he drank a glass of water and later slept with the woman.

                Qin Ming thought it was no big deal, it was just a shot, you drugged her unkindly in the first place, I ran away unjustly in the second, no loss, right?

                The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem and think that you will never see each other again, but it turns out that what the other party put down was not a drug, but a worm, a parasite.

                Qin Ming suddenly remembered a very old movie and asked, "Zhang Quanzhen, would someone hold a drum and bang it against me and I would get a stomachache?"

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled and took out a small drum. When Qin Ming saw it, he broke into a cold sweat, "Damn, you're a bad old man who is very bad.

                Zhang Quanzhen started to clap his hand and there was a thud.

                Qin Ming squinted his eyes, didn't feel much ah.

                "Hahahaha!" Zhang Quanzhen laughed aloud, patted Qin Ming and said, "You've seen too many movies, it's not that mysterious. The reason why you lost control is because inside this woman, there is a female worm. And this female worm is very different from the male worm."

                After a pause, Zhang Quanzhen added, "The female worm is dominant, and the excrement of the female worm can enhance the woman's body, boost her immunity, and control the male worm inside you, thus affecting your body's endocrine secretion. To put it bluntly, the female wants to get you, and you will lose control and be reduced to the female's plaything."

                "If the female wants you dead, she can also make this male worm in your body commit suicide through the smell secreted by the female worm, once the male worm commits suicide, necrosis in the blood vessels, it will produce poison, which usually leads to blood clots and heart attack death, the forensic doctor can't even find the evidence."

                Qin Ming heard this burst of horror, but he questioned again, saying, "But, didn't this Miss Zhao pass out?"

                Zhang Quanzhen explained, "The other party is now injured and unconscious, you go straight away, the male leaves the female at such a time, and the female will secrete aroma to control the male inside you and bring you back."

                "This ......" Qin Ming are speechless, this lesson is really bad, really go out and drink less of other people's water ah.

                Zhang Quanzhen puzzled said, "Strange, where is this woman from? This kind of ancient compulsion is actually rare, and people generally don't use it easily, the law of cause and effect in this world is really amazing."

                Qin Ming touched his body and immediately asked, "Real Zhang, don't examine this, is there a way to get the parasite out of this body of mine?"

                "Er ...... so hot, young Qin, young Qin ......" Suddenly, Zhao Yuxin transformed leisurely, licking her dry lips.

                Qin Ming immediately said, "Daoist you go first, I'll come back to you after this is taken care of."

                Zhang Quanzhen frowned and stared intently at Zhao Yuxin's body.

                Qin Ming said, "Daoist Master, it's not kind of you to take advantage like this."

                Zhang Quanzhen slapped his thigh and said, "Oh no, I'm too late. Just now you did enough foreplay with her, and inside this little doll, the mother worm has caused an imbalance in her endocrine secretion, so you have to have sex with her now, or she might get hurt."

                Qin Ming raised his eyebrows in shock and said, "No, Taoist Master, didn't you say that it would be fine if you came? This doesn't end up with me having to have sex with her?"

                Zhang Quanzhen stretched his hands out, "Then there's no way out, your imperial peach blossom destiny is too strong. You made your fortune yourself, you can't blame me."

                Qin Ming was speechless and said, "So, I can only sleep with her then?"

                Zhang Quanzhen sank his face, nodded his head, smiled mysteriously and said, "Congratulations Mr. Qin, remember to press the insurance."

                Holy shit, you bad old man is bad as hell.

                Qin Ming said, "You must have a solution, don't you, Daoist Master? If you're a monk, don't beat around the bush, just say it?"

                Zhang Quanzhen stroked his goatee and said, "Hey, hey, hey, there is a way, of course. I am the heir of the Heavenly Master of Tiger Dragon Mountain, in this rollicking red earth and mundane world, isn't that why I am here to guide the lost gentleman and the long-suffering hero? Only ......"