Rags To Riches Chapter 417-418

 Chapter 417

"Shit~! You bad old man, stop right there. Ah Long, give me a go."

                Qin Ming instantly recognised Zhang Quanzhen, the old fortune teller who had fooled him into joining the Mu family, and as soon as Ah Long heard Qin Ming's order, he rushed up with his first arrow and reached out to grab it.

                The banner bamboo pole that he was holding, which was used by Zhang Zhenxian to interpret dreams and tell fortunes, was placed against Ah Long at once, making it impossible for Ah Long to move in or out.

                Zhang Quanzhen heatedly smiled: "Young man, don't run too fast, be careful of falling down."

                Ah Long was stunned, was it an illusion just now? He felt as if Zhang Quanzhen had avoided his grappling gesture.

                Qin Ming also followed after him and said, "Old man Zhang, it's not easy to find you."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled heatedly, "What's wrong? Mr. Qin."

                Qin Ming frowned, this cry of General Qin could contain a lot of things.

                He asked, "Did Master Mu tell you everything about the recent events?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "More or less, for example, you almost brought down the magnificent Xu family in Hai City with one phone call, which is not something ordinary people can do. I'm afraid that calling you Mr. Qin isn't enough, look, you have luxury cars in and out and bodyguards on your side, you're not the poor boy you were back then."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "You are not a fortune teller who looks so much down on his luck, people, there are always secrets that are not known to people. And what is your secret?"

                Zhang Quanzhen looked at the bodyguards around Qin Ming, who immediately understood and said to Ah Long, "Tell Xiao Ying to help me stall for time, I need to have a few words with Daoist Master Zhang."

                The university city's Wei Ming Lake, after the summer's construction work, the place already had coloured lights at night, and Qin Ming and Zhang Quan Zhen came to the lake.

                Qin Ming said, "Old man Zhang, don't tell me that you appeared to me tonight by chance. You must be looking for me for something."

                Zhang Quanzhen scrunched up his old face, stroked this goatee and said with a smile, "There are many coincidences in the world, so no coincidence can make a book, right? I am just following the seven stars of the Big Dipper southwards, looking for the destined person, and whoever I bump into is the destined person."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred and he looked up to see, "Damn, this night is cloudless, a rare good weather, the night sky is quite a lot of stars, vaguely see a few particularly shiny.

                Qin Ming said: "Okay, I won't listen to your bullshit anymore. I won't listen to you anymore. Make a price, and you make up a reason for Mu Hai Ran and Mu Hao to agree to let me break away from the Mu family."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "To fool around is to cheat. Mr. Qin, your words are a great insult to me. I am a monk, I have been telling fortunes for my whole life, and I have never lied to anyone. When I first asked you to join the Mu family, didn't your intended come back to you?"

                This nimrod's logic was so invincible that Qin Ming could not even refute it.

                Qin Ming said stiffly, "That was a coincidence! Nie Haitang she was cheated by her mother."

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled blandly, stroking his goatee and holding a fortune-telling hanging cloth, and said, "Then Mr. Qin is admitting that I am not wrong? Fortune-telling is a mysterious and subtle matter, and sincerity of heart is spiritual."

                Zhang Quanzhen continued, "What I told the Mu family is all true, how can I make it up? Our Taoist esotericism is about avoiding harm and solving problems for mortal people, and I have solved the problems for the Mu family. Did I do anything wrong? How can I make it up?"

                Qin Ming propped up his forehead speechlessly, this bad old man, his mouth was so powerful, worthy of being a Jianghu-food eater.

                Qin Ming said, "Daoist Master Zhang, now I have divorced Mu Xiaoqiao, but Mu Hao hasn't said anything about it yet, causing no one in the Mu family to know. I get along quite well with the Mu family, and I don't want to hurt the Mu family's feelings. Can you do me a favour and get Mu Hao to agree to me leaving the Mu family?"

                Zhang Quanzhen reached out his fingers, pinched his fingers and counted up, saying, "Mr. Qin, you lied to me, didn't you? Wasn't it you who deceived me the last time my fortune telling was off?"

                "At first I asked you if you had ever met your destiny, and you said no, when in fact you had."

                "One wrong step and the street is full of falling ropes, you should know this too, right? In scientific terms, that's the butterfly effect. Where there is a cause, there is an effect."

                "If you were just an ordinary person who joined the family, you wouldn't necessarily be in the Mu family's favour now; if you were just an ordinary person who joined the family, you wouldn't be able to solve the Mu family's problems time and time again; if you were just an ordinary person who joined the family, you would now no longer be worried about leaving the Mu family."

                "You say, is it your fault or my fault? It's obviously your fault, why do you want to dump the pot on me?"

                Qin Ming's face was black, damn you, he looked around and there was a brick on the ground, he quickly leaned down and picked it up, he wanted to smack this old man Zhang to death.

                Zhang Quanzhen smilingly stroked his beard and said, "The more excited you are the more you prove that you can't refute, the more powerless you are inside. Even if you you smash my head, it won't change anything."

                "I'll fuck you." Qin Ming threw away the moving brick and kicked Zhang Quanzhen down into the unnamed lake.

                Zhang Quanzhen dispatched from the lake, still maintaining his temperament, wiping the water stains from his face and said, "Actually, I knew last time that you had deceived me. So I said, you face has changed, excessive roundness, peach water flooding, your current face on a emperor peach blossom robbery, I had reminded you, do not forget the original heart, this point you did a good job."

                "If you had stuck to your original heart, we probably wouldn't have met today."

                Zhang Quanzhen spoke so eloquently and impeccably that although Qin Ming had the intention to refute, he was unable to explain.

                Qin Ming asked, "What are you implying when you say that this is a peach blossom robbery?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "It implies that in the future you will overwork yourself in intercourse and will suffer from kidney deficiency, or perhaps you will also have an enlarged prostate."

                "......" Qin Ming was silent, this conclusion was really incisive.

                He said, "I can marry whoever I like, how can others force me?"

                Zhang Quanzhen counted up again with his fingers and said, "Others can't force you, how come you have a voluptuous fortune tonight? The main star, Di Ba, the middle house is broken, and the other party is still a virgin, Mr. Qin is so convinced. I promise, if I don't show up, you will definitely sleep with a woman."

                Qin Ming raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Quanzhen in horror, was this guy really for real?

                The internal affairs of his Huan Yu Century Group, and there wouldn't be too many people who knew about it, were mainly arranged by Feng Dongxiang, the other party was someone sent by the Zhao family, a mysterious powerful family in China.

                Qin Ming only knew about it a few hours ago, and this Quanzhen knew about it with a pinch of his fingers?

                This fortune telling thing ......

                Qin Ming wondered, should he believe in good?

                Qin Ming asked, "Old man Zhang, did you know something long ago? Your identity must not be simple, right?"

                Zhang Quanzhen smiled and said, "All of China, but anyone who knows me, all know that I am not simple, I am the five hundred and sixty-sixth generation of the Tiger Dragon Mountain Zheng Yi Sect, I am a proper Taoist heir, when I was young I also worked as a deputy to the National People's Congress and contributed to the propaganda of the Taoists."

                Zhang Quanzhen added, "I don't know what you are going to do next, but I can more or less spy something from your face, I am leaking the truth and will lose my life, if you don't believe me again, then I will just leave here."

                When Qin Ming saw that Zhang Quan was really going to leave, he hurriedly reached out to pull him back and said, "Daoist Master, wait a moment."

Chapter 418

When Qin Ming saw that Zhang Quanzhen was leaving, he immediately got up and stopped him.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Mr. Qin lied to me in the first place, so I won't bother with you. But since you don't believe me, it is useless to talk more. What else is there to say?"

                Under the darkness of the night, Qin Ming's sharp eyes gazed at Zhang Quanzhen, as if he would see through him.

                Qin Ming's mind turned quickly and suddenly revealed a smile: "We are not joking with you, Daoist Master. You are a master, so why bother with a layman like me?"

                Qin Ming asked again, "Then would you be willing to help, Daoist Master, so that Mu Hao and Mu Hai Ran can stop making things difficult for me? Otherwise, if I were to say it directly and openly, I'm afraid that both Mu Xiaoqiao and Mu Sichen would be very angry, and there would be no chance for friends."

                Zhang Quanzhen pinched his fingers, did the math and said, "Oh, Mr. Qin is really a man of great affection and righteousness. But the bond between you and Miss Mu has already been tied. Whether you admit it in your heart or not, you were once a couple, this is the cause, and there is bound to be a consequence in the future, good or bad, it all depends on you."

                Qin Ming said, "It is because I don't want to bring about bad consequences that I sought you out, Master Dao. I just want to get together for good, the couple's fate is over, and they are still friends."

                Zhang Quanzhen twirled his beard and said with a calm smile, "It is my duty to help those who have a destiny to solve their problems, but since you pushed me down into the lake, my clothes and my surname Li are soaked, so it is not easy to carry out my work."

                Qin Ming said, "OK, I will treat you well tonight."

                Qin Ming directly invited Zhang Quanzhen to go to the Century Mansion for a good night's stay.

                When Qin Ming arrived at the World Building it was already eleven o'clock, more than thirty minutes later than the appointed time.

                This was a clear indication of Qin Ming's attitude towards this blind date.

                He didn't even look at the information that Song Ying had sent over.

                When Qin Ming arrived at Century Mansion, he first told the manager to treat Zhang Quanzhen well and find some beautiful women to serve him to death, so that he could not let this cunning old man get away with it.

                Only afterwards did Qin Ming arrive at the State Guest Service floor of the Century Mansion.

                In the opulent and luxurious lobby, a professional pianist was playing music, and there were people playing classical music on the cello and violin. In the tea-talk room covered with flowers, Song Ying and Ao Mei, in formal dress, had already waited at the entrance, the two women were simply two sisters of the East and the West, and Qin Ming could not help but look at them a few more times.

                Next to them were a couple of bodyguards in Tang suits, who were supposed to be the personal bodyguards of this woman from the Zhao family.

                Feng Dongxiang was very anxious to see Qin Ming and greeted him, saying, "Young master, it's just as well you didn't pick up the plane, how could you be late? Miss Zhao has a good connotation, she didn't take it personally."

                Qin Ming was a little puzzled as to why Feng Dongxiang was so concerned about his blind date. Chang Hongxi didn't even care that much, and said that the Zhao family had many children, so you could choose whichever one you liked.

                Wasn't this telling Qin Ming that he could carry on this blind date for a year and a half?

                However, he doesn't have much time these days, so he can just get rid of this one today.

                When Qin Ming walked into the hall, the bodyguards on both sides stood up and looked at the future heir of the Huan Yu Century Group, so young and dignified.

                Qin Ming's gaze fell on a luxurious bench in front of the band, the woman stood up slowly instead, then very elegantly turned back towards Qin Ming with a slight bow, saying, "Young Qin."

                Qin Ming looked at the female, who looked okay.

                Really just okay, Qin Ming recently looked at too many beautiful women, are dazzled, each and every one is beautiful tight, sinking fish and geese, the country, like Mu Xiao Qiao and Mu Si Chun two sisters, indeed top.

                The child-faced breast loli style Zhang Xiaoyan, civilian school flower of Bai Yuchun, Miss Qianjin different character Nie Haitang, which dance teacher's also have want Liao Qingxuan, and beautiful police flower Sun Changxi.

                If you look at more beauties, Qin Ming's vision is naturally higher. If you count Nie Haitang as one hundred percent in his mind, this girl is only eighty-five, a little better than Li Meng, and with makeup and luxurious clothes, she can be among the ninety percent or more.

                Of course, Qin Ming would not judge people by their appearance, this was just his first impression.

                Qin Ming was actually a little nervous in his heart, after all, it was his first blind date, his real father and mother didn't know, try playing with the fact that there were such children under the sky?

                Qin Ming responded politely, "Ahem, hello, Miss Zhao, please have a seat."

                After the young lady sat down, she said, "Young Qin doesn't even know my name, right? My name is Zhao Xinyu, isn't that a name that Qin Shao will soon forget?"

                Yo? Quite impressive, trying to use retreat as an advance?

                But Qin Ming didn't eat her words and said directly, "Miss Zhao, let's get right to the point, since this is a blind date. I'll start with my situation, I'm a very philandering person, people who know me call me the 'human-shaped self-propelled school girl reaper'."

                Zhao Xin Yu said with a disbelieving laugh, "Heh heh, is that so? But the information Mr. Feng provided me with, but it said that young Qin is a very innocent person, and your ex-girlfriend broke up with you, and you were still sad for a long time and are still single. Why would young Qin lie?"

                Qin Ming said, "How did I lie? See the two standing at the door? They are both my women, and although I am single, there are many women I keep a relationship with."

                The corners of the mouths of Song Ying and Ao Mei who were standing at the door twitched, why did the young master's style change so abruptly today? It didn't look like he liked this blind date very much.

                Feng Dongxiang couldn't help but say, "Young master, the other party is from the Zhao family and has come a long way to meet you on a blind date, full of sincerity, you don't pick up the plane, you're late, and you don't have a bouquet of flowers, it's all too unbecoming of your status and doings. Besides, both Song Ying and Olsen are just your subordinates."

                Qin Ming said with surprise, "Aren't my subordinates just my women? I'll sneak up on them, won't I?"

                Qin Ming snapped his fingers and said, "Ao Mei, come here."

                Corrie? Olsen walked over to Qin Ming with a smile on her long legs and ruffled her long golden brown hair.

                Ao Mei's face and figure belonged to a more petite type, her face was even more outstanding, definitely a face that was perfectly conquered by the aesthetics of the East and the West, her face was on the small side, her jawbone was slightly wide, forming an angular curve, if you looked closely, you would find her eyes were oh so charming, as if they would hook people, but never demonic.

                To be honest, Qin Ming thought Ao Mei was even more beautiful, especially with her perennially trained enchanting figure, full of deadly temptation, for the pampered Zhao Xin Yu, a bit of a little flesh.

                Qin Ming reached out to hook the back of Ao Mei Ding's neck and made a move to kiss her.

                Ao Mei did not resist, she had been stolen a kiss by Qin Ming when she was captured for the first time before, there were psychological expectations, she did not mind kissing up with Qin Ming in public.

                This ......

                Even those staff members who played music were stunned, hell, is this a blind date for a rich man? So exciting.

                Boing, several seconds later, when their lips parted, Ao Mei even deliberately pulled the oral silk, this scene, can be described as charming.

                Qin Ming waved his hand and told Ao Mei to back off, saying, "See? If you want to marry me, you have to suffer the advantages of my philandering, after all, I am more fraternal, but all beautiful women are my targets for raiding."

                Turtle, philandering has become a virtue?

                Feng Dongxiang's old brows furrowed as he said in a deep voice, "Young master, this is a great disrespect to the Zhao family."

                Qin Ming sank his face majestically and immediately shouted fiercely, "Old Feng, recognise your status clearly, who has the say here? You say, who is in charge here. Who are you going to serve? To whom do you owe allegiance?"

                Feng Dongxiang was startled, a pair of Qin Ming's sinister eyes, full of starlight, stared at him who was actually killing and fighting in battle with a hint of panic, he himself could not believe that he was scared by a Qin Ming in his early twenties?

                Feng Dongxiang was also quick to react, and he was the first to bow and apologise: "Young master, it was me who took offence. I just hope that you can take this blind date seriously, young master, the Zhao family has no malicious intent, I am afraid that Miss Zhao will be unhappy and both sides will make things unpleasant."

                Qin Ming said, "I am very serious, I am such a philanderer, I don't want to deceive Miss Zhao, do I have to get married before I tell Miss Zhao that I am a philanderer? Miss Zhao, now you believe me, right? Don't worry, if you are willing to marry me, I will guarantee you glory and wealth, but not sexual happiness. If you don't believe me, that, Xiaoying, you come over here for a moment too."

                Song Ying was still depressed just now, why did Qin Ming ask Ao Mei to act in a play and not her?

                She was surprisingly extremely uncomfortable or jealous inside when she saw Qin Ming and Ao Mei kissing.

                Now when she heard that Qin Ming still wanted to act, she happily walked over to her.

                Zhao Yuxin, however, began to produce discomfort, and she moved her lips, forced herself to calm down and raised her hand, "Young Qin, that's enough, I believe you. I didn't expect you to be so honest."

                The moment Song Ying was told to stop, she had an urge to kill.

                Qin Ming said with a smile, "Of course, honesty is a virtue of mine. But I am very macho, I can play around, but my woman must only serve me alone, and occasionally serve me with other beautiful women. Really? Miss Zhao, is that acceptable to you?"

                Zhao Yuxin was obviously a very educated and luxurious young lady, and when she heard such filthy words from Qin Ming, and such a lewd request, she wanted to vomit a little.

                She pounded her chest lightly with her small hand and said with a slight gasp, "That young Qin, I, I promise, promise ......"