Rags To Riches Chapter 413-414

 Chapter 413

Li Meng quietly followed out of the dormitory and followed behind Li Meng.

                Along the way she vaguely saw members of the Anti-Qin Alliance, who had spontaneously organized many people in the school, in groups of three or five, and set out today to find trouble with Qin Ming.

                "Hm hm hm, once your reputation is ruined, no woman will dare to come near you anymore. I will appear as a perfect woman to comfort you and give you tenderness, hahaha ...... the man I want, I will definitely snatch it." Li Meng laughed inwardly in triumph, she propped her forehead with her hand, her hair slipped down, calling her smug expression invisible.

                Li Meng looked at Zhang Xiaoyan's back and sneered, "Zhang Xiaoyan, you don't just have big breasts, what are you competing with me for? Do I look worse than you? Ugh."

                Qin Ming was completely unaware of this and did not care, standing at the entrance of the school and waiting for Zhang Xiaoyan.

                He saw Zhang Xiaoyan, a black loli dress, a curly hair, carrying a small satchel, living out of the animation characters.

                Qin Ming asked, "Where to go live today?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan said: "To where to count, or you have any place you want to go can also be. In fact, I do not know much about outdoor live, it is all fan requests, I just cooperate, go to some fun places, sing a song and dance."

                Qin Ming said: "You're not being set up? To be ambushed by the fans what to do?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan spit out her tongue and said playfully, "I still have you around, don't I?"

                Qin Ming laughed: "That's fine, let's go."

                Qin Ming was about to go, the roadside suddenly rushed out a dozen men and women, some wearing masks, uniformly wearing red bands, chanting slogans: "Down with the scum Qin Ming, guarding our school girls."


                Qin Ming was stunned, how suddenly popped up so many people to hit him?

                Zhang Xiaoyan was also very surprised, she said, "You guys don't go too far, stop it in moderation."

                "Sister, are you being blackmailed and have a handle in the hands of this scum Qin Ming? Don't worry, speak up, we will protect you."

                "Sister, you grow up. This man is really scum, school girl reaper, he is just playing with you."

                "Qin Ming, let go of Sister Zhang."

                "Sister Xiaoyan, he figure you money, you are a beautiful anchor girl of seafood station, he just see your money only."

                "This Qin Ming is the star of the sweeper, right? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

                "This poor? The Pancan paralyze the strong section? The lower that? The sooty swan blows Mu Saek to bow shift skimming? The other thing is that you can't get a good idea of what you're doing. The ship locates the remaining? What are you doing? The centipede step!

                "I heard that when he dumped Nie Haitang, Nie Haitang's stomach was two months old, really scum."

                "His ex-girlfriend Li Meng is not worse, is also forced to abort."

                "Yesterday I looked at the girls next door to the Academy of opera more miserable ah, the night before the room slept, the next day to break up."

                outrageous, simply too outrageous, Qin Ming had to admire the network forum, some falsehoods, they can say a board.

                Qin Ming's face, said: "What? Do you want to control my personal freedom?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan also said, "What kind of people have you been compelled by? Qin Ming did not do those things, you do not ......"

                Qin Ming frowned and realized that things were not right, this is a huge sound ah.

                He pulled Zhang Xiaoyan to go first, wait for chaos, but it would be bad to let Zhang Xiaoyan get hurt.

                But on the other side of the intersection, another group of people poured out, about 15 or 16 people, also with red belts, stopping the two of them, shouting the title of beat the scum Qin Ming.

                 The rest is I strike, or leave it to you, young master, to show your hand in front of the girls?"

                Qin Ming's face is black, you can take care of it all earlier, and leave him to show his hand in front of the girls?

                He showed a fart ah, he is not picking up Zhang Xiaoyan.

                Qin Ming said: "You let Xiaoying fly a helicopter over."

                Qin Ming felt that these people were too much, counting the ones that Ah Long took care of, there were more than fifty people, which is not a small group in the school.

                Zhang Xiaoyan worriedly pulled Qin Ming's arm and said, "Qin Ming, what's going on here? What should we do? How about not doing today's outdoor broadcast first?"

                Qin Ming said, "How can we do that? If we don't do the outdoor broadcast, won't it be just what they want? If I say so, this group of people who are against the Qin Alliance are just a rabble, not useful at all, I can just move my hand and send them away."

                "Pretentious!" The people of the Anti-Qin Alliance were very unhappy to hear this.

                "He just wants to act like a pussy in front of the girls. What are you capable of, a soft-boiled wimp?"

                "Zhang Xiaoyan is a female anchor with a name on the seafood station, more than 100,000 a month, you are not eating soft rice from others?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was anxious and distinguished, "Qin Ming did not! Qin Ming himself is very rich."

                However, the voice of these students was louder, completely overshadowing Zhang Xiaoyan's voice: "Down with the scum Qin Ming!"

                Li Meng looked far away from Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan, who could not retreat, and said smugly, "In the school, the only girl left who has a good relationship with Qin Ming is Zhang Xiaoyan. I have compelled a few fools to take advantage of the chaos to make a move on Zhang Xiaoyan's face later, and if things go well, after today, Zhang Xiaoyan will no longer hang out with Qin Ming."

                "On the Mu family's side, I'll keep using Nie Haitang to stabilize Qin Ming, so that Qin Ming won't stay with Mu Xiaoqiao."

                "In the end, Qin Ming who became a loner, ambulance embraced my tenderness, huh hahaha."

                Li Meng's evil sneer, ruffling the long hair at the temples of his ears waiting for things to develop in an uncontrollable direction.

                Qin Ming looked at these so-called "Anti-Qin Alliance" people and said, "Students, you are the rhythm of following us wherever we go, huh?"

                "Yes, it's not right to hit people, and we won't hit you, but we will protest in our own way, and it will disgust you to death?"

                "Unless you leave our Polytechnic University girls, we will not give up."

                "Sister, add a WeChat ...... cough, yes, Qin Ming you scum, obviously so many chicks, still not satisfied. Envy to death ...... cough cough, people and gods are outraged."

                "Qin Ming you want to still be a person, go back to jerking off. Xiaoyan belongs to all of us Yan fans."

                Zhang Xiaoyan gritted her teeth and pointed at the so-called fan and said, "Classmate, please get off the powder. I don't need a fan like you."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Then become it, we are going to do outdoor live, you guys follow, if you can follow, feel free to come."

                "Hahaha." The schoolchildren were all arrogantly laughing

                "What's so hard about this? We even have a car ready, can you escape? Can you still fly?"

                "Come on!"

                Then several wrecked vans immediately drove to the school entrance roadside.

                Qin Ming raised his hand, pointed overhead, and said, "The machine comes."

                Suddenly ......

                The students of the Inverted Qin Alliance were laughing, when they suddenly heard a helicopter's "burst" sound overhead, the wind blew their hair messy, and their smiles gradually stiffened.

                The helicopter arranged by Song Ying had parked directly in front of the school!

                This is a violation, right?

                After the wind stilled, a red carpet was spread out, directly to Qin Ming's feet.

                One by one, the students of the Qin Alliance were dumbfounded, what had happened? This helicopter is Qin Ming's?

                Qin Ming very gentlemanly took Zhang Xiaoyan's hand and walked towards the plane, not forgetting to turn back and say, "By the way, we are going to the Bund to do a live broadcast, if you can follow, come along."

                Qin Ming got on the helicopter and disappeared in front of the crowd in the blink of an eye.

                "......" long after the helicopter left, the scene is still quiet, this change is too sudden, who all thought Qin Ming would set off in a car, who would have thought that he took a helicopter?

                Half of the male students of the Qin Alliance, cried, they were sour, jealous.

                Qin Ming is simply "trenchless" ah.

                Nima, people fly helicopters to pick up girls, can not pick up? They do not do a few years single dog for no reason.

                Suddenly, a teary-eyed boy came forward and said: "We can't give up, we'll go to the Bund and watch, keep an eye on it, our flower protection alliance will not be easily defeated. I don't believe he still has a yacht out to sea!"

                "Good!" The students regained their confidence and one by one they got into the crowded and dilapidated van and set off towards the Bund.

Chapter 414

Hoo hoo hoo ......

                A silver and black helicopter flew across the sky over the city of Guangzhou, overlooking the entire city.

                Qin Ming was calm and relaxed, he had money, he had to enjoy it, and just now he wanted to laugh when he saw the dumbfounded and disbelieving expressions of those people from the so-called Anti-Qin Alliance.

                How can they still keep up? Did he really think that Qin Ming was easy to deal with?

                Qin Ming thought, "I don't mind playing with these people since I have nothing to do anyway.

                As the saying goes, if you do something in a low profile, you will do something in a high profile. Today, he had promised to give Zhang Xiaoyan a live broadcast, so how could he treat her badly? A helicopter was sent out to give Zhang Xiaoyan a live broadcast.

                Zhang Xiaoyan held up her phone with the camera pointing out, interacting with the audience while live streaming.

                "Wow, it's like I'm dreaming, viewers, look, this is the overlooking view of Guang City, so beautiful, over there is our Century Building, and over there is the Pearl River, the water is very clear, right? I heard that a mysterious tycoon has recently donated a billion dollars to participate in the campaign to maintain the Mother River, the water will be clearer in the future."

                "It's my first time on a plane too, I'm so nervous, ouch, I'm getting a little dizzy."

                "Look everyone, these seats on the plane are actually uncomfortable, the safety buckle is like this, there are armrests here, the dashboard in front, it's totally unreadable wow, any viewer friends who can read it?"

                "The one next to you? Who said it was the bad guy? He's my assistant, right? We met last time when we attended the charity gala at Century House, thanks to Xiao Qin."

                "I've told you many times, this plane is not mine, it was found by Xiao Qin. Did he buy it? I don't know."

                "Qin Ming, does this plane belong to you?" Zhang Xiaoyan went along with the fan's question and asked Qin Ming.

                In fact, she knew that Qin Ming was very rich, but she didn't reveal him either.

                Qin Ming said, "No, the plane is my boss's. I am now working as an executive for a multinational company, and my boss appreciates me quite a lot, so I have a little power to use this plane."

                Qin Ming told a small lie.

                Zhang Xiaoyan nudged her mouth cutely, "Oh~! So that's how it is, viewers, solved the confusion, right? The assistants are richer than the anchor series. Whoops ...... I'm almost too poor to hire an assistant, so everyone take pity on Xiaoyan and reward her with a harpoon."

                Afterwards, Zhang Xiaoyan read the netizens' queries on the pop-ups, "Too fake, right? A helicopter, ah, has it stopped bullets for the boss? Can you just say you'll use it?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was also curious, last time Qin Ming took out a World Bank Knight card and directly scared the robbers away from the robbery, Qin Ming said it belonged to someone else, didn't this mean Qin Ming's boss was very powerful?

                Moreover, to be able to borrow that kind of card and to borrow a helicopter, it shows that Qin Ming is also very favored or has a high status in front of his boss.

                Qin Ming smiled lightly: "That's all I have to say, everyone is free to imagine the rest."

                The pop-up screen soon wailed again: "You seem to have a girlfriend, don't you, assistant? She's quite pretty, don't make a move on our Xiaoyan."

                "Xiaoyan belongs to our fans, Xiaoyan please, you must go back to your dormitory and sleep tonight."

                "This guy is a rich kid, right? What's the point of pretending to be poor? The clothes he's wearing are Versace Absolute Jazz, which must be several tens of thousands of dollars a set."

                "The secondary style Xiaoyan is so cute, pull out your swords guys, she's my wife."

                "Brothers, die tonight live room, will not dormitory open broadcast, equal to lose body, right?"

                "Kiss Xiaoyan, after the outdoor live broadcast, back to the dormitory and then open broadcast to prove their innocence is traditional."

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked at this piece of pop-ups, headache, one by one as her as a virtual network wife, still not let her spend the night outside, spend the night off the powder.

                It didn't take long for Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan to arrive at the Bund. The Bund in Guangzhou is still beautiful, with long green lanes, sea breezes that bring down the temperature of the hot summer days, and a sea of yachts of various sizes that can be seen as far as the eye can see.

                There were many wealthy people coming and going, as well as foreigners, and naturally, there were also individual netizens shooting videos here.

                Qin Ming helped Zhang Xiaoyan fiddle with her phone, she was singing and dancing in the shade, but she was working quite hard.

                And Qin Ming found that there was still a difference between watching it live and watching it on his mobile phone. He would feel much better looking and have a sense of realism when he watched Zhang Xiaoyan singing and dancing live.

                Moreover, Zhang Xiaoyan's eye contact was with him, giving Qin Ming the only enjoyment that Zhang Xiaoyan was performing just for him.

                Qin Ming was so happy watching that he also secretly logged into his mobile phone account and rewarded Zhang Xiaoyan with a casual brush of 50,000 and 100,000 gifts a while later.

                He also didn't these small amounts of money, it was right to support Zhang Xiaoyan.

                With more bounties and gradually higher heat, Zhang Xiaoyan was again made to the front page of the platform by the superintendent, frantically attracting fans.

                Every time Zhang Xiaoyan saw a reward, she enthusiastically shouted the name of the rewarder, especially when she read the name "Qin Ming who is not a forensic doctor", she even deliberately emphasized the word Qin Ming to hint at Qin Ming.

                But Qin Ming didn't seem to turn around and didn't pick up on what was being said.

                After more than two hours of live streaming, Zhang Xiaoyan was sweating profusely, her chest was panting and rising and falling, and Qin Ming was thrilled to watch.

                Zhang Xiaoyan held up her phone stand and said sweetly, "Viewers this is it for today's live broadcast for now, we're going to eat later, we'll start the broadcast again after we eat, bye bye bye ......"

                Turning off the live broadcast, Zhang Xiaoyan's entire body sighed with tiredness and relief.

                Qin Ming handed her a water and said, "Tired, right?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan said, "No, it's not, singing and dancing again, it's hot and I'm wearing such thick clothes, I can't stand it, it's better to chat and talk indoors."

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked around and said, "Huh? It seems like those people from the Flower Protection Alliance aren't coming after us, right?"

                Qin Ming said, "I don't know, maybe the navigation is broken and I can't find my way."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, suddenly three Wuling vans drove past in the greenway, and after they drove past, they immediately reversed back.

                Then a large number of people came down from the vehicles, each sweating profusely, very uncomfortable.

                Qin Ming looked at the three cars of people coming down and was depressed, thinking that he was a crow's-mouth, when he said Cao Cao, Cao Cao would arrive.

                The thirty or so people surrounded Qin Ming, they were hot and cramped in the broken air conditioning van to get here, that hard, there are people on the bus live, watching Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan interaction, that envy, are jealous of red eyes.

                "Qin Ming is not quite able to fly? Now you fly, wherever you fly, we can follow you, we have the god car Wuling Hongguang."

                "Sister Xiaoyan, I am the fan who just rewarded you with a rocket, my id is "Favorite Sister", please go back to the dormitory and sleep tonight."

                "The evidence is overwhelming on the school website forum, Qin Ming, you can't escape, we won't be easily defeated. Dozens of girls have been victimised by you and we won't sit idly by."

                "Go out to sea if you dare, or we'll chase you to the ends of the earth."

                The yachts here on the Bund were the same ones that had been there for years and years, thundering away, and everyone knew that they were the yachts of the famous and wealthy businessmen of Guangcheng, and there was little room for anyone else to set up.

                These students of the Anti-Qin League, under the spell of someone, were paranoid that Qin Ming was a scumbag, hooking up with a girl to cheat a girl out of her money, but even more money couldn't have a yacht, right?

                The paranoid ones were convinced that the helicopter was rented by Qin Ming with the money he cheated, not to pick up girls and pretend to be a pussy.

                Then these yachts that belonged to someone else long ago, Qin Ming couldn't possibly be able to drive them, right?

                However, Qin Ming dragged Zhang Xiaoyan towards a new three-storey yacht, Hatres, and after a few words with the yacht's caretaker, he was ready to go.

                At 20.57 metres and 5.53 metres wide, it is already a "giant" among medium-sized yachts, and although it is 5 metres wide, it does not look bulky in any way. The streamlined shape of the boat makes it impossible to take your eyes off the boat, making it breathtakingly beautiful.

                The triple deck design is able to increase the space utilisation of the whole boat without compromising the overall design of the yacht.

                A group of students were shocked as they chased the board to the side of the pier and watched Qin Ming board the boat.

                On the contrary, Qin Ming was still standing on the bridge ship waving at the crowd, saying, "Later on, when we're tired of playing, we'll also go to the South Mountain Manor to take a dip in the hot springs, do you want to come along?"

                Poof, a kind of collapse of the students of the Pour Qin Alliance.

                The South Mountain Manor is the top tourist resort manor in Guangzhou City, known as the rich manor, or membership system to enter, don't come out without a hundred thousand or eighty thousand.

                How can they afford to go with them?

                The morning has been spent watching Qin Ming show off his wealth here, who can stand it?

                "Ooooooooo ...... Qin Ming you beast, you were with me last year and still received the poor student grant, why are you so trenchant this year?"

                "Seriously, I'm so sour."

                "Actually, I'm just jealous of him for picking up so many beautiful school girls, I didn't expect him to be so rich."

                "I'm still a virgin ......"

                "Scum, guys, we can't give up, let's find a raft and follow him out!"

                The others looked at the boy who had suggested finding a raft like an idiot, all casting a caring retarded look.

                On the other side of the pier, the guys were like defeated roosters, demoralised and the first to give up: "Oh, forget it. Those who know what they're talking about understand, we're just jealous of Qin Ming."

                "Yeah, why is he able to reap so many school beauties? It's because he's rich."

                "Another helicopter and yacht, another trip to the South Mountain Manor for a hot spring, I want to be his little brother."

                "Break it up. It's much easier to be a keyboard warrior than to mess with these league teams, I'm tired all day, just watching him show off his wealth and pick up girls, I can't stand it."

                "Let's go, this Qin Ming is so well off and so rich, if he really wants to clean us up, we'll be overwhelmed. Let's disperse."

                "Disperse, I feel like a fool, all passionate and self-involved."

                This inverted Qin alliance scattered separately, Qin Ming didn't even do any operation, all disintegrated.

                At this moment, Li Meng, who was waiting for news in the school, her mobile phone suddenly rang.

                She excitedly picked up her phone to see what these people had achieved, whether they had succeeded or not, to say the truth, she was stunned when she saw Qin Ming pulling Zhang Xiaoyan away in a helicopter!

                She only had one word in her mind, "Damn, that should have been my spot."

                However, Li Meng was in no hurry, she wanted her plan to go ahead normally.

                Li Meng took a look at her phone and found that she was the only one left in the group and wondered, "Eh? Why have they all left the group?"