Rags To Riches Chapter 411-412

 Chapter 411

Zhang Xiaoyan was forcibly protected by several girls, those so-called flower protection alliance was very domineering, one insulted Qin Ming, despite only having met Qin Ming for the first time, in favor of a look of world hatred, and did not know what stimulation?

                "Qin Ming, if you want to be a person, stop wreaking havoc on the girls of our Polytechnic University."

                "The evidence is overwhelming, there are still videos online."

                "A cheater who plays with feelings, we will not let this go."

                "Polytechnic University flower protection alliance, rushing rushing."

                Zhang Xiaoyan feels that these schoolmates are really too childish, and their emotions are so radical, they simply can't understand, like some brain-damaged fans on the Internet.

                Some of her fans will also be particularly unjustified attacks on the general netizens, a look of pampering her, in fact, to Zhang Xiaoyan added a great deal of trouble and invited the black.

                Qin Ming is actually not in a good mood these days, originally asked Zhang Xiaoyan to have dinner together, and also intended to confide in her about the heart, but met with these people pestering, he mud people still have three points of fire.

                He said: "Enough, students, you do not go too far, I want to get angry."

                Zhang Xiaoyan also scolded: "Yes, what nonsense ah? Be careful I report to the teacher, nothing, being incited twice and thinking you know the world, being used as a gun and still don't know it."

                Zhang Xiaoyan pushed away the girls and pulled Qin Ming's hand to quickly walk away.

                "Ah! Sister Xiaoyan." A junior male clenched his fist in anger: "Damn, what's so good about that Qin Ming? Sister Xiaoyan is such an outstanding female anchor, I'm her fan, but I don't even have the courage to go near her."

                "Sister must have been compelled by Qin Ming's language, I heard that this Qin Ming has great brainwashing skills."

                "How about we inform Sister Xiaoyan's family? Say that senior sister Xiaoyan is in danger and is being haunted by a scum."

                "No, we need to grow our flower protection alliance, let more people know about our existence, and also let more first-year schoolgirls know the true face of Qin Ming's hut, otherwise Qin Ming has finished cheating the most beautiful sophomore, junior and senior, and then go to cheat the first-year schoolgirls what to do?"

                "Yes, it is everyone's responsibility to protect the schoolgirls."

                "No, let's listen to what the group leader says first."

                Some people proposed to listen to the group leader first, one by one took out their cell phones, asking whether to make things bigger, anyway, they are idle, really not used to seeing Qin Ming a poor? Pan Jun?  The cavity good deception clams curry ao

                At this time, in the conference room of a volunteer club at the university, Li Meng's cell phone made a message ring.

                She picked up her hand phone, logged on to the WeChat group, and saw that a group of students in the group were leaving messages asking her if the group wanted to make things bigger.

                The corner of Li Meng's mouth raised a frenzied smile, slender fingers flying typing: "Of course, this is very meaningful activity. You have seen the content on the school website, are you willing to watch so many girls being poisoned by Qin Ming? Brothers and sisters, we need to grow up and form an anti-Qin Ming alliance to save those girls who were deceived and compelled by him, and your merits will become the story that our Polytechnic University will tell."

                Li Meng finished typing, calmly tapping his fingers on the desktop, holding his chin, searching for something.

                It's only been a few days, and Li Meng has already joined the school's volunteer club. The different environment has also created a change in Li Meng.

                Her temperament has changed dramatically, childishness and innocence have faded from her face, replaced by introspection and maturity.

                In addition to Li Meng's eighty percent appearance, her curvaceous figure, in this volunteer club, properly stand out.

                But the influence of the volunteer community is not strong enough, but let Li Meng to the other extreme.

                She no longer easily expresses her dislike for the poor and rich, much less reveals her inner self in a straightforward manner, where she has learned to put a mask on herself and hide her true self.

                Li Ming knocked on the table and muttered to himself, "Hum hum hum, Qin Ming ah Qin Ming, you can't escape my palm. I found out, you people must be hiding some secrets, only I have not found out all along because of stupidity, you are actually quite capable, every time you encounter trouble can solve, make a circle of friends, more and more senior, there is no secret behind this, who believes it?"

                "Finally became the Mu family son-in-law, but I know very well that you are a person of great affection, the Mu family that superstition to make up the eight characters of the marriage, can not bind you, after all, is the only man I have slept with, I can not understand you?"

                "You are originally my man, before I foolishly abandoned you. I'll snatch you back later. This time I will not easily expose my ugly state, now I am a volunteer a flower, I have shed my bones."

                Li Meng muttered here, her face grim and somewhat distorted, as if she was angry at Qin Ming for keeping too low a profile.

                "Li Meng ......" Suddenly, a school janitor aunt next to her came over with a copy of the information and said, "This is the list of orphans and widows to help next time, you plan the activity plan and content. "

                Li Meng immediately put away the emotions on her face, revealing a heart-warming smile, head tilted, and said in the sweetest voice: "Well, it's okay Sister Liu, leave it to me."

                Sister Liu, the janitor, laughed: "Aiya, our Li Meng is really caring, nowadays college students as young as you don't like to do this, and no money, and tired, and sometimes not understood, and no one knows."

                Li Meng smiled and said, "Sister Liu, I also want to do something good for the community, not for money, not for fame, just to satisfy myself."

                Sister Liu, the janitor, gave a thumbs up and said, "Our Li Meng can be a real person with a beautiful heart."

                After Sister Liu left, Li Meng's smile tightened, picked up her phone, looked at the information in the group, and saw that the schoolchildren in the group had spontaneously organized to pull in more people, to make things bigger and bigger.

                She looked at the photos sent by the people in the group and saw that Qin Ming was mixed up with Zhang Xiaoyan, and immediately frowned.

                Li Meng cursed viciously: "Zhang Xiaoyan you green tea! Obviously like Qin Ming, but also pretend not to like the look, hum, you are so wave, why not go to sell? The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. The live broadcast room so many rewards, do not sell the batch of ghost believe you have so much money?"

                Li Meng thought about it, and called Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming is eating with Zhang Xiaoyan in the dining hall, saw Li Meng's call, hesitated or picked up, said: "something?"

                Li Meng had an anxious tone: "Qin Ming, no, it's not good, I just looked at the school network forum, it seems that many people say to target you, saying that you have a fling or something. I, although we have some conflicts before, but I also know that you are actually not that kind of person, but those people talk nonsense like this."

                Qin Ming's heart moved, this is Li Meng is concerned about him?

                This can be really rare, the previous two in love that will, Li Meng was less concerned about him, this breakup so long, suddenly by Li Meng care, so uncomfortable.

                Qin Ming said: "I know, a handful of people are just here to make trouble. Thanks for your concern, I will be fine."

                Li Meng still worried said: "No, no, Qin Ming ah, I have a proposal, I want to help you, how about we get back together?"

Chapter 412

Qin Ming spurted out a mouthful of soup, what the hell? Li Meng again begging for a compound?

                Qin Ming's first reaction was, could it be that she was lonely?

                However, he vaguely always felt there was something wrong and asked, "Li Meng what do you want to do again?"

                On the other end of the phone, Li Meng said aggressively, "You helped me so much, I also want to help you, to repay you ah. I understand why you asked me to volunteer, it turns out that helping people really reaps happiness and satisfaction, I simply want to help you. What could I want to do?"

                "I mean, we are pretending to get back together, and then publicize our identity in a high profile, then these so-called flower protection alliance will naturally disperse, and you won't have so much trouble ah."

                "You left the Mu family did not ah? Not yet, otherwise how Mu Sichen came back to bother you? Yesterday those women should also be Mu Sichen's friends, right?"

                "Qin Ming, don't you love Nie Haitang anymore? The Mu family is obviously a pit, they use you, what eight characters, what fortune telling, all are deceitful things, that old Taoist even calculated that I have the life of a rich wife of a rich family, and what happened? I'm still not an ordinary person?"

                As soon as the matter of the rich wife of the rich family was mentioned, Li Meng hammered her thighs twice again in anger, she regretted it.

                Why was she so stupid at that time? So idiotic? So incapable of being a human being? On the wrong side? A woman with simple nerves, she almost became the daughter-in-law of a rich family.

                However, it does not matter, she analyzed all the past of Qin Ming, she concluded that Qin Ming must be hiding a shocking secret, she must dig out the secret of Qin Ming.

                The corner of Li Meng's mouth raised a smug smile, then took a deep breath, changed emotions, and continued: "Mu Xiaoqiao not to say that it is just a passing guest in your life, Qin Ming, I also look away, I bless you, bless you and Nie Haitang, I believe you will be able to overcome all difficulties together."

                "But now that you're in this mess, aren't you making Nie Haitang misunderstand? What will she think of you if she finds out?"

                What the hell? Li Meng would give her blessing to him and Nie Haitang?

                After only a few days of volunteering, Qin Ming felt that Li Meng had indeed changed a lot.

                Is she letting go of the past and willing to be a new person?

                Qin Ming did think it was good, Li Meng was after all his first love, and they had been happy before, he did not want to be left with disgust when he recalled Li Meng in the future.

                He said: "Li Meng, I appreciate your good intentions. But these things do not affect me, I can solve it myself. If it's okay, you go ahead and get busy."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and Zhang Xiaoyan, who had actually been listening, immediately gossiped, "What's wrong? What does Li Meng want from you?"

                "Begging to get back together." Qin Ming said.

                Poof, Zhang Xiaoyan a mouthful of rice spewed out, angry: "She really do not want to face this person, I heard that she owed a lot of gambling debts over the summer, or you help pay? This again remembered your good? At the beginning of the mockery of you that energy, really angry."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Said to help me deal with these flower protection alliance, I see that she is also kind, but also do not need."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's heart moved, immediately said: "Yes, to find someone to be a fake couple, which is her turn? I can also be enough."

                Qin Ming immediately said: "How can that be, you are a famous anchorwoman, reputation is very important to you, you are afraid not to lose powder?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan said, "I don't care. I have already earned my first bucket of money through the live broadcast, especially the "not forensic Qin Ming" tycoon rewarded a lot of money, although he did not follow me recently, but I believe he must be silently watching over me."

                When Zhang Xiaoyan said this, she looked at Qin Ming intentionally or unintentionally.

                She had long peeked at Qin Ming's cell phone and knew that her number one fan, was Qin Ming, but Qin Ming still refused to admit it.

                Qin Ming felt that Zhang Xiaoyan had something in her words, but he couldn't find any evidence.

                Qin Ming said: "How big can this be, no need to affect your live career. In a few days they will naturally stop when they see me walking alone, alone alone."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's cute little mouth flattened, said: "You line a single shadow? This seems to be a bit difficult. Hey, by the way, there is no class tomorrow morning, I have a live outdoor broadcast, you give me as an assistant how?"

                Qin Ming did not think much about it and agreed, also counted as a proper relaxation activity, anyway, he does not appear on camera.

                Zhang Xiaoyan raised her fist in delight and said, "Okay, it's a deal. Haha."

                After eating, Qin Ming came to the library to read a book, as the heir of Huan Yu Century Group, Qin Ming felt that there was still a big gap in his level, so he had to continue learning.

                Coincidentally, Chen Mulin also happened to come to the library to study, and seeing Qin Ming who was buried in a book, she inexplicably remembered talking with Qin Ming yesterday and had a very pleasant conversation.

                Those boys who are pursuing her, each one is not bragging about how much money they have, what class of car they have, to her disgust, Qin Ming is the only one who can talk to her about studying.

                "It's just that he's a scum who fiddles with flowers." Chen Mulin secretly shook his head and said, "You are still here leisurely reading a book ah. Pour Qin alliance are coming out, you also do not want to find a way to deal with, tsk, should I remind him?"

                Chen Mulin hugged her books and suddenly turned her head in an arrogant way, humming, "No, I don't want to, I must be firm this time and not make mistakes again."

                However, Qin Ming studied until after 10 p.m. Chen Mulin still threw a paper ball at Qin Ming when he left, reassuring himself, "I don't care about him, he saved me I guess after all. In the spirit of humanitarianism, remind her to ask for it."

                Qin Ming was reading a book, suddenly someone threw a note over, open it, the handwriting is neat and good-looking block letters, these days there are few people with good handwriting.

                Qin Ming looked back, did not see anything unusual, muttered: "Like a girl's words, what the hell is said? The Qin Alliance was established, you be careful these days."

                Qin Ming the whole "black question mark" expression, said: "the inverted Qin Alliance? What is the relationship with the Flower Protection Alliance? Yuan Longping let these people eat too much? All day long, eat up, make trouble everywhere."

                Qin Ming didn't care, he had Ah Long beside him at all times for close protection, what was he afraid of?

                But by the next day, Qin Ming regretted, he really underestimated the state of affairs this time.

                The next day, Qin Ming did a little dressing up, after all, to be on TV, can not give Zhang Xiaoyan lost face.

                He wore the only designer suit he had and came to the school entrance.

                And Zhang Xiaoyan in the dormitory also carefully dressed up, wearing a set of bewitched network geeks secondary loli outfit, she is actually a little excited, although said to let Qin Ming help her to do live assistant, but she has a small plan, that is, after the live broadcast, directly about Qin Ming together shopping dinner and a movie.

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked in the mirror, with the same burst of breast figure and face, and small size, this dress is simply a geek killer.

                The girls in the same dorm laughed and said, "Yo yo yo yo, our Xiaoyan is too beautiful today, right?"

                Another girl said, "Outdoor ah, this day so, not easy ah."

                Zhang Xiaoyan smiled: "I can't help it, now the outdoor fire ah, must rub the heat, the sun does not matter. Let's go."

                "Bye." Both women waved their hands in a friendly manner, and then looked back at Li Meng, who had been looking at her cell phone, on the upper bunk diagonally opposite Zhang Xiaoyan.

                The girl said, "Li Meng, you really don't want to make up with Xiaoyan? You used to have a pretty good relationship, ah. How did you fall out for a Qin Ming?"

                Li Meng smiled naturally: "Who said our relationship is not good? I'm just busy, you guys think too much. Qin Ming is already my past tense, I admit that I was not mature enough, but I will not be jealous because Qin Ming and her together."

                A girl was surprised, "What? Qin Ming has gotten Xiao Yan? My goodness, how did Qin Ming this, this catch up with Xiaoyan?"

                Li Meng laughed and held up her phone, "I don't know when. You see, now the school network forum is talking about it, and there are photos of them holding hands."

                "Let's see ......" two girls immediately open the computer to pay attention to the content of the school network forum.

                Li Meng don't face, the smile immediately disappeared, then turned into a jealous grimace, her hand squeezed the phone hard, then immediately typed in the group, said: "Schoolmates, success or failure today, can't let Zhang Xiaoyan be scourged by Qin Ming ah, take out your manhood, protect the innocent girls of Polytechnic University."

                "Good! The group master gave the word, Anti-Qin Alliance Team 1, let's go."

                "Anti-Qin Alliance Team 2, let's go."





                "Anti-Qin Alliance Team 18, go."