Rags To Riches Chapter 41-42

 Chapter 41

When Qin Ming pointed the revolver at his own head, everyone was shocked and said in unison, "No!"

        Everyone on the scene almost shouted out nervously.

        Although they did not know why things had come to this, Qin Ming was the heir handpicked by Chang Hongxi, and although they mostly disliked and despised him, that was why they had given him the go-ahead.

        But if something really happened to Qin Ming, they would not be able to explain to Chang Hongxi.

        After all, they were still speculating that Qin Ming was Chang Hongxi's illegitimate son.

        Song Ying was even so frightened that she jumped straight up and grabbed Qin Ming's hand, stammering in panic: "Young master, it's not worth doing this for them, young master, don't."

        Song Ying turned her head to look at the hunting team again, angrily rebuking, "You bunch of trash, look what you have done, do you still have the face to stay in Huan Yu? Master usually treats you well, and this is how you repay him? Forcing his heir to death like this?"

        Xuan Yuan Wu and the others were all scolded so much that they had no chance to say anything back, they didn't want to either.

        How could they have known that Qin Ming would be so bold and play so big? Wasn't he still a student? Where else would a student be so bold?

        If they had known to be honest and act like grandsons, they might not have been in such a bad situation, but if there were casualties today, they would have had a hard time in the future.

        Xuan Yuan Wu stepped forward and was about to admit his guilt, hoping to let the matter go.

        Qin Ming said first, "What? You don't have the guts? Oh ...... can't fight and can't match the guts, I don't understand, what makes you guys give me a hard time? By the fact that you have been doing this for decades? Rely on the old and sell the old?"

        The whole room was silent, they finally knew what kind of person Qin Ming was, this was a man who was ruthless and didn't even want his own life.

        Qin Ming's character was completely different from Chang Hongxi's other three sons and two daughters.

        Today, they had neglected Qin Ming and they had played a set of tricks. The way Qin Ming dealt with them was not soft at all, and there was no room for manoeuvre, he hit them hard and hit them all over the head.

        Qin Ming broke away from Song Ying's hand and walked up to Qian Bao, saying: "Everyone shut up, I am in charge here, my words are orders, whoever disobeys my orders, get out immediately. Money Leopard, there is no turning back. Didn't you say you were the boldest person in this world? Do you dare to play this Russian roulette game of life?"

        The Golden Pao swallowed hard, he swore that this moment was the most nervous he had ever been in his life.

        Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Qian Bao looked back at the other brothers in the hunting party and said stiffly again, "Young master, I, Qian Bao, am convinced. I know that the young master's resentment over today's incident will be hard to dispel, so I will play along with the young master. If the young master is lost, then I, Money Leopard, will pay with my life. If I am lost, I hope young master forgives Old Xuan and the others, everyone was just unfamiliar with young master at first and wanted to test his skills, now we all know that young master is stronger than all of us."

        "Hey, are you earning yourself a favour? So you weren't honest to begin with? Is a gun to your own head the only way to be honest?" Qin Ming raised the corner of his mouth and said, "But the person I want, even if the enemy has a gun to his own head, must still understand whose life he belongs to."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, he suddenly pulled the trigger, but a click was heard and it was empty.

        Poof, immediately a dozen people went limp with fear, and Song Ying's body even jerked, lest he hear a gunshot.

        Qin Ming handed the gun to Qianpao.

        Qianpao swallowed hard, took the gun and pointed it at his head, squinting and pulling the trigger.

        There was a click and it was also empty.

        "Hoo ......" Money Pao shivered, so scared that his legs trembled and his forehead was covered in sweat, while his face became more and more gloomy.

        Qin Ming picked up the revolver and pointed it at his head again, still so cloudy, and said, "Money Pao, do you think I don't know that you don't believe me in your heart? You think you are all warriors who have been in the battlefield for a long time, and you look down on me as a young fop who has been pampered and suddenly parachuted in and is not worthy of leading you, right?"

        Jin Qian Bao hurriedly said, "No no no, young master you misunderstand ...... ah!"

        Suddenly Qin Ming pulled the trigger again, scaring Money Leopard into screaming before he could finish his sentence, and his body subconsciously leaned back.

        But there was a click and it was empty again.

        Qin Ming coldly handed over the revolver.

        Money Pao's palms and arms were sweaty, and he took the pistol with a shiver, his eyes no longer daring to meet it, he had never seen anyone who could be so calm in the face of death.

        Not to mention Money Pao, even Xuan Yuan Wu, Ah Long and Song Ying were impressed by Qin Ming, whose calmness was beyond their imagination.

        Money Pao was sweating profusely, his eyes were tightly closed, his right hand was getting all, raising the gun up at his head and pulling the trigger.


        Another empty shot.

        "Ah ......" Money Pao heard the sound of an empty gun, his whole body was so weak that he collapsed to the ground, no longer able to stand up, his forehead was sweating so much that it seemed like rain.

        Qin Ming calmly said, "There are still two shots left, then one of the next two shots is bound to be a dead one."

        The money leopard's teeth fought with fear and he prostrated himself at Qin Ming's feet and said, "Young master, I, I ...... was wrong, I, the money leopard, was really wrong. Young master, you are in an honorable position, please young master, please don't ......"


        Not waiting for Money Leopard to finish, another shot, another empty shot!

        Qin Ming also trembled and took a breath of cold air backwards, but after hearing that it was also an empty shot, he let out a long breath.

        Five shots in a row were all empty? There was no one else with this unbelievable luck.

        The fifth shot was also empty, so the sixth shot must have been a live one, which meant that he was already dead.

        He was on his knees, drenched in sweat, breathing heavily, not daring to look up.

        The atmosphere was frightening and depressing, everyone present, including Song Ying, Ah Long and the villa's bodyguards.

        They had officially realised today that this new young master of theirs was formidable and ruthless enough.

        Poof, Xuan Yuan Wu knelt down, he was in tears: "Young master, we are wrong, please stop. I, Xuan Yuan Wu, relied on my old age and neglected Young Master, it's all my fault. I, Xuanyuan Wu, am willing to accept all punishments."

        Poof, poof ...... The other captains and lieutenants of the hunting team all knelt down in unison as well.

        Today, they had lost, completely and convincingly, in their battle with Qin Ming.

        Qin Ming said indifferently, "Money Leopard, don't you dare to fire this sixth shot?"

        QIAN QIAN Pao fell to his knees, grasping the dirt on the ground, and said in a deep voice, "Young master, I, QIAN QIAN Pao, am not afraid of death, I just don't want to die meaninglessly. We have neglected Young Master today, and we are ashamed of Elder Chang's expectations and kindness, I, Qian Bao, deserve to die. If my death can make Young Master's anger go away, then please shoot, I, Qian Bao, have no complaints."

        Qin Ming sneered and turned back towards the villa, saying, "What use is it for me to take your life? Let's disperse."

        After Qin Ming walked into the villa, the crowd heard a "bang" and then one of the lights on the wall went out.

        The backbone of the hunting team trembled, and Money Leopard even took a breath of cold air.

        Qin Ming had spared his life.

        At this moment, far above a high-rise in Dubai.

        Chang Hongxi watched the scene at the villa at the top of Cloud Hill through satellite surveillance and could not help but feel: "A young man can be feared. This kid, even without the countless legacies I gave him, his future achievements will not be too bad."

        The old butler at the side said, "Master, if the young master really fired all the assassination teams within China, then ......"

        Chang Hongxi laughed and said, "Hey, hey, do you think that's possible? He has already completely conquered those people of Xuan Yuan Wu, the killing power is already enough, all that remains is to establish the power, just completely turn my people into his people. Uncle Duan, you go and prepare the private jet, I'll go and help him establish his power."

Chapter 42

Phew, Qin Ming tiredly threw himself on the red leather sand, he held the revolver in his hand and said with a feeling of regret "I almost didn't get it right, luckily I remembered the details of that magic trick, this was still dark, so I didn't get caught in the foul play."

Thinking back to the Russian roulette game just now, Qin Ming subconsciously used his left hand to pinch his thumb, and there was a special strong adhesive on top of his finger prints.

It turned out that the moment Qin Ming opened the nest of the revolver, he used the sticky glue on his left thumb to glue the last bullet in his left hand, then quickly turned the nest and closed the chamber of the gun in a single motion, and finally pointed the revolver at his own head, instantly attracting everyone's attention.

When everyone saw him pointing the gun at his head, Qin Ming then quietly glued the last bullet to his left index finger and hid it.

This was a magic trick to hide the bullet from the world.

There was no bullet in the revolver at all, and Qin Ming was the only one who knew about it from the beginning.

Qin Ming had tried this magic trick many times before using a prop fake gun in order to perform it well at the Badminton Club's party, this time it was just a repeat of the same trick, but he was also scared enough that if he failed, not only would he lose face, but he would also be bad at suppressing these patriarchal backbone of the assassination team.

After Qin Ming was relieved, he sat up again and pondered, "These people have been shaken, they won't really be discouraged and resign, will they? I'd be in a lot of trouble if I suddenly lost that much help, an expert like Ah Long is really hard to find."

"Why don't we call our righteous father? Ask him to come and back up?"

"No, my righteous father is seriously ill and doesn't have much time left, it's useless to always think of relying on him."

"It seems we have to put on another show, we have to give them a chance."

"A chance that they find on their own and have to cherish."

Qin Ming was struggling with how to establish his authority and make Xuan Yuan Wu and the others loyal to him, when Song Ying walked in, her face was very unhappy, only after seeing Qin Ming did she regain her gentle face and said "Young master, I have already scolded them badly just now. Are they all to be dismissed next? If we build a new assassination team from scratch, I am confident that we can reorganise within a month."

Qin Ming shook his head and asked, "What are they doing?"

Song Ying said, "They are kneeling outside and refuse to leave, wanting to talk to Young Master again. Young Master, please don't worry, the villa's bodyguards have collected their weapons and are watching the whole time, and Ah Long is also guarding the outside."

Qin Ming was slightly relieved to hear that Xuanyuan Wu and the others hadn't left, but really, it would be his headache if they did.

When he said, "Let's disperse", he didn't really want them to leave, it was the book of war which said that attacking the heart is the best thing to do.

In the words of philosophical psychology, it is to use logic to change people's attitude towards oneself.

Qin Ming said, "Then let them continue to kneel, the night is cold, you find a few windbreakers for the captains of the seventeenth, thirteenth, fifteenth, eighth, second and first teams, so that they do not get sick from the wind and cold."

Song Ying became anxious and said, "Young master, I will take care of it. However, I don't understand, they have done this to you, and you still pity them? What is your status, young master? What is their status? They have been neglecting the young master, which is a big disrespect, and their dismissal is a small matter. Now that they have lost face and are kneeling outside, why do you care if they live or die?"

Qin Ming said "They are my father's people, although I inherited everything from my father, my father is not dead yet."

Song Ying had nothing more to say, so she bowed slightly and went to give the older patriarchs their windbreakers.

But Song Ying scolded these people as she gave them their trench coats, scolding them for their lack of virtue and arrogance, for eating their masters' food but dropping their masters' rice bowls.

Originally, Song Ying's status was not necessarily higher than theirs, but she was Qin Ming's personal secretary, and now that this was the case, they were also ashamed and guilty and did not dare to talk back to them, so they saw Song Ying, a woman, disliking more than fifty old men, scolding them for more than an hour, causing Song Ying's mouth to dry up.

Qin Ming made Xuan Yuan Wu and the others kneel for more than two hours and felt that it was almost time, after all, it was already late at night and it would be bad to kneel down again, but at this time, Chang Hongxi came to the phone.

Qin Ming picked up the phone and asked, "Righteous father, you know everything?"

Chang Hongxi smiled "I know everything, I'm on my way, still four hours to go, you tell those grandchildren to kneel first, I'll deal with them when I arrive."

Qin Ming frowned "Righteous father? What if they leave in a fit of anger?"

Chang Hongxi laughed, "Hahahaha, didn't you say you would drive them away? What? Now you're worried about them leaving?"

Qin Ming laughed and said, "Father, I'm just angry, they've followed you for many years and have done a lot of meritorious work for you and prevented a lot of danger. But if they are not convinced by me, it would be difficult for me to keep them."

Chang Hongxi said with a smile "You go to Xuan Yuan Wu to send a little something, experience your compassionate subordinates, then they will not leave. Kneel until I rush to Zhuo Zhuo."

Send something? Qin Ming couldn't help but smile, he had just sent warm windbreakers, so I guess Xuan Yuan Wu should have understood what was going on.

Qin Ming learned that Chang Hongxi was coming, and ignored these people for the time being, lying down on the sand for a short rest, four hours was not long.

It was three o'clock in the morning in Guangzhou, and the lights were still on at the Cloud Peak Villa.

At the main entrance, the backbone of the assassination team was kneeling without a word, they were all from the military, but they had been kneeling for seven hours and their knees were sore.

But they were still kneeling, and Xuan Yuan Wu was also kneeling at his age. Naturally, they had no complaints.

Moreover, if they left, they would really be saying goodbye to the Huan Yu Century Group, and all their future wealth and prosperity would be gone.

They were not stupid either. From the brief contact they had with Qin Ming, they could see that Qin Ming still respected them from his small gestures such as pulling the defeated Bi Yuan's hand, sparing Qian Bao's life and giving the elderly elders present a windbreaker to protect them from the cold.

At this point in time, everyone in the assassination team's heart was longing for Qin Ming to give them a chance, to give them the opportunity to accept their punishment, and only if they accepted it could they stay.

Suddenly, a private helicopter from Guangzhou City International Airport landed on the tarmac of the outer courtyard, and not long after, Uncle Duan pushed the wheels and brought Chang Hongxi to the crowd.

"Chang, Elder Chang?" Xuan Yuan Wu and the others were dumbfounded, not expecting that their affair had drawn Chang Hongxi back.

Chang Hongxi came in front of the subordinates, his pale face twisted into a ball around him, not angry, and said "Is it because I'm dying that you all want to rebel?"

Xuan Yuan Wu immediately said "Elder Chang, we don't dare. We have leaned on the old and have treated the young master with contempt, neglected him and angered him. But we have learned of our mistake and are here to apologise. I hope that Elder Chang will not take it out on the Young Master. The young master has done nothing wrong."

The money leopard even knelt down and went to Chang Hongxi, saying "Elder Chang, you fished me out of the orphanage and gave me everything, you are my family, how dare I do anything wrong to you? This time, I was foolish and ignorant for neglecting the young master, and relying on my years of merit, I leaned on the old man, all the fault is mine, I am willing to accept all punishment."

Bi Yuan hurriedly said, "Elder Chang, we are the ones who are incapable and have been outperformed by the young master one after another. But our heart to work for the group will not change, please give us another chance, young master."

Other people also came up to speak with various mouths.

After listening for a while, Chang Hongxi pointed at the crowd and said, "There are those of you who are soliciting for crimes, those who are speaking for Qin Ming, and those who want to keep their wealth and prosperity, what exactly do you want? But what do you want? You want me to plead for you first? Why should I have done this if I had known?"

The crowd was silent for a while, yes, if they had known this, why did they treat Qin Ming so badly in the first place?

People always regret only after they have suffered.

Chang Hongxi said, "Qin Ming is my heir, whether you like it or not, he is still my heir. You have seen his courage today, and if he keeps you today, it is for the sake of my old face. If you are negligent after my death, I am afraid it will not be so simple."

The people said, "I dare not, we will treat the young master as we treat Elder Chang, and we will pledge our loyalty to death."

Chang Hongxi said, "All right, come in with me."

In the villa, Qin Ming had already woken up, and the moment Chang Hongxi entered, he stepped forward to take over from Uncle Duan, pushing the wheel for Chang Hongxi, saying "Righteous Father, I would doubt my ability to do my job if I made you come here personally for my sake."

Chang Hongxi gently knocked, "Hey, you're too rigid in your dealings, I can't come."

Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "It's better to fight for the best instead of being submissive. I'm globally rich, I can do whatever I want."

In the study conference room of the villa, Qin Ming and Chang Hongxi were seated, with the other captains standing to the left and right, and the deputies standing only.

Chang Hongxi took a pill and said "Qin Ming ah ...... they are all my subordinates who have followed me for many years, you will inherit everything from me in the future, they will also become your subordinates. They are that bad, so bad that you are so dissatisfied? If that's the case, I'll personally replace them for you."

Qin Ming laughed in his heart, "You are a bad old man who is very bad and likes to act too.

Qin Ming said, "Righteous Father, I won't beat around the bush with you. I have read all the information of the assassination team, and in my heart, every one of them is a real warrior, with real skills, and very much worthy of admiration. I don't want them, not because I don't like them, but because they don't work for me faithfully, and if someone were to assassinate me in the future and they did a dodgy job of defending themselves, wouldn't that put my life in danger? I cannot put my life in the hands of people who do not trust me."

Xuan Yuan Wu and the others stood up immediately in fear, faced Qin Ming and bowed in unison, saying "We are absolutely loyal to Young Master."

Chang Hongxi said, "Qin Ming, I believe that this time they are just in the heat of the moment. You should not be overly critical, be broad-minded and give them a chance. If there is a next time, huh ...... guess I am not even here anymore, you can do whatever you want then."

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

He responded "Okay, I will give them another chance, but only once, I hope they won't let me down."

Xuan Yuan Wu, Qian Bao, Bi Yuan and the others smiled with delight when they heard this. This time, they had almost lost their jobs because they had disrespected Qin Ming first, but thanks to Chang Hong Xi, they were able to retain their current power and glory.

It was thanks to Qin Ming's words that they were able to keep their current power and prosperity. With Chang Hongxi showing such high regard for Qin Ming in front of the crowd, they all understood that Qin Ming, the heir apparent, was the one they would follow in the future.

They all said with one voice, "Thank you, young master."

After giving Qin Ming his authority, Chang Hongxi left because he was busy with other things.

Qin Ming had officially gained the trust and loyalty of all the backbone of the assassination team, and his face no longer wore the coldness of an actor, his eyes softened and his smile became cordial, which touched Xuan Yuan Wu and the others, and Qian Bao even swore in public that his life was Qin Ming's in the future.

Qin Ming had the kitchen cook a big meal and drank heavily with the chiefs before leaving.