Rags To Riches Chapter 409-410

 Chapter 409

Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiao Qiao unexpectedly walked into the bathroom and said, "How do I need you to deliver my clothes?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lips, her eyes glanced at the dark and firm muscles of Qin Ming's body, only to feel her body hormones start to secrete, a little attracted, she said, "I'm your wife, it's normal to bring clothes to you, right?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Then are you going to do your wife's duty and give me a bath?"

                Once she heard that she was going to give Qin Ming a bath, was this a hint to her?

                Mu Xiaoqiao's face blushed to the roots of her ears, but she said boldly, "Okay, I will wash you. Your son-in-law is so powerful today, he has given our parents face. It's your turn to be the master, I'll be the concubine to serve you."

                Qin Ming did not resist, the rich girl gave him a bath, this can be a great thing.

                He was lying on the bathtub like a grandfather, Mu Xiaoqiao kneeling next to the bathtub, picked up the soap and gave Qin Ming a bath, rubbing the sweaty mud, and she washed especially carefully.

                The last time Qin Ming let a beautiful woman give him a bath, or injured in Liao Qingxuan's home that time, this feeling how to say?

                Let Qin Ming very enjoy.


                Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiao Qiao, jokingly said: "Wait for me to wash you? Let me do my husband's duty."

                Mu Xiaoqiao shyly gritted her teeth and said, "No. Unless you promise me one thing. Unless you promise me one thing."

                Qin Ming asked, "What is it? It's not too hard, I don't mind."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Forget Nie Haitang."

                Qin Ming's smile immediately froze, Mu Xiao Qiao knows him very well ah.

                Qin Ming stood up from the water with a clatter, Mu Xiao Qiao was so frightened that she hurriedly covered her eyes with her hands, her kneeling action, not exactly face to face between Qin Ming's legs?

                Mu Xiaoqiao was ashamed and angry: "This guy must be deliberate, to make me embarrassed. I'm so humble, what more do you want from me?"

                But Qin Ming took the towel, covered that gun of his, and walked straight out.

                Qin Ming walked away, the meaning was obvious, he couldn't forget Nie Haitang.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was left alone in the bathroom, her heart fell empty, she liked this man, more and more humble, more and more careful to take care of this relationship, but this man still hides another woman in his heart, she was very hard to bear.

                In the middle of the night, Mu Xiaoqiao returned to her room after taking a bath, but found that Qin Ming was not there, and her heart tightened.

                She came to the study and saw that Qin Ming was asleep in the study.

                "I'm like this, what more do you want from me?" Mu Xiaoqiao muttered.

                Mu Xiaoqiao gritted her teeth in heartache, her fists clenched, a line of hot tears rushed down, she suppressed her sobbing voice, her body trembled, for a while, before she angrily went back to her room, and deliberately slammed the door hard, with a loud bang.

                Qin Ming heard the sound, in fact, he also did not sleep, some irritation in his heart.

                He would love to find Nie Haitang and ask her if she doesn't want him anymore, but he can't find wow.

                The year old six has put a lot of effort, and within the group, Chang Hongxi gave orders, will not cooperate with Qin Ming, Ao Mei has been helping Qin Ming to find, but Ao Mei is not God, a person's ability is also limited.

                When Qin Ming was annoyed, his cell phone suddenly came with a weibo, the mysterious girl called "Kou Xin Ling", actually Nie Haitang herself through other numbers, contrary to the original agreement of Chang Hongxi, secretly contacted Qin Ming.

                Nie Haitang asked, "Hey, Qin, are you asleep?"

                Qin Ming replied, "No, why? Bothered?"

                In a university dormitory in Beijing, Nie Haitang looked at the computer on her lap, on which was the school network forum of China Provincial Polytechnic University, with various posts of Qin Ming and Chen Mulin having dinner together and chatting happily.

                The netizens were wailing, denouncing Qin Ming as a slag, a school flower reaper, wrecking the three major school flowers of the Polytechnic University and so on, and there were people who wanted to organize themselves to protect the school flower groups, taking special actions against Qin Ming for wrecking the beauties of the various faculties of the Polytechnic University.

                "Flower-hearted carrot." Nie Haitang flattened her small mouth, this Chen Mulin she naturally know, is also a beautiful woman, many suitors, did not expect the two can chat so happy.

                Nie Haitang immediately typed and sent a message, "What's bothering you? Girlfriend angry with you?"

                Qin Ming replied: "She can be angry with me is fine, the problem she disappeared. You said the girlfriend suddenly left, not leaving a message, is not cheating?"

                Nie Haitang angrily squeezed her small fist and waved it around on the bed in the dormitory, cursing, "Qin Ming you bastard, I'm not."

                She immediately replied, "What? Your girlfriend is missing? That must be a bitterness, right? Once a girl likes someone, she won't give up easily."

                "You have to believe her, think about your previous."

                Qin Ming looked at this stranger's message and wondered, "What the hell are you talking about? You don't know anything about me."

                Nie Haitang replied, "I'm giving you an analysis from a girl's point of view."

                Qin Ming replied, "Then you say, do I have not been able to find her, I have been playing bachelor? Recently I found that I am quite popular it, or sought-after, I was advised to cherish the present and let go of the past."

                "Oooh ......" Nie Haitang sat on the bed, bending her knees, very aggrieved, she muttered to herself, "Of course I know how good you are, how many girls like you. But why can't you wait for me a little longer. Mr. Chang promised me, just this period of time apart just, all for your safety."

                Nie Haitang remembered that day when Qin Ming was unconscious after a surprise attack by Chang Huan.

                Qin Ming's righteous father, Chang Hongxi, and a very imposing old man found her and asked her to leave Qin Ming for a while.

                After what happened that night, she knew Qin Ming's after all and his identity. He, who was usually so poor, had such an uncomplicated identity behind him, he was the heir of a big business.

                And Qin Ming's position, it seems that there are still many people covet.

                Chang Hongxi means that Nie Haitang's appearance has become Qin Ming's weakness.

                The last time Nie Haitang was kidnapped, it was Chang Huan who intended to blackmail Qin Ming with her, and Chang Huan personally came to snipe Qin Ming because of Nie Haitang.

                The first time she was kidnapped, it was Chang Huan's intention to blackmail Qin Ming.

                Chang Hongxi said that Qin Ming still needs six months to consolidate his position, and he has to face all kinds of things in these six months, so he cannot compromise Qin Ming's safety because of Nie Haitang.

                That night's raid was also thrilling, and Nie Haitang was convinced by Chang Hongxi's words that she had to leave Qin Ming for his safety for six months.

                It so happened that the Nie family met with an economic crisis again, and a large and powerful family went bankrupt because of compensation payments.

                Nie Haitang thought about it, the phone replied: "There is a fate to meet a thousand miles, no fate to meet on the other side. As long as you believe in each other, you will be able to meet again. Do you watch the anime "Conan"? The male and female protagonists in it, not just a stone's throw away? Shinichi obviously like each other, like the person is around but can not say. Ran has been waiting for Shinichi, but does not know that Shinichi is beside himself."

                Nie Haitang repeatedly recited this sentence, she hoped to give enough hints to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and replied, "What anime 'Conan'? I don't watch anime, I don't know what you're talking about."

                "...... ah ah ah ah, Qin Ming you don't even know Conan, are you still a normal person."

                Nie Haitang, who was far away from a university in Beijing, let out a pheasant-like miserable cry, tangled and clutching a head of long black hair, rolling on the bed.

                Nie Haitang pressed the voice and asked, "So you will like other women?"

Chapter 410

"Then will you forget about your girlfriend who disappeared and go and like other women?"

                Nie Haitang's heart was apprehensive, she also left for Qin Ming's safety at first ah.

                Now Qin Ming has fallen in love with someone else instead?

                But who would she go to to reason with? Qin Ming's righteous father? Where is he? Nie Haitang had nowhere to turn to for reason.

                The attack that night had cast a certain psychological shadow on Nie Haitang, and Qin Ming almost died. She would rather be in pain than have Qin Ming hurt again, so she agreed to Chang Hongxi's request.

                But there is no way for Nie Haitang to completely let go of Qin Ming.

                Otherwise, how could she go against Chang Hongxi's request and secretly use a new number to contact Qin Ming, nor would she refresh Polytechnic University's school network every day to observe the movements of this school network forum celebrity.

                Qin Ming did not answer Nie Haitang's question, because he did not know that the person who asked him was Nie Haitang, and he did not want to respond to the real thoughts of his heart with a female Internet friend whom he did not know very well.

                Nie Haitang held her chin, waiting for Qin Ming's reply.

                The girl in the upper bunk of the dorm said, "Nie big beauty, holding the computer all night long? Which male god are you talking to? Today you received eight bunches of roses again, is it difficult to choose?"

                Nie Haitang said bitterly, "Don't laugh at me, I told you, next time don't collect flowers for me, I won't fall for anyone else."

                A girl with a mask on the next bed said, "Oh, Haitang, you have someone you like? Who is so lucky? You don't introduce us either."

                Nie Haitang shook her head and said, "But he seems to be in love with someone else."

                "Holy shit, no? You're the new flower of our Tsinghua University, who is he? So much face? And still dislike you?"

                "Must be a gold-digging man, Haitang family environment is ordinary, so the other side to climb the rich woman, now many men are not useful, always think of climbing rich women."

                "That man's estimated brain problem, our Haitang so gentle, so beautiful, how can there be men do not like?"

                The three sisters in the dormitory are saying something for Nie Haitang, but Nie Haitang doesn't blame them because they don't know the actual situation.

                Qin Ming did not respond to the words of the "female netizen", he got up and opened the computer, searched for an anime called "Conan" and planned to study it.

                The next morning, Qin Ming woke up and found it was noon, he watched dozens of episodes of anime overnight last night, feeling more and more interesting, unknowingly fell asleep on the table.

                Qin Ming washed up and went downstairs and found that the Mu family compound didn't even have a few masters around, it was all cleaned by some maids.

                "Aunt Fang?" Qin Ming called out.

                Aunt Fang immediately came out from the kitchen and said, "Eh, aunt master is awake, does aunt master want something to eat?"

                Qin Ming asked, "Where is Missy? Has she returned to the capital city?"

                Aunt Fang said, "Missy hasn't returned to the capital yet, she seems to have business in Guangcheng and has to stay for a while. Young master is awake, do you want to have lunch before leaving?"

                Qin Ming said, "No, I'm going back to school. Eh, by the way, where is the old man?"

                Aunt Fang said, "The grand master went to meet an old friend, and said, Zhang Zhen Zhen will come to Guang City in the near future, so you don't need to rush, you will meet again."

                Qin Ming nodded, feeling that it was meaningless for him to stay, Qin Ming changed back into his own set of cheap clothes and went straight back to school.

                There are still classes this afternoon.

                Qin Ming feels that recently there are many things, he has not serious classes for a long time.

                The classroom, because the senior year, many students have gone to the internship, old He's higher mathematics class is not half the attendance rate.

                Qin Ming sat down with the three brothers in the dormitory and asked, "Young Yong, is Sister Zhao okay?"

                Liang Shaoyong said, "Yes, I'll be discharged in two days. Xiao Ming, how come you didn't talk to Chen Mulin? You are also a pair with Mu Si Chun from the Opera Academy next door?"

                Qin Ming said, "What happened yesterday? I didn't make a deal with Chen Mulin. I do know Mu Sichen, but she's just an acquaintance, she's just here to cause me trouble.

                Zhao Li Niu said, "Xiao Ming, the school online people want to crusade against you, are treating you as a model of scum, said to form a flower protection alliance, to protect our school beauty from being destroyed by you."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "So middle-aged? Nowadays, students are so immature in their thinking? But it's okay, I don't want to chase Chen Mulin, they want to protect as they go."

                Sun Zhipeng surprised: "Xiao Ming you do not chase? I see Chen Mulin seems to have a good feeling for you, people are also very good beauty ah, how do not like?"

                Qin Ming said, "Peng, there are so many reasons why ah? If it's not suitable, it's not suitable. Yesterday Mu Si Chun brought someone to mess with me, she saw it and left, she never trusted me. I guess it's good to be a normal friend in the future."

                Zhao Li Niu sighed: "Alas, Xiao Ming, you do not even want a beautiful woman like Chen Mulin. I'm still a bachelor, buddy."

                Sun Zhipeng also pretended to be pitiful: "No, Xiao Ming, don't you know Mu Si Chun? Let her introduce some beauties from the opera school to us?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "It's okay. To have good girls, how can I let my brothers be bachelors?"

                In the afternoon after class, Zhao Liniu had to go to a part-time job, Sun Zhipeng had to interview for an internship, and Liang Shaoyong had to visit his girlfriend in the hospital, so Qin Ming, who was once the busiest, became the most idle one instead.

                He was about to leave when he saw Zhang Xiaoyan from the same class come over and gently patted him.

                Zhang Xiaoyan's dress today is very cute, with her tender childish face, delicate and lovely, seems to be more beautiful than before.

                Zhang Xiaoyan said: "Qin Ming, I heard you got into trouble again? The school network forum is smearing you, saying that you slept with dozens of girls, and also knocked up their bellies, forcing them to abort, and using Li Meng's previous lies as evidence."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, so exaggerated?

                He said, "The administrator does not delete the post? This is too fake, right?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan laughed: "I heard that the administrator used to be Nie Haitang's secret admirer, and later was Chen Mulin's suitor."

                Qin Ming gave an awkward laugh and said, "It doesn't matter, I don't really colonel net forum anyway. Let's go, let's eat."

                Zhang Xiaoyan did not refuse, the two had a good relationship, so they went to dinner together.

                But the two just downstairs, suddenly rushed up more than twenty people, both male and female, they are wearing a uniform red band, arm chanting: "Polytechnic University Flower Protection Alliance, reasonable protection of flowers, to protect our school beauty, from the poisonous hands of scum Qin Ming. We are Polytechnic University, Flower Protection Alliance."

                "Qin Ming, you scum, you slept with dozens of women, nest grass also do not let go, but also on the same class to do it?"

                "Don't think you know the city leaders, and bought the principal Liao not to be sanctioned by the school, you think you are great. We do not eat you."

                "This beautiful sister, Qin Ming you still do not know? Even Nie Haitang dare to dump the man, scum in the very best scum, the human form since the school flower harvesting machine, yesterday his ex-girlfriend found him cheating, but also said to sleep with dumped, abortion no one to accompany, you must be careful."

                "Sister, you have to stay away from him, don't be wrecked by him, don't worry, we are there."

                Qin Ming speechless, see these people are sophomores, juniors, it is idle time, surprisingly so boring, spontaneously formed what the flower protection alliance, specifically against him to come.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was not happy: "What are you doing? I've known Qin Ming for four years, what kind of person is he, don't I know it well? You guys shouldn't take the black posts on the internet as real, Qin Ming is very nice."

                Those twenty or so alumni, hearing Zhang Xiaoyan's words, held their heads in horror: "It's over, there is a schoolmate here who is seriously brainwashed by the scum Qin Ming."

                "No, isolate them, we must not let any more girls from our school get hurt."

                "Qin Ming, don't you ever think about getting half a step closer to that girl again."

                Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan were forcibly separated by this group of schoolmates, and the two of them stared at each other with big eyes. We can't do anything, right?