Rags To Riches Chapter 407-408

 Chapter 407

Xu Shulan stood at the door of the hospital ward and said with anxiety and anger: "Your father is really, his health is not very good, before flying abroad to talk about business, so now his body is exhausted. I have said, the business to the son, son-in-law can also be. Eh, Xiao Qin, do you want to come to work for our Mu Group? You work for others how to work again, owning a business, that is the boss ah."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, before Mu Hao really flew abroad? He also thought that while Mu Hao was lying.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Mom, Qin Ming has his own business, let him do what he wants to do, it's not necessarily better than our group. Besides, he is only in his fourth year of college and is not free every day."

                Xu Shulan made a joke and said with a smile, "That's true. Xiaoqiao, Qin, you guys go back first, I'm watching here."

                At seven o'clock in the evening, Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao returned to the Mu family compound, and when he looked at the high gate of the Mu family compound, he wondered in his heart and couldn't move his legs.

                Should he ask for this matter himself?

                He didn't belong here, even though everyone here treated him like family, making him stay a little bit attached again.

                His connection with the Mu family, although the origin of Zhang Quanzhen that "deceitful" old way, but Qin Ming also quite like the Mu family, especially Mu Sichen that quirky little girl, every time you look at it, you feel like seeing your own sister.

                So he repeatedly, again and again to maintain restraint did not rashly hair, Qin Ming just do not want to with the Mu family stiff, haunted pop.

                Now Mu Hao is directly hospitalized because of health problems, which makes him very embarrassed.

                Suddenly a pair of hands stretched out behind Qin Ming, covering his eyes, and his back felt two soft squeezes, then heard a delicate and mischievous voice: "Guess who I am?"

                Qin Ming said, "Mu Si Chun, your chest rubbed against me, I can feel it, your body is quite good ah."

                Mu Sichen was shocked and immediately reached out to cover her chest and ran away saying, "Ah! Sister, brother-in-law is so bad, take advantage of your sister me, you care or not, I want a million spiritual damage fee."

                Mu Xiaoqiao instead scolded: "Loss your head, that is also you let him take advantage of. You and a few girlfriends together at noon to screw Qin Ming, I have not said you yet."

                Mu Sichen smiled wickedly and added, "Sister, it's rare for you to come back, why don't we sleep together tonight?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao immediately retorted, "Get lost."

                Mu Siqun pointed at her with a bad smile and giggled: "Hahaha, you're exposed, remember to keep your voice down tonight. I'm not afraid, but I'm afraid you'll make grandparents sleep."

                "You damn girl, what are you talking about?" Mu Xiaoqiao was angry and annoyed, but she couldn't take offense, this sister was really a tormentor.

                Mu Sichen said with a puff of anger, "Sister, I found that you have changed. After having a brother-in-law, you don't want your sister anymore. Is it true that a small farewell is better than a new marriage, and in the afternoon, brother-in-law served you very comfortably?"

                When Mu Xiaoqiao heard this dirty story, her cheeks immediately flew up and she reached out to pinch Mu Sichen in shame, feigning anger and saying, "You dead girl, you're still getting ahead of yourself, aren't you? Not clean mouth miles? Give me death over."

                Mu Sichen refused, while running while laughing and said: "Hahaha, sister you blushed, it seems to be true? Brother-in-law is so powerful? Can you be tamed into submission?"

                The two sisters played around for a while before Mu Sichen asked curiously, "Why don't you see your parents? You're not out to dinner with your uncle, are you? Sister, are you so rigid? You just don't go? I'm not afraid of my aunt and uncle's nasty mouths, which will count for three or five hours? Really, I get annoyed every time I see my uncle's family."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said: "Dad recently busy business, but also to pick me up at the airport and tired to hospital, but fortunately no serious injury, the doctor said it is an old man's disease, more rest will be good. Mom is watching the hospital, your brother-in-law and I just returned, brother went out of town to talk business, tonight we."

                Qin Ming stood at the door, looking at the two Mu family sisters playful appearance, really do not know whether to go in.

                He felt that once he had taken this step, the distance between him and Nie Haitang was getting farther and farther apart.

                But he also didn't know if he should go in and insist.

                He found that when Mu Xiaoqiao stole a kiss from him in the afternoon, he was not in any unhappy mood, that is, he did not hate Mu Xiaoqiao either.

                Indeed that kind of beautiful woman, also attaches great importance to him, and also buy him new clothes, how can he hate it?

                Qin Ming picked up his phone and looked at Nie Haitang on the wallpaper, he was melancholy in his heart, why did his road to love have to be so bumpy?

                Qin Ming gripped his phone, turned back, turned around, and left.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "Haitang, I will definitely find you. Mu Xiaoqiao, you and I were never meant to be, so I hope you won't blame me."

                However, just as Qin Ming turned around, he saw the two couples Mu Hai Ran returning from outside.

                Mu Hai Ran narrowed her eyes and said with a smile, "Little Qin, it's time for dinner. Where else are you going? Go in, I still have something to tell you later, about a benefactor who is also my teacher and friend, Zhang Quanzhen, Zhang Zhen Zhen."

                Zhang Quanzhen, the old fortune teller who single-handedly made it possible for Qin Ming to join the Mu family, at first Qin Ming really thought he was just an ordinary old man who told fortunes.

                The other party has real ability, and even the people Qin Ming sent to follow and monitor were thrown off.

                But then Qin Ming, always felt that everything was just so coincidental, it happened that after he joined the Mu family, it happened that Nie Haitang found out that her mother Zhang Yao had tricked her into going on a blind date with a rich man.

                Qin Ming said hesitantly, "What am I looking for him for? Master, I'm not superstitious."

                Mu Hai Ran said with a smile, "Okay then, if you want to look for him, come back for dinner. After eating, I'll tell you again."

                Mu Hai Ran smiled as she walked back inside, old Mrs. Mu fell down, she looked at Qin Ming with deep meaning and said, "Xiao Qin ah, I am the past, listen to my words, down to earth, cherish the immediate, as long as now live well, more important than anything else, let fate take its course."

                After saying that, old Mrs. Mu also followed into the house.

                Qin Ming listened to the words of the two elders, his feet were hesitant instead, he was irritated and did not know what to choose.

                Qin Ming took two steps, stopped again, turned back and took three steps, stopped again, turned back and took two more steps, thinking hard about what he should do next.

                At this time, Qin Ming, inside actually rose a trace of fantasy, that is, the idea of looking for Zhang Quanzhen again.

                This is also the other side of Qin Ming's strengths revealed weaknesses, he is too much emphasis on feelings, but also led him to sometimes have difficulty choosing.

                Suddenly, Mu Sichen came out and took Qin Ming's hand, saying, "Brother-in-law, what are you doing standing at the door? The food is getting cold, come in quickly."

                Qin Ming was stiffly dragged into the house by Mu Sichen.

                As soon as Qin Ming entered, the maid immediately closed the door.

                Qin Ming scratched his head and saw that he was here, so let's eat a meal before leaving, or ask Mu Hiran about Zhang Quanzhen.

Chapter 408

Qin Ming found that both father and son Mu Hailan were theater gurus, and were even better at acting than he was.

                Because after eating, Mu Hailan was drunk directly because of the wine he drank at dinner, and was helped by old Mrs. Mu to go back to her room to rest.

                Between Qin Ming's hesitation, he was completely left in the Mu family, the problems to be solved were not solved, and he was constantly being deepened in his relationship with the Mu family.

                "This bad old man!" Qin Ming had a feeling that he was being calculated, had he been tricked?

                He had to find Mu Hai Ran to ask about Zhang Quanzhen, and this had to wait for tomorrow?

                Qin Ming was annoyed and said to himself, "How dare you, do you really think I am some kind of decent man? I'll do your daughter tonight, and tomorrow I'll reveal the whole thing, see what you do?"

                Aunt Fang was cleaning up the dining table, Mu Si Chun wearing yellow super short pants, white top in the house wandering around reciting lines, the long white legs, the chest, how to shake some powerful? Is not wearing underwear?

                The problem is that this girl also deliberately wandered in front of Qin Ming, the round and upright buttocks, Qin Ming looked angry, really want to kick up, she is afraid not waiting for Qin Ming to make a mistake and make a fool of himself?

                Qin Ming this can not help but look at a few more eyes, eh, no, look again to nosebleed, and to make a fool of himself.

                Suddenly, to not be what sharp objects to pinch, but it turns out that Mu Xiao Qiao with nails pinch his thighs it.

                Mu Xiaoqiao some jealousy said: "Why keep staring at my sister? When I was away, you didn't bully her, right?"

                Qin Ming said, "I'll be lucky if she doesn't find me in trouble, how else can I bully her?"

                Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiaoqiao sitting next to the sofa, her figure was slender, dignified and virtuous, her temperament was high and cold, but when facing him, she showed the woman's charm and enchanting, gentle like water.

                This kind of superb beauty, which man can resist ah?

                Especially when she leaned sideways toward Qin Ming, corset slightly open, the chest of the two groups of meat obviously sinking posture and not too small outline, perfectly suited to her body proportions, Qin Ming see that a snow-white skin undulating, can not move their eyes.

                Mu Xiaoqiao shyly pursed her lips, she found Qin Ming's eyes dishonest, but they are after all a couple, she does not mind, and even secretly snickered, proving that she still has the charm to attract Qin Ming.

                The last time before they parted, Mu Xiaoqiao still remembers very clearly, Qin Ming and she put things outside the union, what should be done, and kissing and touching, but because of a phone call, Qin Ming went straight away, and said to come back to divorce, to end their ridiculous marriage.

                At that time, halfway to bed, Qin Ming left her behind, which was a great humiliation for Mu Xiaoqiao.

                But she still chose to give Qin Ming a chance. Mu Xiao Qiao, a strong businesswoman on the surface, is still old-fashioned in her bones and hopes to have a perfect marriage, not a divorced woman, and she cannot accept a stain on her life.

                After she came back this time, Mu Xiao Qiao obviously felt that Qin Ming's attitude towards her had changed, and she was secretly glad that she had used a delaying tactic at first.

                Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiaoqiao, really beautiful, close up to see her face, full of collagen, white and clean, all without cosmetics, especially that pair of deep eyes, seems to be expecting some kind of response from him.

                But Qin Ming did not.

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked angrily, "Dad said you work very hard and get ahead for me just to try to be worthy of me. In fact, I know you are very capable, I married you not for how much money you have, the shoe fits or not, try it on and you'll know."

                Qin Ming said naggingly, "Your father didn't say anything else to you besides this?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao's pretty face flushed and said, "He said you didn't mention the divorce at all, and I'm glad. You figured it out, although grandpa is well now, and the rush seems to be working quite well. But we should still live the rest of our lives how we want to live, right?"

                Qin Ming lamented in his heart, "It's impossible to live this life."

                At this time, Aunt Fang came over and said, "Aunt, the water is ready, you can take a bath."

                Qin Ming stood up as if he was fleeing and said, "Well, I'm going to take a bath first."

                Qin Ming left quickly, Mu Xiaoqiao was a little lost, why did she feel that Qin Ming didn't want to stay with her more? What did she not do well?

                She accepted her destiny and her identity as "Qin Ming's wife", but why did Qin Ming seem to give her the feeling that he was leaving her?

                Upstairs, Mu Hai Ran and Old Mrs. Mu looked at everything downstairs.

                Old Mrs. Mu said discontentedly, "You old man, you're still pretending to be drunk and deceiving people at your age."

                Mu Hailan smiled lightly: "No way, without some small means, Xiao Qin will run away. This young man is too good, too capable, to be someone else's son-in-law, I would not feel comfortable. This is a big game of chess, we want to laugh to the end, can not lose Xiao Qin."

                Old Mrs. Mu sighed: "Little Qin, this person obviously can't let go of that girl from the Nie family, Nie Haitang I have also come into contact with, very excellent girl, at first I still wanted her to be our Mu Zhaoyang's daughter-in-law, but unfortunately she has a special vision."

                Mu Hai Ran smiled: "This can not be blamed on us, this is the sky is helping us, Nie Jianmin greedy, for the company's diversified development, investment failure, but also an accident, he was lucky to get out of the whole body. Nie Haitang lost the news, this is a great thing for our granddaughter."

                Old Mrs. Mu added: "Today, Xiao Qin made a phone call and nearly capsized the Xu family's big ship, I was very surprised, I didn't expect him to have such a big backer behind him, he has a way of knowing people."

                Mu Hai Ran proudly said: "Of course, my brother gave him a facial reading, there are nine to five phase, in ancient times, the opportunity to the emperor's life, the main thing is that his birth date and our Shinqiao combined ah. He will be able to soar in the future, we also have to support, once the power, feedback back, our Mu family's influence and wealth will be further."

                Old Mrs. Mu was dissatisfied, "What great things you two brothers are going to do, don't say anything, don't keep putting me off with things like the eight characters, I don't eat this stuff from you."

                Mu Hai Ran was not happy and argued, "I'm telling the truth, we have Chinese Daoism for thousands of years, you say he doesn't make sense?"

                Old Mrs. Mu grunted and said, "Fine, fine, fine, your Daoist words are all reasonable, and having your own son take medicine and pretend to be sick to prevent people from Qin Ming is also reasonable? I am worried that my precious granddaughter, who is excellent in everything, and whom many good men would like to marry, will have a good outcome with Qin Ming, who has a peachy face."

                Mu Hai Ran said: "You said you do not believe in facial features? How can you still say that Qin's face is a peach blossom? Successful men, there will inevitably be a variety of excellent women around, this is the law since ancient times, forcibly and explicitly denied can be curbed? Self-deception."

                When Old Lady Mu heard this, she became angry because Mu Hai Ran was also a philanderer when he was young, and all of the ladies that surrounded Mu Hai Ran were later cleaned up by Old Lady Mu.

                As a woman, she naturally didn't like this kind of talk, but Mu Hai Ran was still very good to her, so Old Lady Mu didn't want to provoke him, just shut up and didn't say anything.

                At this time, Qin Ming was taking a bath on the second floor, but did not know that Mu Hailan the bad old man pretended to be drunk to fool him.

                But Qin Ming also figured out, he does not lose, right?

                Then he was in a hurry, he took advantage of it, after your daughter cry, do not blame him Qin Ming is not generous.

                Qin Ming was taking a bath when he suddenly heard the door open.

                He thought it was Aunt Fang who came over with the washing and changing clothes, so he said, "Aunt Fang, the clothes can be put on the side, please."

                But the visitor did not answer, a tall, delicate figure slowly approaching the bathtub.

                Qin Ming smelled a fresh fragrance and looked back strangely, but saw Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Qin Ming asked with amusement, "What are you doing? Washing together?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lips, her face was scarlet, red to the roots of her ears, and only after a long time did she dare to say, "Together, together, who's afraid?"