Rags To Riches Chapter 405-406

 Chapter 405

The attitude of the Xu family came to a 180-degree turn, all the Qin Ming as a grandfather.

                "Xiao Qin ah, we were wrong, wrong to see you, more should not underestimate the peasant origin of you. In fact, our Xu family was a farmer for three generations before. My grandfather was a cattle herder. Who among us Chinese has never worked in the fields? Who doesn't come from a farming background, right?"

                "We have absolutely no intention of looking down on you or your parents."

                "As for the misunderstanding about Xiaoqiao, it was really an unintentional mistake, she is our nephew, we watched her grow up, how could we not be clear about her character? Just now we were losing our souls, you have to forgive us, right?"

                "Yes, the affluent life has corrupted our minds, forgetting that hardship produces heroes, yes, it produces heroes like you, Xiao Qin. My niece was right to teach me that heroes don't ask about their origins. I'm over fifty years old, and I'm still able to be taught by my niece, I'm really too happy."

                "Xiao Qin, you're so ungrateful, why didn't you notify us when you got married? You and Xiaoqiao are a match made in heaven, a beautiful couple, I wish you a long life and a son."

                "Sister, you also come to help say a word."

                "Shu Lan, you also quickly give your son-in-law a word."

                Xu's uncle and Xu's second uncle hurriedly glared at Xu Shulan, who was actually watching the fun.

                The Xu family is a powerful family, since childhood, these two brothers have not suffered much, let alone a big loss, and now apologize to the younger generation, and come to beg her sister, this is something Xu Shulan did not expect, her back also has a straight day.

                The crowd was also stunned by the extremely large power behind Qin Ming, whose background became more and more mysterious.

                Mu Hao knew that their Mu family is not as good as the Xu family, although not to the point of being suppressed and tired, but really just but, and Qin Ming a phone call into, simply scary.

                Xu Shulan, after all, a woman, long face, thinking that this is still his brother and sister-in-law, said: "Xiao Qin ah, you're joking, right? Don't really bring my mother's family down, right?"

                Qin Ming said, "Can't you? Is the Xu family very powerful? Don't they despise me for being a son-in-law, a poor boy? Then let them try what it's like to be poor too."

                "No, I don't want to be poor? Pan Jun! Ben father shaped the river gorgonian locusts? The swan stands? The earwig school wrecked the ammonia hacking the jungle? countenance Ч bed Zheng? The Yi invasion? The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the following Jiaojiao cupboard? The game? I gun fee shao ci say stop? The moth-eaten leaves interstate and wai n burning arthritis? troubled slug port mang? Vantage point? Outfitting? I am afraid of the pontoon vanadium umbrella!

                "Cousin, we are wrong, you can persuade cousin husband."

                Xu great-uncle and second-uncle are close to kneeling down and begging Qin Ming, this is their last bottom line, they let Xu况 kneel down is thinking that they do not have to kneel.

                The private phone, which was tuned to mute, was still shaking, the more the phone vibrated, proving that the more bad news there was, the more the Xu family was panicking.


                Suddenly, a cough came from upstairs, but it was Mu Hai Ran who couldn't look away and came out.

                Mu Hai Ran amiable smile said, "Little Qin ah, you come over here for a moment, the old man to tell you something."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, the steps came, he obediently responded, and then got up and pulled Mu Xiaoqiao upstairs.

                The two came to Mu Hai Ran's study, Mu Hai Ran pointed at Qin Ming, a bitter smile, said: "You kid, hiding deep, huh? Where did you get the background to fix the Xu family? Old man, my phone has been broken by the in-laws, begging to me."

                Qin Ming said, "It's not much, you should know, old man, I work in a multinational enterprise. Recently I was promoted and became the vice president of the Greater China region, the main business is to collect some sunrise enterprises, with money poaching or malicious acquisition or reasonable acquisition, anyway, the acquisition of other people's companies to restructure, to achieve profitability on the line. So I have quite a large amount of money and personnel scheduling ability."

                Qin Ming pulled the lie, not telling his identity as the heir to the global super corporate empire, the Huan Yu Century Group.

                He smiled sarcastically and said, "Recently, my boss gave me targets, I was worried about having no targets, and the Xu family is so aggressive, so I'll take them down. In the end, I'm just a wage earner, right?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao was surprised, as soon as she heard the name of the vice president of the Greater China region, she felt that it was not simple, she did not expect that after two months of not seeing him, Qin Ming's career had developed so much that he had already caught up with her, the Miss Mu family's thousand-year-old daughter.

                The upwardly mobile man is irresistible to his daughter. Isn't this what Mu Hao said when he came back, that Qin Ming is working very hard in order to match her? Is this for her?

                Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly held Qin Ming's hand even harder, her body also leaned towards Qin Ming, she felt because of the misunderstanding, Qin Ming worked hard for her this feeling.

                Mu Hai Ran gave a thumbs up and said: "This is already a working emperor ah. Good boy, really is a high achiever of the Polytechnic University, the latter is fearful. This multinational enterprise of yours is not simple, right? Last time, you gave me an upgrade in service at Nanshan Sanatorium, and also contacted a private bio-pharmaceutical company in Magnesium to provide a special medicine to treat my condition, and now you've been promoted, tsk ......"

                Mu Hai Ran patted Qin Ming's shoulder and said, "Young man, the potential is infinite."

                "However." Mu Hai Ran's words turned into a gesture of an elder talking to a junior, saying, "Little Qin, this matter today, don't be too rushed to kill, right? In any case, the Xu family and we are also in-laws. You are the son-in-law of our Mu family, if you bring down your mother-in-law's family, you won't be able to be a relative."

                But Mu Xiaoqiao said, "It's uncle and his family who are too deceitful. Qin Ming has already put up with it, but they're holding on to it and using past favors to force my father. This kind of relatives, what kind of relatives? I beg you, this old man, this time just to the end, okay? Look, they all know that they are wrong, and several juniors are kneeling down for you."

                Mu Hai Ran looked anxious and said, "You girl, you married your husband and you're turning your hand away? This Xu family is really going to span, your grandfather and grandma can't even eat."

                Mu Xiaoqiao had filial piety, and shut up when she heard this, and looked at Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming listened to Mu Hailan's plea, as well as the pleading and admission of fault by Xu's uncle and second uncle, and his anger was half gone, so he agreed, "I accept this favor from you, old man."

                Mu Hai Ran smiled, pointed at Qin Ming, and said, "You bad boy, you still want my favor, okay. I owe you."

                Qin Ming dragged Mu Xiaoqiao downstairs.

                Mu Xiaoqiao followed Qin Ming, looking at his side face, found Qin Ming more and more mysterious, more and more capable, she as a wife is also proud of, just a little jealous.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "When did you get promoted, and did not tell me?"

                Qin Ming was quite emotional, his position as the heir was not yet secure, it was better not to pretend too much, he said indifferently: "Working for someone, what is there to say. If the boss wants to change someone, he can change me anytime, it's my luck."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Luck is also a part of strength, you have the ability to have luck."

                Saying that, Mu Xiaoqiao directly hugged Qin Ming's arm, so that the two appeared more intimate.

                Mu Xiaoqiao even stood on tiptoe and stole a kiss on the side of Qin Ming's cheek, saying, "Honey you are really good today."

                After the kiss, Mu Xiao Qiao had some little daughter-like snickers and hugged Qin Ming's arm tightly.

                The round mouth in the cheek "kiss" a mouth, Qin Ming's heart and soul, the body actually some reaction, especially Mu Xiao Qiao this soft voice, stimulating his nerves.

                To be honest, Qin Ming wanted to resist, after all, he was just acting, damn Mu Hao did not make it clear that he left the Mu family, leading to misunderstandings among the entire Mu family.

                Qin Ming also did not want to fall out with the Mu family, so he gave the Mu family enough face before acting.

                But Mu Xiaoqiao such a stunning beauty fake play real, he a little top ah.

                Qin Ming look can living room people are looking at him, silently shook his head, just, after this Xu family thing to say it, what comes will always come, when Mu Xiao Qiao you do not blame me cruel.

Chapter 406

Xu Da-uncle actually came with a plan.

                The nine eyes dzi bead can be bought Mu Xiaoqiao's mouth, it is the best, or else twice the price, then a meal, the two families bragging, than a child, well show some of his brother's majesty and consolidate the position.

                It is not possible to use the old long-ago favors, to the Mu family pressure, how can the nine-eyed dzi bead to buy.

                Then this year the Tibetan living Buddha wore the nine-eyed dzi bead as a gift to the city's first magnate, the old Qin family's old lady Qin as a birthday gift, in order to get on the old Qin family's doorstep.

                From then on, the Xu family's status in the city of Shanghai will be raised a few notches.

                Everything is well calculated, both to buy the nine-eyed dzi, but also to show off a little, so that the Mu family jealousy at the same time had to submit to his lustful authority of this great-uncle, the difference is between the great-uncle and the second uncle of the fight for who head credit only.

                As a result, a son-in-law Qin Ming appeared halfway, but also hanging, a phone call to make the Xu family became stormy, almost to collapse.

                Qin Ming went up to chat with the old man in just a few minutes, the Xu family two houses were subjected to numerous warning calls, cut off the phone, years of friends once cut off, Xu family group multiple scandals were uncovered, the company's stock price plummeted, factory accidents, supply and marketing channels were ordered to shut down under investigation, the company's market value instantly evaporated 30 billion.

                When I came down to see Mu Xiaoqiao stealing kisses Qin Ming that shy look, see ah, people couple how loving.

                Mu Xiaoqiao that full of joyful eyes, how can it be fake?

                The people of the Xu family were all ashamed, they still thought Qin Ming was a useless wimp, all dependent on the Mu family, and thought Mu Xiaoqiao was forced to marry Qin Ming because of her father's pressure.

                They are used to being high and mighty, and they think too much of everything, and this time they have met the king of hell, and Qin Ming is the king of hell.

                Xu's uncle did not care about face, immediately went forward and said: "Master Qin, please, take the Avatar. We don't dare to count the loss this time, just please don't let our Xu family become a street rat is enough."

                Qin Ming looked back at Mu Xiaoqiao and asked, "Wife, you want to forgive them no?"

                Uh ...... air suddenly became quiet again, the Xu family's safety and security all depend on Mu Xiao Qiao a word.

                Mu Xiaoqiao advisory tone rhetorical question said: "husband, or forget it? In the future, first uncle, second uncle, first aunt, second aunt, cousins, cousins, you have to give Qin Ming respect, and my mother, and then dare to bully my mother, things are not so well handled."

                When Xu Shulan heard this, she also raised her head and chest happily, it was rare for her to have such a long face in front of her mother's brother and sister-in-law, ah, thanks to her virtuous son-in-law Qin Ming.

                "Yes, yes, yes." The first aunt and second aunt were busy nodding their heads and were convinced in their hearts that this stupid woman, Xu Shulan, had found such a fierce son-in-law. Why would such a fierce man be willing to be the Mu family's son-in-law? It's true that she is still greedy for Mu Xiaoqiao's beauty, right?

                Qin Ming rubbed his hands and said, "Okay, the old man and his wife both opened their mouths to plead for you. I will not care about your insults to me, after all, a relative is not?"

                Qin Ming called Song Ying again and said; "Xiao Ying, it's me. The acquisition of the Xu family group is abandoned for now."

                Song Ying did not go back to ask Qin Ming why, directly responded, "I know young master."

                Song Ying's side ordered to stop, the calls to the Xu family people obviously decreased, then one after another some business partners called back, saying that the phone was poisoned, just now I do not know who impersonated their identity and said something that should not be said, business must continue to do and so on.

                Even the official leaders also said that the phone was lost, just got back, what was said just now is not my intention, how old friends for many years may cut off the seat of friendship clouds.

                Even the Xu family group transported to the countries of the cargo of the giant ship, again smoothly into the port, reply is a misunderstanding, not blocked again.

                Several corporate executives have called to say that their cell phones were poisoned and that they are loyal to the company and have absolutely no idea of leaving.

                It all sounded like a dream, as if it was really a large group of people who had collectively poisoned or lost their phones.

                But the company's stock price dropped can not be false, Xu Wan'er handed over the popular fallen star as a boyfriend can not be false, small shareholders equity was bought away can not be false, the old Qin family and their Xu family has been cut off from the sea can not be false, Xu family group shrinkage of tens of billions of dollars can not be false.

                This is the power of Qin Ming a phone call, the phone behind the power of how huge, these people thoroughly felt.

                Qin Ming at this time in front of the crowd, as if the mountain is huge, too scary.

                The arrogant fop of Xu Xiang did not dare to underestimate Qin Ming anymore, shrinking his neck and sitting at the side with restraint.

                This time the Xu family's loss is very huge, equal to the past and twenty years are in vain, Xu family group volume to shrink two circles, the first uncle, second uncle hastily apologized, expressed gratitude to the old man Mu open, then rushed back to the city of the sea to go.

                The Mu family here also restored peace, Xu Shulan that is one after another praise Qin Ming, what a virtuous son-in-law, a promising young man, a dragon among men are said to open up.

                Qin Ming just shrugged off his work needs, working for a multinational company, responsible for the acquisition work, is to say the excuse again to dismiss.

                The Mu family also has no place to check, just take it as true, and at the same time praise Qin Ming skills, senior year found such a good internship, the future achievement is unlimited, capable and virtuous son-in-law, the best son-in-law and so on.

                This makes Qin Ming very embarrassed, he came to Mu Hao today to talk about his departure from the Mu family, this matter must be clear.

                Qin Ming saw that there was just the Mu family left, and gently pushed Mu Xiaoqiao's hand away, making Mu Xiaoqiao slightly surprised, he said, "Ahem, actually I came today to say something else, right, Boss Mu."

                Saying that, he looked at Mu Hao, the meaning was also very obvious, and his eyes exchanged, "Boss Mu, it's better for you to say it yourself than for me to say it out loud, otherwise you'll lose face."

                Mu Hao looked very painful and made eye contact: "Xian son-in-law, there is no room for maneuvering?"

                Qin Ming gave a fierce glare, "No! If you don't say it, I will."

                Xu Shulan, who didn't know the truth, asked cheerfully, "Little Qin, what's the matter here? Is it because you know that Xiaoqiao has come back and rushed back specially? Oh, Xiaoqiu, look, you went to the capital city to start a business, Xiao Qin does not see and does not come home every day, how bad is it, how can there be a newlywed couple to you like this? Xiao Qin is so good, and our family is also the oldest family in Guangzhou, you still need the money? The first thing you should do is to have a grandson for your mother."

                Mu Xiaoqiao blushing pursed her lips, she has a lot of good feelings for Qin Ming, and more or less have some ideas about that aspect, is Qin Ming almost pushed her down last time, clothes are almost naked, Qin Ming froze hanging horse, go away.

                Mu Xiaoqiao actually understands that Qin Ming may still be thinking about Nie Haitang in his heart.

                The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.

                She initially avoided because Qin Ming insisted on divorce, these two months have passed, Nie Haitang disappeared, Mu Hao did not say Qin Ming to divorce, think Qin Ming's thoughts have changed.

                Especially just now, Qin Ming so spoiled her, she also saw in the eyes, for her and up, work hard, for her bullying anger Xu family, for her and come back to this home.

                She also does not mind so much is it, a little to let Qin Ming like her is not unsatisfactory.

                Mu Hao faced with Qin Ming's pressure, had to sit down, drank a mouthful of water, sitting upright, sighed and said, "Actually, ah, I'm hiding one thing, that is ......"

                Before the words fell, Mu Hao suddenly fell head first to the ground, directly fainted.

                Qin Ming a look, hell, Mu Hao what are you doing? Don't say faint, faint ah, at least finish the words and then faint ah.

                But the people started to rescue for a while, the family doctor also emergency delivery came, but did not see Mu Hao wake up.

                But finally the family doctor had no choice but to rush to the hospital, not long after the hospital ambulance arrived.

                The family was busy until late afternoon, when Mu Hao came out of the operating room.

                The doctor said that Mu Hao has high blood pressure, high fat, high uric acid, atrial fibrillation, blood vessels have shadows and other old people's diseases, need to recuperate well, can not be stimulated and so on.

                Finally, Xu Shulan stayed behind to take care of Mu Hao, and Qin Ming and others went back to the Mu family compound first.

                Qin Ming back to the Mu family compound, he wondered, this matter should not he ask for himself?