Rags To Riches Chapter 403-404

 Chapter 403

Qin Ming has always felt that he has a better temper, to be a refined and easy-going person, is to draw a line with the young street gangster of his past.

                But this time, in the face of the Xu family's various insults and suspicions, really tolerated again and again, are almost tolerated into a turtle.

                Either withering in silence, or explode in silence.

                Now the other party will alas nonsense to ask him to prove that he is rich and capable, in that case, Qin Ming will not be polite with them.

                He immediately called Song Ying and said: "Xiaoying, give me the whole Mu family relatives, the business of the Xu family in Hai City, the whole how big? As big as you can, give me the whole size. Acquire all shares, cut off all business, let the Xu family erase its name on the Hai City gentry."

                After saying that, he hung up the phone, and Qin Ming found that the air became quiet.

                No big piece of mansion, orange and yellow lights, people inside the house even the aunt who sweeps the floor looked at Qin Ming in amazement, what kind of words did this say?

                The people of the Xu family looked at him like an idiot.

                They thought to themselves that this is not a fool, right?

                Second uncle Xu froze and said: "Qin Ming, what the hell are you talking about? Our Xu family is still a rich family, you can take down our Xu family with one phone call? You can't do it even if you are the king of heaven."

                Indeed, the Xu family has been rooted in the city for many years, business is big, the volume than the Mu family, or even more powerful, black and white relations are eaten away.

                The world can be a phone call, directly to a business to a hundred billion of the giants to bring down? The other business partners have been working together for years, so why break off?

                No one thinks Qin Ming is serious.

                "Cousin husband, are you mad? The first thing you need to do is to accept the reality that you are poorer than you are poor. I still want to find a rich woman to adopt me."

                "Cousin, is this really good for your husband? He won't get into trouble every day and you'll wipe his ass, right?"

                "Wan'er, what else do you think? Your cousin has gone into hiding in the capital. This kind of credulous poor? Pan Kong Falcon Blind? ∫Yellow kitese lu key illian step!

                A few cousins, cousin's sneering, Mu Xiao Qiao really angry teeth, but she also do not know what can do ah?

                The Xu family is even bigger than their Mu family, and their network is all in the city of Shanghai, which is an important region in the Yangtze River Delta, a cosmopolitan city, and to be able to develop into a powerful family in the city of Shanghai, how good are the intricate interests and relationships?

                A word from the Xu family is very influential, so the people of the Xu family have enough self-confidence and arrogance to see no one.

                How could it be that Qin Ming, a poor boy from the countryside, took it down with one phone call? Is this not funny? It is simply a nightmare from heaven.

                In the face of these people's ridicule, Qin Ming disdainfully raised three fingers and sneered: "Yes or no, we will know later. You may have to leave later, and before you leave I will charge you with three sins."

                "One sin, I have no enmity with you, and you have insulted me again and again."

                "The second sin, my parents are farmers, you insulted my parents by insulting them."

                "The third sin, insulting Mu Xiaoqiao for the sake of your so-called face."

                "Although I am just an ordinary person, I am not a persimmon that can be easily pinched, nor can anyone bully me. I ......" Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiaoqiao, hesitated for a moment in his heart, but still said, "My wife is not something you can insult either. People have to pay the price for what they do."

                Qin Ming finally chose to save face for the Mu family by referring to Mu Xiaoqiao as his wife.

                When Mu Xiaoqiao heard Qin Ming's words, she ate honey in her heart, she felt that Qin Ming still cared for her, maybe men are not very good at expressing their feelings.

                The first aunt said in disgust, "Oh, ignorant country boy."

                Second aunt clasped her hands and said, "How about three times the price? Xiao Qiao, this nine-eyed dzi of yours, we are determined to get it. Mu Hao, have you forgotten how much help our Xu family has given you in business in the past? We have never asked you for anything in return?"

                First aunt said, "That's right. It's just a magic weapon to make your son-in-law look good? What's so rare about it? This game to celebrate the birthday of the old Qin family's old lady Qin, and can also negotiate a big business of tens of billions of dollars. The most important thing is to take advantage of the old Qin family's road, they are world-class giants, the influence is huge, in the future, our Mu family soars, will not forget your benefits."

                The first uncle also said, "Yes, it would be perfect if we can climb up with the old Qin family. We won't forget the credit of your Mu family in this."

                Second uncle Xu was still so gloomy, stroking the beard on his face and said, "We will eat the meat, brother-in-law and your family will have no problem with soup. This is something that is definitely a sure thing. If you don't ask Master Mu, what kind of existence is the old Qin family? They are thicker than us."

                Qin Ming listened, so this is a plate of business, cast a person's good ah.

                This relative relationship, really plastic.

                For the sake of interest, all ignored Mu Xiaoqiao and his will, humiliated a meal, to use the strong, using past favors, forced Mu Xiaoqiao out of the nine-eyed dzi.

                But Qin Ming saw Mu Hao face with a difficult look, it seems that the previous really quite rely on the help of the Xu family, this debt of gratitude, the critical moment to make his waist straight ah.

                No wonder Xu Shulan can't lift his head in front of his brother and sister-in-law, you man is not useful wow!

                The actual fact is that you can't get a good deal on your own.

                Old Mrs. Mu then did not shake the Xu family face, obviously more confident.

                She quietly pulled Qin Ming and asked: "Little Qin ah, what you just said is really true? If it's true, it's too much. If it's false, it's also too much."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Do I look like a casual liar?"

                Old Mrs. Mu smiled lightly and gave a thumbs up to Qin Ming, then went to watch TV by herself.

                This is only five minutes of time, the rather quiet hall, cell phones ringing non-stop, Xu great uncle, Xu second uncle two full cell phone ringing, no one is not ringing.

                Xu uncle found that it was his secretary calling, immediately answered: "What's wrong? What? All the minority shareholders have sold all their shares? What's the panic? Those small shareholders can't make waves, the company is still named Xu."

                "What? All customers canceled their orders? On hold indefinitely? How is that possible? You call me to ask ah, what? The other boss said no more dealings? Impossible!"

                "What else? Secretary Zhao warned me to be more careful in the future? How is that possible? I've been friends with Secretary Zhao for many years, how could he warn me?"

                "What? The goods were detained at customs? How can they be detained? Did the other party have a reason?"

                "What? The factory was fined for production violations and had its electricity shut down for rectification?"

                There are many problems on the side of Xu's uncle, and there are also many second uncles. Either business partners cut off relations with each other, or branches were acquired, or they were warned by official bigwigs who were once very close and suddenly left their relations.

                Those cousins are even worse, friends and relatives cut off relations, do not dare to communicate, the call for money was also broken.

                Watching this dramatic scene, the Mu family were stunned, Qin Ming this call was fulfilled?

                Xu uncle holding two cell phones in the owl: "cooperation is impossible? Mr. Qin, why are we suddenly not allowed to bid? We had a good deal last time, didn't we? We will definitely get the nine-eyed dzi bead and give it to Mrs. Qin as a congratulatory gift. Mr. Qin give us one more chance, we will ...... definitely be able to."

                There were too many calls, each person could not answer a few, and finally got annoyed and simply turned off all the phones.

                In an instant, the room became quiet again.

                This time, Qin Ming again became the focus of all eyes.

                But, the atmosphere changed.

Chapter 404

Great Uncle Xu warily received the phone call from the number one magnate in the city of Hai, the head of the old Qin family, and this was the first time he took the initiative to receive a call from the other side.

                Because he had just listened to a dozen bad news one after another, Great-Uncle Xu now became very sensitive and slender: "Hello, Mr. Qin? So suddenly, what, what's the matter?"

                Mr. Qin on the other end of the phone said, "Boss Xu, you are quite capable, you dare to offend anyone. Now I can't protect you, you are finished, don't burn the fire on me. Our cooperation is also finished, and that business is also finished. My grandmother's 90th birthday you also do not come, nine eyes dzi I also do not want your. That's it."

                Uncle Xu's heart thumped, was pierced general, anxious: "Eh, Mr. Qin, do not ah Mr. Qin, give me a chance ah Mr. Qin. Hello? Hello?"

                But when he called back, the number of Mr. Qin was no longer available.

                Great Uncle Xu looked around in bewilderment, chilled to the bone, he sat on the sofa and found others like him, listening to their phones, listening to one bad news after another from the city of Hai.

                "Sister-in-law, you have lost more than a billion dollars from the company in the name of investment, and this money has been discovered, you can really earn money."

                "Sister, are you okay? You give the company to arrange their relatives, are arranged to my office? Otherwise he embezzled public money of the matter eastward, I still do not know is your people."

                "Xu Xiang, you brat, when did you owe 300 million dollars gambling in Las Vegas? And also use the company account? People's debt collectors have hit me, you loser."

                "Wan'er, you're so heartbreaking to mom, you're actually a secret lover with this expired male star? He's almost as old as your father. This report has gone out, how long do you want to hide it from me?"

                "Stop arguing, the old Qin family is no longer dealing with us, and we don't have to go to Mrs. Qin's big birthday, how come the line that was so easy to hook up with is suddenly yellow?"

                "What the hell is going on here? Are all these phone calls real? Is our family still private or not? Where is Secretary Zhao? Dad, let's go to Army Chief Ma for help, this must be someone messing with us."

                The two brothers of the Xu family, by the sudden flurry of phone calls to the head, phone after phone, bad news after bad news, either business partners cut off contact, or by the official bigwigs to draw a line, and then there is the son and daughter's money owed phone calls, and a large wave of departures, a company executives call to resign, quit, have a better place to go.

                Who can top this sudden and total collapse?

                No, it's unbelievable, but is this a scam call? But the content of the caller is very clear, the enterprise mailbox in an email can not be faked.

                Even the real-time news began to shake Xu family some scandals, Xu great uncle night meeting young model photos were turned out.

                The Xu family's shocking change of hands and feet, compared to the Mu family side is dumbfounded, Qin Ming this is what the hell God operation?

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. How powerful must this be?

                Mu Hao looked at Qin Ming and muttered, "Sure enough, sure enough, Zhang Zhen Zhen was right, Xiao Qin and my daughter's eight characters match, a match made in heaven."

                At this time, Qin Ming's cell phone rang, Song Ying called and said, "Young master, the Xu family acquisition plan has been 39% completed, the Xu family group's talent has been poached 50%, business partners poached 90%, recently they have close relations with our Huan Yu Group's big patron Hai City old Qin family, I also incidentally warned, the old Qin family people promised to break off relations with the Xu family. "

                "As for those who owe money, secret love affairs, deficit company behavior, is Corrie? Olsen collected through the intelligence system to facilitate the suppression of the Xu family group's stock price, now the Xu family's stock is plummeting, immediately can fall."

                "I expect that it will take about another week to acquire the Xu Family Group, and another thirty billion or so, and it will take two or three years to reoperate to return to capital."

                Qin Ming lightly oh: "Not bad, step up and continue to engage."

                The crowd heard this call from Qin Ming and suddenly realized.

                Right oh, is this Qin Ming messing with them?

                It was him, shaking out all their privacy; it was him, getting rid of all their business partners; it was him, poaching all the employees of their business.

                Everything is him, why didn't I think of it just now?

                Xu Da-uncle and Xu Er-uncle suddenly pounced on Qin Ming's feet and said in a painful voice, "Don't mess with it."

                Inside the mansion, the eyes of all people focused on Qin Ming, that quiet, Qin Ming is the respected boss general, everyone has to look at his face.

                Qin Ming froze and said, "First uncle, second uncle, you guys are the ones who told me to call. Prove to you guys that I can afford this nine-eyed dzi ah. I am following your words ah."

                This statement is the same as a real hammer, the Xu family group's matter, it is all Qin Ming stirring up trouble.

                This thousand miles away, a phone call, let the Xu family group in Hai City fall apart? The two houses of the Xu family were dumbfounded that this was true.

                They could never dream ah, this is too incredible.

                The volume of their Xu family, just to acquire the shares of small shareholders, that will take several billion ah.

                To pull in those business partners of the Xu family, as well as poaching employees, this also requires a lot of money, right?

                The most exaggerated is that the previous delivery of foreign cargo ships have been no accident, today they deliver goods to the countries of the ship, suddenly by the countries of customs to cut off, to be investigated, the daily seizure costs are quite a lot, dragging a day is equal to nothing, dragging two days is equivalent to a total loss of money.

                Xu family is now from the source of production to the end of delivery, are pinched, like a lump in the throat.

                This is also Qin Ming a phone call can do? Then Qin Ming is too counter-intuitive, right?

                No matter how Qin Ming did it, now is not the time to explore this but should hurry Qin Ming to stop!

                Qin Ming also asked with a very cheap smile: "First uncle, second uncle, I do not know if I can prove my own bid for the nine-eyed dzi? I meet your requirements, right? I also do not want to hurt hurt the peace between the two families, cut off the problem from the root, you do not ask for the dzi beads from Xiao Qiao, then the conflict will not be gone?"

                What kind of nonsense is this?

                Xu uncle wanted to cry: "This ...... Qin Ming you can not hurt people like this ah. You are pretending to be confused, ah."

                Xu second uncle also said anxiously: "Qin Ming, Xiao Qiao is my niece, you are my nephew, my good nephew ah, you can't push uncle to death like this ah."

                Xu Xiang said, "Dad, how do you know this is done by cousin's husband? It's a coincidence, right? Maybe it's our enemies who did it."


                Xu况 did not finish his sentence, immediately by the eldest uncle a slap over, the force is surprisingly strong, face are swollen kind of.

                Great Uncle Xu pulled Xu Xian to Qin Ming and said, "Quickly, apologize to your cousin and cousin's husband. You are a waste of time, just now, you have been slandering your cousin's husband, is it because of jealousy? If you are one hundred percent as good as your cousin's husband, I will have peace of mind in my life. You two brats also come over and apologize to cousin brother-in-law and cousin sister."

                Xu Xian was blindsided by this slap and wanted to explode in anger, but he didn't dare to face his own old dad.

                Xu Xian had to bow and said, "Cousin, I'm sorry. Cousin husband, I'm sorry."

                Xu uncle kicked down, Xu况 forced to kneel on the ground: "Do you have no manners? Your cousin and cousin-in-law are your elders, kneeling is the basic etiquette for elders, say it again."

                Xu况 almost collapsed, he况少, Hai City, one of the little bully, since childhood, the first time kneeling, but is cousin and cousin husband? And respecting his cousin as an elder?

                But in the face of his father's majesty, he knelt and said, "Cousin, I'm sorry. Cousin, I'm sorry. I was wrong."

                The eldest uncle and the second uncle continued to yell and scold, "You grannies too, come over here and apologize to Xiao Qin, and to Shiao Qiao."

                "Xiaoqiao, Xiao Qin. It's too bad we didn't come when you got married. You are the golden couple, a match made in heaven. Great-uncle and second-uncle wish you a hundred years of good fortune and a son soon."

                "Yes, yes, sorry. Little, little Qin ah, we just, just now ...... have eyes not to know the mountain, you said all right, you, you forgive us, right? You've married a good husband, I envy you. If my Wan'er is half as well married as you are, I'll be happy to die."

                The first aunt and the second aunt were also called over to apologize, but they had lost their high-mindedness and had become trembling and frightened, still in a state of confusion.

                These elders of the Xu family made apologies to Mu Xiaoqiao, leaving Mu Xiaoqiao and Xu Shulan dumbfounded, the first time in so many years.

                In the past, they were pressured to death by the Xu family's first and second uncles, and it was difficult for Xu Shulan to raise her head in front of her mother's family, because she couldn't give Mu Hao any trouble, and who made Mu Hao's back not hard enough in front of the Xu family?

                Today, Qin Ming let their mother and daughter greatly long face.

                Looking at the first aunt and second aunt that panic like a rabbit, begging for forgiveness, Xu Shulan's heart suppressed years of resentment, all of a sudden smooth, suddenly feel the world really beautiful, virtuous son-in-law really cowhide.

                Xu Da-uncle and Xu Er-uncle one left and one right bent over Qin Ming's side, said: "Little Qin ah. Uncle know wrong, for the sake of our relatives for many years, you just point to the end, right? What? Is that okay?"

                Everyone looked at Qin Ming, was Qin Ming willing to stop?