Rags To Riches Chapter 399-400

 Chapter 399

Xu Shulan actually wondered why her elder brother and second brother had suddenly come to her house, even under the name of visiting.

                Didn't they usually meet only a few times during the New Year holidays?

                Xu Shulan knew that they had no business waiting for the three treasures, so she asked, "Brother, you've come specifically to look for Xiaoqiao?"

                The eldest uncle nodded and said, "That's not true. We want to talk to Shiao Qiao about something. We heard that she has a nine-eyed dzi magic artifact in her possession, which was also used by the Living Buddha during his lifetime, and we want to ask her if she can offer it."

                Second uncle also said, "There are many kinds of dzi beads, and it doesn't have to be a nine-eyed dzi. Wouldn't it be better to wear some diamonds or jadeite? Isn't that right?"

                Xu Shu Lan was surprised, "Nine eyed dzi beads? That's a rare thing nowadays."

                My great aunt said, "That's right, we couldn't even get one if we wanted to. Don't all of you believe in Taoist priests? Why did Xiaoqiao buy a living Buddha's item? There's a conflict with wearing it."

                Xu Shulan was unhappy to hear that the Taoist priest she had visited had never said anything like that.

                Second aunt followed suit, "Sister, look we are all on our own, later on you might persuade Xiaoqiao and we will make some compensation on our side."

                Xu Shulan asked curiously, "Must we? Is there nothing else?"

                The first and second uncles nodded at the same time, "Yes, we must, we have been looking for a long time and we couldn't find anything else. The dzi beads were originally in the Xie family's collection. No one expected the Xie family to quietly bid for it. And it was only obtained ten years ago when Ms Xie won the competition with the old Qin family."

                "Our group has a big deal with the old Qin family in Hai City, and old Mrs. Qin has always had this nine-eyed dzi bead in mind, so we want to lend our flowers to the Buddha and use this dzi bead to make this deal, and just compensate three times the price to Xiao Qiao when the time comes."

                "In fact, antique magic artifacts are not sheltered. If you believe it, you do, but if you don't, you don't, right? We are all highly educated, we can't be too superstitious. No matter how powerful the dzi bead is, it's still jewellery."

                The two brothers kept talking one after another, and if the Xu Shulan of the past had been there, she would have felt that it made sense and that superstitious beliefs were wrong.

                But now Xu Shulan has changed her mind, she feels that people are making things happen, the sky is watching, retribution and reincarnation are tried and tested, it's better to be a man of restraint and a good heart, she has become like her husband Mu Hao, a complete believer in Taoism.

                Xu Shulan covered up and said, "This, we'll have to wait until Xiao Qiao returns."

                Old Mrs. Mu, who had been drinking tea and watching television, looked on and gave a cold hum, disgusted with her daughter-in-law for being so lowly in front of her mother's family, and she continued to sip her tea, as she and her daughter-in-law's mother's family really did not get along.

                If it wasn't for her son's position in the Mu family and the extra financial support, she would have had to rely on the Xu family, a wealthy and powerful family in the city at that time. She was actually not too happy with Xu Shulan, who was a vase, a woman with small vision and short-sightedness, who was of limited help to her son Mu Hao, but was obedient and filial.

                Old Mrs Mu took out her mobile phone and slowly typed to Mu Xiaoqiao's phone, "Your uncle and his family have just humiliated your husband and are looking for you for the nine-eyed dzi."

                At this moment, Mu Xiao Qiao, who was on her way back from the plane, was looking at a photo sent by her sister Mu Sichen, a photo of Qin Ming chatting with Chen Mulin, laughing and talking.

                This girl was very pretty, could it be that Qin Ming had fallen in love with her?

                She opened the Polytechnic University's school website again and there was a school flower competition and lots of gossip on it.

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her cherry mouth and muttered, "Chen Mulin ...... popular school flower vote third, the thousandth daughter of the Chen family who does food in Guangcheng, small businessman ah. Another school girl, huh, I used to be said to be a school girl, Qin Ming you sunshine can be really high, to be a school girl harvesting machine can't be?"

                "It's been two months and you haven't even contacted me, neither have you mentioned divorce to me nor contacted me, what exactly do you want?"

                "Or are you waiting for me to bring it up?"

                At this moment, the phone rang and received a message from her grandmother, Mu Xiao Qiao frowned, great uncle, great uncle was here? And humiliating Qin Ming? And asking her for the Nine Eyed Dzi?

                Mu Xiao Qiao's fingers immediately squeezed the nine-eyed dzi bead that was hanging around her neck, it was over sixteen million dollars that Qin Ming had auctioned off for her.

                In fact, Mu Xiaoqiao also did not believe in what the Taoist priest said, but after she married Qin Ming to celebrate the wedding, her grandfather Mu Hai Ran got well, she more or less believed in it, the situation was similar to Xu Shu Lan, but not as serious as Xu Shu Lan, in the spirit of rather believing in it than not believing in it.

                The last time she had an accident, when Zhang Quanzhen was there, she told Zhang Lao Dao about her marriage and asked him how she could get her true love.

                Zhang Quanzhen said that Mu Xiaoqiao had a soft destiny but lacked a strong one, so she should wear a nine-eyed dzi and be protected by a living Buddha, so she could keep her true love.

                Mu Xiaoqiao thought that her personality was indeed tough on the outside but soft on the inside, so she went to bid for the Nine-Eyed Dzi Bead, and in the end, thanks to Qin Ming, the bid was successful.

                But when Mu Xiaoqiao got her hands on it, and after experiencing something earlier, she realised that Qin Ming had become so important in her heart that she was willing to accept him as her husband.

                But in the end Qin Ming wanted to leave instead, which made her panic and simply used her business venture as an excuse to take refuge in the capital.

                Mu Hao, who was driving in front of her, asked, "What's wrong? Looking at your phone and you're all sad?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao ruffled her hair in front of her forehead and said, "It's nothing, my eldest uncle and second uncle are here."

                Mu Hao said, "If they're here, they're here, and they're not here. But your sister is probably going to be angry again. Haha, I wonder if they'll introduce your sister to someone else."

                Mu Xiao Qiao smiled, remembering that in the past, her uncle and his family had often introduced her to the rich and powerful people in Hai City, hoping that she would marry there, but Mu Xiao Qiao wasn't interested at all, she believed that her true destiny would appear at the right time.

                As it turned out, when his grandfather fell ill, the real man was shown up.

                At first, Mu Xiao Qiao was somewhat resistant to such a false thing as getting married to celebrate a happy occasion. She was such an outstanding woman, with her education, figure, looks and family background, if she was not a princess in ancient times, she would be the daughter of a king or minister, right?

                She ended up marrying a son-in-law whom she had never met, just because they had the same eight characters.

                But for the sake of Mu Hai Ran's illness and to celebrate the happy occasion, she accepted it.

                But as she got in touch with Qin Ming, she realised that he was mysterious and very capable, especially when the Mu family had several troubles that Qin Ming had helped to resolve.

                She began to re-examine Qin Ming and discovered that he had a lot of good points. Apart from his poor family background, Qin Ming's good points were impeccable.

                But Qin Ming always wanted to leave.

                She didn't want to become a divorced woman at her core, she would feel ashamed and a hundred times unwilling in her heart, so Mu Xiao Qiao hid, hid to go to the capital city to start her own business and let Qin Ming calm down.

                Mu Xiaoqiao asked, "Dad, during the time I was away, did Qin Ming ever mention divorce to you?"

                Mu Hao smacked his lips, not only did he propose a divorce, but he also annoyed him by calling every day because he didn't inform the others, causing him to dodge every time on the pretext of going abroad for business.

                However, Mu Hao's move was going to go on, as Zhang Quanzhen said, Qin Ming was really prosperous for their Mu family, and for Mu Hao, who believed in Zhang Zhenren's way of fortune telling, he would not easily turn his hand back.

                Mu Hao said, "No. The two of you are still married, you can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to investigate if you don't believe me. The two of you are still married, and you can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to investigate. He also said that when he makes a lot of money in the future, he'll hide you in a golden house. This kid, he's so progressive."

                Mu Hao's nonsense and deceitful nonsense made Mu Xiaoqiao's heart blossom and she said, "So he's working so hard, I was wrong about him."

                Mu Xiao Qiao looked out of the car window, her heart rejoicing, she looked at some pictures of Chen Mulin on her phone and muttered, "This time when we meet, we must be an official couple with him, to save him from being tainted by other women."

Chapter 400

In the Mu family compound, Qin Ming was sitting in his study reading a book, and beside him was the old man Mu Hai Ran.

                Mu Hai Ran was quite polite to Qin Ming, recommending him a lot of books on life philosophy, such as Thick and Black, Murphy's Law and so on, and also told Qin Ming about his awesome deeds when he was young, and we had a good talk.

                Qin Ming was quite embarrassed that Mu Hai Ran seemed to like him as his "grandson-in-law", but Qin Ming could hear from his side conversations that Mu Hai Ran did not seem to know that he had left the Mu family.

                Although Mu Xiaoqiao was a standard beauty, Qin Ming still had another woman hidden in his heart.

                There was no marriage, so why drag her down?

                Qin Ming's heart was very annoyed now: "That guy Mu Hao, who didn't say anything, could that divorce certificate be a fake? Huh? Where did I throw my divorce certificate?"

                With a drop, a car drove in under the Mu family compound, and Mu Xiao Qiao walked in dragging his suitcase.

                Qin Ming smiled coldly and immediately called Mu Hao: "Hey, Boss Mu, where are you?"

                With a jolt, Mu Hao hurriedly said, "Oh, Xiao Qin. I'm abroad on business, what's up?"

                Qin Ming smiled, opened the window and waved his hand down, saying, "Really? Then look up, I'm there?"

                Mu Hao looked up and saw Qin Ming waving at him, he rolled his eyes, now there was nowhere to hide, he also sighed, did this boy Qin Ming hate their Xiaoqiao that much?

                Mu Xiaoqiao habitually looked up towards her room, but saw Qin Ming waving to Mu Hao, she was stunned, it also looked like he was waving to Mu Xiaoqiao from this distance.

                There was some nervousness and shyness in Mu Xiao Qiao's heart, her heart thumping faster as if she was sweetly in love: "Is he welcoming me? How did he know I was coming home today? Is he waiting for me at home specially?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao's face suddenly hung up with a smile and a happy mood.

                And upstairs, Qin Ming gave a vicious grunt and said, "Boss Mu, I've given you enough face and respect, I didn't make a fuss at your house and endured the unwarranted humiliation of your relatives. You come up to me right now and say it clearly, or don't blame me for bringing shame to your Mu family."

                Mu Hao continued to play dumb and said, "Ah Xiao Qin, what's so urgent? Wait a moment, I'll be right up."

                He said he was going to come up, but ended up not going up, instead staying in the hall and greeting the two families of his great uncle and second uncle warmly.

                Xu Shu Lan was very happy to see that Mu Xiao Qiao had returned and took her hand and said, "Xiao Qin is here too, you are all having dinner at home tonight, I will ask Sister Fang to make some delicious food, you can go up and see him. Let your father talk to your uncles for a while first."

                Mu Xiaoqiao nodded shyly and didn't say hello to either of her great-uncle and second-uncle's family.

                As Mu Xiaoqiao was about to go upstairs, Old Mrs. Mu, who had been watching TV, immediately pulled her precious granddaughter and said, "Ah Xiaoqiao, do you miss Qin Ming?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said embarrassedly, "Grandma, what are you asking? I don't particularly miss it, after all, I'm quite busy with work and every day is very fulfilling."

                Old Mrs Mu smiled mysteriously, "When you see someone Qin Ming later, you must not be impatient, and ask Qin Ming's opinion first on anything."

                Mu Xiaoqiao didn't understand at all what Old Madam Mu meant by this, it seemed like there was something in the words, but she couldn't guess, but she did keep an eye out.

                Qin Ming had wanted to wait for Mu Hao to come up, but only ended up waiting for Mu Xiao Qiao.

                When Qin Ming saw Mu Xiao Qiao, he was in an inexplicably strange mood. He had almost pushed Mu Xiao Qiao last time too, but she ended up avoiding him the next day.

                Qin Ming asked, "Back? Where's your father?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "He's downstairs chatting with his big uncle and second uncle."

                After two sentences, both of them had nothing to say, a relationship that was familiar again, but with a great distance, very strange.

                Qin Ming said irritably, "That guy, your father, is always avoiding me."

                Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lip and said with relief, "It's okay to talk to me about things, I'm glad you didn't ask me for a divorce. I actually don't like being a divorced woman."

                Qin Ming frowned, this was the thing he was going to say.

                But before he could say anything, Mu Xiaoqiao said again, pinching the nine-eyed dzi bead around her neck, "Big uncle and second uncle seem to want this nine-eyed dzi bead you gave me, what do you think?"

                Qin Ming was naturally upset and immediately responded, "Snob, don't give it. This item is over 100 million, a new price in the industry, and it is also a magic weapon once worn by the Living Buddha, which is a priceless treasure in the antique market. You can't offer it just because you're a relative."

                Mu Xiaoqiao responded, "That's true. This is what Zhang Zhen Zhen asked me to take down, to bless us."

                Qin Ming's heart was moved by the words "bless us", so Mu Xiao Qiao was also thinking of Qin Ming when he auctioned off the Nine Eyed Dzi? It was not in vain that he paid for it.

                Mu Xiaoqiao's attitude gradually became warm from the initial indifference, which made Qin Ming very uncomfortable.

                He was an emotional person, he could not bear to hurt Mu Xiaoqiao, and for a while he did not know how to ask.

                After thinking about it, it was better to find Mu Hao and say it clearly.

                When Mu Xiaoqiao saw that Qin Ming was still wearing those old clothes, he opened his suitcase and took out some new clothes, saying, "When I came back, I bought clothes for you, do you think they fit?"

                Qin Ming was moved to take the clothes and took a look at the brand, Versace, Anima, all world famous brands, superior quality materials and the latest styles.

                Qin Ming was actually a little moved, it was the first time he received clothes from someone else, was it better to accept or not to accept?

                As Qin Ming hesitated, Xu Shu Lan came up and called out to Mu Xiao Qiao, saying that her eldest and second uncles were looking for her.

                When Mu Xiaoqiao saw that Qin Ming did not resist, she just assumed that he accepted and said, "These are all cleaned for you, don't worry try them on first, stay for dinner tonight."

                Mu Xiaoqiao walked down and as soon as the people arrived, her eldest uncle said, "Aiya, here comes our Xiaoqiao, now she has gone from being a female schoolmaster to a female president."

                Second uncle also said, "No, I heard that your brand, Starlong, is already firmly in the position of a domestic luxury brand of clothes, and is going international."

                My elder aunt also praised, "That's right, if my boys were half as capable as Xiao Qiao, they would be at ease."

                After the elders' praise, the conversation turned and asked, "That Shinqiao, is that the nine-eyed dzi bead you're wearing that was auctioned in our city a while ago?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao had known that her eldest uncle and second uncle wanted this magic antique of theirs.

                She said, "Yes, Eldest Uncle, why? It was auctioned off for one hundred and sixty million dollars at that time, which also set a new price for the domestic dzi bead market."

                Mu Hao immediately added, "That was Shinobu Qiao's own money, I didn't give her any support, so it was entirely up to Shinobu Qiao's own will to bid or not bid on this one."

                When the two female children of the elder and second uncle's family heard that it was Mu Xiaoqiao who had no support or help from her family at all, they were envious and simply jealous, after all, they were just a year apart in age, yet they were both still nibbling on their old age.

                At the same time, they were upset that they would have to be lectured again when they returned, because after all, they were all relatives, and they had been compared to each other since they were children.

                Fortunately, this time she knew that Mu Xiaoqiao had married a son-in-law who was a loser, so she could regain some face.

                Both cousins thought to themselves, "In the future, I'll have to find a rich man, otherwise I won't be able to hold my head up for the rest of my life."

                The eldest uncle rubbed his hands together and asked, "That, can you offer this nine-eyed dzi, to us?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said very plainly, "No."

                The second uncle asked in wonder, "Eh? Why? There are many kinds of dzi beads on the market, so you don't have to have this one, do you? But we have to have this one."

                My second aunt also said, "Yes, Xiaoqiao, we have been relatives for many years, so it is not a big deal. This dzi is an antique magic weapon after all, there are so many alternatives."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Auntie, this nine-eyed dzi bead, which I didn't spend money to auction off, is a token of affection that he gave me, and in itself means something different to me."

                Even if Qin Ming's son-in-law is not here, you are afraid that he might have ears through the wall. So, who is that gentleman? We can call him over and talk."

                Mu Xiaoqiao rolled her eyes speechlessly and said, "Fine, I'll call him over."