Rags To Riches Chapter 397-398

 Chapter 397

Mu Sichen looked at Qin Minglong grabbing his hand and coiling it around her slim waist, forcing her not to go, and seemingly getting angry, faking it for real? He wanted to kiss her, how can this be?

                The students watching around couldn't help but get up in arms, Chen Mulin walked out the door of the restaurant and saw the scene through the glass window and shook her head in direct disappointment, she felt she had been cheated by Qin Ming once again, Qin Ming was a liar!

                Mu Si Chun's buttocks sat between Qin Ming's thighs, not daring to move too coyly as she squinted her eyes in shyness and fear.

                "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, this is not allowed ...... sister will know, she will be angry."

                Mu Si Chun was shy and restless pushing Qin Ming's chest with her hands, but there wasn't much strength is all.

                While the students watching around were greatly irritated, feeling that another flower had been stuck in cow dung, their inner remorse of not daring to make a sound to stop it, let alone go forward to stop it, could only turn into a low growl in their throats.

                "Ooooooh! It's going to be a kiss, it's going to be a kiss."

                "Ohhhhhhh! Is this no more resistance, huh?"

                When he saw that Qin Ming was about to kiss, Qin Ming suddenly changed from a bad smile to an angry expression, "Mu Si Chun you stinky girl ah."

                Qin Ming suddenly slammed his forehead over, hitting Mu Sichen's forehead.


                "Aaaah!" Mu Sichen felt a pain in her head, stars in her eyes, and a spinning sensation in the sky, then her body let go and she stood up with a stumble backwards.

                "Ouch, brother-in-law ......," Mu Sichen covered her forehead and looked at Qin Ming pitifully, "You're bullying me."

                Qin Ming glared angrily, "That's still cheap for you, messing me up all day."

                "Shhh~!" The students around saw that the two didn't kiss, instead they erupted in cheers and boos, as if they were glad that Qin Ming didn't harvest another school girl because he didn't kiss her.

                After today's incident, Qin Ming was inexplicably given the nickname "School Girl Harvester" on the Polytechnic University's school website, and Qin Ming was very depressed.

                When Qin Ming was about to go back to the dormitory, Mu Sichen ran up with a red and swollen forehead: "Brother-in-law, I was wrong, brother-in-law ...... wait for me."

                Qin Ming was not good-natured: "I'm not your brother-in-law, don't call me brother-in-law, I'm done with your sister, ask your father."

                Mu Sichen didn't even know about Qin Ming's fake marriage with Mu Xiaoqiao, so she thought Qin Ming was still angry, she hugged Qin Ming's arm and pouted, "Ah~! Brother-in-law, don't be angry, I was also afraid that you would be charmed by the beauty of that vixen and on impulse, raise a little one outside, I'm saving your reputation, brother-in-law."

                Qin Wei gave her a glance and said, "You and your friend posed as my ex-girlfriend and cried about breaking up, my reputation has been ruined, I'm scum for real."

                "Er ......" Mu Si Chun was said to be unable to refute, and added: "Then, then at least there is no problem with my sister. My sister is known as the number one goddess in Guang City, the men who proposed to her in the past lined up from Pearl River to Xijiang River, as long as those men know that you are my sister's husband, they are guaranteed not to think that way."

                Qin Ming felt that things were really messy in the Mu family, and he asked, "Your father is in? He didn't go to a foreign country to talk business today, did he?"

                Mu Sichen said, "My dad is home every day, he hasn't gone abroad."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted, this Mu Hao, playing cover-up for him all day long, so fine, let's kill the door today and tell the whole story.

                He hummed in triumph, "Alright, let's go, go to your house."

                Mu Si Chun said, "Brother-in-law, you're willing to go home now? Hey, hey, good, you haven't been back for a long time, my mother even said she had treated you badly before, you must be angry now."

                The two of them drove towards the Mu family compound.

                When they arrived at the entrance of the Mu family compound, they found several luxury cars here, which seemed to be guests.

                Qin Ming had also not been to the Mu family compound for two months, and the sculptures and gardens at the entrance were all a bit unfamiliar.

                Thinking back to the time, because of the sudden loss of Nie Haitang and the encounter with that old liar Zhang Quanzhen, he was fooled by him, and Qin Ming's brain took a dive and Qin Ming joined the Mu family to dissolve whatever deadly knot in his fate.

                Fortunately, he was able to help the Mu family and Nie Haitang returned to clear up her misunderstanding and he was able to clear up his relationship with the Mu family.

                He had a good relationship with the Mu family too.

                Aunt Fang was sweeping the floor at the door and was very surprised to see Qin Ming return: "Aunt Yu is back? Madam has been chattering about it for days, saying why hasn't he come back yet? She is very happy tonight."

                Qin Ming secretly felt amused, "Xu Shu Lan would not have been happy before."

                Mu Sichen asked, "Aunt Fang, do you have guests at home today?"

                Aunt Fang said, "Yes, Second Miss, your Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle even have family here."

                Upon hearing this, Mu Sichen immediately put on a disgusted expression and said, "Boring, brother-in-law, I remembered that I have to go to the studio with director Feng to practice with the script, I'll go first."

                After saying that, Mu Sichen wiped her feet and left in a huff.

                Qin Ming even rolled his eyes, this dead girl, she was really an abrasive little demon.

                Qin Ming entered the opulent hall and saw Old Lady Mu and Xu Shu Lan chatting with two teams of old couples of about the same age, and four men and two women, six young ones, about the same age as Qin Ming, gathered together to play games, drink tea and chat.

                Mu Hao was instead absent.

                The eldest uncle, a fat, chubby man who spoke in a medium voice, said in a loud voice, "Eh? Is this Zhaoyang? It doesn't look like it."

                The second uncle, a medium-sized, dark-skinned man, spoke unhurriedly, as if deliberately pressing his voice, and said, "This is Shiao Qiao's husband. Didn't I tell you? Mu Xiaoqiao has secretly gotten married, this is Qin Ming, right? The upstart son-in-law, huh."

                The elder aunt, who was ordinary looking but richly dressed, pulled her voice up in an oh so high tone and said, "So this is Shiao Qiao's husband. He is still a student, why is he dressed in such a rustic way? He's younger than Xiaoqiao. How can you let Xiaoqiao suffer like this, sister? Look at how you've even gotten popular in the capital."

                The second aunt was young, in her thirties, the second wife of the second uncle, and she even looked at Qin Ming without looking at him, crossing her long legs and saying, "Didn't my sister say that when the two were first married? The two's eight characters match, a match made in heaven, and Daoist Master Zhang personally found them to prosper the whole family."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this was a hidden needle in his words, where was the diarrhea? No wonder Mu Sichen had fled, I guess it was not an easy relative to deal with.

                Xu Shulan didn't seem to hear the disdain in these relatives' words, and said happily, "This is true. After Qin Ming joined the family, everything has gotten better for our Mu family. The old man's health is also much better, and the root cause has been identified."

                Qin Ming was about to ask where Mu Hao was when a svelte boy next to his great uncle said, "Hello, my name is Xu Xian. You're lucky, cousin's husband, a mere farmer, you got rich overnight and got a beautiful woman like my cousin as your wife."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, where did this guy get his strong sense of superiority? He questioned, "What's a mere farmer?"

                Xu Xian was stunned, and when he saw that Qin Ming was giving him a temper tantrum, he was also annoyed and said, "What? Did I say something wrong again? Aunt Xu said that your family is a peasant. I didn't mean to mock you, but isn't a peasant just a poor, sour person? Isn't cousin's husband getting rid of his peasant status too?"

                Next to him, his elder uncle said in a deep voice, "Tsk, what's wrong with you, a son-in-law? You don't even greet people when you see them? And you're angry with my children? Remember who you are. Sister, this son-in-law needs a lesson."

Chapter 398

Qin Ming was really depressed, these people were all above the law, arrogant, commonly known as snobs, and because he was poor, it somehow became an excuse to compare ridicule to set them up as superior?

                He was about to get angry when Old Lady Mu, who was leisurely drinking tea at the side, pulled him, gesturing for him to drink his tea and be calm.

                Qin Ming thought, "Let's not argue, let's give the Mu family half face, later when Mu Hao comes back, catch him and tell him everything, then he will leave.

                He didn't want to argue with these unqualified people, so he wouldn't have to disgrace himself.

                Xu Shu Lan said: "Although Xiao Qin is from a peasant background, Xiao Qin is very powerful. Last time Mu Hao's two brothers tried to rebel and cheat the company of money and equity, Zhaoyang was cheated, thanks to Xiao Qin who called the police to catch them back."

                Xu Xiang laughed and said disdainfully, "Aunt Xu, who doesn't know how to call the police? If a person has hands, he will. However, it proves that he is still loyal to the Mu family. It's true, after enjoying the life of a rich family, you can't go back to the poverty of the past."

                It was very hard to listen to Xu Xian's sense of superiority as a self-righteous superior, clearly mocking others and yet saying no, and even more arrogant that this was still in someone else's home.

                The second uncle also did not give Qin Ming a good look and said, "Mu Hao is still superstitious. It's a new era now, all believe in science. Look at this little couple, they've only been married for a short time and they're coming apart, isn't Mu Xiaoqiao rebelling?"

                Xu Shu Lan said, "That's not true, they're on good terms. When she went to the capital to run her company, she was going international, after all, she was doing a luxury brand and had to get in touch with foreign countries to make it big."

                My eldest uncle exclaimed, "Cousin is really capable, she did not rely on her family after graduation, she ran her own business and did a good job, unlike me, who is not a good person, I just nibbled on my old age after graduation and didn't bother to find a job, it really pissed me off."

                He looked at one of the fashionable girls wearing glasses.

                The girl was also grumpy and said angrily, "Dad, what are you talking about me for again? At least I won't find a son-in-law to disgust you, right? At least I won't find a son-in-law to disgust you, right? The boyfriends I know are all rich and well-educated. I won't find a poor man. I don't think so. I don't think so.

                The first uncle said, "Look, you know how to enjoy yourself, but that young master Zhao of the diamond family you met last time, when will you bring him back to see?"

                Xu Shu Lan exclaimed, "Oh, Wan Er has met the young master of the Zhao family? That's an only son, how impressive."

                Xu Wan'er said smugly, "Yes, he's also a PhD graduate from Cambridge University and is worth over ten billion dollars, and has been chasing me, but I have many more options. My man won't be a peasant, let alone a poor man like my cousin's husband. This is something my cousin is not as good as me"

                Qin Ming didn't come already with the grace to think that this wasn't his own family either, so let's give people some face.

                But what was this family doing? Do they look down on the peasants or what? Do you need to use Qin Ming as a negative example to teach your children? Did I provoke you?

                Xu Shulan smiled awkwardly and said, "Although Xiao Qin comes from a poor background, he has good grades and is a senior student at the Polytechnic University, winning scholarships every year."

                Second uncle laughed, "How much can a scholarship be? It's not as much as what we do in business, we earn it in a few minutes, my export foreign trade containers, there are more than thirty containers a day, millions of sales a day."

                The second aunt looked at her daughter and said, "Daughter, do you see? You have to look well to find a man, and you still say that mum often interferes with your love affairs, don't people's cousin's families let their parents decide? Your cousin's husband doesn't know your cousin well either, and just because the eight characters match, he married him. I asked you to liaise more with the noble son of the old Qin family, and you're still not happy about it?"

                The girl from second uncle's family, who was rather innocent looking, said unhappily, "Mom, what are you saying I'm doing? Are you going to force me to marry a loser as a son-in-law, just like Aunt Xu? I'll just die and forget about it."

                Qin Ming was displeased, "Damn you, are you mapping me as a loser?

                The second aunt was equally displeased: "Hey, you child, is the noble son of the old Qin family a loser? They are all better than your cousin's husband, in terms of family, education, looks, cultivation, everything."

                The girl said, "But he's a loser down there. People all over the city are saying that he was attacked two months ago and he's not doing well down there. Whoever sends their daughter there is not pushing her into the fire? A lifetime of widowhood."

                Second aunt lectured, "But they are rich and powerful. What does your cousin's husband have?"

                Qin Ming knocked on the table with a bang and said, "That's enough, you may not give me face when you first meet me. But I have no reason to be insulted by you for nothing. How am I a loser? What's wrong with my ancestors being farmers? Did I provoke you? Please don't make fun of me when you are teaching your children."

                Qin Ming's temper had grown considerably, and he really could not spoil these so-called "relatives".

                However, the first and second uncles did not have the slightest intention to reflect on this, instead they felt that Qin Ming was too unruly.

                The eldest uncle frowned and said, "What? What are you shouting about, you son-in-law? Did we say anything wrong? You're a son-in-law who wants nothing but to cling to the power of the Mu family, that's just too unruly. Our Xu family is also a powerful family in Hai City, and the Mu family is also an old powerful family in Guang City, so the powerful family should talk about rules, and when the elders are talking, you son-in-law should shut up first."

                Xu Xiang scoffed, "Cousin husband, if you want people to look up to you, you have to show us something. Don't talk about your academic performance, won't that make people laugh? You're a son-in-law, you'll have to bring up children for your cousin, what else can you do? Cousin has three years to build a brand name business, can you do that?"

                Another scion said, "Brother, stop it, you have to save face for your cousin's husband."

                Xu Xian disagreed and said, "I'm telling the truth. My cousin's husband can't figure out his own position, and holding on to it is a kind reminder, so that he won't get into trouble later on and be the one who is unlucky. Alas, I know, my words of advice are hard to hear."

                Second uncle also said, "Sister, this son-in-law of yours really lacks education. People are divided into three, six and nine classes, and if you come from a lower class, you have to face the reality, and a son-in-law should serve his daughter's family well."

                Qin Ming had seen many oddballs, and these two families were even more odd, meddling in other people's affairs and acting as if I was justified.

                Xu Shulan listened feeling that something was wrong and found it a little difficult to deal with.

                But Qin Ming saw that she didn't seem too bold to contradict her two brothers and sister-in-law, and had a difficult feeling left and right, as if Xu Shulan had a somewhat lower status in front of her brother and sister-in-law.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "It's another plastic kinship.

                Xu Shulan whispered: "Little Qin, why don't you go back to your room first. Your father has gone to the airport to pick up Xiaoqiao, they will be back later, okay?"

                He was very annoyed, obviously he was right, why should he have to hide?

                But seeing that Xu Shulan was begging him for the first time, and Qin Ming had come to speak to Mu Hao about the divorce, arguing now would make it more awkward for the Mu family later on.

                After shaking his head, Qin Ming agreed, who made him a kinder person.

                He simply made an excuse and went back to his room first.

                As soon as Qin Ming left, the eldest uncle became dissatisfied again and said, "Eh, this son-in-law at home, still takes himself seriously? Gee, when is that Xiao Qiao coming back?"

                Xu Shulan said, "It should be soon, right? What? Did you come all the way here to see her? What's the matter?"

                The eldest and second uncles looked at each other and said, "Yes, there's really something."