Rags To Riches Chapter 395-396

 Chapter 395

Next to the Chaoyang supermarket, in order to highlight the class and supporting catering services, Qin Ming also let Qi Minghui pull some of the current chain of shops that college students like, such as Starbucks, Gong Cha, Bassam pastries, Powerful Crawfish, Colonel Fried Chicken and so on.

                The rent of these food and beverage is also one of the supermarket's income, and Qin Chaoyang will be a proper small boss in the future.

                Compared to the good business of the Chaoyang supermarket, the small supermarket of Zhao Fu Gui's family across the street was deserted, completely empty, its scale and service were completely suppressed, Zhao Fu Gui's mother sat at the door with jealousy written on her whole face.

                Qin Ming sneered indifferently, he could not be blamed for this, capital makes it so, the weak are strong, you are too weak, you can not blame us too strong ah.

                Chen Mulin was surprised to see so many new shops here, "When did so many shops open on this whole road?"

                Qin Ming said, "Yesterday, the mayor came to cut the ribbon, this supermarket is dignified enough, right?"

                Chen Mulin suddenly understood and said, "It's not bad. Does it have anything to do with you?"

                Qin Ming didn't say it explicitly, nor was he annoyed, and said with a harrumph, "No, it's not related."

                Chen Mulin then put on a poker face: "Then why are you so happy? It's like your family owns it. Tell me, what do you want to eat?"

                Qin Ming pointed to the powerful spicy crayfish and said, "I heard that this chain restaurant tastes very good, go and try it out."

                Chen Mulin had no problem with it, after all, she was the one who invited Qin Ming to dinner to say thank you.

                The two had just sat down when they were recognised.

                "Eh, isn't that Chen Mulin from the business school? I heard that Nie Haitang and Bai Yuchun have both transferred to another school. Our Polytechnic University's school girls are really miserable, they are all beautiful and have their own characteristics, but they have been wrecked by Qin Ming, and they have both transferred to another school. Fortunately, our big schoolgirl Chen is clean and does not keep company with scum ...... Huh?"

                "Brother, you read it right, the person next to Chen Mulin is our school's big celebrity, the number one scum of the school network, Qin Ming."

                "My God ...... I wrote ninety-nine love letters to Chen Mulin, she dissuaded back, sent ninety-nine roses, she also did not accept one, I am so handsome, she did not even look at, why that Qin Ming, why ......"

                "What love letters, what roses? When our school's rich second generation Cao Jingcheng directly said, give her a Martha, she did not even nod."

                "Cao Jingcheng fought with Qin Ming for Bai Yuchun, and lost, and seems to have committed something in the summer, all dropped out of school."

                "Grass, the goddess I've been secretly in love with for two years, how dare, how dare she suffer from Qin Ming's poisonous hand?"

                "This Qin Ming, who used to be a good young man who works hard and studies hard when he used to deliver food every day and get a scholarship every year, ended up hooking up with Nie Haitang and became rich and bad."

                "It's over, the three most beautiful goddesses in our school are going to be poisoned by him."

                "Hey, don't you straight guys learn how people pick up girls? Aren't goddesses also women? Scolding others when you don't know how to pick up girls?"

                "You sound like you know a lot about it, right? What experience do you have to pass on?"

                "Haha, well, a goddess is also a woman, just like sand, it will leak out no matter how you grab it, but when you get her wet, you can pose in whatever position you want, no matter what you want?"

                "Crap, is this a hint that our goddess has been taken for first blood? Fuck, Qin Ming, I'm at odds with you."

                Many students from the same school here in the dining hall, gossip spread, after all, Qin Ming is a school net celebrity, all day and night is his rhythm, just Qin Ming rarely school net, also did not take it seriously.

                The people who are familiar with him believe him, not familiar with him, he does not care, so Qin Ming this was black into a scum, he also did not take it seriously.

                In the future, when you go out into society, everything will be different too.

                The more scum you are, the more envied you are.

                Chen Mulin peeked at Qin Ming and said, "Why don't we change places? There's still a lot of gossip here."

                Qin Ming was surprised that Chen Mulin would take his feelings into consideration and shook his head, "It's fine, it's the same everywhere, I can't control other people's mouths either, let them talk."

                When Chen Mulin heard Qin Ming say this, she felt that Qin Ming was mature and had a better feeling about him, she nodded and said, "They don't know you, they are jealous of you."

                The two of them found a seat, and many of the male students of the university let out a wail, feeling that the momentum was gone, they all started to curse Chen Mulin for being blind, how could they have fallen for Qin Ming?

                At this time there were students from other universities in the dining hall, and seeing the dining hall the eyes were drawn to Chen Mulin, and indeed Chen Mulin was one in a hundred beautiful women.

                Although it is said that in the information age, people watch live streams and short videos, they will see all kinds of beautiful women, but those have makeup in addition to beauty, and it's not easy for you to see one or two nice ones in real life.

                Not to mention stunningly beautiful women, that even here in the university town, where there are many young beauties, but Chen Mulin's posture, are also all as rare as pandas, otherwise how can they be touted by the majority of students online as one of the three biggest school girls in Polytechnic University?

                The only thing is that Chen Mulin's personality is usually more "fierce", spirited, and not even the king of the heavens will put in the eyes of the personality, the students do not have a good opinion of her, not as gentle and virtuous Nie Haitang and soft and bullying Bai Yu Chun high.

                However, Qin Ming has known Chen Mulin for some time and thinks that her "fierceness" is actually a bit false, but she is only fierce to people with no background or identity.

                But she is still a kind person, but she has too many bad friends around her, which has brought her down.

                The two of them ignored the others and ordered their own food, chatting about everything.

                She was tenth in her year at the business school, just in time to squeeze Bai Yuchun out of the scholarship ranking.

                The average person just looks at Chen Mulin's usual appearance, fashionable and glamorous, looks all that good, still need to study so hard?

                But Chen Mulin she is really a female academic bully, the two can talk about learning to talk, is also enough of a surprise.

                Qin Ming also finally understood why Zhao Meng Hua wanted to set the two up in the first place, if the old Qin Ming, Chen Mulin might really be suitable, both of them share the same interest, studying.

                However, now Qin Ming just treats Chen Mulin as a general friend.

                The two chatted so much that before they knew it an hour had passed, an hour of a meal that really could have eaten the bowl, and they were still talking.

                Qin Ming didn't notice that in front of his position on the left, a pretty girl wearing a black duck-tongue hat, denim shorts and a white tunic was taking crazy pictures of them.

                That little beauty was screaming vicious curses out of her mouth, "Damn, damn, you bitch, vixen, seducing my brother-in-law while my sister is away, this young lady will get you killed and send the evidence to my sister."

                The other girls at the table wondered, "What's wrong with Si Chun? You still have problems with the school beauty of the Polytechnic University, huh?"

                Another exclaimed, "No, the designated sole school flower of our opera school, Miss Mu, wouldn't also like that Qin Ming from Polytechnic University, would she? That guy is quite famous in Polytechnic University, and all of them have a negative impression. Is it really true that if a man isn't bad, a woman doesn't love him?"

                A third girlfriend said in surprise, "Great, great, our Miss Mu is also going to fall in love?"

                Mu Sichen gritted her teeth and said, "What are you guys talking about? It's not what you're talking about. Anyway, I don't see them well. What do you guys say?"

                The three girls from Guangdong Opera University looked at each other and smiled at each other, "What else do you need to say? We've learnt to act."

                The corners of Mu Si Chun's mouth lifted into a sly smile as she lowered her head and began to discuss, "This, this ...... and then this ......"

Chapter 396

The reason that Qin Ming and Chen Mulin can talk about the economist exam questions for an hour is simply because both of them have taken the exam.

                If other people in Qin Ming's dorm were here, they would have thought they were both crazy. It's okay if you don't talk about luxury cars and brand names, at least talk about movies and stars, etc., but you can actually talk about studying? It's like spitting blood. Are you a straight man with advanced cancer? Would a girl like that?

                The result is that Chen Mulin really likes it and even asked Qin Ming for advice on some topics, which Qin Ming was not expecting.

                In fact, Qin Ming was quite good at coaxing girls. When Nie Haitang was with him in the past, Qin Ming found that Nie Haitang liked shopping and sports, and he never talked to Nie Haitang about any studies, but only went with her to eat, drink and have fun.

                Chen Mulin's interest surprised him, as befits a female academic.

                Chen Mulin also became more and more interested in Qin Ming, feeling that she really regretted too much for not getting to know him properly before. She found out that Qin Ming not only got good grades, but also talked quite humorously.

                However, when the two of them were about to sit down, Mu Si Chun, who found out that Qin Ming was suspected of "cheating" on her, was furious.

                If it were a normal girl, Mu Sichen would be at ease. Her sister, Mu Xiaoqiao, is a beautiful woman, so she is not worried about being competitive and is most likely Qin Ming's normal friend.

                But Chen Mulin was obviously also beautiful, then it was hard to say if Qin Ming could keep the bottom line, so she was anxious that her brother-in-law might have cheated on her.

                She immediately took photos of the two of them talking and laughing and sent them to Mu Xiaoqiao, who was far away in Beijing to start her own business, to sue her husband for cheating on her.

                Mu Si Chun exchanged glances with her best girlfriends and said, "Xiao You help me shoot, sisters, it's time to test your acting skills."

                Several girls nodded with determined eyes and moved off one by one.

                The first girl in the pleated skirt walked up to Qin Ming and immediately put on a surprised, incredulous expression, covering her small mouth that was about to cry with one hand and pointing at Qin Ming with the other.

                "You, you guys, Qin Ming you ...... are actually having other women outside behind my back? So what you said about not being free is to have dinner with other women, scum, break up. Woooo ......"

                After the girl finished, tears spilled out in a straight line, that emotional outburst, definitely not like a fake.

                The chatting Qin Ming are stunned, no, around the dinner students are stunned, this girl is in what?

                The girl is doing what?

                The key is that this girl looks pretty good, her voice is loud and her emotions are on point, so it's hard not to get noticed.

                The second girl in the yellow dress then arrived, pointing at Qin Ming and crying out, covering half of her face and choking: "You slept with me yesterday and broke up today, so you have a new love. Qin Ming, you are cruel, break up, break up, the underwear you gave me, back to you."

                With that, the long-haired girl with tears on her face reached into her clothes and somehow managed to pull out a bra that was still warm and threw it directly in front of Qin Ming, then turned her head and walked away.

                This action provoked a gasp from the surrounding students, this is practiced ah? Through his clothes, he could still take off the underwear inside without going naked?

                "Tsk, who is this guy? Those two girls just now are quite pretty."

                "Men are all horny, cheating one after the other."

                "My god, this Qin Ming is too good at picking up girls, isn't he? Not to mention the beautiful girls from our school, those are students from the University of Opera next door."

                "Oh no, our goddess from the Polytechnic University is going to be sad, this Qin Ming is a scourge."

                Qin Ming was speechless, what was this all about?

                Chen Mulin was also shocked, even if you want to say one, you still have two? Could it be that Qin Ming was hiding deep? How could he have contact with a girl from another school?

                The school girl from the University of Opera next door, Mu Si Chun, had come to see Qin Ming in person, but he hadn't explained himself.

                Chen Mulin grabbed the cup that was still warm and asked, "Qin Ming, what's going on? How many girlfriends do you have? It doesn't make sense for them to target you for nothing, right?"

                Chen Mulin was a little lost inside, she had only just gotten a little bit attached to Qin Ming, yet she had solid proof that Qin Ming was a slag, why was this man like this every time?

                She was suddenly in a messy mood, completely devoid of the relief and happiness she had felt during the chat earlier.

                Qin Ming was about to vomit blood, how many girlfriends could he have? Those few didn't even know each other ah.

                "Ahem, huh!" Coldly, a familiar petulant hum, Mu Si Chun's eyes widened, nuzzling her cherry lips, arms crossed, legs spread, looking down at Qin Ming, and then at Chen Mulin.

                She asked directly, "What's going on? Who are you? Don't you know that Qin Ming is my boyfriend? How shameless are you? Don't you know that he has a famous man?"

                After saying that, Mu Sichen sat directly on Qin Ming's lap with her buttocks, then flirtatiously crossed her legs, hooked her jade arms enchantingly around Qin Ming's shoulders, and deliberately made a kissing sound in Qin Ming's ear, "Boo."


                This hotel student part-time spit blood, another extremely beautiful woman, but also sitting on Qin Ming's lap, that intimate action, to be okay, it is a lie.

                Qin Ming got it, he was being set up by this dead girl again.

                Qin Ming questioned in annoyance, "What are you doing, Mu Sichen? Come down quickly, what have you become? It's a misunderstanding."

                Mu Sichen deliberately did not come down, she twisted her little waist and said, "Mmm~! Qin Ming, you're so bad, we're all family now, what's the fear of misunderstanding? If you move on so quickly, my sister and I will be sad. Did she, the fox spirit, use some kind of spell on you?"

                Qin Ming knew that Mu Si Chun was messing around, but there was nothing he could do about it, so he couldn't be violent with her, could he?

                Chen Mulin also had an ugly look on her face, the pointing of the students around her was making her look bad.

                "Crap, I didn't expect Chen Mulin to be tricked too, huh?"

                "I guess they've all been played by Qin Ming."

                "A flower rotting on cow dung."

                It was very hard for Chen Mulin to listen to all sorts of crazy talk, she stood up with a scuffle, she bit her lip and said, "Qin Ming, you've let me down too much."

                Qin Ming had wanted to chase after her, but on second thought, in this way, Chen Mulin wouldn't have to tangle with him so much in the future.

                That was not bad at all.

                Once he figured this out, Qin Ming was not in a hurry instead, he returned the hug and wrapped his arms around Mu Si Chun, saying, "Baby, you're here?"

                Mu Sichen suddenly had a jolt, and her body was electrified, as Qin Ming's hand wrapped around her waist, making her a little sensitive.

                Mu Sichen hurriedly said, "Brother-in-law, that vixen has run away, let me down quickly."

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "Why should I put you down? Didn't you say my girlfriend? My girlfriend is sitting on my lap."

                Mu Sichen was furious and tried to struggle, but she was stuck in position by the table and she twisted a few times, instead she felt that familiar thing under her buttocks against her, which scared her delicate body.

                Mu Si Chun's mind suddenly recalled the last time the two of them had escaped a kidnapping together in a car, when she had sat on Qin Ming's buttocks and driven over a bumpy road, the strange way Qin Ming had pounded wildly through her skirt.

                Her cheeks instantly flushed crimson and she bit her lip, "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, I was wrong. I, I ...... I did it for my sister, to keep an eye on you and keep other bad women away from you."

                Qin Ming looked behind him, there was another girl with a mobile phone recording, Qin Ming knew it was with Mu Si Chun.

                He was also getting angry and said, "Come on baby, let's kiss and send the video to your sister to see who is hitting on your brother-in-law?"

                "Ah, brother-in-law, no, brother-in-law ......"

                Mu Si Chun was so scared that she lost her face, Qin Ming backhanded her over, his arms were so strong that he couldn't allow her to break free.

                Qin Ming pretended to look like he was forcibly kissing her in public, Mu Sichen looked at Qin Ming's eyes, she was a little lost and swallowed again, her heart thumping faster, she actually forgot to resist.

                She put her small hand on her chest, pressing down her nervous heart room, squinting in fear, looking as if she didn't dare to resist, afraid.

                The students in the restaurant were shocked and their mouths grew wide. Another goddess was about to be killed?

                Wasn't anyone going to stop it?