Rags To Riches Chapter 391-392

 Chapter 391

"What the hell? Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan's family members are making a big fuss about the hospital?"

                Qin Ming saw the message from the three brothers in the dormitory, he was very puzzled, their families don't take care of their children, what's the fuss about? Did the hospital offend them?

                Qin Ming rushed to the hospital and only when he arrived did he find the place quite crowded with reporters and hilarious people.

                Here in the ward, several excited parents were pulled away by the security guards.

                Qin Ming didn't know any of them, but seeing the people Liang Shaoyong was protecting, he thought they should be Zhao Menghua's parents, who were all scratched and bruised on their faces, and were very helpless and embarrassed.

                An older woman viciously pointed at the people and scolded: "It's all because of your daughters, with their low-mindedness and desire to cling to the powerful, that they were given the opportunity to be taken advantage of by the crooks. As a result, they even dragged our daughter into the water. If it wasn't for her, a gold-digging girl, would my daughter have taken that drug? Would she have been cheated?"

                Next to her, an older woman scolded after her, "A university student? And a schoolgirl? It's bad luck to have such a girl. My daughter was cheated because of her."

                "Hand over the person and give an explanation."

                "Vermin, come out, the nest is inside, I'll sue you."

                "Yes, don't think she's a victim too, she's an accomplice, we're the victims."

                These few uncles and aunts yelled and yelled, the hospital ward was buzzing with activity outside, and some other family members were talking to the reporters one after another about how miserable their children were, how innocent they were, how good they were on a daily basis, and how they were all brought down by Zhao Menghua.

                Qin Ming frowned, what are these people doing? How could they blame Zhao Menghua for this kind of thing?

                A slap on the wrist doesn't ring a bell, it's not because Gao Ping and the girls are gold-digging and want to meet rich people?

                The parents of Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan, together with the other victim girls' accelerators, came together to make trouble and demanded that Zhao Meng Hua take responsibility and pay compensation. They want Zhao Meng Hua to take responsibility and pay compensation, saying that Zhao Meng Hua has brought their daughters down. Isn't this bullshit? Just the two gold-digging girls, Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan, tsk ...... some of the others are irrelevant yet."

                Qin Ming asked, "Has School Sister Zhao woken up?"

                Zhao Liniu said, "It's not bad, she has regained consciousness. She regrets what she did, she said she originally applied for a job as a lecturer's assistant at Cao Wei's company, but ended up accidentally drinking the water handed to her by that interviewer, Cao Wei, and after that her mind was in a daze, she believed whatever Cao Wei said, for about half a month."

                "During this half month, Cao Wei used Sister Zhao to set up many downlines and pulled many girls into their fraudulent company, many girls were cheated out of their money, and it so happened that all those people were Sister Zhao's former friends."

                Qin Ming hesitantly asked, "Did Sister Zhao suffer a loss?"

                Zhao Liniu said, "This misunderstanding is explained. During the summer holidays, Sister Zhao was really all about finding a job, so she seldom contacted Yong Shao. Moreover, Cao Wei was so busy setting up the scam that he never touched her, so she didn't suffer a loss either, which is fortunate among all misfortunes."

                Qin Ming nodded, Cao Wei said the same thing when he begged for mercy last night, Zhao Menghua did not suffer a big loss, but Cao Wei used Zhao Menghua, hitched a lot of her friends and cheated a lot of money.

                Qin Ming asked again, "What did Young Yong say?"

                Zhao Liniu said, "Young Yong has forgiven her and she has made up with him. But because she is under the influence of drugs, her mental state is a bit poor and it may take her a while to recover."

                Qin Ming looked at the doorway where Liang Shaoyong was blocking it to death to prevent these family members from rushing in and harassing Zhao Meng Hua.

                Qin Ming approached the bedside and asked, "Sister Zhao, are you feeling better?"

                Zhao Menghua smiled gratefully, "Qin Ming, thank you for coming to see me, I am to blame for turning into this state, I did not take precautions."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, Sister Zhao, those crooks can't get away with the death penalty."

                Zhao Menghua bowed her head in pain, "I don't want to care about them, it's just that my friends ...... are all because of me, I have harmed them."

                Qin Ming comforted: "Zhao schoolmate, you do not say so, can not be all your fault. Several of yesterday's are fine, the police are still very helpful. By the way, weren't you also tricked by that woman called Ma Rui? You're a victim too."

                Zhao Meng Hua sighed: "It's true that Ma Rui introduced me to that fraudulent company, because I kept hitting a brick wall looking for a job over the summer, and she said that I could work as an assistant and earn 13,000 a month, so I was tempted to go. But I can't afford to hate her, she is worse than me, was cheated of sex and money, was rescued and came to her senses, the whole person are, are ...... ugh."

                Qin Ming also thought deeply, a girl encountered that kind of cheating money and sex, afterwards must not be a mental breakdown? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                Zhao Meng Hua asked again, "Qin Ming, I heard from the police that you had a part in saving us?"

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "It wasn't me, it was Young Yong who fought with that Cao Wei, and before he fainted, he pulled me to death and told me to make sure I saved you."

                Zhao Meng Hua looked happily towards the door, she knew her boyfriend was someone worth trusting and said, "Anyway, thank you, Yong is really so lucky to know a good brother like you."

                "Oops!" As soon as the words left their mouths, Liang Shaoyong and Zhao Menghua's parents were shoved in and fell to the ground.

                There were too many family members of the victims, indiscriminately, all looking for Zhao Menghua to come over, and they rushed over while cursing.

                "That's her, the gold-digging, slutty, filthy bitch."

                "My daughter has been returned to you, you are responsible."

                "My son was cheated too, a full fifty thousand dollars, you vicious woman, you cheated even your classmates."

                "What's a classmate? I'm even related to her? Who are you cheating but your relatives? Zhao Menghua, are you ashamed of your cousin?"

                The family members were so excited that Sun Zhipeng and Zhao Liniu couldn't stop them.

                Zhao Menghua was so frightened that she raised the quilt and dared not look at these people, and apologised repeatedly, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

                The agitated parents cursed, "Apologies are useful, what do you need the police for?"

                Someone swung a hose and hit them. The security guards were too late to help because there were too many families.


                Liang Shaoyong limit a flying lunge, blocking Zhao Menghua in front of him, his head was broken by a stick, blood flowing.

                Liang Shaoyong gritted his teeth and endured the pain as he said, "Xiao Ming, go away. It's dangerous."

                Qin Ming was so annoyed when he saw his good brother being beaten up like this.

                As soon as he dodged the hose, he hit back with a stick on the front, and with a bang, the uncle who had just done it was also beaten to the point of breaking through and bleeding, falling to the ground and unable to stand up.

                The crowd was stunned, they were all pushing, shoving and abusing, they had thought that Qin Ming and these people were good bullies, they wouldn't dare to fight back even if they did, how could they expect Qin Ming to be a violent temper ah, say strike.

                When they saw Qin Ming's fierceness, they took a few steps back in fear.

                Qin Ming pointed at these people and cursed: "This is a medical disturbance, you don't want to look for the liar to defend your rights, but for other victims? Does this make sense? Would your children have fallen for the scam if they weren't looking for money? How simple is that scammer? Why do you take them to meet rich people, rich kids, rich single businessmen, and catch them every time? Is it because your children want money? Don't you think about it, are all those rich people and rich kids that easy to catch?"

                That's the reasoning, we all understand that, but aren't these people making a scene, tossing and turning, also for money? They want Zhao Menghua's family to compensate and make a fortune.

                Suddenly, an older woman pointed at Qin Ming and scolded, "Who are you? Who are you to stand up and speak for her? You're standing there talking. If Zhao Meng Hua hadn't introduced her, my daughter wouldn't have fallen for the scam. Get out of our way."

                "Yes, get out of the way." A group of family members said in unison, but they didn't dare to use force this time, but their mouths were still strong.

                Qin Ming was about to speak when a few police officers came outside and angrily scolded, "Get out, what do you all look like? Do you know who he is? He is your benefactor!"

Chapter 392

"What's your status? What do you care about our business?"

                "Who are you? Who are you to stand up for her? Are you an accomplice?"

                "Her Zhao Menghua lured our child to some fraudulent company, listened to some fraudulent lecture, and was forced to drink that drug, and this is just going to go away?"

                Faced with the frothing at the mouth of these family members, Zhao Menghua's parents were both hurt and pushed aside, Liang Shaoyong even covered his bleeding forehead, and no one else quite dared to come up and touch the bad luck.

                But Qin Ming is a man of few virtues, except that he is a man of righteousness, and when his friend is in trouble, he cannot ignore it.

                With a bloodstained iron bar in his hand, he stood in front of the hospital bed and stared blankly at them.

                While the two sides were at loggerheads, the police finally arrived, led by a female officer in a pretty uniform who scolded: "Get out, what do you think you're doing? Do you know who he is? He is the benefactor of your children!"

                The agitated parents were confused and asked, "What's going on?"

                "Officer Sun, why are you here?"

                "Officer Sun, what do we you mean by that?"

                "How is he our child's benefactor now?"

                The person who had arrived at the news was none other than Sun Changxi, standing out from the crowd in a valiant manner, walking with the grace of the police force's flower.

                She was dressed in a dark blue uniform with a flower on her shoulder, a bar and two stars, which was expected to become a bar and three stars soon.

                She came in front of Qin Ming, but inexplicably remembered that intimate contact between the two of them in the hot spring female soup pool at the hotel last night, her wheat-coloured cheeks inexplicably tinged with a blush, she bit her lips and hummed, "Qin Ming, it's you again, you're everywhere, you're really capable of making trouble."

                Qin Ming said playfully, "I didn't smell Sister Chang Xi's smell, so I came to squat?"

                Qin Ming was just joking, but the slightly ambiguous tone of his voice caused the memory of the two of them cuddling together in the hot spring last night and their intimate contact to flash back in Sun Changxi's mind.

                Immediately annoyed, Sun Changxi said, "Imbecile, be serious, stand at attention!"

                Perhaps because of his authority as a police officer, Qin Ming immediately gave him a standard stand.

                Only then did Sun Changxi turn back around and say to these emotional family members, "Uncles and aunties, you have seen me this morning. I took over this case and I was involved in the arrests. This Qin Ming student, he once stumbled upon a criminal gang running a scam and provided me with clues to help our police solve the case, taking a lot of credit."

                "Especially the three masterminds, who originally escaped through a special channel, it was Qin Ming who provided clues for our police to successfully capture the masterminds."

                "So Qin Ming also has a big part to play in the successful rescue of so many victims this time."

                "Especially the dozen of girls who were cheated last night, they were very lucky that they didn't lose too much and Qin Ming students were of great help."

                Sun Changxi's words worked very well, saying that all these uncles and aunties were silent, so this handsome young man was a great man.

                Yes, Qin Ming was the one who gave the police clues and helped them catch the criminals and save your children, so do you still have the nerve to make a fuss here?

                At this moment, at the door of the ward, Gao Ping came over with a hanging bottle and said: "Mom, you guys come back quickly, don't lose recognition. Or Qin Ming had warned us before that the other party was a fraud, we were the ones who didn't listen to him, I regret it to death."

                Song Qiuyan also came over with a drip, and she said, "Dad, Mom, don't lose face. Come back quickly. No one else is to blame for this, we were the ones who were too easily fooled."

                Qin Ming was very surprised, these two women had unprecedentedly not targeted Qin Ming?

                When Gao Ping saw Qin Ming looking over, she said with great gratitude, "Qin Ming, I heard Mu Ling say that you even found someone to lurk in the lecture in order to save us. Thank you Qin Ming, I always looked down on you before, after this incident, I know I was wrong, I shouldn't have discriminated against you. Anyway, thank you, I'll treat you to dinner later when I have time."

                Song Qiuyan was not so talkative, she also slightly owed her body and said, "Thank you, Qin Ming. I'm sorry for what happened before, aren't you someone who is always generous? Don't bother with me, okay?"

                Qin Ming's mood was inexplicably a little touched, these two girls used to target him in particular.

                Once they saw him, or played together, they were like beggars, all kinds of sneers, all kinds of gold-digging, bragging about the rich second generation, but I never thought that after this incident, they would change their views on Qin Ming?

                What a rarity.

                This is perhaps growth, people will always change, for the better or for the worse.

                For them to be able to say such things in front of so many people, how is it not a kind of growth?

                With all the parties involved coming over, it would be even more untenable for these victims' families to continue to make trouble.

                Qin Ming dropped the iron bar in his hand and said, "Uncles and aunties, Miss Zhao is also a victim, she was also tricked by her friends, we should target the perpetrators, not the innocent victims."

                Those family members looked at each other with covetous faces, knowing that there was no point in making a scene, and that they would not be able to ask for compensation, so they slowly dispersed.

                Seeing this, Zhao Liniu gave Qin Ming a thumbs up and said, "Xiao Ming, you're still great. I feel like you can't beat anything now."

                Qin Ming said, "It's nothing, a small thing."

                Zhao Menghua's parents walked over excitedly and took Qin Ming's hand, "This student, thank you, thank you for saving my daughter."

                Qin Ming said, "Uncle Zhao, Auntie Zhao, don't say such things, I've known Zhao for a long time, we are all friends, it's only right to help each other. Besides, Young Yong and I are also good brothers, he was also very brave yesterday in order to save Sister Zhao, he was beaten up by the leader of that crook, but he didn't even give up, saving Sister Zhao, Young Yong also helped a lot."

                Liang Shaoyong, who was covering his head at the side, grinned awkwardly, Qin Ming always helped him in front of Zhao Menghua's family, wasn't it to help him build goodwill?

                A good brother, no second thoughts.

                The matter on the ward side was dealt with and order was restored.

                Sun Changxi gave Qin Ming a "fierce" glare and said, "Come out here."

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "Sister Changxi, are you interrogating me? I haven't committed any crime, have I?"

                Sun Changxi grunted in annoyance, "I'm inviting you for coffee, but you don't appreciate it?"

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Of course I will."

                Outside the hospital, Sun Changxi bought a can of cold drink and threw it at Qin Ming, questioning, "Tell me honestly what happened last night after you were kidnapped by Cao Wei? And, how did you know that the hotel in that suburb had an old underground driveway? How did you catch the three heads?"

                Qin Ming said, "Isn't it a coincidence? When Cao Wei grabbed me to go, he collided with that Professor Fu's car, and they all passed out, so I tied them up and left."

                Sun Changxi was not happy, "Can you lie to me about that? I still wanted to investigate, but the top wouldn't let me, and the case was to be finalised long ago, without discussing you at all? I think you are still a student and don't want to make your name public. But how can you explain to me clearly in private?"

                Qin Ming said, "Since the case has been finalised, isn't that the end of it? What are you obsessing about, Sister Chang Xi?"

                In his heart, Qin Ming wanted to say that he wouldn't be dwelling on the money of those few crooks, would he? Qin Ming did not want to spit out the several hundred million he had eaten.

                However, Sun Changxi's reply took him quite by surprise as she said, "This was a collective action by our police, and I actually only protected a dozen hostages. Because of you, I ended up taking the most credit and I deserve it."

                Sun Changxi touched a bar and flower on her shoulder, and really looked ashamed.

                Qin Ming greatly appreciated this kind of attitude of Sun Changxi, not being proud or complacent, he said, "It's useless for me to receive the credit, so I might as well give it to Sister Changxi. Sister Changxi, you are also really capable, so you can take it as my compensation."

                Sun Changxi wondered, "Compensation? What are you compensating me for? Hmph, if you're going to mention what happened in the hot spring last night, I don't want compensation, I want you to be responsible for me!"

                Qin Ming was stunned, responsible? No, right? What could he be responsible for?