Rags To Riches Chapter 39-40

 Chapter 29

At 7pm, a row of bullet-proof luxury cars pulled up in front of the courtyard of the villa at the top of Cloud Hill.

On either side of the villa stood a number of black-clad bodyguards, looking very warily at the limousines. The people who came down were all their colleagues from the beginning, and although they were all their own people, the bodyguards knew in their hearts that there was a heavy smell of gunpowder tonight.

Xuan Yuan Wu for, the captains of the eighteen hunting teams stood before the bronze doors of the courtyard.

"Hmph, knowing we would come and still cowering inside, this young master has a lot of guts. I, Money Leopard, despise him." Money Leopard, the captain of the third team, said contemptuously.

Team Four Captain Bi Yuan laughed and said; "Leopard, curb your violent temper, it's possible that Elder Chang is also peeking in here."

At the mention of Chang Lao, that money leopard immediately shrank his neck and looked around, was there another hidden camera somewhere and was Chang Lao actually watching the live broadcast?

Xuanyuan Wu walked forward and said to the bodyguard watching the door "Xuanyuan Wu and the captains of the hunting team are here to apologise to the young master, please give us a chance to explain."

As soon as the words left his mouth, Qin Ming came out and said from afar "Elder Xuan, if you want to resign, a notice will do, you don't need to come to me personally to say it."

Qin Ming came out, Song Ying on his left and Ah Long on his right, his face was calm, although he did not have the powerful aura of Xuan Yuan Wu, he was still unperturbed by the changes.

Xuan Yuan Wu and the others all took a step forward and looked at Qin Ming. After all, the Qin Ming in the photo was rather ordinary and plain, and also because of poverty, her face revealed a lack of confidence and confusion at that time.

The current Qin Ming, on the other hand, already had a certain temperament and posture as a superior person, especially as he acted in a low profile and was good at hiding.

This was a habit, and this habit made Xuan Yuan Wu, old journeymen who were used to seeing big scenes and had met many people, unable to see through Qin Ming, who gave them a feeling that they could not speculate.

After all of them had looked at Qin Ming, Xuan Yuan Wu took the lead and said in unison, "Greetings, young master."

Xuan Yuan Wu took another step forward and said, "This time we have come to pay our respects to Young Master, but we have delayed his daily plans because we did not have a unified location, Xuan Yuan Wu apologizes to Young Master."

Qin Ming smiled playfully and said, "You don't have to be polite, Old Xuan, it's just a meal, I won't mind. Besides, soon you won't be part of my Huan Yu Century Group anymore, so why be so polite?"

The money leopard was annoyed and suddenly crossed over to Xuan Yuan Wu and said, "I'm really angry with you, what do you mean by this strange tone? Old Chang is still here and you want to exclude dissidents?"

As soon as Jin Qian Bao finished speaking, he was pulled back by the others.

Qin Ming's heart was pleased, this reckless man, he came up and revealed his horse's foot.

Qin Ming tilted his head and said in a low voice "Dissidents? Who are you calling a dissident, Jin Qian Bao? So, you guys are not on the same page as me? Aren't you all working for the group?"

The golden money leopard open mouth, will not say, a moment for a moment is not easy to explain, but he understands in his head is the same thing, one day the son of heaven, one day the minister, to take them all Chang Hongxi old days of the old ministry.

Xuan Yuan Wu said badly, this young master is not as easy to fool as he thought, although young, but seems to have quite a city, money leopard this reckless man was trapped.

Qin Ming seized the opportunity to continue to take control of the conversation, said "I have read your information, eighteen teams of hunting teams, the average age of each captain and vice captain is forty. The oldest one, Xuan Lao, has worked hard for the group all his life and has even stopped three bullets for my righteous father. How can I bear to let him work so hard? What's wrong with me arranging for Old Man Xuan's retirement? Could it be that I want you old and meritorious people to enjoy your lives well, that is excluding dissent?"

The crowd was silent for a while, the arrangement seemed quite good, the words made it impeccable, and for you to nitpick was to deliberately nitpick.

But in reality, isn't it just asking you to surrender the power in your hands? But this is the art of language.

The golden leopard said loudly again, "Bullshit, you are taking away power. Old Man Xuan hasn't even said he's retiring yet. Besides, Old Man Xuan is old and I am only thirty-five, am I big? What do you mean you're sacking us all? If you don't make it clear, I won't commit ......"

Pa, Xuan Lao gave a slap to the past, hitting Money Leopard and immediately shutting up.

Xuan Yuan Wu smiled slightly and said "Young Master, Money Leopard is a rough man, straight talking, I hope Young Master is generous and forgives him for this slip of the tongue."

Qin Ming looked to the side of his body and laughed at Money Leopard and the other youngsters, "You? You? In my eyes, you are not good enough. I am afraid that if I am in danger, none of you will be able to protect me. On the contrary, I have just found a man who has returned from the army, he is a good fighter and is also cheap, only 300,000 a month.

After hearing this, Ah Long immediately stepped forward.

The captains of the teams had darkened their faces, they were all at the mouth of the sword, living by the bullets, the work of escorting and hunting was full of danger, each captain had a real skill, who could easily convince others?

Especially when Qin Ming openly mocked them for not being able to protect Qin Ming, this was a humiliation to their professionalism.

Qin Ming could see the anger in the crowd's eyes and felt that the fire was not enough, so he had to continue to fan the flames.

He also deliberately said "The captains of team 17, team 13, team 15, team 8, team 2 and team 1 don't need to fight, after all, you are all over 50 years old, so I have to respect my seniors."

With these words, the captains of the hunting teams completely exploded, the more Qin Ming belittled them, the harder it was for them to suppress their inner rage.

But Qin Ming also had the strength, because Qin Ming had already tested Ah Long's strength again just now. All the first-tier domestic bodyguards in the villa, more than twenty of them in total, surrounded Ah Long at the same time, and Ah Long had beaten more than twenty of them in five minutes.

Song Ying commented that Ah Long was no better than the captain of the hunting team, almost as good as her.

But Ah Long modestly said that he hadn't really done it yet, and that he wasn't at his peak now as a soldier, and his strength had slipped a lot.

Qin Ming was overjoyed at that moment, one fight against twenty was so easy, this was the rhythm of picking up a soldier king for nothing?

Now Qin Ming let Ah Long compete with these people, just to kill their prestige and give them a downward spiral.

How do you tame an unruly wild horse? Then you have to ride it underneath you, ride it to its heart's content.

Xuan Yuan Wu and the others took a few steps back and gathered together to discuss countermeasures.

Someone said with regret, "This is a big deal, the young master is determined to drive us away. I should have known better than to be so rude in the first place."

Others said, "There's no point in talking about it, this young master is not as fancy as we thought, but rather calculating. If we can't take it, he'll have an excuse to use it as an excuse."

Bi Yuan said "That one called Ah Long, I don't think he's simple, he looks like an avenger back from the battlefield, his aura, similar to some of the top special forces of Rice I used to see when I was a mercenary in Syria, very dangerous."

The money leopard pooh-poohed "Damn it, it's just a fuck? I've never been afraid of anyone."

Xuan Yuan Wu said in a deep voice "Brothers, this is the young master's way of giving us a downward spiral, since the young master has found a fighter, we have to take it, close combat is the basic skill of every one of our hunting team, if we can't even win this, we will really lose face. Bi Yuan, you do it. We can all trust your skills."

The crowd turned their heads to look at Bi Yuan at the same time. Bi Yuan was relatively young, only twenty-seven years old, and was a disciple of the former captain of the fourth team, who had once worked as a mercenary, and had also served as a guard for some South American national leaders.

Bi Yuan nodded and said, "No problem. I'll do it."

In front of the villa gate, the crowd gave way to an open space, and Ah Long and Bi Yuan were ten paces apart, the two masters' eyes flashing with a cold aura.

Chapter 30

Inside a conference room in a high-rise in Dubai, Chang Hongxi was hanging from a bottle, his eyes deeply sunken into his skeleton, but he was in quite good spirits as he watched the live projection.

Wasn't the live broadcast about Qin Ming and Xuan Yuan Wu and the others battling it out in a tit-for-tat match at the entrance to the Cloud Peak Villa in Guangzhou, China?

Chang Hongxi smiled and said to the old butler at the side "Uncle Duan, hey, where did this brat find an expert, he looks like he was a soldier, he probably has some experience."

Uncle Duan smiled and said, "This is probably the young master's chance. But the young master's choice to fight hard and conquer these people through hard means is a bit like you back then, Master."

Chang Hongxi laughed and said, "Really? That proves I have a good eye. Hey, I like the good temper. But one must also have a temper to sit in my position to suppress that adulterous couple and those wild sons, hmph."

The entrance to the villa at the top of Cloud Mountain.

Team Four captain Bi Yuan swung his fist, stepping on the inch and rushing towards Ah Long, throwing a tentative punch.

Ah Long's eyes raised, although it was a tentative punch from his opponent, he could see that Bi Yuan's punch was very strong and sharp, and he would be seriously injured if he wasn't careful.

"Good guy, a ruthless character with a hundred battles under his belt." Ah Long inwardly marvelled.

With the strength of his arm, he roughly shook off the tentative punch and grabbed it sideways with his cross hand, a military body bully punch, while he exposed an arm covered with scars.

The captains exclaimed, "Someone from the army?"

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

They could see that this Ah Long was a long-standing special warrior, not one of those ordinary war veterans.

But instead of backing down and dodging, Ah Long fought hard, not losing in strength, pressing Bi Yuan's lower stance with faster speed, his legs flying fast and hard, counter-pressing with stronger speed.

In a few moments, Bi Yuan failed to counterattack and was even hit in the armpit by a punch from Ah Long, which immediately caused Bi Yuan to lose his right hand and stagger back as his body lost its weight.


The captains and vice-captains of the hunting team exclaimed as Bi Yuan was battered and retreated wildly, finally falling to the ground.

Ten minutes in and Ah Long was finished.

After winning, Ah Long quietly retreated, giving the stage to Qin Ming.

Qin Ming approached Bi Yuan and looked at him with a condescending stance.

Bi Yuan was a little chagrined and ashamed that he had lost. His annual salary of over ten million dollars a year within the group, with countless extra benefits from conquering the sands, had lost to a new bodyguard who had just come in. Although the job of the hunting squad was not just to compete with people one-on-one, they all lived by fighting and would not make excuses for themselves.

The crowd thought Qin Ming was about to taunt, but instead Qin Ming extended his hand to Bi Yuan, the captain of the fourth team.

Bi Yuan was stunned and inexplicably touched in his heart. Finally, after a moment's hesitation, he reached over and stood up with Qin Ming's strength.

Qin Ming then said, "What? Now you believe me, right? I've read your profiles, and Bi Yuan is the most capable fighter among you, right? I have seven or eight others like Ah Long who have not yet joined the team."

Pfft, Song Ying couldn't help but raise the corners of her mouth to laugh when she heard Qin Ming bragging here.

Qin Ming waved his hand indifferently and said, "You don't have any merits and strengths either, so how can I keep you here?"

Xuan Yuan Wu and the others were speechless, although they all knew that Qin Ming would use the victory of this competition as an excuse to wave, but losing is losing, and their rebuttal was very powerless, because the other party was the boss.

They thought that because Qin Ming was young, they would be defiant and disobedient, thinking that Qin Ming was easy to bully, but it turned out that although Qin Ming was young, he was also very shrewd and had the help of an expert, so they had miscalculated.

The guys looked at me, and I looked at you, and knew that they had played a big game this time, one bad job would be lost, and all the brothers under them would not have to pay for their jobs, and they would have to work as security guards in the factory.

"I don't like it! Who said I have no strengths?"

Suddenly, the money leopard rushed out, although he had a fat face, he was covered with muscles, his body was very strong, he said aggressively "Young master, if you fire us all. Who will do your security work? If someone betrays you, if someone wants to assassinate you, who has to work for you?"

Qin Ming looked at the meeting and smiled, just now he wanted to say that he didn't acknowledge him as the young master, but now he was acknowledging him as the young master? This Money Leopard also seemed to be less reckless than he thought and knew how to respond to the times.

Song Ying said disdainfully, "Money Leopard, there are others without you."

The money leopard hummed, "I don't think so, we're in the business of losing our lives at any time. Are we as bold as the random people we find? As long as I'm eating, I'd be willing to take a bullet and fight with a knife for Chang Lao and the young master. I also took a knife for Chang Lao, and I have the scars to prove it."

The knife wound was an inch below the heart, which was very dangerous.

I dare say that no one in this world is more daring than I am. I dare say that no one in this world can be bolder than me. In our line of work, you can't do it without guts. If you don't have the guts, who would dare to block bullets for Young Master and Elder Chang? Who would dare to block bullets for the young master and Chang? Sometimes we even have to eat the food first when we come across a Hongmen Banquet.

Qin Ming laughed and said, "Guts? Gold Leopard, you don't need others to compare with you, I'll just compare with you. If you have more guts than me, not only will I not fire you, I will even promote you."

The money leopard agreed and said, "Okay, young master, you draw the line, how do we compare?"

Once they heard that Qin Ming wanted to compete with Money Pao for guts, the crowd was envious.

"This money leopard is also thick but fine, he's caught his chance."

"Comparing with the young master? Isn't the young master still a student? What can he compare to? Money Leopard, a big horse, is ahead of all of us this time."

"I don't think so, the young master has given me a very mysterious feeling since he appeared, the young master is not a generalist."

"Money Leopard can still be promoted? No way, I should have known I would jump out first."

Qin Ming smiled mysteriously, looked at the crowd and asked "Has anyone brought a revolver?"

Click click click ...... immediately a bunch of vice captains pulled out their favorite guns.

Qin Ming took one of the revolvers and it was slightly heavy.

This was not the first time Qin Ming had held a gun; he had shot clay shotguns with his grandfather in the countryside before, and had hit a roe deer when he went hunting in the mountains.

Last year, during his sophomore year, at a badminton club evening event, he had performed a magic game using a prop revolver, called Scare Russian Roulette.

And just now, while he was waiting for Xuan Yuan Wu and the others to arrive, he had also asked Song Ying to take a revolver to him to familiarise him with the real gun once more.

Qin Ming took the gun, pointed it at the ground and bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, six bullets went five.

The crowd had a bad feeling when they saw Qin Ming doing this, and the deputy who provided the revolver was so nervous that he kept wiping his sweat.

Qin Ming opened the cartridge nest rotation, look, suddenly with a hand, clatter ...... cartridge nest around the axis of rotation up, then Qin Ming hand mentioned, the revolver cartridge nest with the barrel of the gun together.

The crowd had already guessed how Qin Ming was going to compare his guts, and Qianpao was already frozen in his expression, he finally had a whole new understanding of this young master.

Qin Ming took the revolver and pointed it quickly at his head, saying "This little game of guts is called Russian Roulette, as I'm sure you all know, since it's already started, you must play on."

As soon as the words left his mouth, Qin Ming was about to pull the trigger.