Rags To Riches Chapter 389-390

 Chapter 389

Qin Ming deliberately let Cao Wei "capture" him, for no other reason than to get his mobile phone back.

                The photos Nie Haitang had given him were in the phone, and it had a special meaning to Qin Ming, so he couldn't lose it.

                If Cao Wei dared to lose it, he would not have left Cao Wei with the police.

                Cao Wei grabbed the female Qin Ming and went to the underground garage, he just treated him as an ordinary weak woman, opened the car door and shoved him inside.

                Boom, boom, boom, the accelerator roared and Cao Wei drove swiftly out of the underground garage.

                He laughed triumphantly, "The exit of this underground garage is so far away that the police won't even notice."

                After saying that, he had a look at Qin Ming in the passenger seat and couldn't resist a touch on Qin Ming's chest, the latex set was even harder to distinguish from the real one with the clothes on.

                Cao Wei smiled excitedly, "Beauty, don't worry, follow me to eat and drink."

                Qin Ming also laughed.

                The car had only just pulled out of the underground garage, as this hotel was located in a slightly isolated suburb, and this exit was so far away that it was completely ignored by the police.

                "Hahahaha." Cao Wei laughed loudly, "Want to arrest me? No way."

                But Cao Wei's smile came to an abrupt end, replaced by consternation, and a stop.

                Because outside there were already a dozen cars blocking the road, blocking Cao Wei's way, but those weren't police cars, they were all big Benzes, they were all Qin Ming's assassination team.

                Looking at such a large group of people blocking the road, Cao Wei was so scared that his teeth chattered and he hurriedly drove around, but another car followed behind him, blocking his way back.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and realised that the one chasing him knew Song Ying, who was still very good as his personal secretary.

                Qin Ming leaned leisurely against the window, waiting for his men to come to his rescue, but it was Cao Wei who was so frightened that his hands shook and he couldn't even put the gears in gear.

                Ah Long quickly ran up and violently broke the glass, opened the car door and threw Cao Wei out.

                A few of his juniors quickly set Cao Wei up.

                Seeing that these people were not police officers, Cao Wei shouted in fear, "Friends, we are all in the business, let me live. I have money, how much do you want? Let me go."

                Ao Mei came over with a set of card swiping tools, "Fine, 100 million for each limb, 200 million for a head, 50 million for a heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, and 10 million for eyes, ears, mouth and nose, will you swipe your card or cash?"

                When Cao Wei heard that Ao Mei was selling him like pork, he was so frightened that his legs went weak and he couldn't stand still, and he simply fainted from fear.

                Cao Wei hurriedly took out his wallet and took out a card, begging, "I only have over two hundred million, please spare me."

                The crowd looked at Qin Ming, it was not up to them to decide whether they could spare Cao Wei or not.

                Cao Wei was stunned, why did these people want to listen to this beautiful woman that he had tricked into sleeping with?

                But in this moment, Qin Ming had already changed his clothes with the help of Song Ying and put back on his original male clothes. Qin Ming took off his wig and casually threw it away, looking at Cao Wei with an amused expression.

                Qin Ming said happily, "Tsk tsk tsk, Mr. Cao, what a coincidence."

                Cao Wei's expression stiffened as he looked at the latex set he had removed from Qin Ming, dumbfounded, this, this was actually a man? He had fake breasts?

                "Vomit!" Cao Wei wanted to vomit a little, thanks to the fact that he had touched Qin Ming's butt and had thought about playing with this "girl" tonight, but it was a man.

                Qin Ming said, "Mr. Cao, didn't you say I was like this? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company.

                Cao Wei cried and said, "Student Qin Ming, this, this is a misunderstanding, I have eyes to see, I have eyes to see, I bumped into your gun, I apologize to you, I kneel down to you, I kowtow to you, you are my father, you are my master."

                Knock, knock, knock, Cao Wei kowtowed hard, spineless, just wanting to live.

                Qin Ming did not respond positively and sneered, "Where's the phone you took away from me?"

                Cao Wei hurriedly said, "They're all in the trunk of the car, so it's useless if I come. Qin Ming, please, please be generous, don't treat me in general, please, I have an 80 year old mother and a small child under me, I don't want to die, whoops ......"

                Cao Wei cried out as he begged for mercy, that miserable, that humble.

                Song Ying listened and immediately rummaged around and immediately gave to find out, Qin Ming took his Huawei thousand dollar phone, opened the screen and saw a beautiful picture of Nie Haitang propped up with fragrant cheeks, sitting on the dormitory table, smiling against the sunset.

                Qin Ming took the phone back, in a pretty good mood, and said, "OK, transfer the money and spare your life."

                "I'll transfer it, I'll transfer it, I'll transfer it right away." When Cao Wei heard that there was a way to live, he hurriedly transferred the money, and in one way or another, Qin Ming got more than two hundred million.

                Qin Ming lamented, "This business of cheating people is really earning money. This is not even a big fish."

                Ao Mei was full of jealousy: "In the end, it's not all your money, young master? But young master, when am I going to get a pay rise? I get a thousand a month, how can I live?"

                Qin Ming gave a harrumph: "Raising your salary? You can talk to my secretary about that."

                Song Ying indifferently glanced at Ao Mei and said, "You're not a group contract employee, you're the young master's personal contract employee, there's no way to increase your salary, and there's no bonus or performance."

                Hearing this, Ao Mei was furious, "Damn it, Song Ying you are targeting me."

                Qin Ming Shao saw the two women about to argue and laughed, he thought he had gotten enough of this big fish, Cao Wei, and was about to leave, who knew that another car was driving down this road.

                The car was surrounded by Bi Yuan and others, and two middle-aged men came out of the car, one of whom was Professor Fu.

                The other one was a man Qin Ming had never seen before and did not know.

                Qin Ming turned back to Cao Wei and asked, "Who is that other man?"

                Cao Wei said back, "Mr. Ma, the head of the drug dealers, he is the one who provided those unknown liquids that you drank."

                "Oh huh? The two heads gave all of them to me and escaped? And hit me here?" Qin Ming happily would head to look at the duo, Professor Fu and that Mr. Ma suddenly had a cold feeling at the back of their spines, with a bad premonition.

                Seeing this, Ao Mei took the various swiping machines again and said, "Two hundred million for one of your heads, one hundred million for each limb of your hands and feet, one fifty million for your heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, and one ten million for your eyes, ears, mouth and nose, do you swipe your cards or cash?"

                Mr. Ma and Professor Fu were furious, they were being blackmailed? They were both in the business, and they immediately pulled out their weapons.

                Click, click, click.

                But Qin Ming's men moved even faster, and a dozen black guns were pointed at them, scaring Mr. Ma and Professor Fu into freezing. They put back the pistols they had half-pulled out.

                Ah Long went up and beat them up, pulling them to Qin Ming.

                Professor Fu said strangely, "Brother, we don't seem to know each other. Brother, if you are seeking money, give us a way out, right? I'm willing to pay for my life."

                Qin Ming didn't have any hatred for them either, he was involved solely because of Zhao Meng Hua's affair, and said, "Fine, settle the score, if the account is not enough, use your hands and feet to make it up."

                "No, no, no, we have the money." Professor Fu and Mr. Ma begged for mercy, saying that they had the money.

                In one operation, Qin Ming scored another four hundred million.

                Qin Ming once again lamented that it was really a good money-making profession for a con man, he just didn't have much chance to enjoy it, it was all cheap for him.

                Cao Wei looked at Qin Ming and regretted in his heart, it was true that the real man did not show his face, he looked like such a poor and low-key university student, but his background was so big.

                They had prepared an escape route at the hotel, but the police hadn't caught them and Qin Ming's men had ambushed them first, too powerful.

                Qin Ming waved his hand and had them all tied up in the car, and the group retreated.

                Professor Fu was tied to the car, a life was promised, but only a life was spared, let's leave the rest to the police.

                Qin Ming stretched out and said, "Xiao Ying, what time is it?"

                Song Ying said gently, "Young master, it's after eleven."

                Qin Ming let out a breath and said, "Today is also lively enough, enough fun, go back, you go and pass the credit to Sun Changxi on the police side."

                Song Ying nodded and responded, "Yes, Young Master please don't worry, no one will come to harass you."

                "Retreat." Bi Yuan responded with a promise and led the assassination team to disappear from the scene in the blink of an eye.

                And by the time the police searched this side, there were only three Prof. Fu left, a dramatic scene that left a sea of police officers very surprised as to who had helped them catch the three criminal gang leaders who had walked away.

Chapter 390

The next morning, the major media reported that the police in Guangcheng City had busted a fraudulent company titled Fortune Talk and captured hundreds of criminals, and that the undercover policewoman Sun Changxi had received first-class merit because of the help of her informant.

                And Qin Ming, one of the parties involved, sleeps in leisurely and wakes up to find that it is almost noon.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but sigh, "In the past, when I didn't have any money, getting up at six felt like a crime, but now it's really cool to sleep until you wake up naturally."

                Last night, Qin Ming woke up a very drunk Liang Shaoyong and told him about Zhao Menghua's tragic experience, not really being cruel enough to break up with Liang Shaoyong, so Liang Shaoyong ran off to the hospital overnight to guard his girlfriend.

                When Qin Ming got up, he found a dozen missed calls on his mobile phone on the countertop, partly from his sister Qin Susu and partly from an unrecorded number, which seemed to be the mysterious girl who kept calling the wrong number and calling him for delivery before.

                Qin Ming called Qin Susu and asked, "What's wrong with Susu?"

                Qin Susu grunted unhappily and said, "Brother, even if you're busy with work over the summer and ignore me, forget it. It's my first day of school today, you have to come and see me, right? Big brother and Sister Li are both here."

                Qin Ming said, "I'm busy here, I'll be right there."

                Qin Susu grunted, "Forget it, I've already moved into the dormitory, I'm going to have my military training tomorrow, I'll look for you after that."

                Qin Ming spoke nicely to get his sister to forgive him, but only after he hung up the phone, Qin Ming's phone rang again, the same phone number from the capital city.

                "Hey ...... are you, are you ...... okay?" It was the same familiar girl's voice.

                The voice was inexplicably a bit shaky and worried, and Qin Ming could more or less feel that the girl seemed to be in a bad mood even though he was across the phone.

                But he only felt puzzled ah.

                Qin Ming didn't wait for the other party to finish before yelling, "Who are you? You should know by now that I'm not a delivery boy, right? What are you doing harassing me this frequently?"

                "You ......" The girl's voice became surprised and aggrieved, yet with a sense of reassurance.

                Qin Ming said angrily, "I what I? If you keep making frequent harassing calls like this, be careful I'll sanction you with a "call to death"."

                The girl seemed to be holding her tongue and said, "Why are you so aggressive? She's a girl, shouldn't you be more gentle?"

                Qin Ming said in a very straightforward and hypocritical manner, "I don't care who you are, I have a girlfriend, other women give me a break."

                The girl laughed heatedly and immediately retorted again, "Then let your girlfriend talk to me."

                "Uh ......" Qin Ming scratched his head, where would he find Nie Haitang to come over? He could only say in annoyance, "Get lost."

                "Hey hey hey, wait a minute, I have something to say." The girl was in a great hurry and said, "I, I'm wrong still? Oooh ...... I just want to talk to you."

                Qin Ming heard the other party pouting and being cute, and her voice was quite nice, so she asked, "What for? We don't know each other."

                The girl said, "Well ...... it's not too late to get to know each other. It's not too late to get to know each other. There's a saying that friends come from far away. I find that I can talk to you, so let's have a chat."

                "I'm not buying tea." Qin Ming said.

                The girl giggled, "I'm not a salesman either."

                Qin Ming froze for a moment and added, "I'm not a prostitute."

                The girl gritted her teeth in annoyance and huffed, "I am a decent family! All my ancestors were decent people. I've told you, it's fate."

                Qin Ming looked at the dozen or so missed calls this morning, all from this number, and he didn't think it was a ghost of fate, it was clearly you harassing me with an ulterior motive.

                He said, "Making friends, that's fine. Then you have to send a picture first."

                "Okay yeah." After the girl agreed, she immediately added Qin Ming's mobile phone WeChat.

                After Qin Ming clicked agree, he found that it was a new number, and no friend circle had been posted in it.

                The girl immediately sent a photo, but only a half-body photo, is a very young girl, skin is quite white, legs are quite long, breast development is quite good, the photo only reveals to a pair of delicate collarbone, did not shoot the face.

                But Qin Ming felt that this enchanting figure, this devilish curve, just the figure alone was full marks, and he felt very familiar, like Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but ask, "What's your name?"

                The girl said back, "My name is Kou Xin Ling."

                Although he knew it couldn't be Nie Haitang, Qin Ming was still disappointed; he had just had a momentary fantasy that Nie Haitang would call the wrong number and make contact with him again.

                Qin Ming was in a melancholy mood as his nostalgia for Nie Haitang was aroused, and he sighed and said, "I have something to do, I'm leaving."

                At this time, the city of Beijing.

                In a student dormitory at Huaqing University, the most prestigious university in Beijing, Nie Haitang jumped up from her bed in joy.

                "Boom," she hit her head on the bed board and hurriedly covered her head again adorably, removed the voice changer from the corner of her mouth and said, "Ouch, that hurt me. Qin Ming, you big lazy pig, slept until noon in the morning. Hmph, I'm worried sick,."

                She was wearing pink bear pajamas, sitting on her bed with her legs crossed, her phone screen showing a WeChat account with the fake name "Kou Xinling", while her finger switched software and her phone showed the latest headline news, reporting on a large crime case that happened last night in Shangguang City, in which several people from her former alma mater were mentioned as being involved.

                It turned out that Nie Haitang was particularly panicked this morning when she saw the news, and she immediately called Qin Ming, whose number Nie Haitang knew despite the fact that Qin Ming could not call her old number.

                Because she always had a bad feeling that Qin Ming seemed to be particularly prone to getting into trouble, especially when she watched an interview with a policewoman who said she had been offered help by a student from the China Provincial Polytechnic, her sixth sense told her that it had to be Qin Ming.

                After calling all morning, Qin Ming did not receive the call because he was on mute, so Nie Haitang was worried all morning that Qin Ming might have been injured.

                She was so happy that she hit her head on the top bunk.

                Nie Haitang held her phone in her hands and rolled around on the bed, biting her lip as she looked through Qin Ming's recent WeChat circle of friends and found that she had recently posted a picture of Nie Haitang.

                It was the same one that Qin Ming had used as his wallpaper, "Nie Haitang at sunset". Although it was not accompanied by text, it was obvious that he missed Nie Haitang.

                This put Nie Haitang in a very good mood and she said, "He must not have thought of that, right? I'm the one who talks to him again these days."

                But the smile gradually disappeared and Nie Haitang sighed again, "I'm sorry about Qin Ming ...... Mr. Chang's words ...... I did it for your safety too. But I miss you again, miss you so much, miss, miss you so much."

                Nie Haitang small mouth chanting, curled up in bed, slowly crying out, tears wetting the pillow, but not stopping.

                In Guangzhou, Qin Ming, who was in a restless mood, wondered where he could go for lunch.

                But at this moment, the three brothers in the dormitory sent another message: "Xiao Ming, hurry up and come to the hospital, something big has happened."