Rags To Riches Chapter 387-388

 Chapter 387

As a police officer, Sun Changxi is very perceptive and realizes that Qin Ming and Chen Mulin are pretending to be hypnotized.

                But Chen Mulin had accidentally "sold" Qin Ming and revealed Sun Changxi's identity as a police officer, and Sun Changxi was on the edge of her seat, treating Qin Ming as a black-villain who was stalking her from within the criminal gang.

                "Who are you? Turn around or I won't be polite." Sun Changxi's hand was placed under the hot spring water, but Qin Ming clearly felt a sharp object against his back.

                This threat was really making him passive, was this about to reveal his identity?

                Where was Song Ying?

                Qin Ming looked back, but he didn't see Song Ying present, probably off somewhere dealing with more important matters.

                Although he didn't have Song Ying to keep him out of trouble, Qin Ming wouldn't be too nervous.

                He turned around and pressed his voice, saying, "Officer Sun, I'm not your enemy, and I'm trying to come to the rescue."

                Sun Changxi did not let her guard down and questioned, "Who sent you here? What is your purpose?"

                After thinking about it, Qin Ming decided to tell a lie and said, "Qin Ming asked me to come, and he also said that I could seek your assistance, or assist you."

                Sun Changxi frowned and asked, "Qin Ming sent you here? That guy is so nosy, I told him not to worry about it."

                Chen Mulin's heart stirred and she asked, "Sister, is it Qin Ming? Did he really ask you to come and save me?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, not to save you, it was for his good brother Liang Shaoyong who had lost his love.

                But he didn't want to be nosy and responded, "Well, yes."

                Chen Mulin's whole body became excited and somewhat complacent, saying to himself, "Although he is a bit of a scum, but at least he has a beginning and an end. Even though I humiliated him, he was still willing to come to my rescue, what a dog licker. Still, the big issues of right and wrong are okay, a man, much better than other scum."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes straight in his heart, you can pull the plug, too lazy to bullshit with you.

                Sun Changxi retrieved her pocket knife and asked, "What nonsense. You guys ...... forget about it, no use talking more, later we police will make arrests for this cult, you try to stay indoors, wear good clothes and don't move around understand?"

                Chen Mulin's head nodded like a chicken pecking rice, "Mmmmmmmmm, sister police, go for it."

                Qin Ming asked, "How long is the wait?"

                Sun Changxi hesitated for a moment and said, "We have another undercover agent here who has blended into the top cadre and is just waiting for her to give the order. Tonight, besides catching Professor Fu, the big fish, there is also the real big man behind the scenes, the drug lord behind the supply of drugs, there is no room for error, this is a very dangerous process, you must not wander off, understand?"

                Qin Ming was fine, he saw that Song Ying was not there, although he was not worried that Song Ying would be at a disadvantage, he was also afraid that Song Ying would spoil the police operation.

                He was about to put his eyes to look for Song Ying.

                The result was a nosebleed. Nima, there were so many young women in the whole hot spring pool, wandering around in front of him.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

                Chen Mulin was shocked: "Ah, sister, how come you have a nosebleed?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly covered his nose, what could he do with this? He looked around at the bountiful breasts and hips, but he couldn't find Song Ying, and there was indeed one less head to count.

                Qin Ming hurriedly averted his eyes and looked at his neck, saying, "No, it's nothing, I've been on fire lately and I always get nosebleeds."

                Sun Changxi leaned over and helped him rub some points on his face saying, "Don't move around, let me rub it for you."

                Sun Changxi pressed up, just as Chen Mulin pressed up against him just now, is there a difference? Aren't they both shirtless and pressed up tightly?

                Instead, Qin Ming's nosebleed got worse and worse.

                Sun Changxi wondered and muttered, "Eh? What's going on? Pressing these acupuncture points on the face should stop the nosebleeds soon, right? Hey, you turned around, why are you facing us with your back turned all the time?"

                Qin Ming was bitter in his heart, but he didn't dare to say anything.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "Is this considered a mixed bath? This was comparable to those things between husband and wife.

                At this time, Zhao Meng Hua was however chatting with some other hypnotised women about being purified later, and Chen Mulin followed and walked away as she was worried about Zhao Meng Hua.

                This left Qin Ming and Sun Changxi, and Qin Ming was even more nervous inside.

                Sun Changxi asked after a while, "What's wrong with you? Your face is so red? Why does your face look familiar? Are you Qin Ming's real sister? What's your name?"

                "Uh ...... this doesn't matter, right?" Qin Ming didn't want to answer, Sun Changxi was different from Chen Mulin, she was a police officer, it was easy to spot problems from what people would promise, like spotting you lying or something like that.

                So it was best not to answer, and it was best to feel it with your body.

                Sun Changxi amused: "Eh, you this sister how so shy ah? Just you still have the guts to listen to that guy Qin Ming and come here to save people? Isn't that sending a delicate big girl like you into the mouth of a tiger? I'll have to teach him a lesson when we get back, he takes himself too seriously."

                As the words were being said, a few women suddenly frolicked behind Sun Changxi, her back was hit and her body lunged towards Qin Ming uncontrollably.

                At this time, Qin Ming was facing Sun Changxi, and with this touch, their bodies were pressed together head-on, and Qin Ming was greatly stimulated by the swell in his chest.

                Sun Changxi was complaining: "Tsk, these people are so ......!!! What's that hard thing's underneath you? Is it a stick weapon?"

                Qin Ming wanted to die as he toppled into Sun Changxi.

                Sun Changxi still had a strong desire to know, reached out and touched it, this was even more impressive, Sun Changxi's shocked expression had turned into murderous rage.

                The next instant, she pulled out a knife against Qin Ming's bottom, but if Qin Ming dared to move, the knife would fall from her hand and blood would stain the hot spring.

                Qin Ming knew he only had one second, he had to do something, because this second decided whether he would be a normal man for the rest of his life, or a eunuch?

                Qin Ming said quickly, "Sister Chang Xi, it's me, Qin Ming. I am having a hard time, listen to my explanation, I will definitely have a reasonable explanation. In the end there can't be an accident here, it will cause a commotion, Sister Chang Xi, save the bird under the knife."

                For a second, Qin Ming popped out this sentence.

                When Sun Changxi heard Qin Ming use his own voice, she became even more annoyed, "You!"

                Qin Ming continued quickly, "Sister Changxi, I am also trying to help you, the police and the people are cooperating. You calm down, you must calm down, I have plenty of evidence of these people's crimes, I can also testify."

                Sun Changxi was so furious that she was really angry. She was sure that the "woman" in front of her was a fake, he was Qin Ming!

                Sun Changxi stared at the disguised Qin Ming, "You, you, you!!!"

                She said "you" several times in a row and her eyes were tearing up.

                Although Qin Ming felt a bit sorry for her, he did not dare to say something like, "It was you who had to make me turn around".

                Qin Ming said, "Sister Changxi, you'd better let go first, let's talk properly, don't let these people from the cult find out about the abnormality."

                Sun Changxi was stunned, then she remembered that she had been holding on to her, and suddenly her cheeks turned red with shame. She hurriedly let go and hid her body in the water, staring at Qin Ming viciously, saying, "You beast, turn around."

                Qin Ming hurriedly turned around and leaned against the stone slab of the platform at the edge of the hot spring.

                Sun Changxi looked at Qin Ming, ashamed and annoyed, she was furious, she had suffered a great loss.

                "An explosion suddenly came from the upper floor of the hotel, breaking the peace of the hot spring room.

                Qin Ming and Sun Changxi were both shocked, what had happened here? How could there be an explosion? Could it be that Song Ying had ordered someone to blast it?

Chapter 388

A loud explosion, coming from the roof of the building, confused everyone.

                Sun Changxi immediately pressed her hands to her ears, only to hear her colleague's voice coming from the small internal microphone inside, "There's been an unexpected fire inside the hotel and the plan has been disrupted. Everyone immediately act according to the plan to eliminate the cult and drug dealers."

                Sun Changxi worried, "But Sister Li is still circling the head of the drug dealers."

                The microphone's voice became more agitated, "Don't worry about that, because of the accident, someone has started to move now, and if we miss this opportunity, we'll lose everything. Sun Changxi do what you have to do, keep the hostages safe."

                All Sun Changxi had to do was to protect the dozen of young girls who had just been tricked into coming in and ensure that each and every one of them could leave safely.

                When Qin Ming saw Sun Changxi finish, he quickly asked, "Sister Changxi, what's wrong?"

                Sun Changxi, potentially in the water, covered her chest with her hand, glanced at Qin Ming in shame and said, "There was an accident at the hotel and our plans were disrupted. Qin Ming, don't give me any trouble."

                Qin Ming said, "Sister Changxi, we have known each other for a long time, when have I ever caused you any trouble?"

                Sun Changxi was speechless, but Qin Ming had never caused any trouble for Sun Changxi, she said, "Alright, you all stay here and don't wander off, my mission tonight is to protect each and every one of you."

                Could Qin Ming not go?

                At this time Song Ying came in, she hadn't changed her clothes, it turned out that she had been guarding the door to prevent some thugs from suddenly rushing in and plotting mischief.

                Song Ying came over and said in a low voice, "Young master, there was an explosion upstairs in the hotel and the fire alarm went off, should we go or not?"

                Qin Ming asked, "What about those people watching us?"

                Song Ying raised her lips proudly and said, "A bunch of trash, they were all taken down and put in the miscellaneous room by me."

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and instructed, "First, you should ask Bi Yuan's men to keep an eye on those who have slipped through the net, but don't do anything else. Let's find a suitable time to leave as well."

                Chen Mulin also pulled a dazed Zhao Meng Hua with her at this time, and the two women ran over wrapped in white bath towels and asked, "Sister, sister police officer, what's going on? There seems to be an explosion up there, and this fire alarm is ringing non-stop, is there a fire?"

                Sun Changxi soothed, "Don't wander off, someone will come to rescue us at this location soon."

                Qin Ming, however, objected, saying, "If we stay and get trapped in the fire, it will be even more troublesome, we will choke to death on the smoke even if we don't burn to death."

                Sun Changxi still shook her head and said, "Someone from the police will come right away to take us out, with so many people, it will be hard to find them if they get separated."

                Speaking of these hypnotised young women, they actually gathered up, formed a circle and began to kneel and worship, mouthing crazy words about how the god of love was going to take them to the world of bliss and purify the demons in their hearts, that it was the will of heaven and so on.

                Their expressions became mute, similar to the time when they first met Zhao Meng Hua, they were all suffering from the aftermath of a gambling addiction, confused and hypnotised into believers of the Church of the God of Love, not even knowing their own names.

                Qin Ming said, "Let's get everyone dressed first."

                Chen Mulin said anxiously, "But our clothes and mobile phones have all been taken away by that bastard Cao Wei. The clothes they prepared for us, and there's no underwear, and they're all, all the very transparent kind, I won't wear them to death."

                Suddenly, Song Ying took over a basket with all the women's clothes inside and said, "I helped get them back. There were a few people who even tried to take photos secretly just now, and I stopped them, and the camera checked and didn't succeed, but I also destroyed them as I went along."

                When Sun Changxi saw how capable Song Ying was, she couldn't help but look up a few notches. The one who came with Qin Ming couldn't be another lady's man, right?

                But she couldn't care less and immediately got dressed to facilitate the next move.

                The women had only just finished dressing when there was a surprise, a few big men ran in outside the women's pool and forced their way in.

                He came in and pointed at Qin Ming and a few others, saying, "Quick, save them first, pack them up and get in the car, don't bother with the other girls."

                Obviously, Cao Wei knew that things had fallen apart, but he did not want to leave the three beauties, Song Ying, Chen Mulin and Sun Changxi, and wanted to take a few girls with him to escape.

                Cao Wei said to the three girls again, "The god of love has warned us that there is a fire in the hotel, you should come with me quickly and I will take you to a safe place."

                But none of the women moved, Chen Mulin was even more scared and hid behind Qin Ming, she said worriedly, "Sister, what should we do?"

                Cao Wei was stunned to see that several of the women had normal eyes and were all fully dressed?

                He then looked at the dozen or so women who were gathered around chanting bit to eliminate the demons in their bodies and offered themselves up, he suddenly realised something and asked aloud, "How come you guys aren't hypnotised?"

                "Bah." Chen Mulin spat in disgust and cursed, "You think we don't know about your treacherous plan? Qin Ming warned me a long time ago, so how could I still fall for it? I knew about you a long time ago, huh? Besides, we still have the police here, you can wait until you go to jail."

                Cao Wei was shocked and then became irritated and said, "Good for you, bitch. Listen up, everyone, these people are tainted by the mundane world and have turned into demons. For the sake of our most beloved God of Love, dedicate our part to capture them all and purify them."

                The women who had been hypnotically brainwashed, shaped like walking corpses, rose up and chanted, "For the sake of the God of Love," as soon as they heard the order.

                They obeyed Cao Wei's orders and rushed towards Qin Ming defiantly, to capture them all and catch these contaminated demons for the sake of the God of Love.

                Zhao Meng Hua had been taken along by Chen Mulin, who had actually been introduced to Cao Wei by Ma Rui, had drunk the "happy water" several times and had heard the church's propaganda several times, only that Cao Wei had not touched her because he had not had time to search for beautiful women.

                But of all the women who had been brainwashed by hypnosis, Zhao Meng Hua was the most reactive.

                She pushed Chen Mulin away and hugged Qin Ming to death, latching onto him as if he were a parasite, pulling him backwards, and after some struggle, the bathrobe she was draped in fell to the ground.

                Qin Ming was so bitter that he felt a little sorry for his brother.

                The group of crazy women also swarmed: "For the sake of Eros, grab them."

                Sun Changxi could hardly fight off so many hostages by herself, lest she might hurt them, so she looked passive.

                On the contrary, Song Ying didn't care about the safety of these people, she took down one by one, killing God and Buddha, no one could come within five steps of her.

                When Cao Wei saw how powerful Song Ying was, he was also shocked, but when he saw that Qin Ming had been pulled by Zhao Menghua, he shouted, "Zhao Menghua, bring the man over to me. A few of you, arrest this woman for me."

                Several of Cao Wei's bodyguards, with sunken faces, looked at the high-spirited Song Ying. Looking at the way she had just taken down those believers, they knew that Song Ying was practiced and feared that she was a police officer who had come in undercover, and after some hesitation, four of them went together.

                However, Song Ying was very quick to strike, and being a proficient fighter, she was able to bring the four bodyguards down to the ground in a few moves.

                But this time, Qin Ming was grabbed by Zhao Meng Hua and a few women and brought before Cao Wei.

                It was not that Qin Ming could not resist, but Qin Ming did it on purpose, because Qin Ming saw that this side was safe, but he had one more thing to do.

                When Cao Wei saw that the four beauties had caught Qin Ming alone, Cao Wei couldn't care less about the losses and immediately pulled Qin Ming and shouted on the hypnotised Zhao Menghua to turn around and leave, any later and he wouldn't be able to get away.

                In the blink of an eye, Qin Ming was gone.

                The women who remained in the hot spring stared wide-eyed, while Song Ying secretly said no, and immediately followed him out.