Rags To Riches Chapter 385-386

 Chapter 385

If Qin Ming snapped at this time, a large number of people from the assassination team would immediately rush in to save him from getting out.

                With Song Ying by his side, he was perfectly safe.

                So unlike the others, Qin Ming was at the scene of the crime, but he was a bit like a spectator watching the action, more normal-minded, a bit like watching the action to the end.

                Moreover, he saw Sun Changxi lurking in, and he was afraid that this was a police operation to close the net. Qin Ming felt that rash action would spoil Sun's operation, so he decided to hold back for a while.

                It would be bad if it was his fault and the mastermind behind the curtain escaped.

                Understanding Qin Ming's meaning, Song Ying raised her wristwatch to her mouth and whispered, "Continue to stand by."

                At this moment, the assassination team that had surrounded this suburban hotel received the order and continued to choose to standby.

                And Professor Fu on the podium, enjoying the fervent faith of his men, said, "The lecture just now had quite a few bosses and wealthy businessmen who were tainted by the mundane world, and unfortunately, there is no way for me to handle them all by myself. Therefore, I need you, believers in the God of Love."

                The believers on the stage shouted wildly, "Give everything for the God of Love."

                The corners of Professor Fu's mouth lifted and he said, "Go, General Tsao will lead you on the path to save the world, you are all the people of God of Love, use your bodies, use your love to purify everything and rescue those suffering in the world."

                "Almighty God of Love, have mercy on my world, I am a gaogao," the fervent believers shouted slogans again.

                Qin Ming noticed that among these fervent believers who rang out to cope with the professor, there were young women and young men, and they all followed the guiding people and left this meeting hall.

                Puzzled, Chen Mulin asked Qin Ming, saying, "Sister, sister, where are they going? Can we blend in and slip away while we have the chance?"

                Qin Ming said in a cupped voice, "They went to serve the business owners at the wealth lecture earlier, no, maybe not necessarily business owners, but people who spend money to enjoy themselves anyway. These people have been brainwashed into thinking that having sex with their bodies is the same as purifying the filth and saving others. In reality those people on the wealth lecture are the ones who spend money to enjoy themselves, and that money, I think, is pocketed by this Professor Fu."

                Chen Mulin was surprised, "Isn't that just pimping?"

                Qin Ming added in a pinched voice, "What else do you think this place is for? Can't you tell after watching for so long? This is a yellow nest with a wealthy lecture and a cult's fake skin, sooner or later it will be wiped out."

                Chen Mulin was so scared that her face was bloodless and said, "Sister, what about us? Sister, don't leave me behind, okay? I'll repay you when I get out."

                Qin Ming didn't want to pay any attention to Chen Mulin, but seeing that Chen Mulin kept pulling Zhao Menghua's hand, she wanted to leave but didn't give up on her good friend Zhao Menghua, Qin Ming again felt that she wasn't so bad as to be hopeless, she still had some conscience, at least she still cherished her good friend.

                Qin Ming said expressionlessly, "All right, follow me and I'll make sure you're safe."

                Chen Mulin's heart warmed at these words, feeling that this "sister" was so cool, looking at the side of her face, why did she feel familiar? It seemed to look like someone, but I couldn't remember for a while.

                Chen Mulin suddenly stared at Qin Ming's neck and muttered in confusion, "Hmm? Is that a throat knot on sister's neck? No, no, no, how can a woman have a throat knot? Maybe sister is taller, so it just shows."

                Qin Ming's neck had also been treated with some disguise, but the throat knot could not be seen unless one looked closely.

                After most of the people dispersed, some of the conscious "insiders", about forty or so, and some fierce fighters remained, all of whom looked at Qin Ming and the others, especially Song Ying and Chen Mulin, who received the most stares, as they were the most feminine.

                Of course, Sun Changxi received quite a few stares too, all of them were first class beauties, as if a group of ancient lords were picking out their own bed maids for the night, with all their lustful glances.

                Professor Fu rubbed his hands together and said, "All right, it's still early, it's not even eleven o'clock yet. Let's all go to the ground floor of the hotel to soak in the hot spring first, after that completely, there's a get to know the rich man's orgy night."

                "Oh~!" Those women who had drunk the "happy water" believed in it and raised their hands and clapped their hands in excitement, guessing that the medicine was still a little bit strong afterwards.

                Qin Ming's group was guarded by a few men and taken all the way to the ground floor of the hotel's hot spring residence.

                The men from Qin Ming's side and Sun Changxi's side were all gathered in front of the hot spring and everything looked fine.

                Cao Wei rubbed his hands together with a smile and said, "A few beauties, are you high tonight? Looking forward to it?"

                The women said with laughter, "Hi~ Looking forward to it."

                Cao Wei proudly cupped Zhao Meng Hua's chin, admiring her beauty, and glanced at Qin Ming, his hand slapped at Qin Ming's buttocks, his eyes were full of evil thoughts, and Qin Ming, a big man, shuddered.

                "Crap." Qin Ming exclaimed in his heart, you svengali scum.

                The women entered the hot spring soup bath on the ground floor in a single stream, Cao Wei had additionally prepared some clothes, but just clothes, no underwear, his wolfish ambition was self-evident, wasn't it to make the delirious women wash their bodies clean and then give them to sleep?

                If Qin Ming had not come, I am afraid that tonight all the women would have been poisoned by these evil men.

                These people's ruse is one thing after another, several steps are interlocked, deceiving these ignorant girls into being helpless, and in the end, they can only be reduced to playthings for them to earn money.

                The most crucial thing is that drugs are used to control the minds of these people.

                The acts of this Church of God of Love were simply the worst of sins.

                But Qin Ming had a dilemma, the interior of this hot spring was not a mixed bath, not a single room, but a female soup pool, what could he do with a man?

                Song Ying was thinking of Qin Ming all the time, took a towel and said, "Young master, take off your clothes and go in, no one will notice the difference in the water, and the latex you are wearing will not change in the hot spring, it is the lower half of your body that will be easily worn."

                Qin Ming got anxious and said, "No, am I not showing you off?"

                Song Ying's pretty face flushed and she bit her lip, "My body, haven't you seen it long ago, young master?"

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, this said so, but what about the other women? Wouldn't he, wouldn't he ...... he didn't have time to think about it, the women were already swarming in.

                Qin Ming's two eyes rolled, this no time for him to think, ah?

                There was no way out, with Song Ying's urging and help, Qin Ming was only able to quickly take off his clothes and be the first to rush into the hot spring and find a corner to hide.

                Gollum ......

                Qin Ming hid half of his face in the water and spat out bubbles.

                Out of courtesy, Qin Ming turned his back and did not peek at these women going down to the soup pool. The hot spring in this hotel was quite large and a dozen people did not seem crowded.

                Although Qin Ming didn't bother to peek, listening to these women's voices behind his back made Qin Ming's ears feel hot.

                He had blended into the hot spring women's bath, it would be hard to explain if he was found out.

                Suddenly his back went soft, who's chest was leaning towards him? Was it Song Ying?

Chapter 386

Qin Ming felt a softness in his back, this touch was obviously which girl was pressing against his tiger's back from behind, a peachy ripple immediately rose in his heart.

                The feeling of this girl pressing against his back from behind was too good... Was the person behind him Song Ying?

                Was she that bold?

                However, the person behind him surprised Qin Ming when she opened her mouth.

                "Sister, sister, what should we do later?" Chen Mulin leaned against Qin Ming's back with great concern, her figure was well developed and Qin Ming clearly felt the squishy, soft feeling of her chest.

                Qin Ming stammered, not knowing how to answer, why was Chen Mulin suddenly following him?

                And it also seemed that Qin Ming himself had forgotten that it was he who had asked Chen Mulin to stay close to her before he agreed to save her from going out, so Chen Mulin had followed her.

                Qin Ming pressed his voice and said, "Don't worry, it's okay, there's a police operation tonight, I'm cooperating with the police to catch these people in a net."

                When Chen Mulin heard that there was a police operation, she was overjoyed and said, "Really? Are you a policeman too?"

                Chen Mulin happily reached out and hugged Qin Ming's shoulders, hugging him from behind! This is still without clothes on!

                Qin Ming couldn't, he couldn't hold on any longer, shamefully reacting, shame on him.

                But fortunately, he had his back to all women, after all, as an aspiring university student, Qin Ming also understood the principle of nonchalance, but Chen Mulin was taking the initiative like this, no, taking advantage of him in such a blatant manner, he, as a man, should be generous and not bother with her.

                "Mm-hmm, I'm not a cop, I'm an informant." Qin Ming responded twice in a tangled voice, making up a nonsense identity.

                In the warm water, Chen Mulin hugged Qin Ming's back and came up to his ear and said quietly, "That's great, sister I've been so scared just now. Thanks to sister, I would have been relieved if the police had come to save us. I'm not afraid of your joke sister, I'm too stupid, someone had warned me not to come but I didn't believe him and that's why I got into this mess."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched and asked, "Is he your friend?"

                Chen Mulin nuzzled her small mouth and said, "Well ...... how can I put it? Sort of half of it. I used to have a crush on him, but there's something strange about him, he often ignores people, he goes around messing around, and he treats me like a backup, it's so scummy, I want to cut him off."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, reasonably speaking, he had never liked Chen Mulin, so how did Chen Mulin come to the conclusion that he treated him as a spare tire?

                Chen Mulin blew in Qin Ming's ear again and asked, "Sister, who's the cop then? The sister who has been following you around?"

                Qin Ming was so "uncomfortable" that he could almost feel the sound of Chen Mulin's heartbeat right at his back, and the hormonal stimulation, especially the unintentional rubbing of Chen Mulin's breasts as she moved her body, made his body hard.

                Qin Ming stammered, not knowing how to respond, when suddenly Qin Ming felt Chen Mulin's hand grabbing at his chest.

                But Qin Ming's chest was two balls of plastic.

                But this is not ordinary latex, after all, it is ? The latest product of a branch in this country, set aside in the global scope, are the world's top biomimetic technology, simulation degree of 90%, except for the temperature is not right, the epidermis are imitated very similar.

                Qin Ming was so anxious that he cupped his throat and asked, "Ahem, what are you doing?"

                Chen Mulin hurriedly let go of her hand and said blushingly, "I, I saw that sister wasn't even talking, I thought sister was soaked and wanted to stimulate her to wake up a bit. But then again, sister, you have such a great body, that, that is really big."

                Qin Ming was so embarrassed, she was worried that in this hot spring room, the heat would not mess up the makeup on his face and let Chen Mulin recognise it?

                Qin Ming said nervously, "Don't, don't touch it."

                Chen Mulin giggled and said, "We are both women, what are we afraid of? If you feel at a disadvantage, sister, you can touch mine too."

                After saying that, Chen Mulin boldly took Qin Ming's hand and placed it on her left heart.

                "Crap!" Qin Ming let out a crouch in his heart, saying a thousand words that he could not say inside.

                The young woman's skin was just delicate, smooth and soft, this was Qin Ming's first and foremost feeling, he didn't dare to move his hand, he really didn't dare to move it, he hurriedly withdrew it and said, "What, what are you doing?"

                "Haha, sister is so shy eh." Chen Mulin leaned up again and said, "I usually touch each other like this with my sisters in the hot spring, and they even said that they would not be sensitive after touching each other more. But just now, sister's hand felt very strong and I still felt it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a normal person, I'm not a lily."

                "God, give me a break." Qin Ming was devastated inside, he regretted it.

                He felt that he should have asked Song Ying to inform the assassination team to come and rescue him earlier, to kill them all in one go, to capture all the heads, to help Sun Changxi to take great credit, and to help Liang Shaoyong to save Zhao Menghua, and also to visit the crime process of these criminal fans, to have enough of the fun, and finally to brush his sleeves and retreat, to hide his merits and name.

                That's great.

                But now, trapped in a hot spring female pool, with all young women behind him, all shirtless, laughing and swearing, this Chen Mulin was even more outrageous, even harassing him!

                All Qin Ming wanted to say was, "One is enough, not two more.

                But life is not as good as it should be, and God did not let Qin Ming have his way, just to make it difficult for him.

                At this time, Zhao Menghua swam over and said, "Mu Ling, I heard that you will have a chance to be purified by Professor Fu later on, I really envy you."

                Qin Ming slightly sideways glance, Zhao Meng Hua wrapped in a hijab came over, the water showed both shoulders, although Zhao Meng Hua is not as beautiful as Chen Mulin, but is also eighty percent beautiful, soaking in the hot spring, the skin tone is more rosy, this look Zhao schoolmate is also full of charm.

                Chen Mulin saw Zhao Meng Hua and said with great concern, "Sister Meng Hua, wake up. You've been cheated, you know? What you drank is not some holy water, it's drugs, you've been hypnotised, you know?"

                Zhao Meng Hua denied it, "It's nothing. We were helping people, you saw Marui, she was happy helping people with her body, and she got to meet some rich people because of it, how nice. It's all the designation and holy favour of the God of Love. How can you disobey Professor Fu, Mu Ling? He is the reincarnation of the God of Love, and we respect Professor Fu just like we respect the God of Love, so that you won't become a devil and will be saved."

                Chen Mulin looked helpless, she was at her wit's end, she pulled Zhao Meng Hua, who was completely hypnotised, and begged Qin Ming, "Sister, can you save my good sister too later? Okay?"

                Qin Ming thought to himself that the police were about to close the net, right? If they didn't close the net, he would have to go berserk.

                Off to the side, Sun Changxi also walked over and asked, "Ahem, you two, been keeping an eye on you for a long time, are you not under the influence of the holy water?"

                Chen Mulin was startled and hurriedly played dumb, "Haha, long live the God of Love, it's an honour for me to offer myself to Professor Fu, haha, hahaha."

                Sun Changxi gave her a blank look and said, "Little sister, your acting skills are a bit lame. Don't worry, I'm not one of them, I'm a policeman."

                Chen Mulin was overjoyed and immediately went forward to hug Sun Changxi, saying, "So you're the police officer that sister was talking about, great, we're saved."

                "Sister?" Sun Changxi looked at Qin Ming, who had his back to everyone, and questioned warily, "How do you know I'm a policeman?"

                Chen Mulin froze and said, "Eh? Isn't my sister your informant?"

                Hearing Chen Mulin's words, Sun Changxi's heart was shocked, where did she have an informant? Could it be that her undercover operation had been discovered? So Professor Fu and the others had conducted a counter-undercover operation against her?

                Sun Changxi immediately pulled Chen Mulin away and looked at Qin Ming warily, saying, "Who are you? Turn around, or I won't be polite."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, how could he explain this well?

                Would he be killed by this group of women?