Rags To Riches Chapter 383-384

 Chapter 383

Surprisingly, Qin Ming found that Sun Changxi was also there, she had obviously changed her long hair and put on a cute girly style dress through make-up and dressing up, but the look was still recognised by eh Qin Ming.

                She blended in with the other young women and, like Song Ying, pretended to be a silly white persona.

                Qin Ming muttered in his mind, "Wasn't that the advice I gave her? Is she here to gather evidence, or to close the net?"

                It didn't matter if it was either one without messing up, Qin Ming didn't even stop him from getting a glimpse of this whatever Church of the God of Love.

                Professor Fu's lecture on wealth began, and there were at least nearly a thousand people there to listen to the lecture.

                "Hello everyone, I am Professor Fu, recently ah, many big business owners are very headache, they asked, Professor Fu now business is not good ah, every line of business is difficult ......"

                "I said, how hard can it be? Is it more difficult than the 08 financial crisis?"

                "The country's slogan shouted well, both a challenge and an opportunity, hey ...... here the focus is on the challenge, don't think of difficulties as so difficult, difficulties want to defeat you, if you admit defeat that is difficult difficult difficult, but you do not admit defeat, that is the challenge."

                "The challenge is that it can be transformed into an opportunity for you, our society, ah, every era is changing, many big bosses are not young ......"

                Professor Fu spoke passionately from the podium about how to run a business in today's downward pressure economic environment.

                Qin Ming listened for a while, then shook his head, this person also said the space of the general, some light talk is not practice fake feeling, full of big words, at first listen very useful, think carefully but feel unable to really cope with the business crisis.

                Qin Ming has been studying with Chang Hongxi for the last month, his vision is of countries all over the world, his experience is the essence of Chang Hongxi's decades of business, one sentence is more useful than this Professor Fu's words for one day, so he does not feel that there is anything bad about the global economy now, because for Huan Yu Century, there are too many baskets to put eggs in.

                Song Ying also sniggered and said: "Young master, this kind of person can also be a professor? Is he just a fraud? Let's drag a branch president over to say it, it's better than him."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, it was only an insult to the group's talents to compare them with this liar, right?

                Qin Ming and the others were placed at the end of the lecture seats, and there were people specially guarding them, they were assigned to have a stack of information in their hands, all of them were information about some big bosses, rich second generation, king of diamonds and other rich people.

                Cao Wei tried to calm the women down and said, "If you choose a target later, you can talk about it at the banquet, but it doesn't matter if you can't. It doesn't matter if you can't chat, wait for next time, don't worry, you will all be able to go home tonight."

                Gao Ping and the others laughed awkwardly, long afraid in their hearts.

                Cao Wei continued, "There will be a membership intake meeting for the Church of the God of Love later on, so you should go and listen to it too. It's voluntary to join or not, it's not forced."

                Here it comes, here it comes, really here it comes, Cao Wei's real purpose, I'm afraid, is this whatever Love God Church.

                When the women saw Zhao Meng Hua like this, they also knew that this whatsoever Love God Church was not a normal denomination, what else was voluntary or not?

                Halfway through the lecture, the women were asked to leave, saying that they were going to listen to a mutual help and friendship denomination absorption meeting. Cao Wei did not care whether the women were willing or not, and forced several fierce men to force the women to leave.

                Qin Ming and Song Ying were cooperative, obeying orders without saying a word, which allowed Cao Wei not to make things difficult for them; after all, Qin Ming would not feel in danger, and Song Ying was enjoying the fact that she could hold Qin Ming's hand all the time, not wanting the night to end so early.

                It was Gao Ping and the other women who were reluctant, instead they were slapped several times, their faces were red and they were threatened with a knife.

                Cao Wei had already revealed his original form: "If you dare to spoil my good deeds, you will be a floating corpse on the Pearl River tomorrow."

                With the threat of the knives in their faces, Chen Mulin and the others, even if they were reluctant, were too scared to follow the group.

                The women were taken to a meeting place with hundreds of people, where people's clothes were more agreeable, men wore suits, women boat a red and white dress to match, and there was a kind of embroidery on the sleeves of the hands, a graphic of a woman spitting her tongue and tilting her head, waiting for water drops to fall from the sky.

                Qin Ming is a man, a slightly broader thought, looking at what feels like a yellow pattern?

                Qin Ming looked at the new arrivals and there were just two groups of people, eight on their side and seven on Sun Changxi's side, a total of fifteen young women, but of course, Qin Ming was faking it.

                As soon as the women entered this hall, the men and women were pulling their hands one after another and persuading them, "Be sure to join us."

                "Believe in the God of love and gain eternal life."

                "Life is not as good as it should be, use love to make it better, long live the God of love."

                "Beauty, it must be the God of love who has guided you here."

                "Be sure to join us, we're waiting for you."

                Chen Mulin was pulled by a salty hand, so frightened that she cried out and struggled hard to break free, but could not. Don't look at her with this heavy make-up of a dark angel, but she was actually just a little girl, her body trembled in fear and she called out breathlessly, "Let go of me, let go of me."

                Suddenly, Qin Ming struck the man with a blow, knocking his hand away and saving Chen Mulin.

                As if she had found something to rely on after being saved, Chen Mulin immediately leaned towards Qin Ming and hugged him tightly, saying, "Thank you, sister."

                Qin Ming was happy, she was quite polite at this time.

                But Song Ying was displeased, Qin Ming's right hand was occupied by Chen Mulin, she still hugged her tightly, her chest was almost pinching Qin Ming's arm in, wasn't this clearly taking advantage of Qin Ming?

                The women were placed at the front of the crowd, with all these church fanatics staring behind them.

                Cao Wei was showing Professor Fu's video on the podium, something about the origins, teachings, goals and so on of the Church of God of Love.

                Professor Fu asserted that man is defiled and that the union of yin and yang is a gift from nature to help man take out his defilement. He also gave various examples of distorted facts and then elevated himself to be the appointed reincarnation heir of the God of Love, all-powerful and all-knowing, who came to the mundane world to touch the world and rescue it with love.

                It was actually very lame propaganda, Qin Ming and the others didn't find it real at all when they watched it, how could it deceive people?

                Once the video was shown, Cao Wei waved his hand and someone brought out a cup of white and transparent liquid, beautifully called, holy water, drinking the holy water was a friend of the Church of the God of Love, and each girl was purified.

                Now not only did Chen Mulin and the others question it, but the seven young women on Sun Changxi's side also refused to drink it.

                However, Zhao Meng Hua stepped forward and said, "Don't worry everyone, this is is real holy water, I have drunk it and after drinking it, I was saved and I was more delighted than ever. This is not some kind of poison, it is holy water given to us by the God of Love."

                "Well said." The hundreds of people around thundered with applause, an invisible pressure that pressed down on each girl.

                Zhao Meng Hua drank the holy water, as if nothing was wrong, and said, "Want to change your current lives? Want to vent your grievances? Just drink the holy water."

                "Drink the holy water, drink the holy water."

                "Believe in the God of love, omnipotence and omniscience."

                The church members around them were one slag drumming and creating pressure, and leaning closer and closer, without any intention of letting these ignorant girls go.

                Song Ying sniffed the unknown liquid, frowned and muttered in Qin Ming's ear, "Young master, this should be happy water, a mixture of many kinds of drugs, mixed with liquid to make life addictive for a short time, probably in smaller doses."

                Qin Ming's face sank, holy water my ass in, this is poison ah.

                But now hundreds of people were drumming, looking at them, forcing them, what could they do now?

                Chen Mulin, also terrified and discontented, stuck close to Qin Ming and asked, "Sister, sister, what should we do?"

Chapter 384

With the uproar and coercion of the church members in the hall, all the girls felt the tremendous group pressure, and with Zhao Meng Hua taking the lead in drinking the "holy water", these young girls who were tricked into drinking the "holy water" had to do so even if they didn't know what the ingredients were.

                Song Ying quietly took out a small bag containing a small packet of tiny black spheres and whispered, "Young master, this is the latest product of our biotechnology, super-absorbent nano-carbon spheres, a must for survival in the wilderness."

                "They can adsorb all impurities except water, including these drugs. In the end there will only be pure water left in the cup, and these nano carbon balls have a hard taste that can be discerned through the tongue, so be careful and you won't swallow them. Even if they are swallowed, they will be excreted with the stool."

                Qin Ming was secretly delighted, Song Ying was a professional as expected, such things were prepared.

                Song Ying took advantage of the fact that the woman at the head of the row was being coaxed to drink the "holy water", she flicked her finger and Qin Ming saw a small ripple inside her cup.

                Qin Ming could then see with his naked eye that something cloudy was gravitating towards the small black dot in the cup, which grew slightly larger, about half the size of a fingernail.

                Qin Ming took an extra one and handed it to Chen Mulin, whispering in her ear, "Put it in the cup and it won't be affected, don't get caught."

                When Chen Mulin heard the voice, she felt some changes and curiously said, "Sister, why has your voice changed a bit?"

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes and did not speak, saving himself from being exposed. When Chen Mulin saw that Qin Ming did not speak, she did not think much about it.

                She knew there must be something wrong with the water, so she had to throw in the towel in a fit of sickness and put the nano carbon ball into her own cup and really did see some cloudy stuff being absorbed into the carbon ball as well.

                Qin Ming looked towards Sun Changxi who was several people away, too far away to help each other, she didn't know what method she would use to avoid this so called holy water drinking ritual, hopefully she, as an undercover agent, would have a method to solve it, right?

                But soon the few girls in front, such as Gao Ping, were forced to drink the holy water, and when it was Song Ying's turn, there was silence all around.

                Because Song Ying was so beautiful, she attracted everyone's attention. Song Ying even giggled gracefully, picked up the cup and drank it all in one go, some liquid flowing out along the corner of her mouth and sliding down past her neck, full of deadly temptation.

                The men at the scene couldn't help but swallow their saliva, and some whispered, "This superb beauty, Professor Fu has decided, right?"

                "Definitely, and so is that little beauty next to her. We'll just have to wait for a while, just in case Professor Fu doesn't want to delegate it to us to enjoy."

                "The one next to her in black is nice too, very innocent despite the heavy make-up."

                "Shhh, don't say that, there's another gallant one over there, also superb."

                The sound was so small that you couldn't hear it unless you listened carefully.

                After Song Ying drank, higher applause and cheers erupted around them, these people were crazy.

                Qin Ming and Chen Mulin both drank it straight away and were not embarrassed, but a woman who had come with her refused to drink it, and was surrounded by people and beaten up before being forced to drink the "happy water".

                Finally all the women drank the "holy water" and then the hall started to play songs, some dreamy, eardrum-stimulating electro music, and some men and women started to take off their clothes, and they all got high.

                With the beat of the music, it was as if the place had become a cabaret, and the people began to dance in groups, shouting in rhythm.

                And Qin Ming noticed that Zhao Menghua was also high, as her drug addiction had kicked in and she finally got an expression, she laughed out loud and joyfully, twisting her body, electrifying her hips, shaking her head, twisting her waist and shaking her breasts, as if she had become a stripper, happy as can be.

                Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan also started dancing after her because of their drug addiction, and there were some men who went up and down on them, groping them, and they became is no longer minded, they no longer wanted to run away from the place.

                Some of the church members even kissed and had sex in public, causing a flurry of cheers.

                Some were even scolded by the cadre for not fulfilling their mission targets and ordered to crawl like dogs in public, and woofed and barked like dogs.

                Everything sinful and ugly was going on here.

                Chen Mulin, who was terrified by some of these changes, pulled out the nano-carbon ball between her teeth and asked, "Sister, can I swallow this thing?"

                Qin Ming spat out the nano-carbon ball directly from his mouth, and Chen Mulin followed suit when he saw this.

                Qin Ming wanted to go to Sun Changxi, but saw that Sun Changxi was with a female cadre from the church, and Sun Changxi's expression did not change much, nor did she get high, and did not seem to be drinking happy water.

                The worry in Qin Ming's heart was slightly relieved and he didn't go over there, "Sister Changxi seems to have help, then I have to keep an eye on Zhao Meng Hua."

                Qin Ming's worries were again superfluous, Zhao Meng Hua seemed to have someone watching her, after all, she was Cao Wei's "girlfriend", and Cao Wei seemed to have a certain status within this Church of the God of Love.

                On the other hand, Song Ying and Chen Mulin were constantly being harassed by people, but Song Ying beat them all up without even thinking about it, and none of them could get near the two women.

                Qin Ming took Chen Mulin and pretended to have a drug addiction and got high along with her, shaking her head frantically to save herself from being exposed.

                When the hall was almost full of people getting high, Professor Fu came in.

                The venue music was turned off and replaced with some soft lullabies as Professor Fu greeted the crowd anew.

                He was perfectly transformed from a lecturer on wealth lectures to the master behind the Church of God of Love.

                As the promo said, these people were convinced that he was the reincarnation of the God of Love, that he was the origin of the elimination of all defilements, and that by having sex with him, he could purify people of their defilements, whether they were physical or spiritual, and be redeemed.

                After Professor Fu said a few words of proclamation that God of Love saves the world, the church members began to pay homage to Professor Fu, one by one, kneeling on the ground, honouring him as the reincarnation of God of Love, their saviour, and slogans, shouted in a very neat manner.

                Gao Ping and the other women, who were under the influence of the poison, became confused after their mental exhilaration, much like Zhao Meng Hua, and listened to the words of these people, following them as they bowed down to Professor Fu and listened to him talk about how people are filthy and need to be purified by him, the reincarnated saviour of the God of Love, or they will become demons.

                Gao Ping had gone completely mad and she frantically pulled Chen Mulin, saying, "Mulin, we have demons in us, what should we do? If we don't receive purification, we will become demons, what to do? What can we do?"

                Chen Mulin did not drink the "happy water", and saw that Gao Ping, who had just been worried about how to leave the place, had been brainwashed into this state after her drug addiction.

                She was so frightened that her face was pale and her eyes were tearing up as she blamed herself and said, "I'm sorry Gao Ping, Qin Ming has already warned us, if I had trusted him once, maybe it wouldn't have come to this, I'm sorry."

                Gao Ping didn't listen to Chen Mulin at all and said to herself, "Ohhhh, if only I could be purified by the Godfather. The Godfather is so handsome and has money, ah ...... God of Love, please make sure that the Godfather chooses me."

                Professor Fu raised his arms in vain and the crowd quieted down.

                He swept a glance at the dozen "newcomers" in front of him, suddenly covering his eyes and exclaiming, "The new members have drunk the holy water, but they have not yet been purified, I can see it, the filthy evil in their bodies and minds is too serious. They need to be purified by the all-powerful and all-knowing God of love, or they will incarnate back into demons."

                The hundreds of people who were listening shouted slogans, "Almighty God of love, have mercy on my world, send down the Son of God, remove my karma and save my world. Please ask Professor Fu to purify them."

                Professor Fu said in a serious manner, "It seems that I need to answer the call of the God of Love and personally purify this new group of members."

                As Qin Ming listened, he sighed in his heart, "Purify your sister, you're a proper cult."

                Song Ying whispered, "Young master, do you need me to do it now? These are all ordinary people, I can handle as many as come."

                Qin Ming rubbed his chin and smiled mysteriously, saying, "Wait a little longer, it's good to watch the action."