Rags To Riches Chapter 381-382

 Chapter 381

Song Ying was in a good mood tonight, a light smile naturally appeared on her face, holding Qin Ming's hand, a cheerful, lively and lovely beauty with an enchanting figure.

                The make-up of Qin Ming, which she did with her own hands, can be said to have reached the level of disguise. The wide clothes cover Qin Ming's partial large bones and muscles, and the long skirt reveals the slimness of Qin Ming's body, giving her a more tall and beautiful look.

                The most important facial make-up is even more ghostly and frightening, simply a changed person, also Qin Ming's facial profile is more decent and suitable for disguise.

                ? Ziggy's brother took the two women to a chess room and met Cao Wei who was healing.

                Meanwhile Qin Ming met the Honda nanny car downstairs, where Zhao Meng Hua and Chen Mulin and the other women were gathered together happily chatting.

                Qin Ming looked at the time, it was actually just after eight o'clock, and by the looks of it, it seemed that Cao Wei's activities had not yet started tonight.

                ? Brother Zi's brother greeted Cao Wei with a nod and a bow: "Brother Cao, the two beauties you asked me to find have been found, they are both superb, right? They are both poor and broke, and want to live a comfortable life with a big boss."

                Cao Wei sneered disdainfully, "Hey, how can there be so many comfortable days under the sky?"

                She glanced at Song Ying, her eye brows raised and she immediately swallowed, her eyes exposing his nasty sight, and said, "Xiaodongzi, well done, this girl is a superb beauty, thanks to you for finding such a beautiful girl."

                Cao Wei looked again at Qin Ming who was made up as a woman, frowned and said, "The other one is made up, I guess I'll lose a lot of points if I remove the make-up. It's not bad, nice body, just look comfortable when you're in a grass ratio anyway."

                Cao Wei threw in five thousand and said, "Alright, your reward, go back."

                ? The brother of Brother Zi took the money and as he passed by Qin Ming, he whispered, "Sister, the back depends on you.? I've done what Brother Zi explained."

                Cao Wei called the two men to him and immediately resumed his svelte and nice gentleman appearance, asking, "You guys want to meet some rich people, huh? Since Xiao Dong introduced you, I can't not give you face. That's just as well, I have a lecture tonight at ten o'clock, that's all attended by entrepreneurs, cattlemen who are worth more than a hundred million dollars, and there are also many young talents, after the lecture is a drinking party, it's up to you whether you can seize the opportunity or not."

                Qin Ming pulled his voice out and said, "Thank you, Mr. Cao."

                Song Ying also had a silly white sweet expression and said, "Thank you, Mr Cao."

                After Cao Wei had healed, she gathered the women together and said some unpleasant nonsense, what with the gentry gentry, what with having dined with Brother Sicong, not blinking at losing several hundred million in investments, having dined with the bosses of state-owned enterprises, and so on.

                In short, their lectures are blown up to the point that it is difficult to get a seat, and even Ma Yun may not be willing to let him in when he comes.

                The girls of Gao Ping are very much looking forward to it, after all, people are rich, but the benefits are many, once hooked up, the rest of your life will not have to work, eat and drink, even if not negotiated, can also be that a break-up fee.

                Zhao Meng Hua also has little expression, Chen Mulin is half drunk, half awake, seems to want to sleep.

                Song Ying was also very cooperative in her acting, doing the teenage fantasy.

                After Cao Wei finished bragging, he added, "You guys wait, I'm going to call for a bigger car, when you get to the hotel you guys go to a hot spring first, change into the clothes I prepared for you, and then follow me to the lecture."

                Why do you need a bath to attend a lecture? Why do you need to prepare clothes? Isn't that puzzling?

                But these women were so caught up in the fantasy of immediately meeting handsome, wealthy men that they didn't think much about it.

                Gao Ping took out her make-up box to fix her make-up and said at the same time, "Sister Zhao, thanks to your matchmaking, we have the chance to meet those rich youngsters."

                Song Qiuyan was not willing to lag behind and said, "Yes, some men usually just want to whoring for nothing, they don't even have a villa, what's the point of turning rich? That Liang Shaoyong is also funny, what's the use of having a house back home? Guangzhou is a first-tier city, is it hard to say that our girls in the city will have to go back to the countryside to live in the future?"

                Gao Ping laughed and said, "Let's not talk about those idiots, I get angry when I talk about it, especially that Qin Ming who is making a fat face and wants to stand in the way of us getting rich. He even slandered Mr. Cao, haha, really funny."

                Chen Mulin nodded and said, "That's right, he's a man with a hole in his head, he can't let others have a bad time even if he's having a bad time himself? Mr. Cao is such a gentle and polite person, how could ......"


                Suddenly there was a loud bang and a young woman with a cloaked head, white complexion and melon face rushed out from the first floor, she laughed loudly while rushing down: "I want more, hahaha ...... I want to do more good and help more people, hahaha. God of love, I have used my body to help eleven people today, you must bless me, hahahahaha."

                The women were stunned, what was going on?

                This woman had no clothes on!

                At that moment, Chief Cao and a bare-chested man came running out in a panic, and Chief Cao hurriedly pulled this woman back to the first floor.

                And the bare-chested man, who was an older man, panicked a little and said, "Is this, is this going to be okay?"

                Cao Wei immediately scolded, "Shut up, what can happen? Go back and continue, it's fine, how long have we been doing this?"

                Chen Mulin was stunned and said, "That woman seems to be Ma Rui, do you guys still remember Ma Rui? We used to play together ......"

                Zhao Meng Hua suddenly interrupted, "It's Ma Rui. It was also Ma Rui who introduced me to Wei and me to join the Church of the God of Love. It's nothing, it's a response to the call of the God of Love, it's a walk to save the world. Sooner or later we will join her together in saving the world."

                "Huh?" Gao Ping and the other women froze, such statements coming from Zhao Meng Hua took them by surprise.

                Qin Mingming grabbed the question, "With your body?"

                Still expressionless, Zhao Meng Hua nodded and said, "Yes, we are all the chosen people of the God of Love, and this is our duty."

                Chen Mulin froze, "This,?"

                Gao Ping was also stunned, "Oh no, that, that, Qin Ming was right? There is something wrong with this Cao Wei. Don't you think there's something wrong with Miss Zhao too? She's had this look on her face all night, she wasn't like this before."

                Song Qiuyan regretted, "This must be it, didn't Ma Rui say she knew a rich second generation before? How could she be so low as to use her body to pay back the money? That Qin Ming didn't lie to us. We didn't believe him instead."

                Chen Mulin also showed an expression of remorse and regret, "He, he really did not lie to me. Qin Ming ...... you stinking? Pan Jun? I'm not sure what to do. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. A medium stands class shake 10 industry pen paralysis blemish out of Pan? The actual fact is that you will be able to find out more about this. The name of the company is a reference to the fact that the company is a member of the United Nations.

                After Chen Mulin reacted, she immediately pulled Zhao Meng Hua and was about to leave.

                But just as the two women reached the door, two more men immediately blocked the way, stopping the two women with an unkind smile on their faces after things had fallen apart.

                "Where to?" Cao Wei came down from upstairs with a harmless smile on his face, "There was a misunderstanding just now. The car is here, let's set off for the hotel."

                In addition to Gao Ping and two other women also felt that things were not right and said loudly, "Cao Wei, are you lying again? What the ...... hell is going on here?"

                Cao Wei smiled and said, "I'm not cheating, introducing you to young, rich, handsome second generation ah, oh, the car is here, please get in."

Chapter 382

Shaking, shaking non-stop.

                Qin Ming saw a few girls who had recognized Cao Wei's deception, so scared that their bodies were shaking, they tried to escape but were stopped in their tracks by a few more men.

                Zhao Meng Hua's strange appearance, the sudden appearance of her former friend Ma Rui, who seems like a madman left to fend for herself.

                There was also Zhao Meng Hua's talk about the Church of the God of Love, believing in the God of Love, purifying others of their filth and saving the world.

                This is just bullshit.

                We are all adults, how can we not see that? They realised that they had been duped, this was not a car to meet a rich young man at all, this was the car of a thief from a black kiln.

                But what if they could see it? Can they run away? They couldn't.

                Chen Mulin was so anxious that her eyes were tearing up, muttering to herself, "What should I do? Oooh ...... had I known I would have listened to Qin Ming. Qin Ming, I'm sorry ...... I treated you like that and you helped me at the last minute. I was so stupid, I even scolded you, I made one mistake after another, why can't I see the right thing?"

                Zhao Meng Hua still had no expression and said calmly, "Mu Ling, it's alright, from what the sisters in the other churches said, they are all very happy, believing in the God of Love, sacrificing themselves to help the world, it's a good thing to help people, you have a chance to serve the appointed heir of the God of Love, Professor Fu, tonight."

                When Chen Mulin heard this from Zhao Meng Hua, she shuddered, how could she say such horrible words so calmly? What was going through her mind?

                What the so-called service was, she also guessed, she was so scared that she cried straight away.

                She took out her mobile phone and hurriedly asked for help, not knowing who to call for a while, she dialed Qin Ming's number, because she felt that by calling Qin Ming, she could explain a lot less about the process, hadn't Qin Ming tried to pick her up recently? When Qin Ming heard that she was in danger, he would definitely come.

                Moreover, she was inexplicably confident that Qin Ming would definitely come to her rescue.

                However, Qin Ming had already come and had come for his good buddy Liang Shaoyong, who was already drunk after all, so he could only do his brother a favour.

                Qin Ming was standing right next to Chen Mulin, and when his eyes glanced at it, he saw that Chen Mulin's mobile phone had given him the memo 'Scum 39 Qin Ming', and when Qin Ming saw this memo, he directly rolled his eyes, had she seen many scum men?

                But before Chen Mulin could dial the number, Cao Wei snatched over the phone.

                Cao Wei narrowed his eyes and said, "Miss Chen, I've said it, it's fine. That was a misunderstanding just now, look, the bus is here, get on."

                A small bus drove up to the entrance of the chess room, with other women on board.

                A few men forced the women to get on the bus and go, and when they reached the intersection, they were asked to take away their mobile phones on the grounds that they were being given phone bills for attending a lecture event and taking them to charge their bills.

                This kind of grand reason is really not even a primary school student can cheat.

                But the women had no choice but to obediently hand over their mobile phones, not to hand them out, not to get into the car nor to leave, stay is not more miserable?

                There were many other young women in the car, and these women were quite happy, discussing how they could meet a rich second generation, get a golden turtle son-in-law, get close to a big boss, and have no worries about food and clothing in their next life, etc.

                Chen Mulin and Gao Ping were silent, their gloomy expressions in contrast to the other women's laughter.

                Chen Mulin folded her hands and sat in her seat, muttering a prayer, "Qin Ming, come quickly. Don't be ordinary with a small woman like you, don't bother so much with the calculations, I was wrong, will you come and save me? I apologize to you, as long as you come to save me, I can do whatever you want me to do."

                Gao Ping followed suit and shook hands and prayed, "Anyone is fine, who will save me? Qin Ming, since you found out that there is something wrong, save people to the end. Save me ah, ooo ...... dad, mum ...... should have known to promise you to go on a blind date with the bank manager well, at least he can afford to drive a joint venture car of more than 100,000. Woo ......"

                Song Qiuyan sighed, "Don't dream, we humiliated Qin Ming like that, how will he come to our rescue? We might as well be careful ourselves and find a chance to escape, it's better to ask for help than to ask for help."

                Zhao Meng Hua still had no expression and said soothingly, "Don't worry, you will know when the time comes. Professor Fu is the heir of God of Love and he is a very friendly person. The sisters in the church are all proud to serve him."

                Chen Mulin looked at Zhao Meng Hua and covered her face in pain, "Sister Meng Hua, what has happened to you? How did you become like this?"

                Song Ying sat by the side and saw the few women in this state and said with amusement, "Young master, they are so shameless, they still expect you to come to their rescue."

                Qin Ming had little expression and looked at Zhao Menghua, saying, "Look at what's going on with School Sister Zhao? Being brainwashed isn't as bad as having your feelings stripped away too, is it?"

                Song Ying shook her head, indicating that she wasn't sure, and asked rhetorically, "If it's due to drugs, there are so many different kinds available, I don't know which one they're using. Wait, young master will have to be careful what he eats in his mouth later on. I have some emergency life-saving medicine on hand here too."

                Xiao Ba arrived at a hotel on the outskirts of Guang City, which was buzzing with activity in its high-rise lobby, where there were really a lot of boss-like businessmen gathering in small groups to chat, all seemingly here to attend a wealth lecture.

                This made Gao Ping and the other women relax their guard a little, as they finally saw some normal people.

                There were many tables and chairs here in the hotel lobby, and also many very dignified bosses, and looking at those luxury cars in front of the hotel, I thought they were all decent people.

                Cao Wei smiled and said, "Look guys, I've said I'm not lying, there are quite a few bosses and rich kids here, as well as the King of Diamonds, all of whom are your targets."

                Chen Mulin and the others grinned awkwardly, totally distrustful.

                Cao Wei and a few men "escorted" the women to a gentle man in a suit, who was in his forties and was laughing and chatting with some big bosses about investments, the international market, which industries were good for money these days, and so on.

                Everything seemed to be in order, nothing strange.

                Qin Ming had attended many of these lectures before on a part-time basis, specialising in teaching business concepts to small and medium-sized enterprises, and he was responsible for promoting brochures, earning two hundred dollars a day.

                Qin Ming looked at this very serious Professor Fu and guessed that he was Da Fei Long, a human-looking dog, who really could not tell that he was the designated heir of Eros from some Eros Church.

                At this time, when Professor Fu saw that Cao Wei had arrived, he stopped chatting with the other bosses, walked to a less crowded place and said, "Why did you get beaten up?"

                Cao Wei smiled awkwardly, "How can I take in three superb new members without a beating?"

                Professor Fu's first look saw Song Ying, who was pretending to be silly and sweet, looked her up and down, smiled mysteriously, and his eyes fell on top of Song Ying's chest, seemingly satisfied.

                Professor Fu's second look was at the terrified Chen Mulin, looking her up and down in this black dress and dark makeup style, also licking her lips in satisfaction.

                He finally looked at Qin Ming and also nodded his head, feeling that it was not too bad.

                Professor Fu pulled Cao Wei a few steps away and whispered, saying, "Well done, those two extremes must be absorbed as members of our Church of the God of Love, I'll deflower them tonight. The others are arranged for the other cadres, it's been a hard month or so, let them enjoy themselves too."

                Cao Wei said, "Boss, will you be able to have two? Let me have one, it's not easy to find such a superb beauty, I've searched for over two months and developed it through two outside a female."

                Professor Fu grunted, "Didn't you recently run away with a female college student? I even let her suck on that and tamed her into submission. That's not bad, still not satisfied? Forget it, the taller girl with makeup on is yours."

                Said Professor Fu, glancing at Qin Ming, who was dressed as a man.

                Qin Ming turned his head sideways and asked, "Xiao Ying, what are they saying?"

                Song Ying looked at the duo's lips, her face covered in cold frost, and said, "Discussing how to assign us, humph, looking for death."

                Qin Ming waited, his eyes darting around, but he suddenly saw an acquaintance over at the guest seat, Qin Ming's heart thumped, how come she was also here?

                This was too much of a surprise, right?