Rags To Riches Chapter 379-380

 Chapter 379

Qin Ming saw Chen Mulin come out, the woman who could not drink, was supported by Zhao Meng Hua, staggering.

                Cao Wei called for a Honda nanny car to take Zhao Meng Hua, Chen Mulin, Gao Ping, Song Qiuyan, and two other women he didn't know, away together.

                Qin Ming thought of Cao Wei drugging just now when no one was around, and heard Sun Changxi say that this Cao Wei had problems and was a big fish for the police to follow, he immediately panicked.

                Zhao Menghua might be in danger!

                Qin Ming actually has a good feeling about Zhao Menghua, in addition to the relationship that she is the girlfriend of a good brother.

                Zhao Menghua was also a friend who used to play together, and did not much denigrate and mock Qin Ming, looking at him from the perspective of a more usual school sister.

                Qin Ming, because he has suffered a lot of blank stares, will have a few good feelings for people who treat him equally.

                Moreover, he felt that there was something strange about Zhao Menghua's behavior today, and he felt that something was fishy, so he had to save Zhao Menghua.

                He couldn't care less and immediately rushed up and stopped in front of the car door.

                "You can't get in the car." Qin Ming blocked in front of the women and said, "Sister Zhao, this car can't be boarded, this Cao Wei is not a good person."

                Cao Wei saw that it was Qin Ming again to make trouble and said angrily, "Student, what do you mean by that? Haven't you had enough? It was your people who started it, you have reason? Don't think that just because you know a few social evildoers, you are great? I have no one?"

                The words just fell, the next immediately out of two brawny men, fierce stranglehold, wide sleeves, hiding a knife.

                Qin Ming's heart astonished, these people ruthless role ah.

                Zhao Menghua coldly said, "Qin Ming, get out of the way, I'm done with Liang Shaoyong, I'm now A Wei's girlfriend."

                Gao Ping saw himself safe, good scars and forget the pain, began to make a demon, said: "Yes, on the basis of knowing a few rotten people in society, hold the strong and weak bullying people. You call this violence, now Mr. Cao's people are protecting us, the police have not gone far, what do you want?"

                Chen Mulin, half-drunk, gritted her teeth and grunted, "Just left me alone in the toilet, scum. What does it matter to you where we go to get high?"

                A few other women also said, "Yes, what does it matter to you if we go to have fun? Who are you? Even if we go to catch a hooker, it has nothing to do with you."

                Qin Ming's lungs really exploded when he heard that, who the hell cares about you bitches?

                He said to Zhao Menghu, "Just because he just took advantage of your absence and poured unknown powder into Chen Mulin's and Zhao's glasses, I saw it with my own eyes. This Cao Wei is not a good person."

                This correction, immediately let the crowd stunned, the bar, while people are not paying attention to pouring unknown powder, these things are connected, it is not difficult to figure out what Cao Wei want?

                Cao Wei's heart also panicked, he did not expect to be discovered by this guy Qin Ming.

                He looked gloomy, his hand subconsciously placed in his trouser pocket, the snuff bottle he naturally will not lose, for fear of being searched out.

                Zhao Menghua still said flatly: "Ridiculous, I was originally Ah Wei's girlfriend, we are ready to open a room tonight, tonight I am going to give me to Ah Wei, Ah Wei need to use drugs on me?"

                Cao Wei was overjoyed to hear this and immediately said, "Slander. I did not do such a thing. Why do you college students hate the rich one by one? I have been pursuing Meng Hua for more than a month, and I have impressed her with sincerity, not by any dirty tricks. A successful person like me, pursuing a girl I like, would not use such dirty tricks."

                "In order to help your brother out, you contacted some jobless rotten people in the society, and also all kinds of dirty water splashed on me, I Cao Wei was vilified by you for nothing? I reserve the right to pursue you, you make trouble again, I will report your school teacher, I also call the police."

                Cao Wei bit the bullet on Zhao Menghua, did not talk about Chen Mulin, let the crowd fade Qin Ming's words.

                Gao Ping laughed loudly: "Mr. Cao, he is the fourth year of economics at the University of Technology of China Province Qin Ming, go to our school to report him."

                Chen Mulin also mocked impatiently, "Qin Ming are you crazy? I need you to save? Who do you think you are? Savior? You go back to your dorm and jerk off, stinky? Pan Jund Eris Cang maid a few indoash yellow harrier shake!

                Zhao Menghua also said indifferently, "Get out of the way, the way you're going crazy makes me sick."

                The women pushed Qin Ming away and scrambled to get into the car, not believing Qin Ming's advice at all.

                When Chen Mulin passed by, she even "pooh-poohed" a mouthful of spittle at Qin Ming, drunkenly cursing: "Scum, treating me as a spare tire, and leaving me alone in the toilet. And also slander people Mr. Cao, our night life has just begun, you jealous go."

                Qin Ming stood speechless in place, his heart that angry, almost a mouthful of old blood spurted out, that group of women, good intentions as donkey liver lungs.

                Cao Wei grinned happily, and the hand that was gripping the snuff bottle was sent down.

                He took out a piece of handwritten paper, into Qin Ming's hand, smug, said: "Young man, as the past, I will give you a clear path. After graduation, find a job with a monthly income of more than 10,000, not enough, six or seven thousand, and strive to pay a down payment in the city of Guangzhou, go back to the countryside to discuss a daughter-in-law, and then the rest of your life to pay the mortgage, raise children, at least also count as a city people."

                "As for these city girls, beautiful girls, you can not enjoy this life, they ah, is destined to us rich and status people, under the pampering of the special, you want to see their soul, you can find in the domestic area, ha ha ha ......"

                Cao Wei laughed wildly and left with the women in the car.

                Qin Ming squinted his eyes and cursed, "Dogs bite Lü Dongbin, do not know the heart of the people, see how you are played to death."

                Qin Ming was about to use hand paper to dry his face Chen Mulin sprayed saliva, suddenly a woman's hand pulled him, grabbed the hand paper, and then used a professional evidence collection with a plastic bag encapsulated.

                Qin Ming saw that it was Sun Changxi, curiously asked, "What's wrong sister Changxi?"

                Sun Changxi said, "If I'm right, that paper should have problems, use mine."

                Sun Changxi took out a packet of heart phase seal, to wipe Qin Ming face drool, the action is quite gentle, Qin Ming stood afraid to move, the police girl to help wipe the face, this treatment kong.

                His eyes down a glance, just see Sun Changxi collar, collar slightly open, revealing a small half bulge of skin, and the white cups edge.

                Wow, Sun Changxi body is quite material hey, her body emits the fragrance of women, especially good smell.

                "Oops!" Qin Ming's ears suddenly hurt, but Sun Changxi found his eyes were not honest, twisting his ears.

                Sun Changxi "vicious" said: "Okay, you kid, sister's breasts look good?"

                Qin Ming was depressed, this violent policewoman ah.

                He hurriedly said: "Not good-looking, not good-looking. Ah ...... Changxi sister, gently ah, my ears will be lost."

                Sun Changxi blushed slightly, "vicious" said: "Not good-looking? Not good you still look so fascinated? You bad boy, usually not a lot of trouble girls? At a young age, you don't study well, but you think about women?"

                Sun Changxi "cleaned up" Qin Ming, clapped his hands and said, "Just now you almost spoiled my business again, you know?"

                Qin Ming asked, "Sister Changxi, what does that Cao Wei do? What did he commit? Where is he going to take my classmate?"

                Sun Changxi was slightly surprised, "They just did that to you, and you still want to help them? It can be under the young man, quite a thoughtful awareness."

                Qin Ming bristled, at first he wanted to save Zhao Menghua, now he was simply disgusted, he wanted to make this Cao Wei pay the price.

                Sun Changxi said seriously: "This matter ......"

Chapter 380

Sun Changxi said very seriously, "You should not get involved in this matter, it is a matter for our police. Because of the special situation just now, I have already told you that that Cao Wei is a target of our police stakeout and is a dangerous person. It's dangerous for you, a student."

                Sun Changxi was quite fond of Qin Ming, apart from the "fate" of bumping into each other often in the course of official duties, and the fact that Qin Ming had helped her to achieve merits several times, which had enabled the young woman to become a senior captain successfully.

                When Qin Ming saw that Sun Changxi did not say anything, he was furious and said, "My friend is still there. I feel a bit strange, she seems to be a different person and not in a high mood. No, it should be that there are no feelings left."

                Sun Changxi frowned and said, "OK, I can't go into more details. Just keep an eye on the news when the case is over. Also, I promise you, those few friends of yours, I will save them."

                Qin Ming said, "Sister Chang Xi, it's not that I don't trust your ability. It's just that time is short, those few are girls, young and pretty, they're going to suffer a big loss, they'll be ruined for life, it'll be a nightmare they can't linger on."

                Sun Changxi's face showed hesitation before she finally said firmly, "If I involve you, an innocent passer-by, and have some kind of accident, it will also be a nightmare that will linger for the rest of my life."

                Sun Changxi stopped pulling the wool over Qin Ming's eyes and left alone.

                Qin Ming was also a little annoyed that that Cao Wei was so arrogant and domineering, and there was no way Qin Ming would just let it go.

                If put in the past he was poor? The Pan Pleasing Sheet? The man who was in the past, he would not have been able to get away with it. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. The man is a man of the world. The jie

                Just at this time, that henchman of Boss Nian, Old Bai and ? They wanted to leave.

                Qin Ming shouted the two of them to stop and asked, "Little Bai, ? Zi, you guys come here."

                The two immediately changed from their big brother posture to that of little brothers, and walked over with their butts in the air, asking, "Is there anything else for Mr. Qin?"

                Qin Ming asked, "That Cao Wei, what's his origin? Do you know?"

                Old Bai's mind twitched, and he then told the truth, "I've met this man once, I don't know him, but I know his boss, Big Fei Long. Cao Wei is actually one of Da Fei Long's men, engaged in investment, but several investment companies are not very good, secretly used to do other things."

                Qin Ming heard the doorway and asked, "How can a company survive if it is not well run? How can you survive if your company is not doing well? How can you be so generous?"

                Old Bai explained, "On the surface, Dafei Long is an investment seminar, pulling people to raise funds for projects. In fact, what he does is similar to a pyramid scheme, pulling some people to participate in the lectures, collecting money by the head, then developing a downline through the people inside, collecting money by the head again, and helping pull people in with money."

                "They don't restrict personal freedom either, everything is done by personal will."

                "Big Fei Long also has a church called Friendship Church, which advocates mutual help and love and so on, and some people will be absorbed as internal members, which to us is just bragging and bluffing stuff."

                "But there are still people who believe in that stuff from Da Feilong, and every year many new people join, and they charge 500 for one lecture."

                "That Cao Wei, who is specifically responsible for finding some female college students for Da Fei Long to enjoy, they have a special method of changing people's minds, and I don't know how many people just believe in it."

                "Mr. Qin, in my experience, that Cao Wei's girlfriend, should be ......"

                The latter words were not spoken by Old Bai, but he twirled his finger around his head, meaning obviously that he had been brainwashed.

                Qin Ming realized the seriousness of the situation, it was not known how long it would take to wait for Sun Changxi to free all the people, after all, the police process of closing the net would also take time.

                I am afraid that Zhao Menghua will be in danger tonight. Once Zhao Menghua loses her virginity, even if she is rescued, it will be too late and there may be no return between her and Liang Shaoyong.

                When Qin Ming thought of his good brother's painful drunkenness today, his heart was in the right place to do this.

                Qin Ming asked, "Can you get me in?"

                Old Bai was slightly embarrassed and said, "I don't have the contacts for that."

                On the contrary, the one on the side? Brother Zi said, "Mr. Qin, I have a brother who has been hanging out with Cao Wei recently and has given him two tasks to pull two young beauties to attend the lecture. If Mr. Qin has young female henchmen, I think I can help mix in."

                Qin Ming was overjoyed to hear this and said, "? Zi, I'll take the favour, look for me in future if you have trouble. Tell your brother to meet me at the university entrance in half an hour."

                ? When Brother Zi heard Qin Ming promise him a favour, he froze in surprise for a long time, and the old man Bai on the side was envious.

                Qin Ming was someone who even Boss Nian was scared to death of, and this one favour owed to him was of great use, and could even be a talisman.

                ? He was so happy that he went to contact his good buddy to send him two beautiful women.

                On Qin Ming's side, he contacted Song Ying on fire and demanded, "Xiao Ying, find me someone who knows how to put on make-up, someone who can make me look like a woman and still not be noticed. Then you can go with me to enter a church organisation of some kind."

                When Song Ying heard that Qin Ming had actually asked her to act together, she immediately put down all the work she was doing and rushed over in a flash.

                Ten minutes later, Song Ying did not bring any make-up artist with her, she carried a case by herself and came to Qin Ming, saying gently, "Young master, the most powerful make-up artist in this world, I still have the confidence to compete."

                Qin Ming was puzzled and said, "I don't usually see you wearing make-up either."

                Song Ying happily covered half of her face with her small hand and said with some small shyness, "Because with my skin and face, I don't need make-up at all."

                Qin Ming gazed twice and reached out to pinch Song Ying's face, it was indeed clean and hydrated, it seemed to be really that way, some women were naturally beautiful, there was really no way around it, and it was Song Ying who was such a woman.

                "Ouch." Qin Ming lamented in his heart, what was he pretending to be a decent man the last time he was at Nanshan Manor? The temperature of Song Ying's flesh was still echoing in his memory.

                "Ahem ......," Qin Ming straightened his thoughts and said, "The thing is ...... so... . in the end ...... therefore you must pass the makeup."

                Song Ying smiled as she took out a men's garter stick-on flesh colored latex.

                Qin Ming touched the film-like flesh-colored latex, and the perfect two mounds of simulated latex, the right size, the perfect proportion, the feel, rubbing miles ...... and the real almost the same.

                Qin Ming squeezed them and muttered in his heart, "Selling these to many women's clothing gurus on the internet now, they should be very popular, right?"

                Song Ying introduced, "Young master, this is a product that we at? A branch of adult products in this country creates super high simulation latex that can be worn by the whole person, all the way up to the waist. The latex won't feel too different from real people, it's just cold, but if you wear it for a long time, the temperature of the latex will be the same as your body temperature, so even if you're touched, you won't be able to feel it nearly as much."

                "Strong." Qin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air and gave a thumbs up.

                Song Ying added, "There's also the burst breast costume and the poor breast costume, which one do you like, young master?"

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "Just about the same size as you."

                Song Ying was stunned, then her pretty face flushed and she bit her lips shyly, leaving behind that perfectly proportioned D-cup latex.

                Not long after, two beautiful women came at the entrance of the university, a cold as ice iceberg beauty and a youthful and gentle sweet beauty, the two of them got into a sedan and headed for a certain hotel lecture under the night.