Rags To Riches Chapter 377-378

 Chapter 377

Liang Shaoyong was drinking, eyes have been staring at the diagonal opposite Zhao Meng Hua, see her to Cao Wei all the way to please, anger directly can not help rushing over, grabbed Cao Wei's collar on the big hand big hand slapping.

                "Pry my corner, pry my corner, grass, I die with you."

                Liang Shaoyong is also drunk, bold as hell, completely let loose, venting his inner rage.

                The scene was once chaotic, Gao Ping and other women screamed in fear, while Zhao Menghua was standing by without saying a word, somewhat bewildered.

                Cao Wei was not as old as Liang Shaoyong, so he resisted a few times, but was still punched on the ground.

                But the bar's security guards soon came over and pushed Liang Shaoyong away from him left and right, and Zhao Liniu and Sun Zhipeng came over to help, but they were also beaten up as accomplices.

                Cao Wei could not easily get up, his face was already covered with blood, and the lenses of his glasses were crooked.

                Cao Wei took his briefcase, pulled out several stacks of bills from it, and threw them directly on the ground, saying, "Give me a fight, I'm responsible!"

                Several security guards saw several tens of thousands of dollars, some eyes red, directly Cao Wei as a master, and the three Liang Shaoyong a round of beatings, and finally the drunken Liang Shaoyong "boom", smashed on the wine table, placed in front of Cao Wei, said: "Boss, at your disposal."

                Several security guards took the money and shared it aside.

                Cao Wei grabbed all the brandy, directly towards Liang Shaoyong mouth, while filling the wine and scolded: "poor boy, no money, do not pick up girls, and rob me? What do you grab with me? Speaking of which, I've known Xiao Zhao for some time, but I'm busy with work, I haven't had time to have something with her, tonight I'll go with her to a big hotel, open a presidential suite. I'll send you a video later, how about that?"

                Liang Shaoyong was poured with wine in his head and face, choking him very hard, hearing Cao Wei's stimulation, he was on fire and tried to resist, but he was stepped on the ground by Cao Wei, while the alcohol made him weak.

                Cao Wei stepped on Liang Shaoyong's face, he pulled Zhao Menghua, said: "Look, your girlfriend, quite beautiful is not it? But now it's my girlfriend. I have a BMW 7 series, do you have one? I have three investment companies with assets of over 100 million, do you have one? I have a house in Guang city, I also have a house in Hai city, I also have a house in the capital division, a ring oh, do you have it?"

                Cao Wei said while slapping Liang Shaoyong's face, said, "You have nothing, want to white whoring? Rely on love to generate electricity?"

                Zhao Menghua said indifferently, "I told you earlier, we broke up."

                Gao Ping said with great relief, "Hahaha, finished, right? Been beaten? Mr. Cao beat you up like this with a few ten thousand dollars."

                Song Qiuyan also had to fox the tiger and said, "Don't you have a lot of black-clad bodyguards? Why don't you call over? Ah? Is the money spent? In order to pretend to be really willing to pay the money ah. But you can't hide the fact that you are a? Pan Kan Bureau province!

                A few other women said contemptuously, "Tsk, what a disgrace."

                Liang Shaoyong lying on the ground, looking aside indifferent Zhao Menghu, sadly called her name: "Meng Hua, Meng Hua."

                However, Zhao Menghua remained so indifferent and did not care about Liang Shaoyong at all.

                Cao Wei wiped the sweat on his face and said, "Meng Hua, let's go, let's go to a room. We have also been together for some time, and tonight, we need to communicate further."

                But he just turned around and was greeted with a fist.

                Boom, Cao Wei was knocked to the ground with a punch from Qin Ming.

                "Wow!" The people around were shocked again, Qin Ming's violent punch was really scary.

                A big tooth of Cao Wei was then knocked out, Qin Ming walked over, picked up the bloody tooth, put it into a wine glass and said, "Drink it, and I will let you go."

                Cao Wei covered his red and swollen face, he had always been very gentle, never expected to be beaten up by a few college students like this.

                Angered, he snapped his fingers at the stunned bartender and said, "Tell the boss of your club to come out. Tell him that I am Cao Wei."

                The bartender immediately went back to the back room, and in a short while, several tall men came out.

                A man at the head of the group came out and said, "Who's causing trouble in my place? You're not happy to drink and pick up girls?"

                Cao Wei said: "Boss Xu, I was beaten for no reason, I did not make trouble, your field, what do you think? I usually have a good thing also not less greet you?"

                Gao Ping immediately said: "Yes, these few poor? Pan should carry the school? Samuel Ugg Boots Outlet The device is a very good way to get the most out of your life. The momentary scythe non? The pack is composed to file u stand? ugly and ugly!

                Qin Ming swung the bottle in his hand and smashed it over, cursing furiously, "Shut up you bitch."


                The muscle man in the lead punched the bottle and spilled whiskey all over the floor.

                The muscular man looked at Qin Ming and said, "Kid, good eyes. But you hurt my guest, and the broken table and chairs, and the wasted famous wine, leave 100,000, and get lost. If you don't have the money, hmmm ...... know who we hang out with?"

                Qin Ming said, "The damage to the bar, I compensate, no problem. But your men have injured all three of my brothers, one of you break a hand, or no deal."

                Hiss! The surrounding drinkers all sucked in a breath of cold air, this kid is young and so arrogant? He thinks he is the protagonist in the urban pretend novel? Not moving to cut hands.

                Qin Ming is still polite, he was in a bad mood today, the dormitory three brothers is one of his scales, although the four of them come from all over China, but the relationship is absolutely nothing to say.

                How can Qin Ming see them being beaten for nothing?

                The muscle man is also annoyed, a few security guards to take Mr. Cao's money to beat up a few young people is what matters? Wait for the filial piety up, he will also have ten thousand dollars.

                Cao Wei, afraid that the price is not enough, said: "Xu boss, I give another 100,000, you have to give me relief tonight."

                The muscle man instantly raged: "The poor in the university? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. Idiot, the sheath of life is despised by the people of Cape Velvet.

                Muscle man is trying to make a move, Qin Ming know around, immediately appeared Ah Long and Ao Mei two, as soon as he made a move, it is estimated to lie in the hospital for ten days and a half months.

                However, the door suddenly commission a group of people, led by a steward-like suit of old man chided: "Xiao Xu, stop!"

                Qin Ming was stunned, but it was the right-hand man, Old Bai.

                It turns out that this field is the sixth year old's.

                Muscle man saw the visitor, immediately respectfully bent low to, said: "Mr. White old man, someone trouble beating people, I'm dealing with this, just these few wild boys."


                Behind the old white, followers? Ziggy punched down and knocked the muscle man to the ground.

                ? Brother Zi majestically and angrily rebuked, "What wild boys, call Mr. Qin! Motherfucker, if it weren't for me and Bai Lao looking for Mr. Qin something to come over today, almost let you get into big trouble."

                The muscle man was shocked, Mr. Qin? The boss specifically explained that the mysterious Mr. Qin, so young, is not allowed to find to provoke?

                At that time he received the order also did not care, took the portrait sent to the hand, thinking that in the future to see the old man more respect is, did not expect Mr. Qin so young ah.

                "Hum." Old Bai heaved a grunt and said, "Pull out, beat up, and give Mr. Qin a vent. The two unruly ones who beat up Mr. Qin's friends just now, one hand each."

                "Yes!" Old Bai immediately behind the fierce and fierce disciples to go to work, just charged Cao Wei tens of thousands of dollars, the muscle man is okay, just to be beaten, and the beating of Liang Shaoyong three of the two lookout disciples immediately scared bloodless face.

                "Spare my life, Bai Lao spare my life ah, I know I'm wrong, spare me, ah ah ......"

                "We were wrong, we shouldn't have reached for the money, spare me, ah ah, don't, don't ah ah ......"

                White old man so several orders, either a half-dead or broken hands, but the surrounding people scared enough, too ruthless, this old man afraid of not a ruthless role?

                However, the next moment, old Mr. White immediately bent over and ran to Qin Ming, hanging a pleasing smile, said, "Mr. Qin, I do not know Xiao Bai I deal with this, you have eliminated your anger?"

                "Ah?!" The surrounding drinkers saw this, fell down, this humble appearance, suddenly from a ruthless man into a lapdog ah.

                Cao Wei on the side saw this, is also a heart trembling, a buttocks sat down, thinking that tonight to suffer heavy wow.

Chapter 378

Cao Wei is a regular customer of this bar, watching the field and the manager are familiar.

                Because this bar is relatively young, often encounter some of the young men and women here to release the pressure of life, especially female college students.

                But it was the first time he saw the manager and the caretaker Xu boss, in front of a dignified old man with half-white hair in his sixties, so vulnerable, as if the father beat his son as casually disposed.

                Then, the majestic old man seemed like a grandson to please Qin Ming, an insignificant young man, but also called each other "Mr. Qin", that respectful expression, as if he kneeled to lick his big boss behind the look, exactly the same.

                Cao Wei knew that today he was finished, kicked the iron plate.

                Qin Ming looked at Nian Lao Liu's men and asked, "What is it? Did Nie Haitang find it?"

                Mr. Bai grinned awkwardly and said, "No, it's because this morning our debt collectors got to Mr. Qin's ex-girlfriend, so damn it, Boss Nian asked me to send Mr. Qin a little money as an apology."

                Qin Ming took a check, only one million.

                No, it was no longer a small amount, it was just that for him, something was equal to nothing, so he might as well use it to enlist the hearts and minds of people.

                He threw the money back directly and said, "All right, I won't blame you for what happened this morning. This is a little money as compensation for what I did for my brother for destroying the place."

                Old Mr. Bai was overjoyed and immediately accepted it. How much money did the drinks table here cost? He earned a million dollars just for running errands, which is really cool.

                Mr. Bai pointed to Cao Wei, who was paralyzed with fear, and said, "Mr. Qin, what about them? If you say the word, my old man will do it immediately."

                The two women, Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan, saw this and were scared to death, not expecting Qin Ming to know the villains of the society.

                They trembled and begged, "Qin Ming, we know each other, we are still in the same school, don't break our hands, please, we know we are wrong, I just have a bad mouth, I will slap my own mouth."

                Slap slap slap!

                Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan slapped each other's mouths, and several other women they didn't know followed suit, and the whole bar was filled with the sound of their slapping.

                "Qin Ming, let us go, right?"

                "Sorry, we know we're wrong, we don't dare to provoke you again."

                "Oooh ......"

                It is true that a few orders from old Mr. Bai were so vicious that they were scared out of their wits.

                Qin Ming did not care at all about these few mouthy alumni, he instead looked at Zhao Menghua on the side, she still had a stern face and an indifferent look.

                He was a little surprised.

                He remembered that when he found out that Li Meng cheated on him, he was going to beat up Yang Wei violently, and Li Meng was protecting Yang Wei for the sake of money.

                And now that Cao Wei is in trouble, how come she is still indifferent?

                He looked at Zhao Menghua also looked a little strange, but could not say what was strange.

                He waved his hand in annoyance, pointed at Cao Wei, and said, "Smash his BMW for me."

                Not long after, ? Cao Wei listened to the sound of smashing the car outside, the pain, only a short time to mention the new car ah, several million so scrapped.

                Qin Ming is thinking how to deal with this Cao Wei, the police came.

                Several police officers came in: "We received a report that there is a mob here."

                Qin Ming frowned, someone called the police?

                That's just right, he raised his hand and said, "Officer, there's a fight here, this guy beat up my companion."

                A few officers came over and looked at Cao Wei that was beaten to the teeth, very messy, and said, "I think he was beaten up?"

                ? Brother Zi immediately stood up to help Qin Ming, said: "Officer, we testify that it was this Cao beating, we Mr. Qin has nothing to do with the matter, he was to stop the fight, gas boredom can all testify."

                "Yes, can all testify." The surrounding minions have agreed, this time of course, we have to listen to Mr. Qin.

                Qin Ming said seriously, "Good, officer, take the man back."

                Qin Ming thought to himself that it would be best to lock up this Cao Wei for a while, a small punishment, while he was locked up, and then help Young Yong and Zhao Menghua.

                The police hesitated and did not seem to have the intention of arresting people.

                Qin Ming was annoyed, does this Cao Wei have a background?

                He was about to attack, behind suddenly a jeans white t-shirt beautiful short-haired woman came over and said, "Qin Ming, do not blindly involved, go home."

                Qin Ming was stunned, is this not the police woman Sun Changxi? What is she doing here?

                Why is she wearing civilian clothes today? It is really good-looking.

                The first time I saw her, I saw her. When Ziggy saw Sun Changxi trying to pull Qin Ming away, he was annoyed and said, "Who are you? Don't get involved in the affairs here."

                Sun Changxi gave a vicious glare that scared? Brother Zi hurriedly shrank his neck as she said, "I'm his sister."

                Qin Ming was about to ask, Sun Changxi pulled Qin Ming shot a wink and said, "Let me catch you having fun at the bar again, and you're fighting? You can ah, go back and teach you a lesson, come with me."

                Qin Ming knew something was up and looked honest and scared, "Sis, don't tell mom and dad. I was wrong ah."

                Once Qin Ming left this way, old Mr. Bai did not want to be nosy and immediately withdrew from the scene.

                And the police quickly cleaned up the scene and drove people away, and Cao Wei thus escaped a disaster.

                Qin Ming assisted the three dormitory brothers to walk outside the bar, Zhao Li Niu know Qin Ming is no sister, raised an eyebrow, said, "Xiao Ming, cowhide ah. Know beautiful girls everywhere."

                Qin Ming glanced at him and said, "It's not what you think."

                Zhao Li Niu laughed and said, "Since she wants to see you for something and Young Yong is very drunk, let's take him back first."

                Sun Zhipeng looked at Sun Changxi, and then at Qin Ming, and was amazed at Qin Ming, saying, "You can do it, brother, picking up a beautiful woman again? This one has a bit of a royal temperament. Xiao Ming, so you are good at this? Candle small leather whip?"

                "Fuck you, not serious." Qin Ming flew up and kicked Sun Zhipeng away.

                Sun Zhipeng bad laugh a few times, but still concerned, said: "Brother, we go back first, you take care of everything."

                Qin Ming looked back at Sun Changxi and asked, "Sister Changxi, I really didn't cause any trouble, I'm innocent."

                Sun Changxi gave him a blank look and said, "Okay, okay, Qin Ming, every time I go on a mission, you're really good, you bring your own trouble-making body?"

                Qin Ming laughed awkwardly and said, "No, this is my fate with you, Sister Changxi. However, what official duties are you carrying out, sister Chang Xi? How did I affect you?"

                Sun Changxi twisted her figure, then cocked her hips, crossed her waist with one hand, and first asked, "How do I look to you? Do I still look like a college student?"

                Qin Ming swallowed, this twist, quite charming, he said, "Sister Changxi is beautiful, but your temperament is not at all like the average female college student ah."

                Sun Changxi naggingly covered her face and said, "Maybe more sun, the skin is thick."

                Qin Ming's heart was happy, said: "No, which is not the case? You are young and beautiful, I said it is your temperament, people female college students are mostly childish, but also a little book taste, most are also not very good at dressing, but also more than 90% are long hair."

                "Especially now the popular cute style, beak, pouting, squinting, cute. You are a violent woman, plus the words and actions, are too social, not like."

                Sun Changxi glared at him and said, "I'm not an actress."

                Qin Ming said speechlessly, "Then why are you telling me this? Does it have anything to do with your official duties?"

                Sun Changxi pointed not far away, the smashed BMW next to the phone Cao Wei, explained, "Yes, I'm talking to a big fish this time, the one that clashed with you, called Cao Wei, he is actually ......"

                Qin Ming looked to Cao Wei side, suddenly thought of something, shouted: "bad!"

                He immediately 100 meters sprint, running towards that side.