Rags To Riches Chapter 373-374

Chapter 373

Qi Minghui wiped his hot sweat and was glad that he was still able to cope with daily crises.

                After all, the Qi family is also a big business family with a good reputation in Guangzhou, and although his roots are shallow, it is not a big problem to invite individual leaders and bigwigs, and he still has a few thin faces.

                Mayor Wang asked curiously, "Mr. Qi, didn't you say you would attend the ribbon-cutting for the opening of your new supermarket? Why are you here at the school? Who is that Mr. Qin?"

                Qi Minghui pointed at Qin Ming and said with reservations, "Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin is the one who donated one billion dollars to our city's environmental protection fund, and he is my leader. It's not even noon yet, let's wait for Mr. Qin."

                Director Li of the Education Bureau exclaimed, "Oh! That Mr. Qin. I was also present at that time, but unfortunately there were too many leaders at all levels and I was too far away, I still wanted to talk to Mr. Qin about our higher education investment in Guangzhou. "

                Mayor Wang's heart moved and said, "Really? I was not on a business trip last time. I didn't expect our city's universities to produce such a powerful young entrepreneur like Mr. Qin, it's really rare, Secretary Zhao, your school is really something."

                On the side, Secretary Zhao of the Party Branch of Hua Province University of Technology was confused.

                He was hearing that something had happened here in admissions, and Principal Liao was away on business, so he came here temporarily. He wiped his hot sweat, thinking when did our school produce a young entrepreneur who could donate a billion dollars, Mr. Qin?

                The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

                Secretary Li and Mayor Wang were invited by Qi Ming Hui, after all, Qin Ming said he could invite whoever he could, other leaders were either in meetings or working, only these two were available.

                And some of the other division chiefs and section chiefs listened to all of them who came along to join in the fun, they heard the leaders talking, not moving a billion donations, simply can not intervene, dry watching.

                Several leaders have calmed down, sitting aside to chat.

                And school road there, old Xiao whole person is not good, this battle, he has never seen wow.

                The Secretary of the Education Bureau, Mr. Li, did not say that the mayor of Wang really invited him here.

                This is not the key, the key he Lao Xiao do not know people Li Secretary and Mayor Wang, in front of others leaders can not say anything, are embarrassed to walk over.

                The party branch secretary Li made it even more difficult for him, that is the leader above his head ah.

                He looked at Qin Ming with some trepidation, when did this Qin Ming have such great ability? A single phone call made such a big deal out of it?

                A wry smile hung on the corner of Qin Ming's mouth, "Next, let's start my performance."

                Qin Ming took a loud speaker and said, "Hello everyone, I am your senior Qin Ming, there are too many new students enrolled today. Our senior Liang Shaoyong, Master Yong, couldn't bear to see you all queuing up here in the heat. As a result, Master Yong instructed me, a junior, to hire some skilled people to help you carry your luggage, assist with the admissions process, collect supplies, and guide you through our school."

                Qin Ming said, pulling Liang Shaoyong into the middle of the crowd and said, "Young Yong, the following depends on you, you can't let your sister down."

                Liang Shaoyong was stunned, Qin Ming had done so much just for him to maintain this glorious image of "brother" in front of his sister?

                How did Qin Ming do this for him? He had a sour nose, a good brother for life. He looked around at so many people, a man cannot be a coward, he also gave up.

                He ignored Old Xiao, who had an angry expression on his face and wanted to stop him, and took the loud speaker and said: "Students, I am Liang Shaoyong, as a senior, I will soon join the internship, leave the university and enter the society. I want to give you a ceremony that you will never forget. But our new students at the China Polytechnic University are different from all of them, you are the best. Come on, get in!"

                Knock, knock, knock ......

                The honor guard started blowing and singing again, followed by Audi limousine after Audi limousine that continued to come and lengthened the welcome route from the entrance of the university town where they got off the bus all the way to the entrance of the student dormitory, saving the freshmen from having to walk for more than ten minutes.

                With flowers, a band, a limousine and a person to handle the admissions process, each new student felt as if they had been promoted and were on top of their game.

                Everything was in order, with an Audi car passing by and every freshman experiencing the personal treatment and baggage being taken upstairs.

                Years later, this group of freshmen might forget how they arrived at the university, but they definitely won't forget the two senior seniors called Qin Ming and Liang Shaoyong who received them warmly, just for a sense of ceremony.

                But a few of those involved understood that it was to express their protest with the privileged treatment of foreign students.

                Qin Ming's approach was simple, you ask me to serve them, I refuse, I will serve the local freshmen, and also super specification treatment, money is arbitrary, what can you do to me?

                Teacher Xiao and students' union members Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan were standing by the side of the school road dumbfounded, looking at the luxury cars coming and going, the men in black busy with various formalities, and the ones sprinkling water on the flowers.

                How much did this cost?

                Some of the parents who came with them were surprised to see such a scene.

                "Oh, son, you're a cowboy, this is the first time your father has seen this admission ceremony. Can you? Wow, too thoughtful."

                "Senior, do you lack a girlfriend? Senior ...... hey, you guys wait a minute, don't push me, senior Liang, senior Qin you look at me, I'm here ......"

                "That I have a bit too much luggage, what? And help carry it upstairs? Thank you guys, thank you seniors ......"

                Some of the new students even wanted to befriend Qin Ming and the others, but they were all blocked by the men in black.

                Soon, all the new students in the university were enrolled in an orderly manner, and there was no trouble.

                And everyone had this new student treatment, except for Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan, who asked for it, but not Qin Ming on purpose.

                Naturally, the people in Qin Ming's dormitory did not listen to Gao Ping and Xiao's request to go and give priority to the foreign students, leaving the group of them all out to dry and watch to see how Qin Ming helped the native new students.

                Wasn't this a direct slap in the face? Mr Xiao stood here, looking as ugly as he wanted to look, but it was not good for him to leave.

                Teacher Xiao was so angry that his teeth itched and his face was covered in cold frost.

                Gao Ping was even weaker, she felt that things were going to go wrong, but she couldn't tell what was worse.

                She and Song Qiuyan wanted to leave, but they couldn't move their legs.

                If people defied the Student Council's orders, they would simply quit, and then Gao Ping could use the Student Council's convenience to discipline them however she wanted.

                But now it's different.

                Qin Ming took the matter to a higher level, it's like you suddenly hit a kid on the roadside, and you hit the kid of the president of X country, both are hitting kids, but the result of the matter can be the same?

                Can't you see that there are school leaders, school board leaders and even city leaders coming next to you?

                The key is that the school leaders are waiting. Mr. Xiao first ruled himself out, 100% not waiting for him, much less Gao Ping, an ordinary student.

                Then it was Qin Ming. They thought it was Qin Ming, but they couldn't believe it was Qin Ming.

                The metaphor behind this is not Qin Ming telling them that Laozi is someone you can mess with if you can? If you dare to give their dormitory brothers small shoes, come and try one on and see who is unlucky.

                Qin Ming's battle directly overwhelmed Mr. Xiao and Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan, the student council, did not dare to act rashly.

                After a long time of busy work, the new students were in good order, and Qin Ming knew that the grand finale was coming.

                If he didn't take this bite out of him, he, Qin Ming, would understand that he had been studying for so many years.

Chapter 374


                This show of wealth by Qin Ming directly stunned the university freshmen, but he didn't forget that he was here to help his best buddies in the dorm to act tough, so the limelight was left to Liang Shaoyong.

                For a while, Liang Shaoyong really became a popular figure, the focus of public opinion, a typical example of low-profile and non-disclosure of wealth.

                Qin Ming walked over to Liang Xiaohan, who was already stunned, and said, "Little sister Xiaohan, your brother didn't lie to you. You're usually more low-key, and although you're already a popular figure in the school, you're still willing to be an ordinary person and mingle with us. All of Master Yong's qualities are a model for us to learn from."

                "But when you are insulted by the student council like this today, Master Yong can't stand it, Master Yong must expose his true strength for you, because Master Yong cares about you."

                After saying that, Qin Ming poked Sun Zhipeng who was beside him, the latter understood and immediately said, "That's not true, Little Sister Han, this tree attracts the wind wow, Master Yong usually keeps a low profile, those who know about his true ability and status, you see, are business tycoons and leaders at all levels. The average student and teacher don't know about it, that's why there's some misunderstanding about him."

                "Low-profile and humble. Isn't there a saying? A real person doesn't show his face, and a real person doesn't show his face."

                The two brothers gave Liang Shaoyong a big pat on the back, which made Liang Shaoyong embarrassed for blowing off steam. He didn't expect that he had made a fool of himself when he had been caught bragging in front of his sister to save face, and thought that there was no way to end it.

                In the end, it was Qin Ming who rounded him up.

                Qin Ming persuaded: "Little sister Han, we came to university to study and learn knowledge, don't always think about not comparing with others, not bullying, right? Usually keeping a low profile can also cause less trouble, so Master Yong's matter, he still wants you to keep it a secret, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble."

                Sun Zhipeng also said, "Yes, you see on the internet many high ranking officials have dismounted because their relatives around them were arrogant and domineering and got into trouble and got dragged into it, sulking is the hard truth."

                Liang Xiaohan nodded heavily, "Mm, I know. Senior Qin and Senior Sun, I won't talk about my brother to just anyone from now on. It turns out my brother didn't lie to me, he's really doing so well, I'm going to follow my brother's example, study hard, don't compare, don't bully, and be an elegant little woman, hehehe."

                Qin Ming and Sun Zhipeng looked at each other and smiled heartily, what a cute and obedient little girl.

                Qin Ming then gave an explanation to the worker next to him and soon, his gold stretch Rolls Royce drove in, this time Song Ying did not come, but Corrie? Olsen came.

                She had been ordered by Qin Ming to speak a few words of authentic American English to raise Liang Shaoyong's image and profile before she took on the posture of a female secretary and carried Liang Xiaohan's luggage to the car.

                When the Rolls-Royce drove in, Liang Xiaohan was the centre of attention. When Ao Mei personally carried her luggage, Gao Ping could not stand up, while the foreign students behind her were still in a daze, and they simply carried their surname Li and walked back to the dormitory by themselves.

                Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan were already stunned by the scene, and originally saw that the situation was not right and wanted to follow them, but they were stopped by the men in black and could not leave.

                As noon approached, there were fewer new students, and the orientation activities were largely dispersed.

                Liang Shaoyong walked up to Qin Ming and said, "Xiao Ming, did you make a fortune? How much money did you spend on this show? It's horrible, isn't it? This car, it must be over ten thousand just to rent it, right?"

                Qin Ming laughed, patted him on the back and said, "What's the point, your sister is also my sister, my sister's first day at school, I have to make a full show, so that no one will bully her in the future."

                Liang Shaoyong's eyes were moist as he suddenly embraced Qin Ming and said, "Good brother."

                Qin Ming's heart felt warm and fuzzy, this kind of brotherhood was also something he cherished very much.

                When he first enrolled in his freshman year, he was so poor that he could see right away that he only had a snake skin bag to carry all his things, and he had no money to buy pots and pans, and he had to take out a student loan.

                At that time, the three people in the dormitory helped out, and later on they also temporarily lent money to Qin Ming to buy some miscellaneous items.

                Later on, Qin Ming worked part-time and studied at the same time, but the three of them did not charge Qin Ming for utilities, they paid for them themselves.

                When Qin Ming didn't have a computer to use, they borrowed it. When the living expenses were not enough, the three brothers in the dormitory would send food to Qin Ming for various reasons such as buying too much fruit, suddenly not liking it, or not tasting right.

                They were both protecting Qin Ming's self-esteem and helping him to tide over his difficulties.

                In particular, their families are all well-off, although they are not very rich, they are not worried about food and drink, or school fees, especially Young Yong and Young Peng, both of whom can afford to use apples and wear aj.

                But they never looked down on Qin Ming because he was shabby, and it was the most touching thing in Qin Ming's university studies.

                So, Qin Ming treats Liang Shaoyong's affairs completely as his own, and Liang Xiaohan takes care of him as if he were his own sister.

                When things were over here, Secretary Zhao came over unhappily and asked, "Lao Xiao, what's going on?"

                Old Xiao was stunned, when Secretary Zhao of the university party branch came over? His aura suddenly weakened, his straight back slightly bent, and his face hurriedly collected its majesty and turned into a pleasing smile.

                Old Xiao hurriedly explained, "Eh, that Secretary Li, it's nothing big ...... just, just ......"

                Mr. Xiao stammered for a while because he was in the wrong, not knowing how to explain that he had abused his power and acted recklessly.

                Qin Ming saw the party secretary Li and immediately asked, "Teacher Zhao, are our new students inferior to others? Must we make way for foreign students?"

                Li Shu frowned and responded with a stern face, "There is no such thing, all are students, treated equally, men and women are equal. What era is it now? People who do this kind of thing either have an inferiority complex or are self-absorbed. Universities are for academics, for cultivating talents, not for cultivating crookedness."

                These words from Secretary Zhao were forceful.

                Qin Ming then had the bottom of his heart and said, "Then Mr. Xiao, and the student council represented by Gao Ping of the student council, this one demand that we give priority to foreign students while deliberately ignoring other new students is really unfair."

                Old Xiao was very anxious, his mouth was dry, and his mind was racing to say something in defence, but he was stammering, unable to speak.

                Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan were even more frightened when they heard Secretary Zhao, and hurriedly explained, "No, Teacher Zhao, listen to our explanation, it's, it's Qin Ming who slandered us."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "I slandered you? Many people can testify just now, do I need to find them? If you hadn't been aggressive and held innocent Zhao Liniu's financial aid and volunteer credits to ransom, Mr. Xiao would have even given me a direct disciplinary action for not giving priority to international students ......"

                Zhao Liniu also gave up and said, "We can all testify, and so can those few freshmen. I feel that we freshmen are being discriminated against. Moreover, I didn't make a mistake and Gao Ping is blackmailing me with this and wants to give me a bad grade and cancel my credits."

                Upon hearing this, Secretary Zhao angrily chided, "How outrageous, Mr. Xiao, you're being nonsensical! How can you discipline students indiscriminately? And you girls, you're all in the student council, right? What's wrong with the crooked atmosphere you're leading, the lack of manpower, letting international students walk to their dormitories on their own, treating them the same as other students?"

                "No, this ...... secretary Zhao, I ...... you listen to my explanation ah." Mr. Xiao wanted to cry, he was going to get heavy ah.

                Secretary Zhao was furious, there was also Director Li and Mayor Wang watching, making such a serious injustice, damaging the face and ethos of the school, wasn't it a slap in the face of him, the party branch secretary?

                Secretary Zhao scolded, "Mr. Xiao, you go back to write a review, how to punish, wait for a meeting to discuss after a while."

                Mr. Xiao had a thunderbolt on the spot, his future was completely finished, and his whole body was in a bad shape.

                Secretary Zhao continued to reprimand, "You girls, the student council does not need students who are not confident and do not love themselves. Your jobs will be taken over by others, go back and study hard."

                Secretary Zhao was very angry, the consequences were very serious, Gao Ping, Song Qiuyan and several other girls from the student council were directly expelled, and they were also reprimanded by the leader, this was good, even the small "little power" to put small shoes on Zhao Li Niu was gone.

                "Yes!" Some of the freshmen around us clapped and applauded.

                "Equal treatment, self-confidence and self-love, well said Mr Zhao."

                "These girls in the student union, they are really black sheep, disgraceful to our Chinese people."

                "That's right, all new students, we are not inferior or lower than anyone."

                Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan shrank from the scolding, not daring to speak back, as if they were birds of prey, not daring to leave, but only being spat at will.

                Qin Ming smiled coldly and said, "Gao Ping, do you still want to deduct our credits and give a poor rating for the student aid subsidy?"

                Gao Ping was so ashamed that her face was red, and so angry that she clenched her fists, but she was powerless, Qin Ming was arrogant and overbearing, and she could not even do anything about it, she could only watch and suffer the ridicule of the new students.

                Qin Ming glanced again at Chen Mulin who was standing at the back.

                He thought that Chen Mulin was a nice girl, but her girlfriends were all "extremely scum" and she had met someone who was not a good lady, which caused her to change her view of right and wrong.

                He walked over to Chen Mulin and said, "Chen Mulin, haven't you always criticised me for not being down-to-earth? But I feel even more that you don't distinguish between right and wrong, like what just happened, you can even look past that? From now on, don't lecture me with a condescending look."

                Chen Mulin suddenly choked on Qin Ming and blushed red with shame, saying, "Qin Ming you ...... who are you to scold me? It's not like I've done anything to you?"

                Qin Ming chuckled, "I was advising you, those who are close to vermilion are red and those who are close to ink are black."

                After saying that, Qin Ming walked away with his brothers, while Chen Mulin stood frozen in place, a complicated expression surfaced on her pretty face, her small hand on her heart, not knowing why, Qin Ming's words made her heart feel hard.

                She looked at Qin Ming's back and muttered to herself, "Qin Ming, what kind of person are you? Why is it that every time I think I am right, you always slap me hard? I must prove to you that I am right."