Rags To Riches Chapter 371-372

 Chapter 371

"My brother is Liang Shaoyong, he's the one who calls the shots in school, you better not mess with us." Liang Xiao Han very arrogantly crossed her arms and crossed her eyes with Gao Ping, as a new student, she was not afraid of this student council cadre.

                "What? Liang Shaoyong? Him?" Gao Ping listened with a face full of amusement and contempt.

                Liang Shaoyong, who was busy working by the tent at the back, was startled when he heard the noise.

                Surprisingly, it was the student union who happened to come over and asked Qin Ming and Sun Zhipeng to give priority to the international students, so he became a bit anxious as to how he had stumbled into this mess.

                He was not a popular figure in the university, just an ordinary person, but in order to gain his sister's admiration and to save face, he had been bragging to his sister since he started university about how great he was in the university, how cowardly he was, how he had started his own business, how he had many young brothers, and how he had to give face to anyone who met him, and how he was a brother to the teachers and the headmaster.

                His sister believed it, and told her best friend how powerful her brother was, how much money he made, how many minions he had under his command, calling the shots at the university, twice as dignified, as if he had become the backbone of his girlfriends' little gang inside.

                Liang Shaoyong also wants to slightly satisfy his sister's vanity, after all, the first day of university, later he interned work, and then slowly explain.

                Who knows, just come to encounter problems.

                Gao Ping laughed loudly, "I know Liang Shaoyong, what kind of boss is he? He's a dog licker, and in the end, his girlfriend ran off with someone else. Ask him, how long has it been since his girlfriend contacted him? He's been dumped and still doesn't know it. What kind of a boss is such a person?"

                As Liang Shaoyong was struggling to think of a solution, Gao Ping suddenly broke the news.

                For so long after the summer vacation, Zhao Menghua had shrugged off the reason why she was busy looking for a job and didn't meet with him.

                The reason was that Zhao Meng Hua had cheated on her husband?

                Liang Shaoyong's heart shrank, as if he had been stabbed by something sharp, he suddenly rushed up and grabbed Gao Ping, asking incredulously, "Gao Ping, are you telling the truth?"

                Gao Ping angrily pushed Liang Shaoyong away and said angrily, "Don't touch me. Of course what I said is true, what am I lying to you for? Who are you? Are you still the boss of the school? Don't people dare to mess with you? What? I've provoked you, what can you do to me?"

                Song Qiuyan said, "We've all met Zhao Meng Hua's new boyfriend, he's a rich man, he drives a BMW."

                Liang Shaoyong was frozen on the spot, his mouth open wide, unable to say anything.

                When Qin Ming saw him like this, he was also speechless, there were too many surprises today, right?

                Gao Ping immediately said, "I remember that several of you have registered for the Student Council volunteers, right? You're all here to help welcome the new students, right? So you're not here to help, you're here to play hard to get for your sister, huh? Don't you understand that you have to listen to the student council?"

                "Trying to cheat on credits and merits, are you? All of you in the dorm are really disgusting."

                "You don't have to ask questions with me here, hurry up and let the few new students carry their own luggage. Qin Ming, Sun Zhipeng you guys move the stuff to the dormitory for the few foreign students, I still have to show them around the school with my female chaperone."

                "In addition, foreign students in our school are subsidized by the school, you guys give me priority to these procedures, and deliver the money to them before noon, the monthly subsidy is four thousand dollars, this month's study abroad subsidy can be taken today, any less than one sheet is looking for you guys."

                Gao Ping gave orders in rapid succession, not giving any face to the dumbfounded Liang Shaoyong.

                She finally glanced disdainfully at Liang Xiaohan's three women and said, "Don't have any illusions. Liang Shaoyong is very ordinary in the university, and he is still the boss? At most, he is the boss of the dormitory. Oh, I remember that the boss of their dormitory is Zhao Li Niu."

                Song Qiuyan also said, "Really, all the people in this dorm are poor? What's the point of this? The most important thing is that they are all poor. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. You can't be sure that you're going to be able to get the best out of the company. The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a lot of money to pay for it. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The ground rice? 信笥眩? The island? an's yet."

                Liang Xiao Han, who witnessed the truth in its entirety, was a bit hard to bear, and the two good girlfriends around her were also very shocked.

                "Xiaohan, how could this happen?"

                "Your brother, your brother cheated, and you cheated too."

                "Xiao Han, thanks to us for believing in you so much. I told you that your family is quite ordinary too, can your brother be so well off?"

                "It's okay to be ordinary, there's no need to lie to us, right? You didn't have to lie to us, did you? You even made us lose face."

                "This is great, we don't even get ordinary treatment anymore, we have to give way to foreign students, our dormitory is on the fifth floor, ah, it's so hot, my make-up is melting."

                The two girlfriends complained in their ears.

                But Liang Xiaohan couldn't say anything, she felt bad, the image of her "great" brother in her heart collapsed all of a sudden.

                Moreover, her brother's girlfriend had cheated on her and was being laughed at, and she, the younger sister, also felt her face burning hot and uncomfortable and wanted to find a crack to burrow into.

                Chen Mulin couldn't help but say, "Qin Ming, look at the boys in your dorm. You can't even keep an eye on your own girlfriend, and you're pretending to cheat on your own sister?"

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "What have we done wrong?"

                Gao Ping looked at the four people in Qin Ming's first dormitory with contempt and said, "Also, your kind? Pan Jun? Mission trickle? threshing rice? mountain peak Xinrui? The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. The company has a wide range of products and services. Join us? The first thing you need to do is to get a new family.

                At the end, she also added: "You have to not work for me again, or immediately give you a bad review, here the volunteer credits will be gone, and the student aid subsidy evaluation is the worst."

                The student aid subsidy was mainly for Zhao Li Niu, and in the past Qin Ming also cared a lot, once the student union had a poor review, then basically there would be no more student aid this year.

                This was an abuse of power by Gao Ping! It's deliberately bullying people.

                Liang Shaoyong and Sun Zhipeng couldn't disregard Zhao Liniu's student aid subsidy ah.

                Qin Ming said with dissatisfaction, "Gao Ping, you are going too far, this is one size fits all, what is wrong with us helping ordinary new students? These foreign students have hands and feet, so why should we help them with everything? This is a privilege."

                Gao Ping was furious and said, "I said, give priority to helping foreign students! Qin Ming, are you out of your mind? Are they as privileged as the foreign students? All right, needless to say, I'll remember you all, when the student council meeting sums up, all of you will get bad grades, and you won't get any volunteer credits or student aid."

                The three of them didn't feel anything, they didn't need to, but Zhao Liniu, who was still at the tent, immediately showed a "dead horse face", he was really in trouble.

                "What are you guys arguing about?"

                A fierce rebuke filled with the authority of the teacher, Mr. Xiao, the teacher of Economics in Qin Ming's class, who was also receiving the new students today.

                As soon as Qin Ming and the others saw Old Xiao, their hearts thumped and they thought, "This is the end.

                Old Xiao, the economics teacher, was a snob and disliked the poor and the rich, especially poor students like Qin Ming.

                When Gao Ping saw the teacher coming, she immediately went forward to snitch and said, "Teacher, a few of them participated in the activities organized by the student union and didn't do anything. They don't even dare to check in foreign students and carry their luggage, they are being lazy."

                When Old Xiao saw Qin Ming and the others, he was furious. The last time he was awarded the title of associate professor, it was because of Qin Ming's connections that he lost it.

                This time, he had planted it in his hands, right? Qin Ming, you're finished!

                "Humph!" Old Xiao grunted heavily and said, "Good for you Qin Ming, our school is an international university, especially when dealing with foreign students we must handle it well, otherwise we will give others a laugh and affect our school's international ranking. Do you know how serious this is? Are you going to hinder the development of the university? This is going to be a major demerit."

                Qin Ming was dissatisfied, "Teacher Xiao, these girls are all new students too, so how come they are inferior? Isn't this a clear abuse of power?"

                Seeing this, Sun Zhipeng became very anxious and immediately pulled Qin Ming, saying, "Xiao Ming, don't be impulsive. A demerit is not a joke, and graduation will be a problem."

                Old Xiao posed as a teacher and drank, "Oh, you're wrong, and you're still talking back? I'm going to discipline you now, along with the three freshmen of San and the girls."

                When Liang Xiao Han and the other girls heard this, they were scared to death, how could they be disciplined for coming to school today?

Chapter 372

The crowd heard that Old Xiao had even punished the innocent Liang Xiaohan and the three freshmen together, wasn't that deliberately using the convenience of his authority to make things difficult for Qin Ming?

                The teacher is amazing? No, teachers are really great.

                But this kind of personal vendetta is really abominable.

                "Xiao Han, your brother, your brother quickly think of something, we are being implicated for no reason."

                "Teacher, we don't know each other, it's none of our business."

                "Yeah, let's go, we'll go on our own."

                Liang Xiaohan's two girlfriends hurriedly picked up their own luggage and walked towards the dormitory by themselves, they didn't want to be disciplined for no reason.

                Liang Xiaohan looked uncomfortable, her girlfriends usually respected her very much and were jealous of her, but now they had left her behind and pretended not to know each other.

                But her brother is not the school's man of the hour, and when faced with such things, there is nothing he can do, except to honestly admit that there is nothing he can do.

                Zhao Liniu walked over, looked at the disoriented Liang Shaoyong and then at the excited Qin Ming, shook his head and sighed, saying, "Teacher Xiao, misunderstanding, misunderstanding haha. They are waiting for me, they don't know the way, we will help the foreign students take their luggage here first."

                Teacher Xiao waved his hand and said, "Zhao Liniu, you don't need to interfere, in order to show our school's friendly and warm reception to the foreign students, let Qin Ming come personally, is there a cart here? He alone is enough to carry the luggage of these six foreign students."

                Reasonably speaking, even if there was a cart, Qin Ming could not carry so much luggage by himself, was this not deliberately making things difficult for people?

                Gao Ping, Song Qiuyan, Lao Xiao and Sun Zhipeng all looked at Qin Ming, they had a vague feeling that this was Lao Xiao deliberately targeting Qin Ming.

                But Qin Ming might be forced to compromise because he estimated Zhao Liniu's financial aid allowance and voluntary credits.

                Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan gloated, but Chen Mulin was a bit displeased. This kind of thing was far from a big demerit, and she wanted to say something to Qin Ming, but was pulled back by Gao Ping.

                Gao Ping said: "Mu Ling, what are you getting involved in? This Qin Ming is just a? What are you doing? The only thing I can say is that I am not a good person. The painful mealybug? The plague is a big deal. The total number of people who have been in the market for the past few years is very high. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

                Song Qiuyan also said, "Yes, this morning also looking for his ex-girlfriend Li Meng to get back together, and also help Li Meng to pay off gambling debts. A good horse doesn't eat grass, this man is useless and cheap, leave him alone."

                Gao Ping proudly held up her mobile phone and filmed, saying, "That's right, we'll just look on and have fun, ahahaha. Qin Ming, this stupid bastard, is going to lose face this time."

                Although Chen Mulin felt that there was some truth in what her best friend said, but one size does not fit all, this teacher Xiao was now going a bit too far.

                On the contrary, Zhao Liniu looked at Qin Ming with great guilt, he felt that he had pitted Qin Ming against him.

                There was more commotion over here, and it also caused quite a few new students to get together.

                "What's going on?"

                "Reluctant to carry luggage for international students, got criticized."

                "Tsk, cow skin."

                "I think it's useless even if this senior has backbone, he'll still get defeated."

                "We have a lot of luggage too, why doesn't anyone come and help us with our luggage? It's so hot standing in line for admissions, why isn't anyone giving us a cool breeze?"

                Qin Ming was also very annoyed when he saw the growing number of onlookers, he wasn't one to be bullied!

                Teacher Xiao pushed his glasses, approached Qin Ming and said in a sinister manner, "How's that? Qin Ming, aren't you very capable? Here in the school, if you are a dragon, you have to keep your head on a plate for me, if you are a tiger, you have to lie down for me. I am the administrator of the school, and I still haven't settled the score with you for spoiling my associate professor title evaluation last time."

                Qin Ming said without flinching, "Teacher Xiao, you will regret it."

                Teacher Xiao laughed, "Yes, I regret it, I regret passing on my knowledge to a bad student like you who doesn't respect his teacher. There's no Liao Qing to help you this time because she's away on business, without Liao Qing to back you up, what are you in front of me?"

                Qin Ming smiled coldly, "Teacher Xiao, I can't move so many surnamed Li by myself, can I hire some helpers?"

                Old Xiao laughed, "What? Have you gone soft? Fine, let's go together. Oh, you've been dawdling for so long, you've neglected people and wasted their time, you still have to apologize to them and help them clean up the dormitory."

                Qin Ming picked up the phone and immediately called Qi Minghui and said, "Qi Minghui, I'm at school here, the school teacher asked me to greet a few important new students, I need limousines, salutes, red carpets, music, emcees as attentive as possible, yes get the leaders of the Ministry of Education, the leaders of Guangzhou City, invite them all, as grand as possible, you have three minutes. "

                After Qin Ming made such a phone call, the atmosphere around him changed.

                How can matter little old brother? You are pretending to be too much, aren't you?

                How come you even invited the head of the Ministry of Education? Why don't you invite the mayor? Three minutes?

                Zhao Liniu couldn't help but ask, "Xiao Ming, what medicine is in your gourd?"

                Sun Zhipeng was a bit timid and wanted to concede, saying, "Xiao Ming, why don't we just forget about it? Let's apologize and admit our mistake?"

                Gao Ping scoffed, "Apologise? It's too late, look at you guys, you've been at a standstill for so long, but in the end you still obeyed orders? What a loser."

                As they were worried, several helicopters suddenly flew across the sky.

                They dispersed the crowd, vacated the space, poured red carpets on the ground, laid out flowers all the way to the entrance of the dormitory, and then formed a procession, holding a salute, everything looked so swift and professional.

                "Knock, knock, knock ......" Then a group of honor guard came out of the school, playing music as they leaned over, and looking at them all sweaty, they probably had enough of a rush.

                Suddenly, the school road, which was full of people, became an empty road with only Gao Ping and her group, and was greeted by a red carpet, a guard of honour, flowers and a salute, which was of a very high standard.

                Just when the group was confused, several more cars carrying leaders from all levels of the Education Bureau, even the mayor of Guangcheng, rushed over.

                Mr. Xiao licked his dry lips, what is this, what is this drama? So many leaders had come? She suddenly had a feeling of panic.

                Qin Ming had shouted over with a phone call? How could he afford to invite so many big names? And a helicopter transport?

                Gao Ping was even more dumbfounded and felt that things were starting to go wrong, should she leave first?

                When the leaders arrived, Qi Minghui took the hands of Education Bureau Director Li and Party Branch Secretary Zhao and rushed over at a trot, yet still talking and laughing.

                After Qi Minghui arrived, he wiped his sweat, and did his best to invite several heavyweight leaders in a short period of time.

                He said to the crowd at the scene who didn't know what was going on, "Uh ...... Director Li, Secretary Zhao, Mayor Wang, it's a great honor to invite you over to observe, our Mr. Qin his school new students enrolled."

                After saying that, he turned his gaze towards Qin Ming.

                Everyone's eyes also followed Qi Ming Hui, all fell on Qin Ming.

                Only Qin Ming slowly emerged from the line and walked on the red carpet, and with his eyes focused, he seemed to be a performer.

                He bowed slightly as a gesture of courtesy to the leaders and the new students who had been herded to the sides of the road to join in the fun.

                Afterwards, a wry smile hung on the corner of Qin Ming's mouth, "Next, let's start my performance."