Rags To Riches Chapter 37-38

 Chapter 37

Qin Ming's two bodyguards were beaten down at first sight, and he said something about them pestering his opponent while Qin Ming escaped?

The debt collector laughed loudly in excitement "Kid, you are finished, hahaha, these bodyguards of yours are actually not bad, but when it comes to Ah Long, they are no different from children, hmph."

Qin Ming gritted his teeth in depression and held the unconscious Bai Yu Chun as he backed up to the wall, there was nowhere else to go.

The debt collector shouted arrogantly "You two, arrest the man and take him away together. Damn it, a broken second-generation guy acting like a pussy? A hero saving a beautiful woman? You don't know how much you weigh, you can't escape even if you ruin my good deed."

Qin Ming was getting nervous as he watched the two youngsters coming up to arrest him.

He said, "Wait, are you a former soldier?"

Ah Long, who was about to leave, froze in his movements and looked at Qin Ming with complicated eyes, not knowing how to respond to Qin Ming's words.

Ah Long even clenched his fist, after he had retired from the army, he hated telling people that he had been a soldier.

This was because he worked for a credit company with a questionable reputation.

This credit company often did some grey-edge business, which often condemned his conscience; he had been a soldier, protecting his country and guarding every citizen of this.

Now, he is doing something to force people into prostitution. He is afraid of losing face as a soldier, so he will never say that he was a soldier.

But Ah Long didn't want to, he had no choice, he desperately needed the money.

Qin Ming saw Ah Long's reaction and guessed what was going on, after all, the bodyguards had guessed the same thing earlier.

Qin Ming said, "You are at least a former soldier, you should know what shame means. Instead of guarding the people, you are here on the university campus, forcing an innocent female student, that kind of deceitful contract, would you not know what is going on? Or are you guys going to have a part in hazing her when you get off the bus and look forward to it?"

The muscles in Lung's face twisted and he said, "Shut up, I'm not going to do that."

Qin Ming said with more conviction "What's the difference between an accomplice and the main culprit? She was supposed to be a college student with a bright future, once you took her away, her life would be over, and you're not an accomplice? How can the country have such a trash soldier like you? I'm afraid you're not a soldier's gangster in the army who got discharged and came out to fry the common people."

"I didn't."

Ah Long's face froze, so cold it froze the air, and he couldn't say a word.

The debt collector next to him said impatiently, "Don't bleep if you don't know anything, kid. She did borrow the money, and the contractual date for repayment is today. It's not even legal or humane."

The debt collector patted Ah Long's shoulder and said, "Ah Long, don't argue with these readers, we can't talk to them, they like to fool people all day long. Your family is very short of money and this job pays so well, you are willing to let go of it? Right? We signed a formal contract, and we'll win the lawsuit."

When Qin Ming heard this, he was happy in his heart, lacking money?

That's just right, he had plenty of money.

Qin Ming saw that this Ah Long was not only young, but also seemed to have an undiluted conscience, he was just compelled by the debt collection man, it would be perfect if he could pull the other party's strings and use him for himself.

He had defeated two of his bodyguards in one move, which was amazing.

Qin Ming said, "How much does that Sunshine Green Bird Credit Company pay you a month? I'll pay you double. Work with me, at least I won't do false contracts and force people into prostitution."

The debt collector got more and more annoyed, this is fucking trolling "Kid, stop bragging, if you brag again your mother will blow up. Do you know how much money Ah Long makes a month? You should go back to your mother and find milk to drink. Ah Long, don't listen to him, this rich kid is probably planning something, to trick you and then find a way to deal with you, I know a lot of their rich people's tricks, they cheat people one way or another."

Qin Ming ignored the debt collector and said, "What about it? At least you don't have to do this disgusting thing in addition to getting twice your current salary working for me. If you're worried about me cheating, how easy is that, I'll pay you half a year's salary in advance, you'll hang around this university every day, and one day when you trust me, I'll arrange for you to work as an official bodyguard."

This ...... is too good to be true, right? Prepaying wages and working one day when you want to work?

The debt collection man is anxious, Ah Long is a fallen ex-soldier he recently found, very capable of fighting, every time there is a problem with debt collection, Ah Long stepped in and solved it, can not be poached ah.

The debt collector was furious and said, "Ah Long is paid 100,000 a month, do you have that? Can you afford to pay 200,000 a month? What else can an uneducated rich kid like you do but cry out for money from your family? Don't be ashamed of yourself."

Ah Long frowned, the debt collection man had lied, he was only earning 30,000 a month, yet he was advocating 100,000, his purpose was self-explanatory.

Qin Ming laughed as he kicked the two bodyguards who had fallen to the ground and shook them awake.

As soon as the bodyguards woke up, they said awkwardly, "Young, young master, I'm ...... sorry."

Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Cut the crap, how about your monthly salary and benefits, tell them out loud."

The bodyguard only felt puzzled, but the young master asked, he also honestly said "We have a monthly salary of 300,000, annual leave for one month, and five insurance and one gold, independent flat accommodation, food on their own, death or disability on duty, there are ten million dollars of insurance compensation."

Quiet, the scene was terribly quiet, a pin drop could be heard.

The debt collector was dumbfounded, this is a class rich kid, this is a big price to pay for a bodyguard, it is far from the industry standard line, but also so good benefits.

The debt collector licked his lips and asked cautiously, "Excuse me, handsome, are you still short of people? I can drive a car, and I'm actually quite eloquent, so I can help you collect your debts. I've been working in Guangzhou for many years and have contacts in all areas, so I can help you with your food and drink, gambling and drinking. I'm not asking for much, a casual 50,000 to 60,000 a month will do."

Qin Ming clapped his hands and said, "How about that? I can afford to pay you double, right? Are you willing to work for me?"

Ah Long stared at Qin Ming with complicated eyes and said, "Why do you want me?"

Qin Ming said, "I see that you have no conscience and you don't want to do this job, but you have to make money in order to make a living, and you must be working very hard, right? I have money, so on the one hand, I can gain a master, and on the other hand, I can help people, so it's a good deal. It's up to you whether you want to cha my mouth or not."

Ah Long was moved, his family was indeed short of money, and if he wasn't too short of money he wouldn't have eaten this lousy meal from the Sunshine Green Bird Credit Company.

Qin Ming's words had touched him greatly.

He slowly walked towards Qin Ming, and after three steps, he turned around and leaned his back on Qin Ming, and said to the debt collector and his two brothers, "From this moment on, I'm no longer an employee of the credit company, whoever dares to touch my boss, weigh yourself."

The debt collector was in tears, not only did he not get his debt today, but he also lost his strongest fighter, how could he go back and explain to his boss?

Qin Ming picked up Bai Yuchun to leave and said, "Go back and tell your boss, because your company is unkind and immoral in the first place, I am willing to pay back 50,000 yuan and interest, the remaining 50,000 you as a lesson, if you are not convinced, feel free to come to me at Cloud Peak Villa, the highest villa."

The debt collector gritted his teeth in shame, but as soon as he heard the Cloud Peak Villa, his heart was scared, people who live in that kind of place are not rich, this time he really ran into the iron plate.

The trenchant Qin Ming managed to save Bai Yuchun, but he was also in a difficult position, how to settle her down?

Chapter 38

He remembered that her three housemates had just drenched her face with juice today, so if she went back in this state, she would be bullied to death?

Since Qin Ming had already done her a favour, he should do it to the end.

In the Rolls-Royce, Ah Long was a bit formal, as it was his first time in such a nice car, and he was afraid that his clothes would dirty the car's leather sand.

Qin Ming smiled at his newest general.

He said "Secretary Song will do all the entry formalities for you, you will have 1.8 million in your salary card, this is half a year's salary, as to what position you will take, it depends on Secretary Song's arrangement."

Ah Long immediately said "Boss ......"

Song Ying at the side immediately reminded "Call the young master."

Ah Long smiled sarcastically and said "Young master, in fact, I am only 30,000 a month at Sunshine Green Bird Credit Company, if it is double, my salary of 60,000 a month will be enough."

Qin Ming laughed "What? You're still not happy with the extra money? I understand what you're thinking. I see that you are good at fighting, tonight I happen to be in a bit of trouble, the other side are all tough characters who can fight with the real top soldiers, are you confident? If you can win, you'll be worth the price."

Ah Long straightened his back, curbed his lethargy and said with a straight face "Young master, don't worry, in terms of fighting, I'm not afraid of anyone in this world, I won't let you down."

Qin Ming nodded secretly, he knew he had found a treasure this time, he looked back at Bai Yu Chun who was still sleeping, thanks to her too, fate was really so magical.

The Rolls Royce pulled up in front of the Cloud Peak villa and a few maids took Bai Yuchun inside to recuperate.

Qin Ming looked at the time, it was almost six o'clock, he asked "Have they called yet?"

Song Ying was about to say no when her phone rang.

Song Ying pressed the speakerphone and a rude and wild voice came from inside, saying, "Secretary Song, sorry, we have finally gotten everyone together, we have decided to choose Century Mansion as the venue for our dinner meeting with the young master, as it is our own place anyway, and the young master can come by helicopter, so we are not afraid of traffic jams."

Song Ying's face was extremely bad, if it wasn't for Qin Ming being here, she would have cursed out.

The time of six o'clock that Qin Ming had given for these people to give the gathering place, that was to be lenient to his subordinates, to give these people from the hunting team some choice, and also a hint, but as a result, these people only came to inform the place at six o'clock, it was really arrogant and rude.

Qin Ming smiled slightly, took his mobile phone and said, "Go by helicopter, you can't bring more people, and then I'll be a fish in your hands, right?"

"Eh?" On the other side of the phone, the rude and wild voice slightly stalled "You are ......"

Qin Ming said "I am Chang Hongxi's righteous son, Qin Ming. I am now at the Cloud Peak Villa. I just happen to have recruited a team on my side, and I wanted to tell you about it at the dinner, but I couldn't make it at the moment, so it's the same now, so you can submit your resignation to Secretary Song."

As soon as Qin Ming hung up the phone, the fifty or so people in one of the halls of the Century Building exploded into a frenzy.

These people were older and younger, they were the Huan Yu Century Group, the hunting team within China that they belonged to.

Because Chang Hongxi had given them the air that the future helmsman of Huan Yu was his righteous son Qin Ming, they wanted to come and meet their future boss.

However, after a little enquiry, these people heard that Qin Ming was only a university student and had no special background, so they all thought they were highly qualified and had worked under Chang Hongxi in his early years, so they became arrogant towards Qin Ming.

They had seen Chang Hongxi's sons and daughters before, all of whom were arrogant and domineering and uneducated, but how different was this Qin Ming?

They reckoned that the so-called righteous son was just an illegitimate son.

After all, Chang Hongxi had one wife on the surface, three sons and two daughters, which seemed too few to fit his status as a global tycoon, and it was no surprise that he secretly had illegitimate sons.

Especially after these people had discussed the matter, they felt that Qin Ming was only the first illegitimate son, and that there would be more in the future.

The most respected member of the hunting team, Xuanyuan Wu, took the lead and dragged the captains of the hunting teams from all over China to Guangzhou to meet Qin Ming.

But they never expected that this Qin Ming would be so petty and just not come!

"Outrageous, this brat, what does he take us for? We've come from all over the country."

"Elder Xuan, have we gone too far? I can hear the young master he's more or less resentful."

"Hey, how much resentment can he have? He just doesn't value us and says something about finding a team of hearts and asking us to hand in our resignations? What does that mean?"

"That's right, we've been working with Elder for many years and have done many unseen things for Elder to have such a solid group flourishing, and this brat comes up and unloads on us?"

"After all, once a king's son, once a minister, we gave him a downward spiral, he doesn't want us anymore."

"Such a petty measure, won't it ruin the group that Elder Chang has built down?"

"But he is still our boss after all, we work for him and it is really not right to give him a downward spiral."

The people here in the hall were each resentful, as they all felt that they had made a lot of merit for Huan Yu, only to have the young master treat them so slowly, which was abhorrent.

As soon as Xuanyuan Wu raised his hand, the crowd gradually quieted down, after all, Xuanyuan Wu's seniority was the highest and it was easier to convince the crowd to speak.

He said slowly, "If we are really replaced, the situation of Huan Yu in China will be in chaos. But the young master has just started to take over, so I don't know if he'll really do that. Young people are impulsive, they don't think."

Someone asked, "Elder Xuan, what should we do now? I say we run straight to the Cloud Peak Villa and ask the young master what he really wants. He'll probably be so scared that he'll hide behind that little woman Song Ying, heh."

Xuan Yuan Wu said "We should definitely go, but we can't go in a big way, we have to go carefully, apologize to the young master and see what he's capable of. No matter how much we despise him in our hearts, he is still Elder Chang's handpicked heir, and all our future money will have to be approved from his hands."

Some people nodded and agreed, "That's right, let's at least make sure that the teams in our divisions remain unchanged and the annual funding remains unchanged. We all have a lot of brothers under us, and a lot of expenses on all sides, so we can't get by without money all of a sudden."

Xuan Yuan Wu stood up and said "All right, I'll give Secretary Song another call, let's all contribute together. If we lower our stance so much and give him a step, this young master should also go along with it, and by then, we will have a head start in the meeting and won't lose out."

The lights were bright in the luxurious villa at the top of Cloud Mountain, the highest of the large Pantai villas.

Qin Ming sat at his desk, flipping through the annual financial reports of the Chinese assassination team, which basically failed to make ends meet and required annual allocations from the group.

Because of the relative peace in China, the occasional arrest of wanted criminals or rummaging through evidence of business violations by large corporations did not make much money at all.

Huan Yu has 18 hunting teams in China, and they have to invest one billion RMB every year.

But if you don't keep these people, the team leaders responsible for managing the industries in the regions and provinces feel no threat to their lives, and once they turn against the group and go it alone or embezzle the group's property and flee, it's a loss for the group.

It is a shocking force.

And in general, where Chang Hongxi goes to China to talk business, these people do all kinds of security measures in the local area, layers of security measures sit down, 100% to ensure that Chang Hongxi's life is not in danger.

This is also a force of protection.

Qin Ming knew that Xuan Yuan Wu would definitely come tonight, he could not afford to lose this contest, and he set about preparing to meet Xuan Yuan Wu.