Rags To Riches Chapter 369-370

Chapter 369

Qin Ming said, "I can help you with this gambling debt, but not for free. But you have to go and do volunteer work every day for five years, which is equivalent to 40,000 per year. Once you stop, these people can continue to look for you to collect the debt."

                "Volunteer work?" Li Meng was greatly disappointed in her heart, what kind of volunteer work is that? What kind of volunteer work is that? It's hard, tiring, windy and sunny, and it's for five years? And you're not allowed to stop halfway?

                Qin Ming was holding a business card, which was given to him yesterday by the director of a volunteer group in Guangcheng. Qin Ming handed the card to Li Meng and said, "You can go here to do volunteer work."

                Li Meng held the business card in a dumbfounded manner. Qin Ming had the means to help her, yet he didn't ask for anything, yet he asked her to go and do some damn volunteer work?

                Qin Ming did this because he wanted to help Li Meng one last time, hoping that she would turn back into the simple and kind woman she was originally, who would not value money above everything else.

                Volunteering is a very popular kind of helping activity nowadays, reaping the joy in helping people and meeting many caring people at the same time, and Qin Ming believed that he could change Li Meng in that volunteer group environment.

                "I'm not doing it!" Li Meng suddenly shouted in anger as she slammed her business card down and said, "I'm a university student, that kind of thing that older mothers and uncles do, what with taking care of the elderly and flood rescue, I'm a university student, I'm not going to do that kind of thing. Qin Ming, you can ask me anything you want, let's get back together, okay? You must have money to save me, right? Don't fool me, don't you think I'm pretty? I'll listen to you all the time from now on and stay with you every night, you can have as much fun as you like."

                In Li Meng's perception, volunteering was a little-known and lowly thing to do, and a young college girl like her should be going to celebrity parties and participating in business activities to have face.

                The tattooed man who was collecting the debt laughed and said: "Sister, this guy looks poor? The man with the tattoos said, "Girl, this guy looks poor. The man with the tattoos said, "This guy looks like a poor man. The people with the tattoos are not only poor, they are also poor. The polycarbonate polycarbonate is a very good way to get the most out of your life. The information on the 3 chairs is not available. The polycarbonate is a very good way to get information.

                 Whenever you are asked to sleep with, she has to go, it's simply out for sale.

                The only one she is counting on now is Qin Ming. Qin Ming had fooled Li Meng three or four times before, and Li Meng also had a psychological defence, always feeling that Qin Ming had a way out even without money. She knew Qin Ming, and when she was with him in the past, she had hardly ever encountered any trouble.

                But after leaving Qin Ming, she was in constant trouble. Not only did she have no money, her life was also uncomfortable, so she might as well follow Qin Ming, as she hadn't finished university yet.

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "Li Meng, I did volunteer work at university for two years, and it was very meaningful. You can either do it or pay it back yourself. This is still on account of the fact that we are all classmates."

                Li Meng listened, gritting her teeth, and asked, "Would you rather have me do something humiliating like that than not want me? Am I not at all attractive to you?"

                With that, Li Meng could not care less about the public and shame, she grabbed Qin Ming's hand and placed it on her chest, Qin Ming immediately touched that familiar softness, he was too familiar with Li Meng's body, one touch made him evoke memories of his first love.

                But Qin Ming slackened his face and drew back his hand, saying, "The attraction is not absent, but it doesn't work on me."

                When Li Meng was still surprised, the tattooed man licked his lips enviously, Li Meng was young and well-presented, he was greedy to look at her, but these two guys were playing this trick in front of him, a big bachelor, and he cursed, "What are you guys grinding and arguing about? Do you have any money? If you don't have money, come with me to see my boss. Brother Zi."

                Li Meng was also driven crazy by the debt collectors and said, "I, I promise you, I'll go do volunteer activities."

                Qin Ming saw that Li Meng had agreed and said, "Then remember what you said, if you are lazy and stop working that day, these people will come and stare at you for money. You go."

                When Li Meng heard the words to let her go, she was relieved that the 200,000 gambling debt was finally offloaded, and she hurriedly slipped away.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, was surrounded by several tattooed men who laughed: "Is this kid a brainiac? What kind of volunteer work can be worth two hundred thousand?"

                "Trying to be a hero to save the girl, right, first getting the girl away and then trying to fight us, this typical middle-aged teenager."

                "Kid, since you asked for it, you'll make up the 200,000 shortfall."

                "Sand carving kid, pay back the money."

                Qin Ming acted very calmly and said, "Let your? Brother Zi to come over and say that Mr. Qin is looking for him."

                The tattooed man's expression froze, the term "Mr. Qin" had recently become very popular in their circle because Mr. Qin had been playing with someone in a bar with a knife. Later, the boss received "Mr. Qin" in a very grand manner and told everyone that they should receive "Mr. Qin" in the future. "He told everyone that they should receive him with the highest standard.

                Could this young man in front of him be Mr. Qin?

                That's impossible, right?

                Anyone who could be called "Mr. Qin" must be at least a certain age, otherwise how could he be able to hold them down? What about Brother Zi and Boss Nian?

                But the tattooed man didn't dare to make a mistake, so he rushed to the side of the junction and waited. Brother Zizi.

                At this time, the university entrance here, the hustle and bustle of people are getting more and more, hustle and bustle of people somehow more and more, because Qin Ming a student was surrounded by three social youth is too obvious.

                "Eh, isn't that Qin Ming, the boyfriend of big school beauty Nie Haitang? That poor? Pan shoulders Shaanxi arrowhead Zheng Jun

                "Nie's family is bankrupt, so Nie Haitang dumped him and went back to her original form."

                "Look, someone posted it on the school website. Aigoo, it turns out he's looking for his ex-girlfriend to beg to get back together and help her pay off her debts."

                "Wow, that's too honest, isn't it? I know that Li Meng, not a good woman."

                "Yeah, I heard from the people in the economics class that that Li Meng befriended a rich man from a wealthy family and got dumped again, so I guess she got tired of being played with and is looking for this honest man like Qin Ming to pay off her debts."

                "This Qin Ming is really a dog that can't change his ways, and when the debt collectors wait down, won't they beat the shit out of him? We're waiting to see a good show."

                 The man who is the son?

                ? The man was scared out of his wits when he saw Qin Ming, and hurriedly bent down and walked up with a smile on his face, saying, "Good morning, Mr. Qin."

                ? With this action, Brother Zi immediately shut up the people around him who were watching.

                Each one showed an incredulous expression, this? Brother Zi was driving a Land Rover, so he should be someone with a certain social status, right? How dare he treat Qin Ming so respectfully?

                Wasn't Qin Ming a poor student?

                The four tattooed men were also relieved to see this, and were glad that they had informed Brother Tzu first. They also immediately bowed ninety degrees and said, "Greetings, Mr. Qin, just now we were blind, please be generous to Mr. Qin."

                "Mr. Qin, please smoke." ? Brother Zi hurriedly handed Qin Ming a cigarette, and Qin Ming took one.

                He patted funny? Brother Zi and said, "Your debt collector is my classmate, honestly, is he a fat sheep or do you really owe that much money?"

                ? Brother Zi licked his face and said with a smile, "Mr. Qin, how can one say what happened in the casino? Since it's Mr. Qin who has stepped in, then two hundred thousand will be waived, waived."

                Qin Ming grinned, it looked like Li Meng had been targeted by them and set up a trap.

                But he had no reason to force? Ziggy admitted it, as the saying goes, when you beat a dog, you see the master, and Nian Lao Liu was still doing his job for him now.

                Qin Ming added, "It can't be all forgiven, I want to teach her a lesson, do you send someone to keep an eye on her, once she disobeys my order, you will collect the debt from her, got it?"

                ? Brother Zi packed his bags and said, "Understood, Mr. Qin wants to temper her, we will definitely do it."

                Qin Ming said, "That's fine, you guys go."

                "Eh." ? Brother Zi and others are secretly relieved, finally no Mr. Qin touched the bad luck, he looked back and said, "Nima Hua Province Polytechnic University, Mr. Qin is really a student, worthy of being a student, if I were to have the strength of Mr. Qin, I would not shout Mr., just call Master Tie."

                ? The first thing that happened was that Qin Ming was going back to his dormitory when his phone rang.

                The first time Zhao Liniu called, he said, "Hey, Xiao Ming? Help ...... I'm about to, about to die."

Chapter 370

"Hey, Xiao Ming help~ ah." On the other end of the phone, Zhao Liniu let out a miserable howl.

                Qin Ming was instantly baffled, what was happening here? Had Zhao Liniu been beaten up?

                He asked anxiously, "Brother Niu, where are you? I'll be right there, hold it steady!"

                Zhao Li Niu then said with a lecherous face, "I'm in the freshman reception area, so many freshman girls, so pretty, wearing so thin, summer is like a paradise for us men, all around me, I can't even look over, it's almost too good to be true, hehehehehe."

                When he heard the lewd laughter behind him, Qin Ming was relieved that this was not a joke.

                In fact, Qin Ming was not to blame for being so anxious, it was also because he had experienced too many things recently, Qin Ming could not be as casual as before, joking around with his best buddies in the dormitory.

                Qin Ming laughed and scolded: "I thought you had a big problem, you animal, you don't even spare primary school girls. What, have you been seduced into marriage by a primary school girl?"

                Zhao Liniu said, "Are you free? If you are free, come and help Young Yong."

                Qin Ming heard that he wanted to help? He immediately came to the school road where the new students were received. There were quite a few people coming and going, and there were indeed many new girls, young and beautiful, but Qin Ming looked at them like red and pink skeletons and was not interested at all. After all, the women Qin Ming had come into contact with recently were all top-class beauties, like Mu Xiaoqiao, Nie Haitang and Song Ying were all too beautiful, and these new students at the moment were all a bit different.

                Qin Ming came to Zhao Liniu's reception position, he was responsible for giving the new students instructions to go through the admission procedure.

                Qin Ming wondered, "What are you doing Brother Niu? Where is Yong Shao? What can I do for you?"

                Zhao Liniu said, "Are you here? It's not Young Yong, it's Young Yong's sister who's going to university, and she's from our college. I'm not here to play hard to get for him, am I? It's good that you're here, so we can help together."

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "What's this?"

                "With a snap, Sun Zhipeng came up behind him and slapped Qin Ming on the back with a student handbook, saying, "That Yong Shao guy, he's been bragging to his sister all day, saying that he's doing well in the university, eating and drinking, being powerful, answering all the calls, and having a bunch of brothers. This is why his sister has been fooled into enrolling in our school. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to its students. Brother Niu is in charge of the formalities, I'm in charge of kissing ass, and Xiao Ming you're in charge of carrying the bags, how's that?"

                Qin Ming laughed, Liang Shaoyong was too good at blowing off steam, but they were all his own brothers, so of course Qin Ming didn't care, he made an ok gesture and said, "OK, I promise to get the job done."

                After the three brothers waited for a while, Liang Shaoyong came over with his sister, Qin Ming immediately went up and said, "Master Yong, ouch, I'll get it, Master Yong your sister, huh? She's so pretty, I'll take care of the stuff, you usually take care of her, I'll take care of this little thing."

                Liang Shaoyong looked at Qin Ming in a very domineering manner and said, "Well, you guys give all the luggage to Xiao Ming to carry."

                There were three girls around Liang Shaoyong, all young and tender, one of them was closer to Liang Shaoyong and looked at him with an adoring face.

                A slightly chubby chick on the left exclaimed, "Wow, Xiao Han, your brother is really great, to be able to mix so well at university, he even has a follower."

                The tall and thin girl at the back also sighed, "Yes, I heard that there are quite a few cowboys at the China Provincial Polytechnic, Xiao Han your big brother is really something."

                Qin Ming directly carried the three girls' luggage on his back, and pushed the luggage cart in his hand.

                When Liang Shaoyong saw Qin Ming working so hard, he was a bit overwhelmed and quietly walked in, saying, "Thank you for your hard work, brother."

                Qin Ming smiled, "We are brothers, what's the point of being polite."

                When the group arrived at the check-in area, Zhao Liniu looked at the girls and said, "It's crowded now, stand aside and wait, it might take an hour or so."

                Liang Xiaohan frowned and said, "No way? An hour or so? That's too long. Senior, can you make it easier for us? We have to go for lunch later."

                Zhao Liniu said with a flourish, "How can we do that? Everyone is a new student and they are all here to submit their information, so it's annoying for me to sort out so much information by myself. What makes you guys want to hurry up?"

                Qin Ming immediately came up and said, "Eh, Brother Niu, this is our Master Yong's sister, so be accommodating."

                "What? It's Master Yong's sister?" Zhao Li Niu immediately stood up, pushed aside the other new student materials and said, "Fine, fine, since it's Master Yong's sister, I'll give it priority, I'll deliver the list to you guys later, you guys go to the dormitory first."

                Even the cadres of the student union gave such face to Liang Shao Yong, her sister Liang Xiao Han looked very dignified, and the girls around her were envious.

                "Xiaohan, your brother is so handsome, does he have a girlfriend? Very domineering president aura."

                "No, we're all from the same high school, you'll have to cover us in college in the future."

                Liang Xiaohan said happily, "That's for sure, we are good sisters, that senior Qin Ming, where is our dormitory?"

                Qin Ming said, "It's here, follow me."

                Qin Ming and Sun Zhipeng took their gifts and immediately guided the three girls to the dormitory.

                But Qin Ming had just turned around when he ran into a few girls from Chen Mulin, who were leading a few foreign students and speaking English in a jabbering voice.

                A girl beside Chen Mulin, whom Qin Ming had seen a few times, named Gao Ping, said, "Hey, you two, don't help the new students of our school carry their things yet, help the foreign students carry them, they have more people and more luggage."

                Qin Ming ignored Gao Ping's words, but it made Gao Ping annoyed and scolded, "I'm talking to you, with the armband, which department of the student union? Don't you know who I am?"

                Song Qiuyan also said, "Be careful of deducting your evaluations, you will lose your student allowance. Come here and carry the luggage for these international students. These new students have hands and feet, just let them go to the dormitory by themselves."

                Qin Ming was dissatisfied, "Don't the international students have hands and feet? Why don't they carry their own luggage?"

                Seeing this, Sun Zhipeng hurriedly pulled him and said, "Xiao Ming don't, this person is from the student union, are we from the student union, we are really arguing to lose out."

                Chen Mulin heard the argument and looked over, saw Qin Ming, and saw him sweating profusely carrying for the freshmen, and frowned.

                Chen Mulin asked, "Qin Ming, aren't you going to get back together with Li Meng? Why do you still have time to pick up new students? I advise you to keep your feet on the ground, don't be overly ambitious, and especially don't harm the new students. You should stay away from the new students and leave now."

                When Liang Xiaohan heard Chen Mulin's words, she was not happy, was it wrong for senior Qin Ming to help them carry their things? When did he try to pick them up?

                Liang Xiaohan said, "Sister, don't talk nonsense here because you don't know anything. Senior Qin Ming is my brother's little brother, he's here to help me carry my luggage, why should you let him go?"

                The companion beside Liang Xiaohan also said, "That's right, you guys are too much, you even let our people go to carry the luggage for the international students, don't international students have hands and feet?"

                When Gao Ping saw that several new students dared to talk back to him, he immediately shouted in annoyance, "They have come a long way to study here, is it easy for them? Our university is an international university, so we have to be more international and give foreign students a warm feeling of home in a foreign country. Those of you who can go home at any time, where do you get so many opinions, take your own luggage, you two come here."

                After saying that, Gao Ping nonchalantly pushed down the luggage cart, Ling Xiao Han three girls' luggage suitcases scattered all over the ground.

                "You guys, you guys are too much!" Liang Xiao Han's companion beside her shouted in anger and teeth.

                The other companion was proud but said, "Who cares? Let me tell you, Xiao Han's brother is Liang Shao Yong, a very famous boss in the university, no one dares to provoke him."

                Gao Ping was stunned at hearing this, then laughed loudly, "Haha, what? Liang Shaoyong? So it's that loser? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The gadfly step insulted the hydra? The first thing you need to do is to get a new one. The quails are not forgiven!

                After hearing this, Qin Ming was furious: "Gao Ping, watch your mouth, who are you to insult people?"

                Gao Ping said disdainfully, "What I said is the truth, not an insult. He likes to pretend, lying to his sister that he was a great student at university, doesn't he? What kind of a person is he? We've all gone out for dinner and we still don't know each other? Zhao Meng Hua graduated and has no future following him, she found someone else."

                Liang Shaoyong suddenly rushed up and grabbed Gao Ping, asking incredulously, "Are you telling the truth?"