Rags To Riches Chapter 367-368

 Chapter 367

Qin Ming had only just returned to the boys' dormitory when he saw Li Meng standing at the door waiting for him.

                This Li Meng even rushed straight up to hug him and said, "Qin Ming, I've been waiting for a long time."

                Truthfully, if it were two months ago, Qin Ming would still have that familiar and warm feeling, but it had been two months since the breakup, and Qin Ming's feelings for Li Meng had long since been buried deep in his memory.

                He immediately pushed Li Meng away and said, "What are you still doing here? It's been over between us for a long time, you should understand that it's hard to turn back the tide, right? You should also know that I am now the son-in-law of the Mu family."

                Qin Ming didn't really want to use his status as the son-in-law of the Mu family, but he wanted to get rid of Li Meng as soon as possible and go back to his dormitory to read, so then he borrowed it, believing that Li Meng would stop for a while.

                Li Meng was not the least bit annoyed when she was pushed away and said, "Qin Ming, I know you hate me, as you should, after all I hurt you like that. However, you don't have to lie to me either. I heard from the people of the Mu family earlier that your marriage to Mu Xiaoqiao was just to wash away the joy, you are not a normal couple at all."

                Li Meng said with great certainty, "Right? The wedding wasn't held properly either, nor did you sleep together, and within a few days after the wedding, Mu Xiaoqiao ran off to the capital to start her own business, right? Xu Shu Ran didn't even consider you as her son-in-law, it was simply because Mu Hao was superstitious. Now that Mu Hai Ran has recovered from her illness, they kicked you away, didn't they? I've been squatting in the Mu family for almost a month or so, and I haven't seen you return to the Mu family, have I?"

                Li Meng knew part of this and not the other part, Qin Ming didn't bother to explain more to her and said, "I don't have any money either."

                Li Meng's expression was stunned as she ruffled her hair and said, "It's not like I'm looking for you to borrow money. However, didn't you do the Mu family a big favour before? At that time, there were so many people coming to collect debts, a bad one could easily lead to a conflict, an accident, and the Mu family's stock would be finished, but in the end, you helped to bring back the two Mu Jianxiong brothers who absconded with the money, and you kicked them out when they ran out? Without giving you some benefit fees?"

                Qin Ming said, "Benefit fees? There is, Mu Shuyun gave me one billion."

                Li Meng's eyes flashed and she clenched her fist in excitement, she looked at Qin Ming, surprisingly filled with strong love, and pouted, "You're fooling me again, isn't this very rich?"

                Qin Ming calmly said, "I recently came across a charity event, the Beautiful Home Environment Guardian Fund fundraising event, and I donated one billion."

                Qin Ming's words were not a lie, a while ago he received some domestic business tycoons at Nanshan Manor, he also came across some doing public welfare activities, including poverty alleviation, higher education, medical care, environmental protection and other projects, Qin Ming really donated one billion, building beautiful homes, guarding the Mother River and so on, Qin Ming donated one billion on the spot.

                Li Meng froze for a good moment, but instead of scolding Qin Ming for having a brain fart, he smiled and said: "Qin Ming, you are so caring, three years on, you still haven't changed. One billion is so much, you donated it without frowning, this is too, too ...... fake, right? You're trying to trick me again."

                Qin Ming opened his mobile phone webpage and said with a smile, "Look at this donation website, it has my name on it, and the group photo is still there."

                Li Meng grabbed the phone and went to look at the records and photos on the official website, and it was really Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming said calmly, "One billion is indeed quite a lot, but compared to the donations made by the successful people in China's Top 100 Donors list, my donation is not even in the top 50. They all donate billions at every turn, and whenever I think of this, I feel very admired and hate myself for not being able to do enough."

                Li Meng looked at the picture of the group on the webpage, and it was Qin Ming, so she stammered, "You, you, you really donated it all."

                At the end of the sentence, Li Meng could not even speak clearly and was a bit unsteady on her feet, this man has a pit in his head than? The man's brain was not as good as the man's. People donate a fraction of a cent to the big bosses of the gentry, but you donate your entire fortune, can you compare?

                Qin Ming looked at Li Meng's disappointed look, uninterested, and said, "Then I can go now, right?"

                In fact, Qin Ming had already started to forget about Li Meng, besides the fact that he was doing very well now, there was also the fact that he had fallen in love for the first time, loved and slept with her, so it would be good for her to go her own way in the future.

                The only reason Li Meng came back to him was for the money, and now Qin Ming said he had donated all the money, so he thought Li Meng would not pester him anymore.

                However, Li Meng pulled Qin Ming's hand again and said, "Qin Ming, don't go, I, I didn't come for the money."

                Qin Ming said, "I've become a poor man, what else is there for you to attempt? I have no intention of being a fuck buddy with you."

                "I, I ...... just miss you, I don't want your money, or your naughty things." Li Meng said in shame and anger, "Well, I admit I still like money quite a bit, but after reflecting at home all this time, I found out that I was wrong and there should be a limit to how much I like money. It's all because that godly man lied to me, saying that I had the life of a rich wife in a rich family, that I made that unrealistic fantasy and did what I did to you."

                Qin Ming's heart was racing with ten thousand grass horses, you can't blame Zhang Quanzhen for fooling you if you love dreaming, right? The roadside stall fortune teller is so convinced, you are at least a university student, no ability to distinguish?

                Qin Ming asked, "Then what are you doing? Do you want to get back together?"

                Li Meng said, "I... I... I just want you. Qin Ming, do you dislike me? But although I've talked to Yang Wei and Mu Zhaoyang for a while, I didn't suffer at all, and with them it was at most just a hand pull and a kiss on the face, and I was all washed up."

                Qin Ming laughed dismissively and said, "I'm not straight, why would I care what happens to you with other men? I have a girlfriend."

                Li Meng said, "Nie Haitang? Are you still fantasising about her coming back? Her family is bankrupt, she's gone now, and didn't her mother take her on a blind date to one of the country's top tycoons earlier? Did she say goodbye to you? Did she call you? Maybe she's lying in some other man's arms pampering herself right now."

                "You shut up!" Qin Ming raised his hand in annoyance and slapped it down with a snap, angrily reprimanding, "If you insult her again, I'll even beat you up, I'm not some decent guy who doesn't have the bad habit of not hitting women."

                Li Meng covered her face, gritting her teeth, her eyes red, and said, "In the past, you also struck out with others for me. Now you hit me for Nie Haitang. You said you loved me for the rest of your life, and you said it didn't count."

                Qin Ming hummed, "You were the one who cheated first."

                Li Meng retorted, "Then it was also you who didn't buy me what I wanted. Do you know that I've been with you for two years and I've often been ridiculed for being blind? All kinds of luxury goods in my circle of friends, and I just use fake goods every day. It's hard for me inside, you know? You just know how to brush the dishes and watch the door every day, and you don't even have time to spend with me."

                Qin Ming was quite speechless and broke away from Li Meng's hand, saying, "Think what you like, I'm leaving, don't bother me."

                Li Meng became anxious and said loudly, "Tomorrow at nine o'clock in front of the school, you must come, otherwise I, I will die for you."

                "Nine o'clock?" Qin Ming walked back into the dormitory with a stern face and without saying a word.

Chapter 368

The next morning, Qin Ming looked at the time, it was almost nine o'clock, he thought about whether he should go to Li Meng.

                After all, Li Meng had waited for him directly at the boys' dormitory last night, so he couldn't say that there was something important, and he said that he would die for him if he didn't go, even if he was spilling his guts.

                "It's just that, there's nothing to do anyway." Qin Ming thought to himself, "It's just idle anyway, let's go and have a look as a way to pass the time.

                Qin Ming had just arrived at the entrance of the school when he saw Li Meng surrounded by several men, she was holding her arms and kept backing away, cornered, weak and helpless.

                Qin Ming frowned, these men were crazy, daring to molest a girl in a place like the school.

                Although Li Meng was not as beautiful as a goddess like Nie Haitang, she was still one of the class flowers, definitely of medium to high posture, and her hot body was also her advantage.

                He walked straight over and pushed a few people who were harassing Li Meng away, saying, "What are you doing? Harassing a girl in the middle of the morning?"

                "Who are you? You want to be a hero and save the girl? Get out of the way, or you'll get your ass kicked."

                "Go away if you don't want to get beaten up, what are you?"

                The four men looked at Qin Ming with disdain, not taking him seriously at all, and told him to get out.

                But when Li Meng saw Qin Ming, it was as if she saw a savior, immediately hugging Qin Ming's arm and saying happily, "Qin Ming, you're here, oooh ...... I knew it, you wouldn't leave me alone."

                Qin Ming gave her a glance and said, "I happen to be going to check out the newly opened supermarket, not here to find you."

                Li Meng didn't care about that much, so she hugged Qin Ming, treating him as her life saver.

                "Yah? So this is the boyfriend you were talking about, huh?"

                "Hey, boyfriend, do you know how much money your girl owes us?"

                "I told you, what a heroic rescue, so it's your girl."

                "Are you going to pay back the money for her?"

                As soon as they saw this, a few straggling men did not chase Qin Ming away, instead they formed a siege and surrounded Qin Ming in the middle, one by one they spread their hands to get money from him.

                Qin Ming now understood that he had been trapped again, and he looked at Li Meng and scoffed, "I told you, if you weren't desperate, how did you find me here?"

                Li Meng lowered her head in shame and said, "Qin Ming, it was really my fault in the past. I'm sorry, but you must save me this time, otherwise I'll really be dragged away by them to be a bar room princess, just help me for the sake of us being together once."

                Qin Ming asked, "How much money does she owe you guys?"

                A tattooed man at the head of the group swiped out a loan contract and said, "It's not much, just 200,000, in black and white, with handprints and ID cards, we are legal debt collectors."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this loser bitch, really can spend money, said: "How do you owe people so much money?"

                Li Meng said sheepishly, "I, I ...... I lost gambling money gambling, and I have been trying to win back, so I borrowed money, it was their casino cheating, the more I borrowed the more I lost, so I, just ......."

                The tattooed man immediately became angry and waved his hand to hit: "Damn bitch you mouth to me clean, what evidence do you have? What proof do you have?"

                Qin Ming blocked it and said, "Talk properly, don't do it."

                The tattooed man struggled hard, but he found that Qin Ming was quite strong, he frowned and said, "Kid! Let go, you want to stand up for her, don't you? Then pay back the money, two hundred thousand."

                Qin Ming said, "I don't have any money, and I'm not paying it back for her."

                Just kidding, Qin Ming did have money, but he would never spend half a cent on Li Meng again.

                The tattooed man shouted angrily, "Brothers, light up. What the fuck are you doing if you don't pay back? Look at you, you're a poor bastard too, what kind of hero you are pretending to be? Poor? What are you doing? What's the matter with you? What are you doing? You're a poor man? The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The newest version of the website is available at . Nai Bu centipede ????!

                Li Meng cringed and hugged Qin Ming, hiding behind him, crying out, "No, I don't want to go. Qin Ming please, help me. As long as you help me, I'll do anything, I can't afford to mess with these people."

                Qin Ming said, "And I can afford to mess with them?"

                Li Meng was stunned, but then she hugged Qin Ming and cried, "But apart from you, no one is willing to help me. Oooh ...... Qin Ming, please."

                Looking at his ex-girlfriend so miserable, Qin Ming's heart is also more emotional, leaving me, you live more unbearable ah.

                Qin Ming said, "How did you go gambling? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

                Li Meng said sorrowfully, "I was also compelled to go to the casino to make a fortune, but I lost all my money and owed 200,000."

                Qin Ming asked, "Which casino?"

                Li Meng pointed to the east and said, "A bar in the east of the city, an underground casino, the people inside are all very fierce, all ruthless, whoever disobeys them will chop them up, I saw a man who owed money and didn't pay get his finger chopped off last time. That one was dragged off to be sold. Qin Ming, I don't want to be sold, you mustn't leave me behind."

                The east of the city? Qin Ming thought of Nian Lao Liu, who had asked him to look for Nie Haitang two months ago and had never found her.

                Qin Ming was furious and wanted to find someone to kill him, but he cried out and begged Qin Ming to spare him, promising that if he couldn't find her within six months, the money he had paid would be returned in full and he would find her for free in the future.

                The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

                The pair confronted each other at the entrance of the school, attracting a lot of attention, and it was also the time for students to return to school.

                "Qin Ming? How long has Haitang been gone, why are you messing around with Li Meng again?" By coincidence, Chen Mulin was passing by with her suitcase and looked at Qin Ming in surprise.

                Beside her were a few other girls that she had seen before.

                Chen Mulin saw Li Meng hugging Qin Ming, that affectionate look, and said disdainfully, "Tsk, I didn't expect that Nie Haitang's family had just gone bankrupt, and they've rekindled their old love. Thanks to that I thought I was wrong before, you're a good man, I didn't expect you ......"

                A girl next to me said, "I'm afraid there's no more luxury girl to climb on, so I can only eat back the grass."

                "I told you Nie Haitang would definitely regret it, this man can't be relied on wow."

                Qin Ming was anxious and hurriedly pushed Li Meng away, saying, "Chen Mulin you don't misunderstand, this ......"

                The tattooed man immediately pushed Qin Ming away and cursed, "What this this? Kid, pay it back, your girl owes us 200,000, you as a boyfriend, or not to pay? Don't rub it in."

                Chen Mulin and the others were even more dumbfounded that it was a dispute over money owed.

                Chen Mulin said curiously, "Qin Ming, weren't you very rich when you treated us to the same type of ice cream as the Dubai tycoon last time? How come you can't pay back even 200,000 now?"

                "Uh ...... donated it." Qin Ming said, "Chen Mulin, it's okay for you guys to misunderstand me, don't misunderstand Haitang ......"

                Chen Mulin didn't wait for Qin Ming to finish and walked away directly, saying, "Oh, you're really caring. But a good horse doesn't eat grass, you are so disappointing with this hunger."

                What's this with what? Will you women stop misunderstanding people? Always so proud, not listening to people, rubbing it in, and walking off on her own.

                But Qin Ming didn't really care, she misunderstood so be it.

                He looked at the four debt-collecting men, then at Li Meng and asked, "Li Meng, you helped you this time, are you really willing to promise me anything?"

                Li Meng's head nodded like a chicken pecking rice and took Qin Ming's hand, saying, "Really Qin Ming, you can do whatever you want me to do. I can stay with you and we can still get back together."

                Qin Ming wryly raised the corners of his mouth and said with a smile, "Alright, I'll settle this for you, just promise me one thing, and count it as an exchange for the price. If you can't do it, they will continue to look for you to collect the debt."

                Li Meng was overjoyed, what was worth 200,000? Could it not be sleeping? Then Li Meng was more than happy, the two of them had slept together many times anyway.

                She hurriedly asked, "You name it, I'll agree to everything."