Rags To Riches Chapter 365-366

 Chapter 365

"Mmmm ...... er ......"

                The woman's whimpers were in his ears, Qin Ming's head was buried in Song Ying's arms, kissing her skin to his heart's content, enjoying her softness, at this moment, he had lost his mind and was only following his physical instincts.

                Although Song Ying had been drinking, she was not drunk, and she knew exactly what a man of Qin Ming's blood and vigour was going to do to her next.

                As Qin Ming's personal secretary, she was ready to become Qin Ming's woman from the moment she was assigned to him, the difference was just what position could she climb to?

                Although Qin Ming was drunk, she didn't mind in the slightest and catered to him somewhat clumsily, while Qin Ming's movements gradually aroused her, thinking in her head that she was going to turn from a girl into a woman today?

                She didn't know if the process would hurt, she was excited and scared at the same time, in her heart she wished Qin Ming was awake and interacting with her more.

                As Qin Ming attacked, he was soon about to peel off Song Ying's trousers.

                "Drip ......"

                Suddenly, a mobile phone rang on the desktop, and Qin Ming, who was burying his chest in a bitter kiss, looked up suddenly, a few moments sober from his drunkenness.

                He climbed up out of habit, took the phone and asked with a hiccup, "Hello, who is it?"

                The familiar female voice was on the phone again, asking, "Er ...... delivery guy?"

                Qin Ming rubbed his forehead speechlessly and said, "Fuck off, it's the middle of the night, who delivers couriers?"

                He hung up the phone straight away, so depressed, why did people always ask him for delivery and express delivery recently? Had his personal information been leaked?

                He grabbed the glass of water next to him and took a sip, feeling much better, he laughed to himself, "I'm becoming more and more of a drinker, aren't I? Before, with this much wine, I must have collapsed straight away, but now I can still get up."

                Qin Ming smiled and intended to turn back and go back to sleep, but when he turned around, he saw Song Ying who was hugging the futon, revealing her fragrant shoulders.

                Qin Ming was stunned and thought back carefully, just now he did, seem, seem, seem to be hugging someone, kissing and touching them, and complimenting them on their good figure.

                So that person was his own secretary!

                Qin Ming's heart was racing, would Song Ying be angry? Would she be very aggrieved? Would she think she was a pervert? Would she resign?

                Drinking is a mistake! A man has to control his lower half of his body.

                Qin Ming regretted very much that he shouldn't have taken advantage of his drunkenness to sneak up on his female secretary. Although Song Ying was very pretty and had a great body, and it was cool to sneak up on her just now, but after he sobered up, he found that it wasn't right after all ah.

                Qin Ming saw Song Ying's blouse that he had ripped off, and even the hood had been thrown aside, so you can imagine how beastly he was just now! Maybe Song Ying was resisting desperately just now.

                He felt that he was really worse than a beast. You are the boss, but you can't subvert a female subordinate like that, right?

                Song Ying was calm in expression, out of shame, she still used the quilt to cover being taken off, the feeling of her body being touched still remained, she thought in her mind whether to put a condom on Qin Ming later, after all, she was still so young, it was the time to develop her career for Qin Ming, she didn't want to get pregnant so early and retire to the background.

                "Why is Young Master just looking at me?" When Song Ying saw Qin Ming staring at her, she sniggered in her heart, "Could it be that he is attracted by my beauty? I've heard people say that drunk men basically have little self-control, so tonight I'm going to give him my body. It's a pity the young master didn't confess his love to me ...... that would have been a little more romantic and perfect."

                Qin Ming froze for a while, except for the fact that Song Ying did look good, with long dark hair scattered behind her shoulders, especially in the naked, hugging the white sheet pose, not to mention the pair of shoulders and the two delicate collarbones, too charming.

                But Qin Ming's heart was in turmoil: "I'm not a qualified boss, how can I take advantage of drunkenness to sneak up on my own subordinates? What would other people think of me if they found out about this? My character would be questioned, and Ao Mei would probably despise me too, right? Ah Long would probably dislike me, right? Feng Dongxiang would probably laugh at my so-called principles."

                Qin Ming quickly cleared the scene,: "Jacket, spun top, bustier, cover, belt ...... phew~ looks like the trousers are still on, haven't made it to the last step yet."

                Qin Ming burped and closed his eyes in a daze, then fell straight back, ignoring it and pretending to sleep.

                "Eh?" Song Ying was stunned and hurriedly threw away the sheet, looking at Qin Ming who had fallen backwards, she darted up at the first opportunity, reaching out and copying him, covering the back of Qin Ming's head with her hand to avoid him from hitting his head when he fell backwards.

                Song Ying carefully pressed Qin Ming's head against her chest, the warm and soft touch on her face, pretending to sleep, Qin Ming was greatly stimulated, yes, it was this "secretary brand" face wash, it was particularly comfortable to use.

                Song Ying was stripped down to a pair of pink panties, she looked at Qin Ming who was sleeping with his eyes closed, she didn't feel much, she was just a little sorry that she didn't get to be Qin Ming's woman tonight.

                She put Qin Ming gently on the bed and went to put on a hot towel to wipe Qin Ming's body.

                He found out that Song Ying hadn't dressed first and was busy in the room, giving Qin Ming a sneak peek.

                "What a nice body, big enough." Qin Ming suppressed the evil fire inside him and did not dare to wake up.

                "But what is Xiaoying doing taking off my trousers?" When Qin Ming peeked in, he found that Song Ying had stripped him all naked.

                Song Ying directly hit the tray of hot water, so to speak, and gave Qin Ming a full body wipe, which she thought was something she should do as a personal secretary.

                After all, Qin Ming had drunk a lot of wine today and had sweated a lot, so he would be uncomfortable if he didn't wipe him off to sleep.

                Moreover, the clothes she had to take to be cleaned and ready for Qin Ming to wear tomorrow.

                It was only when she took off her trousers that Song Ying paused for a while, blushing and averting her eyes, the tent was too high, and it took her a while to get down and wipe Qin Ming's whole body clean.

                Qin Ming was that sore, would the physical reaction reveal that he was faking his sleep?

                Because of the alcohol, Qin Ming insisted on faking his sleep for just over ten minutes, and then he really fell asleep later.

                The next day, Qin Ming woke up and found himself with nothing on. There were yesterday's clothes next to the bed, but they had been washed and cleaned.

                Qin Ming yawned and thought back to what happened last night, and then slapped his thighs and said, "Now that I think about it, I regret that I had to do it to Xiao Ying and no one else would have known. I'm just a commoner, why am I pretending to be a gentleman? Fuck it."

                As Qin Ming got dressed, Song Ying walked in with a long professional dress, she was holding a tablet computer and greeted, "Good morning young master, there is another economic and trade cooperation meeting today, Hou Qing has dragged many officials from the Ministry of Commerce in Guangzhou to negotiate with him, there are many big orders."

                Qin Ming looked at Song Ying, the latter was actually fine as usual, he still felt a little guilty inside, was Song Ying angry?

                Qin Ming thought about it and asked, "Xiaoying, ask you a personal question, do you ...... have a favorite?"

Chapter 366

"Like, someone you like?" When Song Ying was suddenly asked this, she actually didn't know how to respond to this in her heart, because she hadn't thought about this kind of thing, ah?

                Because she had never needed to think about this question.

                Wasn't her existence just for Qin Ming?

                She was a specially trained agent killer from a military training camp in the Pacific Ocean, and obeying orders was her basic code of conduct.

                For herself, Song Ying felt that she was Qin Ming's woman, and she had no concept of liking anyone who was anyone.

                With a quizzical tilt of her head, Song Ying asked, "What does it mean to like who you sleep with? I am the young master's man, no one can sleep with me except the young master."

                Qin Ming crooked his lips in embarrassment, how come he felt that his secretary was always in a special place and lacked a bit of basic common sense?

                However, Qin Ming was also a little bit pleased in his heart, after all, Song Ying's words were very satisfying to his fantasies as a man.

                Qin Ming said seriously, "What happened last night ...... was that I was drunk, I should apologize to you, I am not the kind of person who uses you as a tool to let off steam, I really drank too much. I'm sorry, Xiaoying."

                Song Ying was shocked to see Qin Ming apologize to her so seriously, her heart thumped, and a nervous emotion inexplicably rose, especially when she heard Qin Ming's words, she knew that Qin Ming was not using her like a tool, but was treating her as an important person, an emotion that she was moved by.

                This was because Song Ying had seen too many men who did not take women seriously, who would just fuck when they remembered and change when they were done.

                The fact that Qin Ming, who held the world's greatest wealth and power, did not treat her like a tool for lust made Song Ying quite touched.

                With a bow and a sweet smile, Song Ying said softly, "Young Master, there is no need to apologise, I am your man, I have been from the beginning and always will be."

                Qin Ming was happy, he could see that Song Ying was not angry because of what happened last night, he was also relieved and said, "Alright, there will be a meeting."

                Qin Ming held meetings for a few more days, starting talks every day at Nanshan Manor with important leaders from Guang City, as well as the group leaders responsible for industries from Southeast Asia to discuss some industry development guidelines together.

                A few days of meetings down, Qin Ming feels that his knowledge is not enough, although the hands of a large amount of money dispatch, but still a college student, compared with some rich experience of social elite, or far from.

                Even Qi Minghui, a senior student from Yale University in Magnesium, looks young in front of this kind of business that can easily cost tens of billions of dollars.

                However, Qin Ming has an advantage, that is, he is the boss, he posed, pretending to be a profound look, the staff feel the pressure, are asking questions while explaining, surrounded by Hou Qing supplement, Qin Ming will listen to know fast.

                In particular, whenever he had time, Chang Hongxi would teach him some of the ways of doing business.

                In particular, the Huan Yu Century Group, which is the world's only super enterprise empire, its way of doing business, again, is different from the general world's top 100 companies, because it is involved in too many industries, in too many fields and countries.

                It was only after listening to Chang Hongxi's guidance that Qin Ming gradually learned how to use the subsidiaries in various countries to trade.

                On the contrary, Qi Minghui was not in such a high position, and on several occasions, he participated in the exchange of projects and made several jokes because he did not understand the market.

                In short, after this meeting on economic and trade cooperation, Qin Ming's experience had been raised a notch and he finally understood what big business meant.

                The projects and projects with hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars are only big business in front of Huan Yu.

                For example, a 100 billion dollar road construction project for the Malaysian country is a big deal. The Malaysian country has recently received assistance from the magnesium country, and it is a time of great wealth and prosperity.

                At the end of the meeting, the heads of the South East Asian industry teams went home.

                Only Son Sin Tichat, the chief executive director of Southeast Asia, was dragged off to the high seas by Bi Yuan to be disposed of for collaborating with Chang Jun Dong in his outright betrayal of the group, while he and the families of the other six traitors did not escape capture by the assassination squad, a basic method of dealing with traitors within the group.

                Having finished his business over here, Feng Dongxiang was also leaving for China.

                Because he was on summer vacation, Qin Ming had the opportunity to study with Chang Hongxi. In the past few days, he was meeting with the head of the industry in Southeast Asia, followed by the head of the industry in Central Asia, and after that, the head of the industry in East Asia.

                The first half of the month passed, and Qin Ming was meeting with foreigners of all shapes and sizes every day, all of whom were his subordinates.

                The more Qin Ming admired Chang Hongxi, some of the business involved various arms and oil fields, as well as some dangerous biological experiments investment, this nerve can avoid the ears of all parties, Qin Ming three views are turned upside down.

                The company's business is a very important one.

                After half a month, Qin Ming's eyesight and insight had been upgraded to another level, while Chang Hongxi's health was deteriorating and he had to go back to Magnesium for chemotherapy.

                Qin Ming also welcomed his complete, official and full acceptance of all the business and operations of the Huan Yu Century Group in Asia.

                Qin Ming looked at the quarterly profits of the entire Asian region, which amounted to ten trillion, in US dollars.

                Because the influence is so huge, there are even some international disputes that the Oneworld Century Group has to get involved in to help mediate.

                With such a large business in Asia alone, Qin Ming was honestly not happy at all, the burden was too heavy.

                However, Qin Ming was glad that Chang Hongxi's business model was to manage more people and less business, and this system had worked well within the group, which allowed the people below to run the company normally even when the boss was away.

                In order for a large business empire to function properly, a large number of talented people need to be used, and Chang Hongxi's advice to Qin Ming is to be a handsome person who manages the generals under him, so that the generals can manage a profitable business.

                So Qin Ming is now desperate to net more talents.

                Like a talent like Ah Long, or a talent like Qi Minghui, a talent who is absolutely loyal to him, Qin Ming.

                Not someone like Feng Dongxiang, whom Chang Hongxi had left to him, who was not only old but also disobedient.

                On this day, Qin Ming, who had finished all his activities, finally left the South Mountain Manor. Ao Mei had arranged a position to collect information on enemies of Qin Ming around the world, while Ah Long resumed his close protection of Qin Ming.

                The Mercedes sedan slowly drove towards the school, which was about to start and Qin Ming was entering his senior year, he had to finish his studies.

                Qin Ming suddenly felt that the university was a bit strange to him, although he was in an ivory tower, he had long since ceased to belong here.

                Ah Long stopped the car and said, "Young master has arrived."

                Qin Ming swept his eyes at Ah Long and asked, "The injury on your arm, how is it?"

                Ah Long laughed, "It's been most of the month, it's long healed."

                Qin Ming said, "Last time, it was lucky to have you, otherwise ......"

                Ah Long smiled heatedly, "Young master you are not only my boss, but also my good brother, with me around, no one can hurt you a hair."

                Qin Ming smiled and patted Ah Long's shoulder, saying, "There's no salary added for kissing ass, you have to fill in the shortfall of the bonus from the last wedding first."

                Qin Ming got out of the car and walked idly into the campus, which had many more students near the start of the school year.

                When Qin Ming was almost at the boys' dormitory, a girl suddenly rushed out.

                "Qin Ming, are you free?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, wasn't this person his first love, Li Meng?

                He said with no good humour, "What are you still doing here? It's long over between us."