Rags To Riches Chapter 363-364

Chapter 363

"Drip drip drip ......"

                Just as the time reached two minutes, the display of the bomb box suddenly flashed and emitted a long alarm, followed by the start of a five-minute time countdown reading.

                Ao Mei frowned and said regretfully, "Young Master, this bomb is set up with a main signal cut-off protection mechanism, which means that once the Second Young Master's remote control fails, it will immediately go into a five-minute countdown of the time reading. The bad news is that we only have five minutes to escape, and the good news is that I have discovered the Second Young Master's geographical location through signal capture."

                The people in the assembly hall couldn't help but wail when they heard Ao Mei's words, five minutes, huh?

                Nanshan Manor is so big, five minutes is no way to escape ah.

                "OH, God, are we always going to die?"

                "Five minutes should be enough to write a suicide note."

                "Surely, there's still no way out?"

                "No more, no more, the second young master is a madman, he can do anything when he's crazy, does everyone remember when he bombed the Black Sea fleet?"

                With all the noise in his ears, Qin Ming's face was stern and his eyes lifted in anger.

                He looked at a group of Southeast Asian industry heads, his sharp gaze went straight into the hearts of these people, their hearts thumped, and they all consciously shut their mouths, not daring to have an opinion.

                Compared to these subordinates of the business heads, the assassination squad and bodyguard team to which Bi Yuan belonged were much stronger mentally and did not carry any fear at all.

                However, they all admired Qin Ming's calmness in dealing with the situation, and were convinced that he was their boss, and under the leadership of such a strong boss.

                Qin Ming said, "Old Chang and I are still here, what are you guys panicking about? If I live, you guys can live too. But it's to defuse the bomb, I naturally have a way."

                Qin Ming's words were plain and straightforward, but they gave everyone great confidence, yes, the boss and the future boss were still here, what were they afraid of? If they were to die, they would die together.

                Look at the young master again, did he look like a puss? Does he look like a man who can't do anything? Like a man who can't resist pressure?

                No, he had been dealing with trouble and had cut off Chang Jun Dong's ability to actively control the bomb.

                In this state of life-and-death dilemma, Qin Ming's outburst of temperament and charisma greatly infected every subordinate present. Coupled with the impression of wisdom and organised memory when Qin Ming read the script just now, Qin Ming's tall and grand image was instantly established in their minds.

                Qin Ming was the future big boss, he was not simple!

                "Qin Ming!" Suddenly, the mobile phone placed aside let out an angry roar, "You liar, something that doesn't keep its word."

                Chang Jun Dong was so angry that he cursed, "Good, you are very good, to have such a powerful hacker expert around you, even the satellite I had to work so hard to get my hands on was hacked into, count on your ability."

                Chang Jun Dong, who discovered that the signal had been cut off, was exceptionally annoyed, but there was nothing he could do, Qin Ming had deceived him, buying time to give Ao Mei time to hack into the satellite, allowing Chang Jun Dong to lose control of this situation.

                From the beginning of the assassination operation, to the negotiation of terms in the middle, then to Qin Ming's discovery of the satellite video machine, and finally to Qin Ming's order for Ao Mei to enter the satellite invasion remote control network, it can be said that the moves were taken at face value, Chang Jun Dong went from being in full control of the situation to losing control of everything.

                Qin Ming looked at Ao Mei's satellite computer and said flatly: "Is that so? Didn't you just say that you were watching me? I am watching you too. Are you in Bolan, a small townhouse in Slooak? Tsk, what a treat, Young Master Chang, guess whether you escaped quickly or the group's assassination team came quickly?"

                After Qin Ming said this, there was silence on the other end of the phone, as Qin Ming had hit on the address where Chang Jun Dong was currently hiding.

                This was already a backhanded move.

                "Qin, Ming~!" It was only after a long time that Chang Jun Dong gritted his teeth in hatred and said, "Count on your guts. Even if you have the guts, so what? I have enough time to shift, but you can escape from Nanshan Manor in five minutes? That place is huge, and without a helicopter, there is no way to escape in five minutes."

                Qin Ming could hear Chang Jun Dong's anger through the phone.

                He looked at the computer screen and smiled faintly, "You know what? This kind of bombs you use satellite remote control has one drawback, that is the moment you hack into the satellite, I know the location of each bomb, a total of fifty-one bombs, you manually detonated two, there are still forty-nine, evenly distributed around Nanshan Manor, Ma Lao ...... immediately sent someone to dismantle the bombs and put them together. "

                Ma Shaofu, the head of Nanshan Manor, bowed slightly and looked at the map, as the head, he knew the manor like the back of his hand and immediately remembered every location, Ma Shaofu picked up the intercom and ordered his men to dismantle all the bombs and put them together.

                In just a minute, he heard his men report that all the bombs had been concentrated in the middle of the golf course and would not affect the Assembly Hall.

                Chang Jun Dong on the other end of the phone also heard the voices over here, and he fell silent, his most intimidating move had been broken.

                It was true that five minutes was not enough time for Qin Ming to escape from the South Mountain Manor, but with the large number of people, it was enough to concentrate all the bombs in one place within five minutes to make a safe place for Qin Ming and the others.

                At this moment, Qin Ming and everyone in the Assembly Hall could be said to be safe.

                "We seem to be safe?" A Tattooed Lai Country business chief could not help but be born.

                "Hush, trust the young master, this time ...... the young master is too top." Another subordinate gave a thumbs up and said.

                "The young master is brave and resourceful, not surprised by changes, really can't see that he is only in his early twenties, too powerful."

                "We made the right choice, Songsan Ticha and the others were too stupid to defect."

                "So the question is, who will the young master promote to take over Son Sin Tichat's position? But the position of our top boss."

                The group leaders all took a pitiful look at Son Sin Tichat, a man who originally had absolute power and wealth, but because he had followed the wrong master, his seamless plans had all gone wrong in front of Qin Ming, and now he was a prisoner.

                At the same time they were all envisaging, could it be that their chance for a promotion and a pay rise had arrived?

                Qin Ming also said to Chang Jun Dong with his mobile phone, "Chang, do you have any more tricks up your sleeve? Oops? Why do I hear some murmurs? Is that you packing up your things and preparing to run for your life? Didn't you say you'd always keep an eye on me?"

                "......" There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, indeed there were no more tricks ah, he could only let Qin Ming taunt him.

                But Chang Jun Dong said disdainfully, "You don't have to be smug, as far as I know, there are no bomb disposal experts in the team you are equipped with, these bombs of mine are not ordinary things, not only are they difficult to break, but they are also very powerful. If they don't kill you, they'll be enough for you to drink."

                "Is that so? Your stupidity and arrogance have failed you. Do you need me to show you how my men dismantled your bomb?" Qin Ming opened that communicator to one of the bombs in Ah Long's hand.

                Ah Long said suspiciously, "I've seen this bomb made before when I faced terrorists on the African continent, I've identified the hidden wire, if I'm right, cutting it will do the trick. But I can't cut it here, to be on the safe side, I need to be in an open area."

                Qin Ming said, "Good, you take this communication machine and let our Young Master Chang have a good look at how you disarmed this bomb."

                Duh ...... Suddenly, the phone that had been talking hung up and the image communication machine was cut off, Chang Jun Dong no longer wanted to communicate with Qin Ming any further, otherwise he was going to be pissed off by Qin Ming.

                Because the hidden wire of the bomb was indeed the key, and the high level people around Qin Ming found out again, Chang Jun Dong knew that his operation was a complete failure.

                At this moment, Chang Jun Dong, who was far away from Bolan, viciously slammed his mobile phone down and cursed, "Damn it! Qin Ming, you bastard, remember that! Next time my plan will definitely not be broken."

                The defeat left him flushed and mentally grumpy, he looked around as he left surrounded by his men, the group's assassination team would be arriving soon and he had to leave immediately.


                But before he could see the syndicate's assassins, he saw a Stark Industries missile drop headlong into the sky.

                Chang Jun Dong and his minions stared dumbfounded at the missile falling from the sky, they only had one word in their hearts: "FUCK."


                Then the missile fell, and the whole earth shook for it.

                And in China, on the side of Nanshan Manor.

                Qin Ming dropped his mobile phone and let out a long breath, he knew he had survived this disaster without any risk.

                Qin Ming looked to the crowd and said, "Alright, it's time to move on to the next part ......"

Chapter 364

On the main road of a small townhouse in Slooak, in Boland territory, five large Humvees quickly started to flee the area.

                Chang Jun Dong angrily dropped the mobile phone that was contacting his subordinates, as Qin Ming's men had already counter-surveyed the location of his signal via micro-satellite.

                "Go, go, go, get out here."

                Chang Jun Dong frantically barked orders to his subordinates, as the Huan Yu Century Group's forces were spread all over the world, although this was once his position here in Bolan, it had long since been suppressed, especially one of the admirals of the local military and political forces, who was also a member of the highest board of directors, the other side was eager to see Chang Jun Dong dead, and once they received the news, they would definitely send out a large number of troops to arrest him.


                No, the five Hummers had just gotten on the road when they saw a missile hurled down overhead.

                "OH, SHIT," Chang Jun Dong and his men cursed as they looked at the missile flying towards the villa, as it was too close.


                The missile hit the villa squarely, with a huge explosion and shockwave that sent five Humvees straight into the river and immediately plunged the town into a sea of fire and panic.

                The next day there was international news that Boland had captured a group of terrorists who were trying to cause chaos in the country, for which the Boland government was praised by the public.

                And at this time the city of Canton, China.

                After checking that all the bombs were of the same type, the key point that made the bombs stop watch was a hidden wire built into the bombs. After carefully cutting one off, he took a long breath, wiped the sweat from his forehead and instructed the crowd to defuse the other bombs as well.

                Within a few minutes, a dozen of his men quickly followed Ah Long's example and cut the hidden wires of the bombs, stopping all the bombs from reading the seconds without any risk, and this time the bomb crisis was over.

                Qin Ming patted Ah Long, who was sweating profusely, and said, "Well done."

                He then turned his head to stare at Ma Shaofu and said with a serious expression, "Ma Lao ......"

                "Young master ...... I can hardly be blamed." Ma Shaofu immediately bowed and bent ninety degrees and said sorrowfully, "This time, it was my negligence that caused the incident, I have no objection to whatever punishment the young master wants."

                Qin Ming looked at Ma Shaofu like this, also some difficult to do, he was formerly a member of the assassination squad, a lot of credit, old age still for the group to manage some properties, the newly promoted cadres Zhou Yu and he is very good relationship, more or less take into account the face.

                But the occurrence of the entire South Mountain Manor was planted with a bomb, very serious, a small punishment is also difficult to convince the public, as a leader, poor management of their own men, the problem is very serious, convincing the public is a very important issue.

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "You should take a break for a while, Xiao Ying find someone to take over Ma Lao's job."

                "Yes." Ma Shaofu had no opinion, Qin Ming dismissed him, giving up the fat job of managing Nanshan Manor and Nanshan Sanatorium, pending other arrangements, which was considered very benevolent.

                As for the subsequent arrangements, Qin Ming did not say, leaving the suspense, others can not ask, can only play their own imagination, according to the customary dismissal, pending disciplinary action.

                This is where Qin Ming's brilliance comes in. Once the storm has passed, and everyone's grievances about today's incident have passed, and their opinions are not so strong, there will be a lot of room for discussion on how to deal with Ma Shaofu, and the opposition will not be too great.

                At this point, Song Ying was holding her mobile phone and rattling off a bunch of foreign languages.

                After the call, she walked over to Qin Ming and said, "Young master, the man has been captured, but he's been blown up. General Jotun means that if we want the man, then we will trade one of the gold mines on Mount Murg for him."

                "General Jotun?" Qin Ming had no recollection of this man.

                Song Ying handed over the tablet computer, showing some superficial information about General Jordan's identity, Jordan? He was also a member of the top board of directors of the Oneworld Century Group, and his position in the group was inherited from his father, Marshal Beagle.

                When Qin Ming learned of Chang Jun Dong's location just now, he immediately asked Song Ying to send a message to the Bolan branch of the group, requesting a swift arrest operation.

                Qin Ming found that Chang Jun Dong's one small life was not worth a gold mine, but if Qin Ming did not give his nod, Chang Jun Dong might die as a result.

                Qin Ming asked, "Where is the righteous father?"

                Song Ying responded, "He fell into a coma in the confusion just now and is being resuscitated."

                Come on, everything meant to depend on Qin Ming now.

                Song Ying said, "Young master, if we don't get the man over, Zhao Turnip might make an offer for him."

                Qin Ming's eyes narrowed as he said, "Then ransom them and lock them up in the island prison in the Pacific Ocean, and let Old Chang know, he'll take care of it."

                Although Qin Ming was annoyed with Chang Jun Dong's behaviour, Qin Ming was still conservative, after all, Chang Hong Xi was still alive, he could not disregard his old man's face, an adopted son was still a son, the feelings were still more or less there, anyway, locked up in prison, to be executed was also a matter of his words.

                After dealing with this side of the matter, Qin Ming returned to the assembly hall and took a look at Son Sin Ticha, who was pinned to one side, and the quiet group of subordinates.

                Qin Ming said, "Alright, it's time to move on to the next part ...... what we just experienced, I hope you don't need to have too much psychological burden, as long as I succeed the group smoothly, all opposition will disappear, I promise you all."

                Slap ......

                Another thunderous applause rang out here in the Assembly Hall, not only in respect for Qin Ming, but also in admiration for Qin Ming's beautiful resolution of this certain deathly predicament, as well as his recognition of Qin Ming.

                After Qin Ming's speech, it was time for the chief industrial team leaders of each country to take to the stage for their presentations. Because the Huan Yu Century Group has become so big in business, many of its industries are interconnected with each other and can digest themselves internally, and are not subject to any one company.

                For example, for the same semiconductor material, which requires dozens of raw materials and materials for production, almost most of them can be sourced within the group, forming a very good industrial channel.

                Such meetings generally also have the effect of promoting such diversified trade.

                At the end of the meeting, it was already night time and an evening banquet was held for a friendly exchange between cadres from the Chinese side and those from Southeast Asia.

                Of course, the protagonist was Qin Ming, and this kind of banquet is a time to pull together and say some cordial words, as much wine as you can and as much relationship as you can.

                Before he inherited the group, Qin Ming did not smoke or drink, after all, no money.

                Now is the letter hand a cigarette, turn a glass of wine, follow these subordinates bullshit nonsense blowing, follow the brother to mix, to ensure that you eat and drink, global economic downward pressure is not a matter, as long as we contribute, that is to pull the economy of the small turbo blah blah blah, cowhide can blow how big, Qin Ming will blow how big.

                After all, he is the boss, the people under him believe, only then have the incentive to earn money for him.

                And in fact, Qin Ming and these subordinates in Southeast Asian countries, cultural differences are also very big, and the language does not understand, with an interpreter to communicate is also very troublesome, but the way he tried to communicate, let the subordinates flattered, feel respected in Qin Ming here, invisible, Qin Ming reaped a lot of goodwill and very high evaluation.

                Drinking late into the night, Qin Ming was so drunk that his brain hurt by the time he returned to his suite.

                Song Ying had also drunk a lot of wine and her cheeks were scarlet. She carried Qin Ming to the sofa and carefully wiped him with a hot towel.

                Qin Ming was confused and saw a beautiful woman undressing him?

                He squinted his eyes, trying to see clearly who this woman really was? Suddenly he glared, Nie Haitang?

                "Where the hell have you been?" Qin Ming suddenly chided rudely, then took Song Ying into his arms with one hand.

                "Ah! Young Master ...... I, I just got you a hot towel." Song Ying was caught off guard, she had also been drinking and was a bit drunk, suddenly being pulled into Qin Ming's arms like this, but she was powerless to resist.

                Qin Ming cupped Song Ying's chin, gazed at her and said, "Don't leave me."

                Song Ying's heart nest trembled as she responded nervously, "I, I will not leave Young Master, I am your person ...... hmm~!"

                Before Song Ying could finish her sentence, Qin Ming suddenly ripped open the buttons of her bodice with one hand and drove his large hand in long enough to grab her chest, then lowered his head to kiss her lips.

                While embracing Song Ying, Qin Ming said, "I'm going to make you my woman, and you won't be able to escape."