Rags To Riches Chapter 361-362

 Chapter 361

Everyone was applauding, the whole assembly was thundering with applause, and almost everyone was moving the same way.

                If in the process someone suddenly stopped and pulled out a non-made 3d printed pistol and pointed it at Qin Ming who was ten steps away.


                The moment the applause hadn't even fallen, the chief team leader in charge of the entire Southeast Asian industry, the top executive director, Son Sin Tichar, shot Qin Ming.

                When Qin Ming saw him behaving abnormally, Son Sin Thichar had already fired and he watched as the bullet came towards his heart.

                Qin Ming instinctively tried to move his body, but as fast as his flesh was, it was no faster than the bullet.

                In the nick of time, an extremely fast figure suddenly rushed out from the side, a man who had spotted Son Sin Thichar's shot earlier, Ah Long.

                Like a gust of wind, Ah Long pounced on Qin Ming in a flash.

                Boom, the bullet hit the wall behind him on top of the paper curtain, and Qin Ming was pounced on by Ah Long, unharmed.

                "Crap." Qin Ming was stunned, this stabbing was the most frightening and nerve-wracking he had ever been in so many times in the past, almost thinking he was going to die.

                Ah Long's shoulder was cut by a bullet and blood was flowing.

                Qin Ming asked, "Ah Long, how is it?"

                Ah Long calmly returned, "A scratch, it's not a problem, young master be careful, don't stand up yet."

                Qin Ming immediately turned back to see Chang Hongxi, and the other bodyguards were quick to shield Chang Hongxi, covering him from the scene for the time being.

                Song Ying rushed over the second time, her face was terrified, and only after seeing that Qin Ming was alright did she breathe a sigh of relief and said, "Young master, I'm afraid there are other killers, don't get up yet."

                And Song Shan Ticha was immediately pinned to the ground by the people around him.

                "Damn it! Son Sin, you traitor, who ordered you to do this?"

                "How could you do such a thing when the boss has treated you so well?"

                "Is the young master alright?"

                "No one is in disarray, all sit quietly."

                The loyal underlings of the branches were all righteously indignant and very unashamed of Song Shanticha's betrayal.

                Song Ying had the local Chinese subordinates separated, and had the heads of the industries belonging to Southeast Asia gathered together, and had the assassination team come in to control the scene.

                Qin Mingcai stood up expressionlessly, this time it was a real walk through the ghost gate, almost going to hell to play landlord with Wang Youcai and Cao Jingcheng and the others.

                "Quiet." Qin Ming bellowed majestically, his words suddenly became absolute, everyone looked towards Qin Ming and quietened down.

                Qin Ming walked over and looked at Songsan Ticha, a middle-aged man with a scruffy beard, dark complexion and a serious face, a man who was supposed to have a promising future.

                Qin Ming asked, "Who sent you here?"

                It would not be, the interpreter said, "Second young master, Chang Jun Dong, he asked me to relay to you that the brothers would not stop there."

                There was an uproar among the people, they did not expect that Song Shan Ticha, who was loyal to the group, would be one of the second young master, Chang Jun Dong's men, who had gone out of his way to expose himself and assassinate Qin Ming, originally he was already a sure thing, but unfortunately Ah Long had a very keen sense of touch and had spotted the danger first.

                Song Ying said angrily in Thai, "Just you? You're an insignificant ant."

                Son Sinthicha, pinned to the ground, suddenly threw back his head and laughed loudly, saying, "Of course I am not the only one. Today, everyone must die. For the sake of the Second Young Master, Ruan Ming do it."

                As the name was shouted out, a group of people looked towards the young man called Ruan Ming, but the young man looked confused and immediately said righteously, "It's not me."

                As the crowd's eyes and attention were drawn, at that moment, there was a huge explosion outside the Assembly Hall.

                A huge explosion occurred inside the Nanshan Manor, and the impact shattered the glass of the Assembly Hall, causing everyone to raise their hands to shield themselves.

                At this moment, the crowd gathered, taking advantage of the confusion, immediately six men and women pulled out the same non-standard 3d printing pistol, shooting towards Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming watched and cursed in his heart, just now these few still pretending to be innocent together, heard the order, all at once pulled out guns.

                But the team of guards around Qin Ming is also not vegetarian, bang bang bang bang ...... before those six men and women make a move to open fire, they were fed bullets and fell limply to the ground.

                This is the gap between ordinary people and a well-trained team, wanting another surprise assassination, is no longer possible.

                Immediately, Qin Ming was surrounded by people again, protecting him tightly.


                But there was another huge explosion outside, and alarms rang out everywhere in the South Mountain Manor, with fires raging and smoke rolling in the sky.

                The explosion blew up and unsettled everyone's heart, just how many bombs were there?

                Qin Ming looked at his group of men and questioned, "How come a bomb was set off on your own turf?"

                Ma Shaofu and Song Ying, who were in charge of security for this meeting, as well as Bi Yuan and Ah Long, were all so ashamed that they were unable to speak. Every head of industry who entered the Nanshan Manor was closely checked and could not possibly be carrying any weapons.

                Now these people not only had 3d printed pistols that were comparable to the power of real guns, but they had also set up bombs at some point, which was too powerful.

                At this moment, Songsan Ticha laughed out loud, "Hehehe ...... these bombs were quietly planted when we came to China last month to negotiate business and stayed at Nanshan Manor, because from the moment we knew that a man in Guangcheng became the heir of the group, Second Young Master started laying out the plan."

                "The Second Young Master calculated that there would always be a time when you would have to meet us, you couldn't go from country to country to greet us subordinates, it would have to be a collection of all of us to meet you."

                "Once you have to meet your future boss, then here in Guangcheng City, the best customary choice is Nanshan Manor. So ...... these bombs were set up by us a month ago, a month ago, just when the big young man failed, who would have thought that there would be an operation against your murder?"

                Qin Ming listened to these words of Songsan Ticha, really shuddered, these people are too powerful means, right? No wonder Song Ying and the others hadn't noticed the clues.

                Song Shan Ticha continued, "These bombs are all remotely controlled, remotely controlled by the second young master, he only needs to press the master button instantly and the whole Nanshan Manor will be blown up into the sky and razed to the ground. The explosion of the second bomb should have blown up the emergency airport, and you are all caged animals."

                "You'd better not move anyone, or one button from the Second Young Master and everyone will be dead. Those of us who have long been prepared to die for the Second Young Master have put life and death on the line."

                The people around looked at Songsan Ticha and shuddered, he was here to die, for Chang Jun Dong, he could be considered loyal.

                "Hehehe ...... Next, please, you, young master Qin, answer the second young master's call."

                Just as the words fell, a mobile phone in Songsan Ticha's arms rang.

                Qin Ming picked up the phone and placed it to his ear, and immediately heard a taunt, "Yo, my wild and good brother, I didn't expect you to survive all this. But, did two bombs taste good?"

                Qin Ming asked, "What do you want?"

                The man on the other end of the phone said, "Hasn't that old devil made it clear to you yet? You know very well what I want, don't you?"

                Qin Ming said, "You want to be the heir, so shouldn't you blow me up right away?"

                Chang Jun Dong said disdainfully, "Hahaha, with a little trickery you have fallen under my control, are you worthy of being my opponent? I have a thousand ways to kill you. Your little life is still worth something, if you want to live, then promise me one condition."

Chapter 362

While talking on the phone, Qin Ming looked at everyone in the scene.

                For example, Chang Jun Dong knew that he had not been shot dead by Somsun Ticha, so he said "I didn't expect you to survive this" as soon as the call was answered.

                Qin Ming then wondered if the original plan was to expose Somsun Ticha alone and then use the bomb to keep Somsun Ticha alive.

                But when Somsunthicha failed, a second plan was activated.

                After all, a month-long preparation was appropriate, and it was impossible not to leave a fallback.

                Even if he was a pawn, Son Sin Tichat was an important one, so it was impossible to come up and discard him, right?

                And Qin Ming's second doubt was that as soon as Songsan Ticha said Chang Jun Dong had something to say, Chang Jun Dong called, the timing was too pretentious, as if Chang Jun Dong was in control of everything.

                These two doubts made Qin Ming certain that there should still be his last ear at the scene.

                In other words, what was happening on Qin Ming's side must have been monitored by Chang Jun Dong.

                Qin Ming's eyes looked at everyone in the scene, some were worried, some were scared, some were fidgeting, but none of them were the people Qin Ming was looking for, he was looking for someone whose heart was weak and revealed a flaw.

                Because these people were not professional killers, let alone professional agents, they were all businessmen who had the courage to do such things and might not have the ability to do them perfectly.

                Qin Ming asked, "What is your purpose? State your terms."

                Chang Jun Dong demanded, "Release my elder brother Chang Huan, one life for my elder brother, in exchange for all of your lives, a good deal, right? Give him a fast ship on that island in the Pacific Ocean, and no one is allowed to pursue him."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Then I release Chang Huan and you kill us all, you have a good plan."

                At this point, when the crowd heard Qin Ming's words, they guessed with some association that they were actually going to release the eldest young master, Chang Huan.

                Someone couldn't help but suggest, "Young master, we can't agree to this condition, we won't get any protection even if we do."

                Others suggested, "No, this might be a stopgap measure, Chang Huan is a domineering fop, ambitious and has already brought down a lot of envy, there is no way the Supreme Board will allow him to inherit."

                "The first order of business should be to benefit the location of all the bombs, the estate is so big, there is always a place to settle down, right?"

                "Young master, what should we do?"

                "We can't give in, or else where will young master's face be?"

                "We must live, this is only a stop-gap measure, what is left if we don't have our lives?"

                The heads of the industries in Southeast Asia were all talking about their ideas, but as they were not speaking Chinese, Qin Ming didn't understand a word of it.

                Suddenly, Ah Long walked over with a black box.

                The crowd was shocked and backed up frantically, because the black box had time readings and some lines on it, like a bomb.

                Ah Long wrote quickly and said, "There is a signal transmitter on it, networked, the device is very advanced, once it is destroyed, it becomes a time limited time bomb."

                Qin Ming frowned, this meant that the signal transmitter could not be destroyed, otherwise it would also be a death.

                Still holding the phone, Qin Ming's eyes went back to the crowd, looking for any eyes and ears that might not have been exposed yet.

                He continued, "I haven't taken over the many islands in the Pacific yet, how am I supposed to let people go?"

                Chang Jun Dong said, "That old devil is still alive, isn't he? You tell him to call or you will all die, don't try to make small moves, I'm watching you. Hahahaha ...... Now you are the fish on the chopping block, I am the butcher, I can do whatever I want and there is nothing you can do about it."

                With Chang Jun Dong's arrogant humiliation all around his ears, Qin Ming's heart burned with anger.

                He narrowed his eyes with a tight frown, having just looked over all these heads of industry and spotted one of them, an uncle-like man, who was acting too abnormally, and it was only when Ah Long suddenly brought over a bomb that he noticed his abnormality.

                Everyone was scared, and those who were far away showed fear, except for the older man, whose expression did not change much.

                Qin Ming raised his hand violently and pointed sharply at him.

                The crowd's eyes followed Qin Ming's hand and looked at the chief industrial team leader from the Malay country, who was stunned, he thought he was well disguised, how had Qin Ming found out?

                The man suddenly got a concentrated stare from the crowd, he suddenly got nervous and subconsciously stepped back, but with this action, he immediately revealed his position and made everyone sure that there was something wrong with him.

                With a whoosh, a bodyguard at a diagonal pounced on him and pinned him to the ground.

                "Ah ...... let go of me, let go of me, what have I done wrong?" The man shouted in defiance.

                A short while later, Bi Yuan retrieved a special camcorder from him, which had just been placed in the man's trouser pocket, relaying the whole thing here.

                Qin Ming picked up this camcorder and smiled proudly, "Is this what you call 'watching me'? You spent so many people just to hide in a dark and damp room to see me?"

                "You will lose!" Son Sin Tikcha yelled, "Everyone will have to die."

                Qin Ming switched off the video surveillance, and the phone in his ear immediately sent an angry shout from Chang Jun Dong: "So what if you've got all my men? Let them go, along with my brother, or else, on the count of five, I will press the master control and detonate all the bombs in Nanshan Manor, and all of you will die."

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, I'll have Old Chang go and release your big brother Chang Huan."

                Chang Jun Dong said, "Three minutes, in three minutes my men won't see the speedboat coming out of the island prison, and all of you will die."

                Qin Ming put down the phone and the crowd looked at him nervously.

                Everyone knew that even if they released Chang Huan, they would not necessarily live, but there seemed to be no better way.

                Qin Ming saw the expectation in the crowd's eyes, they were expecting Qin Ming to resolve this trouble, because Qin Ming was their leader and only the leader could resolve this kind of crisis.

                Qin Ming's mood gradually calmed down and he swept a glance at Corrie, who had been on standby. Olsen and asked, "Ao Mei, can you hack into this remote control network?"

                In fact, Ao Mei had just been studying this signal transmitter, and when she heard Qin Ming ask, she said confidently, "This should be a micro-satellite that our group eliminated, and I don't know how it fell into the hands of the Second Young Master. He is through the satellite with the entire South Mountain Manor buried bombs to establish a remote control network, as long as the network of the micro-satellite is hacked, you can cut off the second young master's signal. So ...... how much time does Young Master need me to spend hacking into this satellite?"

                Qin Ming saw how confidently Ao Mei spoke and said, "Two and a half minutes."

                The corner of Ao Mei's mouth lifted as she took out a satellite computer and said, "OK, two minutes then."

                When the people around heard this from Ao Mei, they could not help but be moved, so powerful? Could she do it as a woman?

                But Qin Ming calmed the crowd and said forcefully, "Ao Mei is my promoted talent, you can rest assured that we will win this tough battle, and I will not yield to anyone's threat."

                The crowd looked at each other, they were all scared, afraid that a bomb would blow them up in a flash, but seeing Qin Ming so calmly, inexplicably they were not so scared again, Qin Ming exuded a unique personality charm, that was reliability, as long as it was Qin Ming's promise, they would feel reliable.

                Qin Ming stood behind Ao Mei without a word, watching her operate the satellite computer, his heart apprehensive, someone on the side was reading the seconds with a mobile phone, time was passing extraordinarily fast, and it would soon be two minutes!

                "Drip ......" the bomb here in the Assembly Hall suddenly sounded a long alarm!