Rags To Riches Chapter 357-358

 Chapter 357

The great director Feng whom Qin Ming knew?

                Qin Ming didn't know either, but after Director Feng invited Qin Ming into the living room, he understood that Hou Qing and Qi Yundong were both here.

                Forgive them both for knowing Director Feng and coming over today to talk about investment in new dramas, after all, Huan Yu Century Group also had some entertainment companies in Guang City, although they did not sign actors and artists, the global promotion and distribution channels were very powerful and influential in the film circle.

                In fact, when Qin Ming came in, he was seen by Hou Qing, who is also a man of the world, and knew that Qin Ming was now having a tantrum with Chang Hongxi, which he felt was like a son having a tantrum with his old man over a woman, which would pass in a moment.

                So Hou Qing had to both satisfy Qin Ming's boss status treatment and act as if this had nothing to do with me.

                "Aiya, isn't this Mr. Qin?" Hou Qing even dared to get up and greet Qin Ming before Qi Yundong did.

                Qi Yundong frowned, but he, the team leader in charge of the provincial industry, faced Hou Qing, the head of the Guangcheng team, who was a superior, but Hou Qing was now a big red man beside Qin Ming and could be promoted at any time, and had to put up with it.

                Qi Yundong said at the second time, "Mr. Qin is also here."

                Qin Ming understood as soon as he looked, it should be these two people who had greeted Director Feng, Qin Ming had nothing to be polite to the two people and answered indifferently.

                This scene made director Feng Dagang and Tao Jingjing on the side look instantly dumbfounded.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. Both of them are the front men of the gentry in Guangzhou, with tens of billions of dollars, and they even got up to greet Qin Ming, and even greeted and called out Mr. Qin?

                How could Qin Ming, who was in his early twenties, deserve the word Mr. Qin?

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                When Tao Jingjing thought of how she had just called out to Qin Ming and told him to get out, she now felt her face burning like fire.

                Some of the actors watching next to her were also red-faced, what can we do? The fact that they have just offended both Mu Sichun and Qin Ming. Although Tao Jingjing is a famous actress in the circle, it is not a matter in front of the capitalists.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                After Mu Sichen answered, she took Qin Ming's hand and said, "Brother-in-law, so you had prepared for this? You are so bad, why didn't you tell me? It was rumoured that you knew Mr. Hou, but it's true. But don't you know Qi Minghui? Even Mr. Qi is so familiar with you?"

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "If I had told you earlier, it wouldn't have been fun."

                Mu Sichen raised the corners of her mouth happily, "Brother-in-law, you're so good, I thought I had fooled you, but it turns out you knew about it already, hehehehe. Hey, but then, don't I still rely on my family's connections?"

                Qin Wei gave her a glance and said, "I'm not from the Mu family."

                Mu Si Chun nodded and said, "Of course you are our Mu family's son-in-law, brother-in-law. However, this is you spoiling me, brother-in-law, so I'll accept it graciously. Brother-in-law, I don't want to play the female lead, I'll play a supporting role to connect, after all, a big director's work has a lot of attention, if I mess up a bad performance, my star will be finished."

                Qin Ming said, "What can you play, is it up to me to decide? People's directors decide."

                The next few creamy kids and cool uncles looked at Mu Si Chun with envy, they had such a good brother-in-law, they could pick any role they wanted, they were envious, how come they didn't have such a good brother-in-law?

                However, this Mr. Qin is too low-key, isn't he?

                The identity that makes even the capital giants in Guangcheng City treat him so modestly, yet his clothes are so ordinary, look at the Huawei thousand-dollar phone he is holding, and the backlash shoes he is wearing on his feet, he doesn't even smoke a cigarette handed to him by director Feng, it is simply odd.

                They are all racking their brains to figure out how to regain the goodwill they just lost later on.

                The most direct, Tao Jingjing approached Qin Ming to beg for forgiveness: "Mr. Qin, I, I was also deceived just now, momentarily confused, now that I think about it, your analysis is too powerful, especially found Xiao Na their lipstick, and also recognized the colour number, simply too god, some of us women can not distinguish all of them. Mr. Qin must know a lot about us women."

                Qin Ming chuckled and said unsavouryly, "Forget it, I won't bother with you, one has to be true to one's conscience."

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. My brother-in-law is a famous man, so old women like you should go away."

                "I, I old woman?" Tao Jingjing was scolded and blushed, but did not dare to take offense, this time more love to lose face, angry, can only find an excuse to go to the toilet.

                Qin Ming chided, "There's no need to get ahead of yourself, didn't she come to please us too?"

                Mu Sichen huffed, "Not at all. Brother-in-law is getting better and better, so if there are a lot of flirtatious girls around, I have to keep an eye on you for my sister. Brother-in-law is not allowed to cheat on you."

                Qin Ming smiled, this little girl, she didn't know what she was thinking all day long.

                What followed was much simpler, the actors who could be invited here were among those who had been screened, auditioned and discussed the script, most of them were given some important supporting roles.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

                She was depressed for a while, thinking that Mu Si Chun was targeting her.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, had nothing to do but drink tea with Hou Qing and Qi Yundong.

                Qi Yundong said, "Young master, in fact, we came here tonight to talk to director Feng about the film investment is secondary."

                Hou Qing followed and added, "Finding you is the important thing."

                With the means of the two men, it was not unusual for him to find out where Qin Ming was, so he said, "Is it that Yi-Father is looking for me?"

                The two men looked at each other and thought to themselves that Shao wasn't quite clear about it either.

                Qi Yundong said, "Yes, Chang Lao has arranged a meeting with the head of the Southeast Asian industry, as well as the director, regional directors and business representatives from various countries, to meet with Young Master tonight, which is tomorrow. But when he heard that you've been working in the library for the last month to pursue a female classmate, he was very angry. Said you were wasting your time."

                Qin Ming grunted, "He won't admit his mistake and I won't bow down, it's as simple as that."

                Hou Qing wiped the sweat from his forehead; the only person who could make ask Chang Hongxi to admit his mistakes for the sake of his children's personal feelings was Qin Ming.

                But it was their job to persuade Qin Ming, ah.

                Qi Yundong pushed his glasses and said, "Young master, opportunities are rare, and it's not easy to get so many people together. The Group's business is very large and involves many countries and regions, so I'm afraid it wouldn't be good if you only went to meet them later. After all, Chang Lao has been running the group for many years, many people were promoted by him, everyone is his old cadre, and Chang Lao's personal introduction will have an extraordinary effect."

                Hou Qing also persuaded, "Yes, it's only right for the son to inherit his father's business, especially now that Chang Huan has been defeated by you. You have the best chance of winning, young master, so try to stabilise the situation as much as possible before the enemy rebounds."

                The two men had a point, the core of power in the Universal Century Group was not in China, but Asia was definitely the most stable piece, to take over while Chang Hongxi was still alive and well, it would be absolutely beneficial for Qin Ming to take over smoothly.

                Qin Ming thought about it and asked, "OK, let Xiaoying drive to pick me up tomorrow."

                That night, in the middle of the shadowy room of the building in Guangcheng, a computer dripped and a message in a foreign language was received, "Action tomorrow."

Chapter 358

The next morning, Qin Ming was nibbling on doughnuts on the roadside in front of the university, a shit-gold Rolls Royce Extender was parked next to him.

                Song Ying was very happy to see Qin Ming, who was about to make a comeback. For a month now, Qin Ming had been accompanying a girl to work in the library every day, which in anyone's eyes was to pick up girls, and there were even some people within the group who were quite critical of Qin Ming's actions.

                But only Song Ying believed in Qin Ming and he was sticking to his principles. Chang Hongxi was the one who finally sat down and had to ask Hou Qing and Qi Yundong to persuade Qin Ming to come back.

                It seemed that Qin Ming went back first, as if Qin Ming could not stand it anymore, but in fact it was Chang Hongxi who lost the battle, and the relationship between the two was still Qin Ming being pressed head on, but in reality Qin Ming could already stand up to Chang Hongxi.

                Song Ying sat beside Qin Ming and said, "Young master, Chang Lao and all the heads of the industries in Southeast Asia are already staying at Nanshan Manor, waiting for young master to go."

                "In addition the team leaders from each city in Guang Province will also be involved in this meeting."

                "This is the information of all the heads of the industries in the Southeast Asian countries, who are currently under the unified management of the top executive director of Thailand, Somsan Ticha."

                "Songsan Ticha is Chang Lao's old subordinate, when Chang Lao was attacked in Thailand, he was also the one who sacrificed his life to save Chang Lao, he has a way of managing people and has done well in Southeast Asia for so many years."

                Qin Ming took the tablet computer, each person's information, past, family background, some things they had done, local social status, etc., all listed here.

                Qin Ming felt that the information was more detailed than before and said, "Well done, the content is richer, even some things they have done are there, which allows me to judge their character and weaknesses well."

                Song Ying raised the corners of her mouth happily and said, "This is what I should do."

                Qin Ming asked as he looked at it, "How is Yi-Fu doing?"

                Song Ying said, "Elder Chang his health is getting worse, so he is very anxious about the young master's succession."

                Qin Ming asked again, "Is there no movement from the United States?"

                Song Ying shook her head and said, "Zhao Turnip is making so much noise that the Dong Supreme Council is discussing whether to overrule Elder Chang's decision. But Maine? Hathaway and Feng Dongxiang are both against it."

                Turnip Zhao, the woman who had cuckolded Chang Hongxi, was also the indirect "helper" who had made this great fortune possible for him, and would certainly be Qin Ming's greatest enemy in the future.

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "What is the composition of the Supreme Board? How much influence does it have on my father's decisions?"

                Song Ying was stumped for a moment and said, "This ...... young master, this is beyond the group's internal authority that I have access to. It would be difficult for me to explain it clearly for you. Two years earlier, Elder Chang was healthy and fine, and no one could shake Elder Chang. But now that Chang Lao is seriously ill, only then do they dare to gradually raise their opposition, but the local heads of industry are all more obedient to Chang Lao, so they can't toss and turn, just in case the young master has a short term, the local heads will have no one to embrace and support, and they will be able to completely be able to make waves."

                Qin Ming frowned, how could a modernized large enterprise, a world class group, have such a pedantic and backward composition at the top?

                Qin Ming roughly read through the information of the heads of the Southeast Asian industries, most of them were subordinates who came from relatively ordinary origins, or were depressed and had been promoted with great importance and dedication.

                The chief team leaders of these people, however, were all very powerful people, equivalent to an excellent leader who led a group of pragmatic juniors to fight earnestly, which was more like this side of China, where people with ability and ambition would always be placed a little higher.

                In a short time, Qin Ming arrived at the most upscale leisure and summer resort in Guangcheng, Nanshan Manor.

                There were no guests at Nanshan Manor today, and a large number of bodyguards ran along with the Rolls-Royce and arrived outside an antique style courtyard.

                Ma Shaofu, the head of Nanshan Manor, and Feng Dongxiang, one of the group's four elders, were waiting early.

                Feng Dongxiang took the initiative to open the door for Qin Ming, and when he saw him, he looked at Song Ying with resentment. He later realised that it was Song Ying who had picked up Qin Ming's wallet for him, thus foiling his plan to "suffer".

                Feng Dongxiang slightly bowed and said, "Young master, Elder Chang is waiting for you."

                Qin Ming pointed at Feng Dongxiang and said, "Elder Feng, you made me lose my wallet, I haven't settled this with you yet."

                Feng Dongxiang bent lower and said, "Since Young Master is willing to come back, if you want to punish me, I will have no problem with it."

                Qin Ming patted Feng Dongxiang's shoulder and said, "How pointless to punish you, anyway, remember for me, you owe me this."

                Qin Ming walked into the courtyard and saw Chang Hongxi sitting in a wheelchair, he was still so old, his hair had fallen out, his eye sockets were deeply sunken, and he still had tubes in his hands, he was completely a dying and critically ill man.

                When Qin Ming saw him like this, he was also heartbroken and said, "Righteous father ......"

                Chang Hongxi said slowly, "You don't blame me anymore?"

                "Blame, but can forgive." Qin Ming shook his head and walked over, saying, "As long as Haitang she is still on Earth, I can find her."

                Chang Hongxi said, "Oh, she's a good girl, although I've only met her once, I can see that her leaving is good for you, and it's her choice. You should not let her down."

                Qin Ming didn't understand anymore and said, "Didn't you force her to leave?"

                Chang Hongxi shook his head and said, "If the Supreme Board could have had more support for you, I wouldn't have beaten the lovebirds with a stick. It's true that it was also about gaining some support, and her temporary departure was a win-win decision. But you can get her back later, and it will be a safe protection for her. What can a young man say about true love when he can't even bear this bitterness of separation?"

                Qin Ming's heart stirred, he had heard more than once about the highest board of directors within the Huan Yu Century Group, and it seemed that the people who could get in had a lot of energy and were influencing what happened between him and Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming asked, "So who are the people on the highest board? The descendants of the group's founder?"

                Chang Hongxi slowly tilted his head and closed his eyes for a long time before speaking, "The founder of the group died long ago, and the people in power have changed for several generations. For a long time now, the Group has been held by individual family forces, who have seized power from each other, including me, who is only a thief in their eyes. In the decades that I have been in charge of the group, I have already purged a large number of family forces from the top board, and originally I wanted to purge the entire top board, but the worm with a hundred legs is still dead."

                As Qin Ming listened, how could he feel that the history was so long?

                He said, "Song Ying didn't tell me about this."

                Chang Hongxi smiled and said, "It would be too long to trace the origins of the Huan Yu Century Group, these internal histories, I originally planned to leave them to you through videos and books when I was a hundred years old."

                Chang Hongxi looked at the wall clock on the wall and said, "There's still some time left, so I'll tell you about your biggest enemy in the future, this Supreme Board of Directors ......"