Rags To Riches Chapter 355-356

 Chapter 355

"What's wrong with you people? How can you just litter?" Mu Si Chun looked upstairs in annoyance.

                There were three women standing up there, and weren't they the fake breasted woman Xiao Na who had previously auditioned for a role in Liao Qingxuan's company, as well as her two good girlfriends.

                Last time when they auditioned for the role, they had arrogantly cut in line, doing whatever they wanted on the basis of Guan Ning's relatives' relationship, and deliberately soiled Mu Sichen's clothes, but they didn't expect to run into each other today, and they were up to their old tricks again.

                A googly-eyed woman next to Xiao Na made a show of smugness and said, "Oops, sorry, I accidentally bumped into someone else's cup left here. Eh, you guys don't even open your eyes when you walk, do you? Don't you know to dodge when something falls down?"

                Mu Sichen said angrily, "You guys, you're too deceitful. Did I provoke you?"

                The googly-eyed woman said disdainfully, "A gust of wind just blew this coffee down, what does it have to do with us? What does it have to do with us? We didn't drink the coffee and leave it here, so what does it have to do with us? What does it have to do with us?"

                Qin Ming looked at Mu Sichen whose hair was all wet, she had prepared a lot for this audition, and the moment she came up, she was shaded, how could he bear it?

                For the sake of her words this afternoon, "I earned a total of 210,000 yuan, I'll give you half of it", Qin Ming also had to stand up for Mu Sichen.

                Qin Ming walked up to her in a fury, this kind of bitch liked to take advantage of her nose, and she was itchy if she didn't teach her a lesson.

                "Oops, beating someone up, beating someone up!" Goosebumps screamed loudly, immediately attracting a number of people to come out of the room.

                There were a few handsome creamy boys and cold type men, all actors by the looks of it, who shielded the fake breasted woman and Gooseface.

                "Who dares to hit someone here?"

                "What are you doing? What kind of place is this? Director Feng's villa, how dare you do it here?"

                "Which company are you the ...... driver of?"

                With a few men protecting them, the googly-eyed face and the fake breasted woman both made faces at Qin Ming with glee, they were emboldened.

                Qin Ming looked at these eighteenth-tier starlets who had gone out of their way without knowing the situation, he became angry, he pointed at the goose-egg face and angrily reprimanded, "The three of them, they deliberately poured coffee upstairs, causing my sister to have coffee all over her head and her clothes were dirty, this is not the first time."

                The goose-faced woman looked very aggrieved and said, "I've explained, a gust of wind just blew this coffee down, I kindly reminded you to be careful, but you still relied on me, it's too much."

                A creamer said, "Did you see it with your own eyes?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Not with my own eyes, but that spot, just the three of them, and you're telling me there was a sudden gust of wind on such a hot day? And the attitude of those three was so bad, we had a problem with them too, it was definitely them."

                The fake breasted woman exclaimed, "You're slandering. You are the ones who are no good. Last time you auditioned, didn't you use your nepotism to open the back door for this whatever sister of yours?"

                Qin Ming retorted viciously, "I'll let it slide if you forcefully cut in line, Guan Ning is not your cousin. Oh, I heard he's been blacklisted by the industry for scheming against his own boss, and now no one in the dance industry wants to hire him, why don't you go comfort him?"

                "You!" The fake breasted woman was so retorted by Qin Ming that she couldn't say anything.

                "What a sharp-tongued brat." Coldly, an elegant woman walked out of the room, she was tall, her skin was quite well maintained, her figure was even more front and back, a brown spinning half-body dress, her aura exploded as soon as she stepped out.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                The first one is "The Temptation of Returning to the Countryside", which has established her status in the circle.

                "Sister Tao ......"


                "Sister Tao ......"

                The moment this Tao Jingjing appeared, the people around her automatically gave way, showing the status of this Tao Jingjing in the circle.

                The fake breasted woman even came up and cried: "Sister Tao, we are wronged, we were just discussing the script at the door and imitating the acting. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                Tao Jingjing patted the fake breasted woman and soothed, "Well, we are all in the same company, don't worry, I won't care. That, which company are you from?"

                Qin Ming said, "We don't have a company, we were invited to come."

                Once Tao Jingjing heard that she hadn't signed with an entertainment company yet, she immediately looked down a few points and said, "Then you heard it, it was an accident, you can say thank you, but we have no reason to apologize. Unless you produce evidence."

                Qin Ming said angrily, "Thanks to you being a big star, you are still covering up for the three of them, what kind of virtues are they? They even have to jump the queue for the interview and deliberately use the dirty competitors' clothes."

                A bearded man next to him chided, "Kid, show some respect, what proof do you have?"

                Another creamy boy shouted, "Don't make a fool of yourselves here, do you think you are the protagonists of a melodrama? Do you think you are the protagonists of a melodrama? You look like you're being targeted all day long. So that you can show your face?"

                Mu Sichen aggrievedly tugged at Qin Ming's sleeve: "Brother-in-law ......"

                She looked at the side of the goose egg face and the fake breasted woman, in addition to having the company's seniors as backers, there were also some unknown "gentlemen" helping each other, and the crowd was fusing gold and gold, directly holding the shit on Qin Ming's head.

                It was obvious that they were the victims, but now they were being branded as the wrong party.

                But this can't be helped, since Mu Sichen chose to keep a low profile, not to fight family history, not to fight capital will be subject to all kinds of suppression, no background can still go smoothly, that's a rare thing.

                Qin Ming calmed her down and said, "It's okay, I will definitely give you justice."

                Qin Ming, in a fit of rage, turned to Tao Jingjing and her group and said, "Well, you have to deny it, I'm not without a chance."

                He picked up the coffee paper cup on the ground and pointed to the other two paper cups on the armrest and said, "The paper cups are white and the lipstick on them is obvious, besides the men should not use such female lipstick, right? Ladies please, how many of you are coffee drinkers?"

                Uh, this sentence was said and instantly screened a vote of people.

                Especially when Qin Ming noticed the lipstick on the paper cup, it narrowed it down considerably.

                "Brother-in-law!" Mu Si Chun immediately clenched her fist in delight, rejoicing at Qin Ming's keen insight, while looking forward to Qin Ming's ability to pull off a comeback.

                Qin Ming picked up the three paper cups and said, "This one is Chanel's Velvet Lip Glaze, shade 196; this one is Crystal Sugar Radiant Lip Glaze, shade 754; and this Velvet Glamour Dazzling Lipstick that fell off, shade 56 I believe. please compare the lipsticks on the three of them, it looks like they have just been applied."

                The crowd was dumbfounded to see how well Qin Ming analysed the situation. Such an ordinary young man, who was so well informed about the women's mouths, could not help but believe it, and looked at the three of them in unison, Goose Egg Face and the False Breast Woman.

                The fake breasted woman is the smartest, hurried to lick with her tongue and eat the lipstick.

                But being clever is not the only way to be clever. And her tongue was obviously not well practised, she did not lick it cleanly, leaving traces on her upper and lower lips.

                Mu Si Chun sneered, "No need to lick, I can recognise such obvious lip glaze right away. Lick again and let you rummage through your bag, the lipstick must still be there in your bag."

                The three women all subconsciously reached out to cover their bags, truly dumbfounded by the questioning.

                The action of the fake breasted woman made Tao Jingjing bottomless.

                Those few creamy boys and cold types who had taken sides at first were embarrassed, as if Qin Ming's analysis was making more and more sense.

                Qin Ming stepped forward and said, "Miss Tao, I see that you are not wearing lipstick, I am first sure that you did not put the paper cup, please expend, inside the room, the water cups that these three have drunk."

                Er ......

                Qin Ming's words made them even more speechless.

                Here in the attic was a lounge, supplying these actors to chat about their scenes and drink tea, inside the room everyone was making kung fu tea, and the other women in the room were even less likely to be relevant.

                They suddenly remembered that it was the three fake breasted women, Xiao Na, who came over with coffee to say hello and mix proficiently, but were not familiar enough to only stand here on the balcony railing to chat.

                For a moment, Qin Ming left them all speechless.

                Qin Ming said, "Facts speak louder than words, character is just inferior, and also use this way to target the competition, you really think we are easy to bully?"

                After saying that, Qin Ming picked up the coffee cup in his hand and poured it over his head and face.

                "Ah!" That Xiao Na three people were all caught off guard, just now Qin Ming had taken a paper cup to analyse, but forgot that Qin Ming had also splashed her water last time.

                This time, all three women were also covered in dirt.

                "You!" Tao Jingjing was startled and hurriedly took a few steps back, then angrily scolded, "You, you guys get out of here! Get the hell out of here right now."

Chapter 356

Qin Ming quickly solved the "case" and caught the evidence of the three murderers who deliberately soiled Mu Sichen's clothes, scolded these people to convince them, and then hit back with a bullying attitude, taking a breath of anger for Mu Sichen.

                No one could have imagined that Qin Ming, a big man, knew so much about lipsticks, and even the colour code was so precise that they had no way to refute it.

                In fact, Qin Ming originally did not know anything about cosmetics, but when he was with Li Meng, Li Meng especially loved to study these things and begged Qin Ming to buy them for him every day with magazines.

                When Qin Ming looked at it, a lipstick cost four to five hundred, but Li Meng wanted a box of them, and each shade had to be specially selected.

                Qin Ming also had to follow the research, saving money, working part-time and even borrowing money, and finally bought it on Li Meng's birthday, and had a hit by the way.

                Now that Qin Ming thinks about it, he really lost out at first.

                Qin Ming couldn't let Mu Si Chun be bullied for nothing either, after taking out a bunch of evidence and scolding these three disgusting bitches, Qin Ming grabbed the coffee cup they had been drinking and splashed it.

                "Ah!" That Xiao Na trio were caught off guard, and even more so, they didn't expect Qin Ming to be so bold as to dare to be so fierce even in Director Feng's house.

                All three women were dirty, their hair, faces and clothes were covered with coffee.

                Qin Ming's action of returning the favour with a tooth was so frightening that the surrounding actors' jaws dropped, this man was too bold.

                Tao Jingjing was even more atmospheric, the fake breasted woman Xiao Na was in the same company as her, because her face was more net-worthy, her body was hot and her breasts were big enough, so Xingtai Entertainment Media had just signed a female artist, who came with her today to fight for the role of director Feng.

                As an artist from the same company, she said she would protect Xiao Na, but it still didn't work out.

                Tao Jingjing, as one of the more famous actresses in the circle, was also furious and directly chided, "Nonsense, get out of here. You are not welcome here."

                Qin Ming said, "Sorry, we were invited here. If Director Feng said, my sister failed in her audition, we would have left immediately. But what is your relationship with Director Feng again?"

                Tao Jingjing laughed and said, "How ridiculous, what relationship do I have with Director Feng? The fact that I have a relationship with him is something that a small agent like you can know about? I can tell from your behaviour what kind of goods you are. Do you really want me to tell Feng Dao and let you go straight away? Don't you even have a face?"

                The three fake breasted women were that angry, but when they saw that again Tao Jingjing stood up for them, they immediately pretended to act and pretend to be pitiful.

                "Sister Tao, we ...... really wronged ah."

                "He is too much, dropped a cup, he has the right to splash three people?"

                Tao Jingjing glared at the three women in annoyance, thinking to say you guys cut the crap, all caught in evidence to, just short of searching the bag for lipstick, if not a company, she didn't bother to care.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. This Sister Tao is indeed very popular with Director Feng. I heard that she is one of the two female leads in this new drama."

                Qin Ming said, "It doesn't matter, if this one doesn't work, change to another one. Besides, director Feng's character, is he the kind of big director who is brutal and unreasonable?"

                When Tao Jingjing saw that Qin Ming wouldn't go, she was also annoyed and rushed straight into the house to find director Feng Dagang.

                A few male actors at the side couldn't help but count Qin Ming: "Young man, how can you be an agent? How can you do such a thing in public?"

                "That's right, that's Sister Tao, a celebrity in the circle, notoriously good-tempered, and she's all pissed off by you."

                "You're a newcomer with a big temper, you don't even have a company background, you want to turn the tables? Hurry up and apologise to Sister Tao."

                "Forget it, there's nothing we can do if someone doesn't think of themselves."

                "Besides, no matter how you analyse it, it's all just your side of the story, without evidence it's all for nothing."

                "When you get kicked out later, you'll know you regret it, not measuring up."

                "Forget it, they lack the social beatings, they will have their regrets."

                Mu Si Chun was angrily disliked by these creamy boys and airy uncles, she was very indignant for Qin Ming, obviously she was the victim, why was it still Qin Ming's fault?

                That fake breasted woman Xiao Na was still there pretending to cry, and she became furious.

                She coldly snorted in a low voice, "What kind of people are these? They are so human and dog-like, but they just want to promote that Tao Jingjing's stinky feet, just because she is a celebrity in the circle, has won the best supporting actress, knows many people and does not distinguish between red and white."

                The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. It's the same in all circles. When you know you're wrong, you'll always be wrong. There's no such thing as a clean place. You should watch out from now on."

                Mu Sichen seemed to understand, but nodded her head and said, "I'll listen to brother-in-law."

                Qin Ming laughed, rather like a brother teaching his sister a lesson, he was very self-responsible.

                It didn't take long for the great director Feng to come out, a Mediterranean man in casual attire, carrying a stack of scripts and running over quickly, looking around.

                Tao Jingjing followed out and said: "Director Feng, Xiao Na my person, I am familiar with her, she would not do that kind of thing, she was kindly reminded and was used as an evil person instead. Moreover, this agent, something is not properly discussed, just kick out."

                Seeing Tao Jingjing invited director Feng out, the three women of the fake breast woman Xiao Na cried even more, deliberately creating the appearance of aggrieved victims.

                The male actors next to them also all clasped their hands and watched the show from the sidelines, completely unimpressed with Qin Ming and Mu Sichen, waiting to see them finished.

                The fake breasted woman, Xiao Na, even secretly raised the corners of her mouth and said into her mouth shape, "You're dead."

                But when Director Feng saw Qin Ming, he immediately came over enthusiastically, "Mr. Qin, what brings you here? You're a rare guest to come to my house, you've made my hut shine."

                Director Feng enthusiastically shook hands with Qin Ming, with an honoured expression that was not at all fake.

                Qin Ming was also all surprised, this Great Director Feng knew him?

                Qin Ming didn't care so much, after all, he had a double identity, it was possible that he had met and forgotten before.

                He then said, "Hello Director Feng, something has happened and I'm in trouble."

                Director Feng Dagang immediately pushed his hand and said, "Eh, if it's Mr. Qin's business, then it's my business. I heard that someone is giving Mr. Qin a hard time? Who?"

                Tao Jingjing and the fake breasted woman and her party were dumbfounded, what was going on?

                How come this director Feng seemed to be so humble in front of this young man.

                They actually knew each other? No, director Feng seemed to call this young man as Mr. Qin? This is too fake, right?

                How many popular stars and directors had to be honest when they met him? But this unknown young man had made Director Feng so humble, what was his origin.

                What was his origin? To be reasonable, Qin Ming could not even figure it out himself.

                But Qin Ming didn't dwell on it, he pointed at the fake breasted woman and the three of them, "The three of them, they deliberately made things difficult for us."

                Director Feng frowned and immediately straightened his back and said to the three of them, "You were introduced by Xingtai Entertainment Media, right? As one of the investors, I give enough face, but I will never adopt actors with bad character, please go back."

                "This ......" still fake crying fake boobs woman on the spot no tears, she stood speechless in place, that unwilling, that hard, that angry, look at Tao Jingjing.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

                The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

                The three fake breasted women left the stage in shame and anger, expecting another chance to soar to great heights, only to end up being humiliated once again.

                Mu Si Chun, on the other hand, covered her small mouth in surprise as she took Qin Ming's hand and asked with gusto, "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, how do you know the great director Feng?"