Rags To Riches Chapter 353-354

 Chapter 353

As soon as Qin Ming stepped out of the Unmei Lake, one of Bai Jingting's bodyguards approached him and handed him a cheque.

                The bodyguard said, "Mr. Bai has heard about what you have done for our lady and is very grateful, so he sends a small token of appreciation in return, I hope Mr. Qin won't mind."

                When Qin Ming looked at it, it was a cheque for ten million dollars, but Qin Ming was not short of money, and besides, he was not trying to help Bai Yuchun for money.

                Qin Ming excused himself and said, "I don't need it, leave the money to Pure."

                The bodyguard did not take it, but just bowed and implored Qin Ming to take it, after all, if he did not take it, it would be hard for the bodyguard to go back and give it to him.

                Qin Ming had no choice but to accept it.

                Qin Ming was a bit emotional, recently there were some people around him who had left him, Nie Haitang had inexplicably disappeared, Bai Yuchun had gone to the capital city for another father-daughter reunion, and that cheap wife of Mu Xiaoqiao had gone to the capital city without having time to explain.

                "Go and talk to Mu Hao to make things clear." Qin Ming thought about it, and it seemed that the only thing he could do now was to completely clear the air with the Mu family.

                Qin Ming dialed Mu Hao's number and said, "Hey, Boss Mu ......"

                "Oh, Xiao Qin ah ...... what's up?" Mu Hao was very enthusiastic, like a son-in-law chatting.

                The fact that I left the Mu family is something you should inform everyone who knows, even if you think the word "divorce" doesn't sound good, you don't need to say it, I will personally go to the seven or eight people present at the banquet that day and explain it slowly. After all, it was a wedding for the sake of the wedding, the purpose of the wedding was achieved, and everyone ended happily ...... Are you listening, Mr. Mu?"

                At the other end of the phone, Mu Hao said, "Hello? Can you hear me, Xiao Qin? Hello? I'm abroad talking business, the signal is not good, hello? ...... What? You said you want to invite me to dinner? Okay, next time, next time, nothing I'm hanging up, ha."

                Dudu ......

                Qin Ming had a black face, he was really annoyed, playing this trick again? Does he really think that just because he is good-tempered Qin Ming is the same as being easy to bully?

                He felt the need to storm straight into Mu's house and make his attitude properly clear.

                Qin Ming was about to ask Ao Mei to drive over when his phone rang.


                Just as he answered it was Mu Si Chun's little wildcat-like hiss, and a very aggravated tone, Qin Ming's ears were about to burst from her shouting.

                Qin Ming sighed, "What are you doing again? Didn't you get chosen to be the lead actress in the stage play? What else do you want if you don't perform properly?"

                Mu Si Chun huffed, "Yes, that's right. But why don't you come and see my performance? I've put on more than twenty shows, and you're not coming to the last one today?"

                Qin Ming said under his breath, "Shout at your father."

                Mu Si Chun bristled and said, "Dad said he was busy talking about work."

                Qin Ming cursed Mu Hao with contempt in his heart and added, "Call out to your mother."

                Mu Sichen said sadly, "Mom said she met a Taoist master called Yun Dongzi and went to donate money to someone's Taoist temple to repair the golden bodies of her grandparents."

                Qin Ming felt self-conscious about Xu Shulan suddenly becoming superstitious and added, "Shouting at your brother, huh?"

                Mu Si Chun hummed and said, "My brother is too busy picking up girls and ignoring me. I don't have any relatives other than you, brother-in-law, to come and watch me perform live. I'm here at the provincial TV station right now, and it's still live, are you coming? I'm begging you."

                As Qin Ming listened to Mu Siqun's soft pleading, he was interested in the show that Liao Qingxuan had rehearsed, so he said, "Fine, fine, I'll come, okay?"

                Mu Sichen said happily, "Then it's a deal, the show starts in an hour, so hurry up and come, I've reserved tickets for you, the front row."

                Qin Ming took a taxi and went straight to the provincial TV station, which was a state-run TV station, magnificent and atmospheric, with many reporters waiting outside the entrance, as well as some other fans of acting celebrities squatting.

                When Qin Ming walked to the entrance, he was blocked by a group of fans.

                Qin Ming said, "Eh, please give way, I want to go in."

                A few banner-pulling, turban-wearing fans turned their heads to look at Qin Ming in confusion, but seeing that he didn't look like a staff member and wasn't an entertainer, no one wanted to pay attention to him.

                Qin Ming was depressed, you guys are too nasty, right?

                Qin Ming said, "I want to go in, please make way."

                A male fan said, "You go aside, later on Little Mu will perform out, this is the best c position, the chance of shaking hands is up to 50%. I've been queuing for two hours and you're trying to trick me into getting out of the way, how shameless."

                Qin Ming froze and said, "Who is Little Mu Mu?"

                A vote of fans suddenly turned around, full of geeks and uncles, holding banners, support props, small gift bags around them, looking at the patterns on those props, nima, wasn't that Mu Si Chun?

                Is that Mu Si Chun?

                Is she about to make her debut? She's only been in one stage show and she's already gained so many fans? What kind of performance is she doing?

                Another male fan said, "Kid, you're not doing a very good job of cutting in line, are you? Who doesn't know that the show has already started and the leaders and performers have all gone in and are just waiting for the show to come out. Trying to trick us into giving up our seats, dream on."

                An older man holding a fan of Mu Si Chun's head said, "Little Mu Mu doesn't even know? She's very hot recently, and she's even made headlines. According to my years of experience in following stars, Little Mu will definitely become a big star in the future, what she lacks is resources. If she had a big boss behind her giving her resources like Sister Bing Bing, it would be hard not to become popular."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, "Sister Bingbing?

                She was a member of the oldest family in Guangzhou and had a strong family background, so she didn't want to rely on her family's connections.

                The actual fact is that you're talking about Mu Sichen, right? I know her and she left me a ticket. Can you guys give way? I can't even get in here. I'm going to ask Brother Security to give a briefing."

                "Haha, you're a poor boy, who are you trying to fool? I just saw that you came by bus, you're a poor man? You're a poor man?

                "Poor? You're a poor man? You are a poor person? ∈You are a good person, you are a good person. I'm not sure I can do that.

                "If you kid keeps messing around, watch out for us to beat you up."

                These fans are saying one thing and another, not giving a damn about Qin Ming, and Qin Ming doesn't want to make trouble here at the TV station.

                Qin Ming pondered whether he should call Mu Si Chun, but he saw a commotion over by the entrance, fans were more excited and frenzied shouting, "Little Mu ......"

                "Is the show over? Can I take a photo?"

                "Xiao Mu Mu, I'm your true fan of ten years, sign it."

                "Xiao Mu Mu, ahhhhh~! You're so pretty."

                "Ah, the eight-way military uniform, it's mesmerising, Little Mu Mu, please hook my soul."

                The fans who were blocking the entrance were wailing and shouting, putting on all sorts of performances to try and catch the idol's eye, and if it weren't for the gate surrounding them, they would have pounced on them.

                There were those who asked for autographs, and those who asked for a photo.

                But Mu Si Chun only responded politely and ignored them.

                Qin Ming saw Mu Sichen, who was dressed as a female soldier, with a clean and delicate image, and particularly watery eyes, which was quite fresh for a female eighth-grade soldier.

                "Eh, brother-in-law, brother-in-law!" Mu Sichen came down and looked around for a while before she saw Qin Ming by the side of the main road, she waved her hand in greeting, "This way, this way."

                Looking at Mu Si Chun jumping and waving towards Qin Ming, those fanatic fans who had blocked Qin Ming earlier, all had complicated eyes, this really knows each other, and brother-in-law, huh?

                "Aww! I forgot to get close to him just now."

                "If I had known it was my brother-in-law, I would have given him my first class seat, maybe we can even have dinner together with Little Mu later."

                "Didn't invest into it, missed out."

                These geeky uncle fans wailed for a while, lamenting that they had just missed out, regretting that they hadn't made a good relationship with Qin Ming and missed out on hitching a ride with their idol ah.

                When Qin Ming walked in this time, everyone moved aside and smiled along, as if Qin Ming was some kind of big Ming man.

                However, the moment Mu Si Chun took Qin Ming's hand, the backbone went cold, and many killing intents suddenly came from behind, if the eyes could kill, it was estimated that Qin Ming had been killed countless times.

                "Bastard, you're just a brother-in-law, still want to think about your sister-in-law?"

                "Let go of your hand, you scum, ah ...... Xiao Mu Mu, you have to recognize your brother-in-law as a scum."

                "Loss, loss."

                "If Little Mu Mu were to hug my arm like this and rub my chest from time to time, I would be satisfied even if I died."

                Qin Ming was helpless as he listened to the envy and jealousy of these rabid fans, he was innocent ah.

                Mu Si Chun held Qin Ming's arm, ignoring those fans, and happily said, "Hey hey hey, brother-in-law you're here, hurry up, hurry up, my performance is going to be fast, here's your ticket, I've prepared a surprise for you later oh."

                Qin Ming was slightly surprised, there was a surprise later? This little girl's, what kind of surprise can there be?

Chapter 354

When Qin Ming entered the live stage room inside the radio station, most of the audience had already watched several shows and he arrived late. He took his ticket to the front row seats and found that the people next to him were all grandparents and some old revolutionary seniors.

                This kind of stage play, which celebrates the history of the Red Revolution, is also a favourite of the grandparents.

                There was also a small black bag on that seat of his. Qin Ming thought to himself that this should be the surprise that Mu Sichen had mentioned, right?

                Qin Ming thought to himself that it couldn't be a small gift for him, right? After all, many rabid fans out there have quite a few peripheral gifts.

                Qin Ming opened the bag and grabbed a woman's underwear, and then brought out all the underwear and dresses inside.

                Shit! Qin Ming was shocked, so it was Mu Si Chun's clothes? No, why was this pair of panties so small? It was quite a cute type.

                When the surrounding grandparents saw him suddenly pull out a pair of women's bear panties, they all showed a look of contempt, the look seemed to say: Young man, in this solemn atmosphere of the stage play, you plan to wear a girl's panties on your head and then go up to dance?

                As the next show was about to take place, Qin Ming suddenly came up with such a move, and the people around him thought he was a pervert who wanted to cause trouble and gave him angry looks.

                Qin Ming was so scared that he hurriedly tucked it back in. He was embarrassed because his seat was at the front and he was quite conspicuous, so the grandparents were staring at him.

                "Cough cough." There was a cough from a grandpa in a military uniform, as if to warn Qin Ming, "Don't make trouble.

                Qin Ming was wronged, this was not a surprise to Mu Sichen, it was clearly a shock.

                "This stinky girl." Qin Ming lost his smile helplessly and could only hug Mu Sichen's clothes and wait quietly for the stage play to start.

                After the host came on stage and finished his speech, with a burst of charging horns, the stage play directed by Liao Qingxuan began. To Qin Ming's surprise, Mu Sichen was not performing as the female lead, but as a female medical soldier who had died bravely, just a supporting role.

                Qin Ming felt that Liao Qingxuan's casting was quite good. The female medical soldier nurse, who was pretty and gimmicky, was not the main character, but had quite a few dance moves, which also suited Mu Sichen's image.

                The whole show, apart from the original dance, also pushed the content of the story, plus the eulogy of revolutionary history, which drew applause and applause from the whole audience.

                Qin Ming was also quite impressed by Liao Qingxuan's ability, although still a very young national level dancer, she really had a lot of skills.

                After the show, he quietly slipped out with Mu Siqun's clothes in his hand to give Mu Siqun her clothes.

                Qin Ming came backstage to the changing room and saw Mu Sichen who was waiting for him, the latter immediately laughed: "Hahahaha, I saw all of your embarrassed look just now, brother-in-law, hahaha."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes and chided, "You little demon, the old revolutionary seniors next to me wanted to hit me when they saw me suddenly pull out my women's clothes and underwear."

                Mu Si Chun laughed back and forth, raised her eye brows and said, "How about it, brother-in-law? Do my clothes smell good? Did you do nasty things?"

                Qin Ming said, "You're the one with the nasty thoughts. You're the one who's giving me trouble."

                Mu Si Chun said proudly, "Hahaha, who told you not to come to my show every day. Tell me, where have you been for the past month? Are you trying to cheat? I'll tell my sister to go."

                Qin Ming said speechlessly, "What are you talking about. Just in time, I'm going to your house tonight, there are some things that must be explained clearly."

                Mu Sichen immediately said, "I'm not going back tonight. I have a social engagement, a big director saw contacted me yesterday and said he wanted to give me the female lead, and asked me to go to his house tonight to talk about the script."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "What script to talk about in the middle of the night, or his house? Don't you think this routine is familiar?"

                Mu Si Chun pursed her lips and smiled, "Don't worry, brother-in-law, you're still here, aren't you? I don't care if he's talking about scripts or subterfuge, I'm relieved you're here. I've been told to take good care of me, if I have any problems or suffer, my sister will not spare you."

                Qin Ming had a headache, no wonder he was asked to be a bodyguard.

                Mu Si Chun said, "Brother-in-law, my performance contract is all over this time, I earned a total of 210,000, I'll give you half of it. After all, without your help, I wouldn't even have been able to get involved."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Keep the money for yourself, it's not easy to earn, it's the proceeds of your labour."

                Mu Si Chun said, "Right oh, I heard that Auntie gave you a lot of money last time. You have more money than I do now, brother-in-law. Ah ...... brother-in-law, I don't want to drive a Porsche anymore, can you buy me a Ferrari? By the way, I also want a yacht, big brother he has been driving it to pick up girls every day recently."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "What? Can't stand the hardship so soon? You want to have fun now? Your sister is still working hard in the capital city."

                Mu Si Chun puffed out in anger and said, "Brother-in-law is so stingy."

                After the show, Qin Ming tried to find Liao Qingxuan, but she was too busy and couldn't find anyone.

                Qin Ming could only go forward with Mu Siqun to a big director's home to talk about the script.

                Unlike the villa area at the top of Cloud Hill, the people here are mostly businessmen, wealthy families, famous literary figures, artists and even mistresses, whereas the people at the villa at the top of Cloud Hill are mostly from the powerful circles.

                Although the sea view villas in Guangzhou are more luxurious, the residents of the Cloud Peak villas are more senior than the powerful and influential ones.

                Several of Qin Ming's private yachts were also docked here, and it had been more than a month since they had last been here.

                The two arrived in front of a villa where a number of nanny cars were already parked, and some entertainment reporters swarmed up the moment they stopped.

                Qin Ming thought they were going to interview Mu Sichen and rushed to escort them, but once they saw that they were unknown and not big stars, they dispersed in disappointment, with a grumbling wasted expression.

                Mu Sichen puffed out her mouth, "What the hell, now you're ignoring me, one day I'm going to make you all unaffordable."

                Qin Ming laughed: "These paparazzi want to shoot some lacy news, you're not famous, of course you're not interested."

                Qin Ming saw that the villa was huge, with a pool, garden, garage, and servants.

                He asked, "Xiaochun, which director is this? So rich?"

                Mu Si Chun said, "It's a very powerful big director, Director Feng, Feng Da Gang."

                Qin Ming said, "Oh, it's director Feng, I've seen his plays, they're very powerful. The actresses he has made famous are called Feng Girls. I heard that in recent years he also loves to enable newcomers, if it's Director Feng, then it shouldn't be a big problem tonight."

                Mu Si Chun said smugly, "Hahaha, brother-in-law otherwise what do you think? I'm not going to a messy drinking and dining party. Apart from me, there are some other actresses and many newcomers tonight. Director Feng said he's in a hurry to audition tonight because he's in a hurry to catch his flight tomorrow, it's a rare opportunity, so you have to hurry."

                "Oops, watch out~ Oh." Suddenly, a sudden gloating jeer sounded from above the nearby attic.

                Then a cup of coffee fell from Mu Si Chun's head, and with a crash, Mu Si Chun's pure white clothes, all dyed coffee-coloured, and her hair was soaked through, turning Mu Si Chun's entire body into a drenched, frozen figure.

                Qin Ming looked up in annoyance, what was this for?

                But the moment he looked up, he realised that it was actually someone he knew, the other party had done it on purpose!

                The woman upstairs deliberately said, "Ouch ...... sorry about that ...... who let you walk without eyes, this is bad luck, right?"