Rags To Riches Chapter 351-352

 Chapter 351

When Qin Ming heard Ao Mei say that a group of can men had entered the campus and were coming this way towards the unnamed lake, his first thought was that the assassins were coming for him.

                But he should still have people from the assassination team around him for protection, and Ao Mei was watching, so how come none of them had taken him down?

                Qin Ming asked, "What's going on? Are you sure the target is targeting me? How come no action was taken?"

                Ao Mei hesitated for a moment and said, "It doesn't look like it, they seem to be protecting someone. Young master, don't worry, if there is anything unusual, I will be the first to take action. But young master is going to pick up girls here, it might be affected, we suggest to change the place."

                "Shit! I told you, how come this month has been so comfortable and calm, but it's all brewing. But I was prepared for that too, hehehe."

                Qin Ming gave a wicked laugh and took out a dust mask from his pocket.

                On a daily basis, apart from dust control, once he encountered a murder against him, Qin Ming immediately put on the mask, more or less avoiding some pursuit and improving his chances of survival a little.

                Mainly in modern society, many men also like to wear masks in order to pretend to be cool, so the chances of seeing a masked man on a daily basis are quite high and it is easy to blend in.

                Sometimes in addition to relying on your own men for protection, you also have to rely on yourself ah.

                When Qin Ming waited for Bai Yuchun to arrive, he directly pulled on Bai Yuchun's hand and said, "Let's go, change places."

                "Huh?" Bai Yuchun was unsure, and just let Qin Ming pull him, following him all the way.

                But the two of them had just walked out of the unnamed lake when suddenly a state red flag car stopped in front of them, and in this one instant, a large number of Mercedes-Benzes also immediately appeared around Qin Ming, and a large group of black-clad men quickly gathered.

                A Long and Ao Mei rushed out from the shadows at the same time, quickly appearing, only five steps away from Qin Ming.

                The people in the red flag car seemed to be surprised, immediately three bodyguard-like people rushed out of the car first, protecting it and putting their hands inside their clothes to pull out weapons at any time, followed immediately by several other cars to help.

                For a while, the atmosphere on both sides was at a standstill.

                Qin Ming was keenly aware of the other side's intentions, which did not seem to be to fight, but to protect an important person.

                Did it just happen to be coming to Lake Unmei?

                Bai Yuchun noticed that she was surrounded by two groups of people and asked nervously, "Qin Ming, why, why are there so many people all of a sudden? Do you know them? Is this your boss? The kind-hearted rich man who helped pay my mother's medical bills?"

                Qin Ming denied, "It's not him. I don't know him either, let's take a look first."

                At that moment, a middle-aged man, suited and dressed in a powerfully handsome Chinese face, got out of the state-owned red flag car and leaked a surprised and excited expression the moment he saw Bai Yu-chun.

                "Xiaochun? Are you Xiaochun?" The man called out in surprise, "You look so much like your mother."

                Qin Ming was startled, this mighty and handsome man, his gaze was not on Qin Ming at all, instead it landed on Bai Yuchun, was this looking for Bai Yuchun?

                Bai Yuchun had absolutely no idea what was going on, what was this for? Who is this man? Why did he say these words?

                Qin Ming shielded Bai Yuchun and asked, "Who are you? What are you doing? Tell your men to withdraw."

                The man with the Chinese character face looked around and realised that there were more people on Qin Ming's side, and the other man was wearing a mask so he couldn't see his appearance, but his eyes were very powerful, and when he looked at his hand, he was holding Bai Yuchun, and the two seemed to have a very close relationship.

                "My name is Bai Jingting." The man with the Chinese character face said in a deep voice, "I am Bai Yuchun's father."

                Both Qin Ming and Bai Yuchun were taken aback, what was going on here?

                Bai Jingting took out an old photo from twenty years ago, when Bai Yuchun was still young, and there were already colour photos of Bai Jingting, a young He Menggu, a few years old Bai Dayou, and Bai Yuchun who was still a baby in swaddling clothes.

                There are many more photos like this," said Bai Jingting, "I gave He Menggu a camera at the time, and she loved taking photos. Look at this one, when Xiaochun you would walk, you were still sitting on my neck going down to the field."

                As she said this, Bai Jingting turned over more photos, each one a group photo of her and her family's words.

                Bai Yuchun looked at them one by one, her heart turning up in waves, her expression complicated.

                These photos were indeed the same as many of the old photos of her family, and the person in the photos was none other than Bai Jingting in front of her, her real father, except that age had made his face look older, but it was clearly the same person.

                Qin Ming could see now that it was Bai Yuchun who was looking for him, not him.

                "You're dad? After all these years, why didn't you come back?" Bai Yuchun held a thick stack of photos in her hand, her voice trembling slightly in disbelief, her father drove a luxury car and had bodyguards in and out, while her mother lost her life because she was poor, and she was often bullied by her schoolmates because she was poor.

                Bai Jingting said with emotion, "Xiaochun, daddy had hardships. Dad has been hiding from his enemies, hiding for twenty years also fought for twenty years, until last year things ended, I dare to look for you."

                "Old home in Sichuan, the ancestral house house in the village of plain mouth you no longer live in, I have been there, along with a few acres of fields sold to the village entrance Wang Da Ma, right?"

                Bai Yuchun nodded: "Three years ago, sold to Wang Da Ma for four thousand yuan."

                Bai Jingting added, "I went to the town to look for you, but when I found you, there was no one at home. So I searched for you and came to Guangcheng."

                "By the way, where is your mother and elder brother? Is he the one?" After saying that, Bai Jingting pointed at Qin Ming.

                At the mention of the family, Bai Yuchun looked gloomy, not knowing how to speak, saying that Bai Dayou was so angry that his mother jumped to her death and then was arrested for poisoning?

                Qin Ming shook his head in denial and said, "Bai Dayou is not here, and He Menggu is no longer here."

                "No longer?" Bai Jingting was dumbfounded and said soberly, "She's actually gone, this ...... alas, this is not the place to talk, let's talk somewhere else?"

                Bai Yuchun was a little resistant, she couldn't decide and looked at Qin Ming.

                Bai Jingting said anxiously, "Child, I know, for so many years, I owe you too much, but what happened back then ...... dad was really helpless, please give dad a chance to explain and make amends, okay?"

                Qin Ming thought it was a good place to start, and he said, "If it's really your real dad, I think it's worth talking about. All you people stand guard outside, Mr. Bai come in with me."

                The unnamed lake, with two groups of people guarding the entrance, was really not even a fly in the ointment.

                The three of them came to a pavilion by the Wei Ming Lake. Bai Yu Chun was in a complicated mood, today was supposed to be the day when Qin Ming would give her an answer, but she ran into her real father looking for her.

                After looking at those old photos, she was basically sure that Bai Jingting was her father.

                Moreover, who would adopt a poor girl like her as his daughter for no reason? Looking at the luxury car Bai Jingting drove and the bodyguards that went out, she also knew that Bai Jingting's status seemed extraordinary.

                She rejected it in her heart because she was afraid of change and changing her current life.

                Bai Jingting looked at Bai Yuchun with a sigh and said, "When I left you, you were only two years old. Eighteen years have passed and you've grown so big, you look a lot like your mother."

                Bai Yuchun asked, "What was your hardship back then?"

                Bai Jingting sighed, "Back then I was with your mother and met your mother's love rival hate, in order to get your mother, he did whatever he could to destroy our family, my business was suppressed, my company went bankrupt, your mother was taken away by them just after she gave birth to you, I could only protect you bitterly all the way south to flee until ......"

Chapter 352

Only after Bai Jingting's explanation did Bai Yuchun understand that the three of them should have been very happy back then, but his father's love rival, a very powerful and rich dude, would do anything to get Bai Yuchun's mother, and was full of treacherous schemes.

                In the end, Bai Jingting's family was left in ruins and he had to flee south with the newborn Bai Yuchun in his arms.

                And Bai Yuchun's mother could not be saved? The rage? The family is left to flee with their newborn child. The family's mother was unable to save her. The woman's mother could not be rescued. The convergence? What is the best way to find out? What are the reasons for this? The nature of the prayer The first time I saw him, he was a good man.

                A dozen years of fighting from scratch, until the dust settled this year, he set out to find Bai Yuchun, has found now.

                The first of these is the one that is the most important. But daddy just wants you to give my dad a chance to make it up to you and make up for my responsibilities as a father."

                Bai Yuchun's heart was also touched as she listened to Bai Jingting's words. She could hear that Bai Jingting really loved her biological mother and returned to the capital city alone for revenge, fighting with his enemies for so many years, but in the end, he did not forget her and came looking for her once the dust had settled.

                It was not unacceptable that she had to be separated to protect Bai Yu-chun because of her enemies' pursuit, a bitterness that was not unacceptable.

                But she was still hesitating and did not respond.

                Qin Ming looked on and could not interfere, this was someone else's family matter.

                Bai Jingting see Bai Yuchun still hesitate, immediately said: "you want to do not believe, or we go to test dna. this time to find you, from the beginning did not find, I went to some public welfare institutions baby home registered dna search, I am just afraid, afraid that He Menggu can not afford to support you, abandoned you."

                "But I did not believe in the wrong person, she raised you into a material, but also into a line of university, but unfortunately she is no longer, I ...... owe her this life will not have the opportunity to pay back."

                Bai Yuchun said, "It's not that I don't believe you. It's just that I ......"

                "Xiaochun, just give dad a chance to make amends, please." Saying that, Bai Jingting knelt down directly to, his true feelings flowing, old tears streaming down his face, just begging Bai Yuchun to forgive him for being a failing father.

                There is gold under a man's knees, seeing this kneeling of Bai Jingting, Bai Yuchun's heart also softened, also knelt down, jumped up and hugged Bai Jingting, crying, "Dad ......"

                Qin Ming saw the two fathers and daughters finally recognize each other, hugging each other and crying into tears.

                He did feel quite relieved, without a mother, with a father, God closed a door for you, will always open another window for you.

                The first thing that happened was that Bai Yuchun and Bai Jingting went for a genetic test, just in case, after all, there is no more convincing evidence than a paternity test.

                With such a delay, Qin Ming did not have the opportunity to respond to Bai Yuchun's confession.

                He even went to see Bai Dayou in prison.

                Qin Ming didn't get involved, after all, it didn't feel right, he just read books in his dormitory every day to enrich his knowledge.

                A few days later, Qin Ming had just finished his box lunch and returned to the dormitory when he suddenly received a message from Bai Yuchun on his mobile phone, asking him to meet him at Wei Ming Lake.

                Qin Ming's heart stirred, I'm afraid that today is the day with results.

                In fact, Qin Ming has been thinking these days, after the two fathers and daughters have met, will Bai Yuchun go back to Beijing with Bai Jingting? Or will she stay in Guangzhou to study?

                He looked at the way Bai Jingting was acting, he seemed to be very rich, and Bai Yuchun was able to live a privileged life after all her suffering, and no longer worried about how to earn money every day.

                Qin Ming came to the Wei Ming Lake, he also had a deep impression of it, every time something happened with Bai Yuchun, it was always here.

                By the lake, Bai Yu-chun was waiting there alone.

                The first thing that caught his eyes was a white bustier dress, draped in sun-protective shoulder wear, with delicate lace lining her white legs, slender and straight, with her exquisite curves completely outlined.

                Qin Ming suddenly felt stunning, wearing good-looking clothes Bai Yuchun, more stunning, more beautiful, more girlish, the first time she saw dressed so exquisitely Bai Yuchun, she also has the model of a luxury family's thousand-year-old girl.

                Without thinking, she stroked up the corner of her lips and scratched out the pursed hair, the lightness of her fingertips resembling the liveliness of an elf. A faint aftertaste of fragrance remained where the hair had been traced.

                Her gaze seemed like the cross waves of autumn, modest and deep, looking at Qin Ming who was walking faithfully.

                The knitted brows, the expectant expression, the poise, the girlish aura of charm and vegetal charm, seemed to be natural in her body.

                Her skin was still so delicate under the blazing sun, her bright eyes and white teeth revealed under her light smile were very charming, and around her neck she wore the red crystal necklace Qin Ming had given her.

                Although she thought it was a fake, Bai Yuchun, who had become rich, did not dislike it.

                Bai Yuchun saw Qin Ming coming in front of her, but became apprehensive and said, "Qin Ming ......"

                Qin Ming snatched the words, "You're waiting for my reply?"

                Bai Yuchun said, "Yes, I like you ...... whether I am poor or rich, Qin Ming you are the best in my heart. I, I know that I am not reserved enough to confess my love as a girl, but, but ...... but I am afraid that you will be snatched away by someone else."

                Looking at the nervous Bai Yu Chun, small hand holding his chest, eyes drifting not dare to look directly with Qin Ming, this is the expression of true feelings.

                Qin Ming looked at the very expectant Bai Yuchun, although touched, he said with great regret, "I'm sorry pure, I can't forget Haitang, even though I'm alone now, but I also ...... you should understand."

                Bai Yuchun's expectant little expression instantly stiffened, and her little hands that were clutching her chest shirt shook uncontrollably.

                Tears rustled down uncontrollably, she tried her best, but did not get the result she wanted, she did not blame Qin Ming, only that she did not meet him earlier, if she could have met Qin Ming earlier than Nie Haitang, she was confident she would have done better.

                Unfortunately, there is no if.

                Qin Ming reached out his hand and gently wiped her tears, saying, "I'm sorry."

                Bai Yuchun sobbed and suddenly rested her head on Qin Ming's shoulder, seeking a moment of peace, saying, "Qin Ming you don't need to apologise, you didn't do anything wrong. It's me who's not good enough, it's me who doesn't deserve you."

                Qin Ming patted her shoulder and said, "You are good enough, be confident. What are your plans next?"

                Bai Yuchun said, "I'm going home with my dad, I might have to change schools and go to Beijing to study."

                Qin Ming said, "That's not bad, follow your dad, no one will bully you in the future."

                Bai Yuchun looked gloomy, if Qin Ming had agreed to her confession, she would have chosen to stay in Guangcheng to study at university, but Qin Ming did not agree to her.

                Qin Ming was also quite emotional, Bai Yuchun's life encounter was really twisted enough, from a poor family girl, she had transformed into a thousand golden young lady.

                He didn't want to be too sentimental when he parted ways and said, "Come on, it's not like we won't see each other for the rest of our lives, I'll go to the capital when I'm free. There will always be a chance to meet. You go now, I still have things to do."

                Qin Ming turned his back, his nose sore, he was also a bit sad, but after all, people are reunited as father and daughter, he was just an outsider.

                "Qin Ming ......" Bai Yuchun called out behind her weeping, but Qin Ming still walked without looking back, he was not determined, this parting would not be able to go.

                Bai Yuchun bit her lips, tears falling like rain, suddenly opened her mouth and sang a song.

                "I am not talented, I have not won your favor, I have disturbed you for a long time ......"

                "My lord looks south, my lady walks north ......"

                "May you be warm in three winters, may you not be cold in spring, may you have a lamp in the dark and an umbrella in the rain ......"

                "May you be good to yourself, may you meet a good man ......"

                "Warm colours float for the rest of your life, with good people by your side ......"

                As he sang, Qin Ming stopped, hot tears in his eyes, inexplicably moved.

                He blinked his eyes and tilted his head with a long sigh, saying to himself, "Pure pure, your heart, I feel it. I will remember it well."