Rags To Riches Chapter 35-36

 Chapter 35

It wasn't until Qin Ming arrived at the underground car park that he didn't run into Li Meng or Yang Wei, and next to his stretch Rolls-Royce, Song Ying was already waiting here.

It was not necessary for Song Ying to deal with the chaos at Century Tower, she could just tell the general manager of the building to do it.

When she got into the car, Song Ying handed over the transfer of Nie's bathroom group's shares to a fund management company under the name of Huan Yu Century Group.

Qin Ming threw the transfer letter away and said, "This time the efficiency is quite fast, very good."

Song Ying smiled heartily and said, "Thank you for the compliment, young master."

Qin Ming leaned back behind his seat and asked, "It's about time now, has the hunting team decided on a place?"

Song Ying was about to say something when Qin Ming's mobile phone rang, Qin Ming saw an unfamiliar number, and it was not a normal mobile phone number either, it was a series of garbled codes.

When he answered it, Chang Hongxi's mellow voice came out "Qin Ming, you're meeting with the whole of China's top cadre of hunting forces tonight?"

Qin Ming answered, "Yes, Father."

Chang Hongxi said "It's better to leave it to me, you are not mature enough, if you go to meet with them now, you will be fooled by them to the point of no bones left."

Qin Ming smiled lightly "Righteous Father, ever since I signed the inheritance letter of your estate, I have known how powerful you are and how strong your power is to pounce on me. I have read some of the information you have given me, you still have a few hired troops in the Middle East and Africa, I am afraid they are only a part of the great strength of your men. I'm afraid these hunting forces within China are not all of them either, and if I can't even conquer them, then when you're a hundred years old, I'll have no refuge and that will be just as much of an end. So, the sooner I conquer your old troops, the better for me. After all, your men are all over the world, and China is only a part of them, right?"

There was silence on the other end of the line, and then Chang Hongxi said in a smiling voice, "You're a good kid, you don't have much ability, but your heart is as clear as a mirror. Then let me see what you can do tonight."

When he hung up the phone, Qin Ming took a long breath, he was under a lot of pressure.

If he hadn't been ruthless as a child, he and his fellow countryman Yang Wei would have been killed long ago.

Qin Ming sat in the car and looked through various information about the members of the hunting team, the more he read, the more gloomy his face became, Qi Yundong and Hou Qing were businessmen who could handle it better, after all, they were businessmen who cared more about money and status benefits, often these things could move them.

The hunting team, on the other hand, were all people who had blood on their hands, even outlaws, and judging from the information provided by Chang Hongxi, were not a group of people who would easily submit to discipline.

Qin Ming asked "Have they given the place for the dinner?"

Song Ying said, slightly embarrassed, "Young master, I was just about to tell you this, but they haven't given me the address yet. It's already past four o'clock, how can we get there if they don't give us the address? There will be traffic jams by the end of rush hour."

Qin Ming crossed his fingers and muttered, "I'm afraid it's just a sign. Hey, it's really funny to say that. When I was a kid and I got into a fight, I usually had an address the day before, but I deliberately didn't say anything to make the other party anxious, and when they got anxious, they looked for me all over town, and when they got tired of looking, I showed up.

Song Ying shook her head, indicating that she didn't know.

Qin Ming smiled, "There is no special meaning, I just want to play a trick on the other side, to show my status, not to let the other side underestimate, but also to degrade the other side."

Song Ying raised her eyebrows and said, "They've gone too far, how can they tease the young master like that? They've forgotten who pays their salaries."

Qin Ming said "Now of course it's still the righteous father who pays their wages. If you ask again, just say that I must get to the exact address of the dinner party."

Song Ying immediately made a phone call, she put it on speakerphone, and said straight to Qin Ming to ask for the address of the dinner party, but the people of the hunting team said that there were not enough people and they had not discussed it, so they could not provide it.

Song Ying hung up the phone and a look of anger appeared on her face, saying, "Young master, these people are polite and respectful on the surface, but in reality they are shady and mean to embarrass young master."

Qin Ming smiled lightly and said "They are just as the information says, arrogant and unrestrained, although they are all quite talented in combat, they do not easily obey discipline, not to mention an ordinary college student like me."

Qin Ming flung the information away and said straight away "Go back to school, I forgot that I have an elective class on philosophical theory tonight, if they give you the address, just say that I can't go to class, say that I have to restructure the hunting team, let them discuss it properly tonight, those who want to stay stay and wait for the arrangement, those who want to leave hand in their resignation."

Qin Ming understood very well that in his current situation, he had no bottom line except for Chang Hongxi and that inheritance letter.

With a business empire as large as the Huan Yu Century Group covering all walks of life around the world, many people were eyeing Chang Hongxi's position, also including his wife and unrelated children, and of course the most important would be the adulterous husband that Chang Hongxi's wife had cheated on him with.

The hunting team must have thought that Qin Ming needed them so much that they were so emboldened to give Qin Ming a run for his money. At a deeper level of malicious speculation, it is possible that someone even wanted to control Qin Ming and turn him into a puppet.

But Qin Ming understands the principle of "once a king, always a king", he still has half a year to go, if he can't be convinced, the big deal is to change all the people.

Qin Ming went back to the school and arranged for two black-clad bodyguards to follow secretly.

On his way to the classroom, Qin Ming saw Bai Yuchun again, she was pulling with some men, no, there were three men trying to pull him into a van.

Bai Yuchun said as she resisted, "You're lying, you didn't say that before you signed the contract. There's something fishy about your contract."

A man sneered, "You can't blame me for that. You are to blame for being too eager to get the money and not looking good at the contract at the time. If you don't have the money to pay it back, you have to fulfil the repayment obligation treaty in the contract, obey the job we have arranged for you and earn payment to pay it back."

Bai Yuchun was shaking with anger and said in a shocked voice "You say one thing and do another, you are so submissive and deceive me. You are so shameless, you cheat people."

The man smiled smugly, "We just did what the contract said? If you can pay us back, we can't do anything to you? If you don't have money, stop talking nonsense and become a room princess in a bar, you should be able to earn a lot with your looks. If you're still a virgin, behave yourself and you could probably make a whole lot of money today. You'll be able to pay off your debts in no time"

When Bai Yuchun heard that she wanted to be a room princess in a bar, wasn't that the same as selling her body?

Suddenly Bai Yuchun opened her mouth to bite the debt collectors, the debt collectors were caught off guard and screamed in pain, Bai Yuchun took advantage of the opportunity to break free from control and immediately turned back to run.

Qin Ming was not far away when Bai Yuchun managed to escape and said, "This woman is quite powerful.

But the next moment, he saw that something was wrong, Bai Yuchun ran towards the wall of a building without the slightest intention of turning around, she was going to crash into the wall to kill herself, huh?

"Shit!" Qin Ming was shocked and hurried after her, he absolutely could not let this stupid woman do something stupid.

Chapter 36

She regrets that she did not read the contract carefully, and signed for the money after being urged to do so.

Now she has to pay back the $100,000 loan within three days, or else she will have to accept the loan company's offer to work in a bar as a room girl, according to the contract.

What's the difference between that and selling your body?

Although Bai Yuchun is poor and comes from a rural area in the mountains of Sichuan Province, she is very conservative in her thinking and feels that the most important thing in a woman's life is her chastity and her family.

Now she feels self-conscious that her mother's heart condition has been cured and the hospital has also interviewed her mother for her special case of illness and subsidised her 10,000 yuan for nutrition, so she is not worried about her mother not getting enough nutrition.

She feels she has done her best and is unattached, and now she has to fight to keep her chastity.

She would rather die than do that kind of work.

Behind Bai Yu-chun, the debt collector shouted, "Stop her. She's going to kill herself."

The shout scared many students on the road to look back, but Bai Yuchun ran so fast that many of them couldn't react in time, but they saw that Bai Yuchun had already crashed into the wall.

With such a fast speed and a cold wall, would this collision not kill her?

"Ehhhh! It's over." The three debt-collecting men saw that it was too late, and they all side-stepped from chasing after them, this messed up people's lives, they had to leave immediately, otherwise they would get into trouble ah.

And this close call, Qin Ming crossed in front of the wall.

Bai Yu Chun's eyes shot up, only to see the solid chest of a man blocking her, and it was too late for her to avoid it again as she slammed headlong into Qin Ming's chest.

"Uhhh~ha!" Qin Ming's chest ribs ached from her impact, his body leaning back and being pinned against the wall.

"Ha, ha~!" Qin Ming covered his chest, the pain could be really unbearable, but he at least saved Bai Yuchun from running headlong into the wall, Bai Yuchun instead fainted in Qin Ming's arms because the collision was too intense.

When the three debt collectors saw that Bai Yuchun had been saved, they immediately ran over to him.

The debt collector said, "Well done, kid, give her to us."

Qin Ming held the fainting Bai Yuchun and said, "She is a student of our e-commerce department, you are not from this school, are you? I advise you not to make a scene, there are already quite a few people around."

"Tsk." The debt collector threatened impatiently "Classmate, don't see a pretty girl and you won't be able to move your legs. This is a hot potato, if you want to save her, then pay off the $100,000 loan she owes first, we are a regular loan company, we have a contract."

Qin Ming said disdainfully "It's true that it's only right to pay back what you owe. But you are playing a trick to coax a college girl who is desperate for money to save her mother, so I guess your intentions were not pure from the beginning. You think I don't know your tricks? You get her into the car, saying that she can get a good price for the first time, and when her guard is lowered, you don't need to wait until the bar, you'll gang up on her in the car, and then completely destroy her dignity, and when you get to the bar, you'll teach her a lesson through the pimp. To pay back the money you can, only half."

The debt collection man listened, his heart sank, this kid knows quite a lot, actually know their set up?

After all, first-class beautiful female college students are scarce nowadays, from the rich and powerful down to the peddlers are all attracted to beautiful female college students, and if used well, they can scavenge millions of profits in just one year by arranging sleeping bureaux all the way down from the upper class.

That was why they were willing to lend to Bai Yuchun in the face of their poor families, because she was pretty.

"Ahem spit." The debt collector was annoyed and spat a mouthful of thick spit at Qin Ming's feet, saying "Kid, you want to die. Go on, kill him. Damn, what the hell are you, you dare to spoil my good deed."

Two tall, inch-headed men stepped forward, their eyes sharp, their bodies capable, wearing camouflage uniforms and hanging a silver chain.

Qin Ming snapped his fingers and two black-clad bodyguards immediately rushed out from either side and blocked in front of Qin Ming.

The debt collector was shocked and said, "Oh no, so he's a low-key rich kid who has money to hire bodyguards. But we, Sunshine Bird, have a good reputation in Guangzhou City. Don't think you can do whatever you want just because you have a few stinking dollars."

Qin Ming smiled lightly "I really can do whatever I want with my money, do it."

Qin Ming's bodyguards were highly paid, had good benefits, and usually had long hours of exercise, so they didn't even need to fight with their weapons.

The more they fought, the more courageous they became. They did not let the debt collector's men get half a step closer to Qin Ming at all, but were instead beaten back by the bodyguards, who suffered bruises and pain from the many attacks on their bodies.

The debt collector's face became more and more ugly, he knew that if he continued like this, he would get nothing today.

He immediately made a phone call and said, "Ah Long, don't sleep, hurry up and come over, we've met a hard bone."

Qin Ming sneered, "Yo, looking for help? Tsk, things come in groups, a loser like you, isn't the one you call also a loser?"

The debt collector cursed, "Grass, brat, you wait for me, I'll tear your mouth off, one of our clubs has many rich women, you little white boy must be very popular with rich women, let you try the taste of rich women wire rub."

The two men cursed a few times as a dangling man, wearing slippers, who seemed to have just woken up, walked over.

When the debt collector saw Lung coming, he was overjoyed and laughed, "Kid, you're finished, you dare to go against us, you're tired of living. Ah Long, kill them."

Ah Long held his chin high and his eyes swept over Qin Ming's two bodyguards like a poisonous snake.

The two bodyguards also felt that something was wrong, the young man looked plain, and was wearing slippers, but he had a strong aura. Although it was dark, there were streetlights on the side, and the bodyguards' eyesight was not weak, they could see various knife marks and bullet marks on his arms, especially a pair of shorts that exposed a pair of lean thighs, with distinct lines of muscles and veins, obviously a pair of legs that only someone who ran for years could have.

Especially when the young man called Ah Long raised his hand to scratch his head, his right index finger was covered with thick calluses, a proof of a long time holding a gun, what kind of person would shoot for a long time in these peaceful times?

The two bodyguards pushed their way to Qin Ming's side and said, "Young master, this man is not simple, he should have been a soldier. Let's pester him later, young master will go first."

Qin Ming was shocked, his two bodyguards, according to Song Ying, were the top tier in China, but they were afraid of a man in slippers?

Ah Long craned his neck and waved at the two of them, saying "Let's go together, two moves to finish you, I have to go back to sleep."

"Kid, what a big mouth."

"Let's see what you've got."

The two bodyguards were furious at being belittled and rushed towards Ah Long at the same time, but as they approached within a one metre radius of Ah Long, he made his move.

With a faster pace, he rear-guarded them and with a single step, he entered the attacking range of those two bodyguards first right hook and left kick back, both precisely hit the two bodyguards' faces, the huge impact made the tall bodyguard immediately fall to the ground and fainted.

Qin Ming's pupils shrank, looking at that Ah Long clapping his hands in a relaxed manner, he panicked.