Rags To Riches Chapter 345-346

 Chapter 345

"Hey!" A fire fighter reached out a hand from the middle of the next floor, and he grabbed He Menggu's sick clothes.

                But the hospital patients' clothes were of average quality, and He Menggu's sinking momentum was quite violent, and with a hissing sound, her clothes were torn, and He Menggu still inevitably fell from the roof of the hospital.

                "Mum!" Bai Yuchun screamed in shock and took two steps, straightening up and fainting to the ground.

                Bai Dayou even wailed out, jumping directly in place, screaming and wailing, rolling again, tears and snot all flowing out, he froze and did not have the courage to go near the wall where He Menggu had jumped.

                Qin Ming approached the wall and heard a cry of shock downstairs.

                The air cushion caught He Menggu and the medical staff immediately ran to save her.

                Qin Ming sighed silently. For Qin Ming, a family full of loving parents and doting brothers and sisters, he felt that Bai Yuchun's family was too damn tragic.

                He picked up Bai Yuchun and pinched her, not caring about the difference between men and women, and pressed her soft chest to smooth her breath before Bai Yuchun slowly woke up.

                She grabbed Qin Ming and asked, "Where is my mother? Has my mother been saved?"

                Qin Ming gave her a princess hug and said, "The air cushion has caught her, she should be rescued, let's go downstairs and take a look. Don't panic, don't make a mess, I'm here."

                Qin Ming knew that Bai Yuchun at this time was almost as desperate as the sky was falling, her mother was her spiritual pillar, if she couldn't hold on, I was afraid something would happen to her too.

                So Qin Ming had to give her comfort and support her.

                When Bai Yuchun heard Qin Ming's words, she felt a little more at ease. She was very scared at the moment, her body was weak and weak, and Qin Ming was holding her, making her feel safer than ever before, at this time, Qin Ming was her only pillar of mind.

                The crowd rushed to the emergency room where the doctors were resuscitating the patient and everyone had to wait outside.

                Bai Dayou's legs were so weak that he could no longer walk, and it was the police who dragged him over.

                The two siblings looked at each other, and Bai Yuchun was so angry that his eyes were on fire: "Bai Dayou! Are you satisfied that your mother is like this now? Are you happy? Whoops ......"

                After the scolding, Bai Yuchun covered her face with her hands and cried out.

                She actually hated herself, why couldn't she do something about this family, why was she so incompetent.

                Qin Ming gently stroked her back, and he could only say some so-called "big words of wisdom" to try to calm her down.

                Bai Dayou, handcuffed, knelt directly in front of the ward, his face expressionless and his heart a mess, but no one bothered to look at him.

                The doctors and nurses came out after 3am, and they didn't look too good.

                The doctor who resuscitated the patient shook his head at Bai Yuchun who greeted him and said, "We did our best, originally the poisoning had exhausted her heart, she hadn't recovered, she was emotional and fell from such a height, the air cushion caught her but her bottom was too weak. Plus, the patient had no will to live and was determined to die. You guys go in and see her one last time."

                Hearing this result, Bai Yuchun almost fainted again, fortunately Qin Ming held her, but it felt like Bai Yuchun's body and bones were also limp and lifeless.

                Bai Yuchun could not easily walk to the hospital bed, He Menggu's whole body was plugged with quite a few instruments of control, the signal of the ECG was getting weaker and weaker.

                And He Menggu face pale, eyes cloudy, her mortality, looking at Bai Yuchun, flowing a drop of tears, said: "pure pure ...... mum useless, mum sorry ...... forgive mum, forgive your brother, mum last begged you once. "

                "Oooh ...... mum ...... mum ......" Bai Yuchun cried so hard that she hugged He Menggu's hand and sobbed uncontrollably.

                Qin Ming sighed, "Bai Dayou is really in a blessed state, old mother is still worried about him before she dies."

                He Menggu added: "Your father ...... he left a number before he left at first, but Dayou was greedy, accidentally lost the last two numbers, and we moved, so ...... can not be contacted. "

                Bai Yuchun cried out, "I don't want, I don't want anything, I just want mum, mum, please don't go, don't leave me."

                He Menggu showed a loving smile, wanted to raise his hand to silence Bai Yuchun, but found no strength, and finally looked at Bai Dayou, who was escorted in by the police, she slowly closed her eyes.

                The heartbeat detection device next to her instantly emitted a long electronic tone: "Drip~"

                "Mum~!" Bai Yuchun cried her heart out, lying on her back on the hospital bed, tears pouring down her face, for her, even though her mother was a thousand times worse, she was still the mother who raised her.

                Bai Dayou also knelt down in gloom, bowing his head and not speaking.

                As Qin Ming looked on, he could only say soothingly, "Chun Chun, please accept your grief. Auntie He wants you to live well and live happily and freely, she must be watching over you from heaven."

                The next thing, all go through the process, morgue, funeral home, crematorium, Bai Yuchun also do not have money to buy a cemetery in Guangcheng, can only hold the ashes temporarily put.

                As for Bai Dayou, he couldn't get out of jail for a few years, and that was his own doing, equivalent to personally killing his own mother.

                But no matter what, He Menggu said that they were not related by blood, and Bai Dayou had no more reason to pester Bai Yuchun and ask her for money.

                In the past few days, Qin Ming helped out all the way, and Bai Yuchun did not close her eyes for two days. It was heartbreaking to see how kind and decent a girl she was, yet she suffered so much.

                After everything was in order, Qin Ming told Bai Yuchun to take a good rest for a while, and he could handle the part-time job at the library, but Bai Yuchun insisted on going to work, after all, she had promised the library, so she couldn't bail out halfway.

                After all, she had promised to work at the library, so she couldn't run away halfway. Qin Ming didn't argue with her, so he didn't say anything more.

                In fact, Bai Yuchun knew very well that she wanted to stay in a place where she could see Qin Ming. Now that she had suddenly lost all her family members, she was vulnerable and empty inside, and Qin Ming was her only friend.

                The two of them went to work and left work together every day, occasionally telling jokes and news, and they lived a peaceful life.

                Later, she got the news that Cao Lijian's family moved away from Guangcheng, Cao Jingcheng was tried for seven years, but was killed in an accident not long after he was imprisoned, and the Cao family paid money to Bai Yuchun, but Bai Yuchun had a lot of resentment in her heart and did not take it, and would never forgive the Cao family in her life.

                These are all afterthoughts. A month of part-time work soon passed, and Qin Ming's previously bruised hand recovered as before, while Bai Yuchun, because of Qin Ming's enlightenment, gradually came out of the shadow of losing her mother.

                On the last day of work, the two of them received their settled wages and prepared to leave.

                Bai Yuchun took the small part-time salary and, after calculating her plans for a long time, said, "Qin Ming, I, I want to invite you to dinner. May, may I?"

                Qin Ming wondered, "Why don't I treat you, you only earn so much."

                Bai Yuchun shook her head firmly and said, "No, it has to be me treating you. If I let you treat me again, I won't even have the face to see you. But, can I? I still have something very important to say to you."

                Qin Ming responded, "Yes, what is it that you want to tell me?"

Chapter 346

Qin Ming was curious, the two had become colleagues this month and saw each other almost every day.

                Although Qin Ming would still go back to the Greenway district at night and rub Liao Qingxuan's meals, after all, her cooking was too good, although she was a woman who loved to drink, her cooking skills were commendable.

                He was curious, what couldn't he say that he had to buy dinner before he said?

                Bai Yuchun's face smeared with a delicate blush, said: "Invite dinner well, of course I want to repay you. As for what matters ...... this is confidential for now, you should not ask. I, I'll go back and prepare, and I'll tell you when I can."

                Qin Ming did not ask much, after parting Qin Ming was about to leave, the director of the library ran out and said, "Oops, little Qin students, you forgot to take the copies of your documents, it's useless to keep them, you can take them back."

                Qin Ming oh, took the copy of his ID card, curiously looked at Bai Yuchun's birthday, he was surprised, turtle, isn't it today?

                Qin Ming dawned on him and said, "That strange saying to invite me to dinner, so it's her birthday, but will it be too much of a break, it's not easy for her to earn money for a student with no one to depend on."

                Qin Ming thought as he walked, when suddenly a message came from his phone.

                "Qin Ming, I forgot to ask you, do you like Chinese or Western food? Do you like restaurants or family restaurants?"

                Qin Ming thought about it, it was better to not let Bai Yu Chun break the bank so much, it was better to do it yourself, it was so hard to get it cheap.

                He then replied, "I want to have a barbecue by the pool, by the way, isn't our school a swimming pool? We'll get some barbecue tools and ingredients, sneak in and make a meal out of it. I've been wanting to break school rules for a long time, it's so unpleasant to go in during the usual very school hours and charge for it."

                For a long time Bai Yu Chun didn't reply to the message, seemingly baffled by Qin Ming's strange request.

                This is a yacht out to sea? And eating barbecue by the pool, just to break school rules for once? It was too rebellious, right?

                However, no matter how strange Qin Ming's request was, Bai Yu Chun agreed to it, and after a while she messaged back, saying, "Should I bring my swimming costume?"

                Qin Ming puffed out a smile as he responded, "You don't have to."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and said to himself, "Well, make a surprise for you, after all, you have a birthday."

                It was after seven in the evening and it was getting dark.

                Inside the Hua Provincial University of Technology, there were not too many students, Qin Ming and Bai Yuchun gathered outside the school's open-air pool, the two of them carrying two large suitcases and a small car, probing.

                Qin Ming asked, "How much did it cost?"

                Bai Yuchun said, "Not much, just over two hundred."

                Qin Ming said, "It's not cheap either, but it's much better value than eating out at a restaurant."

                Bai Yuchun's pretty face flushed, she knew that Qin Ming was thinking of her and had deliberately not gone to a high-end restaurant to spend money.

                However, she also liked to do things herself and was more than happy to cook food for Qin Ming with her own hands.

                After the pool keeper had finished his shift at the end of the day and closed the door, Qin Ming and Bai Yuchun sneaked around to the other side of the pool, behind the iron mesh fence, where one of the spots had been stripped open and was still covered by some weeds.

                But with a little squeezing, it was still possible to squeeze in.

                Bai Yuchun went in first, wearing a short skirt, and got into the wire fence on her back, with her buttocks up, and Qin Ming just behind her to get a good look at what was actually a blue and white striped bottom, really girlish.

                But her thighs were also delicate enough, long and white, full of the youthful energy of a young girl in her prime.

                After a few more glances, Qin Ming felt his evil fire rise and hurriedly shook off his head to run away from these distracting thoughts.

                The two of them entered the pool very smoothly.

                Bai Yuchun arrived at the pool and said in surprise, "Huh? Why is the pool so clean and filled with water eh?"

                Qin Ming said, "Hell knows, let's make a fire, wow, you bought so much delicious food, chicken wings I love, a big bag of oysters, all cleaned ah."

                Bai Yuchun hurried over and said, "Qin Ming, don't move, I'll do it."

                Qin Ming shook off his arm and said, "What for? My hand is fine, it's fine."

                Bai Yuchun shook her head and said, "No, I'm treating you, how can I let you do it? You're only responsible for eating today, that's fine."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Are you looking down on my grilling skills? To be reasonable, I've done this before too."

                Pa, Bai Yuchun's small hand tapped lightly and pouted with her small mouth, saying, "No, can, can."

                However, after a second of "fierce", she immediately put her hands together and begged, "Please, Qin Ming, let me do it, you can just take care of the food. Tonight you are the master, you can do whatever you want, I am your little maid."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Fine, fine, I'm the grand master. Hey, first get me a long rattan chair, I want to lie by the pool and enjoy the moonlight bath."

                If the comrades in the school found out that the commoner school girl they missed every day was serving him like this, they would probably be very jealous.

                After Bai Yu Chun had made the fire, she asked, "Qin Ming, what do you want to eat first?"

                Qin Ming said, "Let's have oysters, no less crawfish, make a few more chicken wings, hey, and aubergine, and a bottle of beer."

                In a short while, smoke was curling up from the pool, and Qin Ming saw Bai Yuchun was busy there alone, sweating profusely, but more and more food was being set out.

                Qin Ming tasted the oysters, which were very tasty, and couldn't help but praise, "Not bad, not bad."

                Bai Yuchun grinned happily, "It's good that you like it, I was afraid you wouldn't like the food."

                Qin Ming said, "Haha ...... eat some too, it's no fun for me to eat alone."

                Bai Yuchun wiped the sweat who, happy, said, "I have to repay you for this, without you, before so many things, I do not know how to come."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "We are friends, what's the point of talking about repaying or not repaying. Here, have a bite."

                Qin Ming added a piece of oyster to Bai Yuchun's mouth, this feeding gesture made Bai Yuchun's heart thumping, she slightly opened her mouth and took a bite of the oyster, blushing again and lowered her head.

                Qin Ming asked, "What are you doing? Suddenly not talking?"

                "Oooooh ¥#t#%," Bai Yu Chun bit into the oyster in her mouth, oooooh and didn't know what to say, looking at Qin Ming and laughing.

                Eating the barbecue, basking in the moon, juggling the pool water and looking at the beauty, Qin Ming felt quite enjoyable, and he hadn't been this comfortable for a long time.

                Moreover, he saw that Bai Yuchun was in a good mood today, it looked like he had completely come out of the psychological shadow of losing his mother.

                Qin Ming suddenly asked, "Hey, Pure, you said there was something important, what was it? About your father? The phone number with the two missing digits? Have you found it?"

                Bai Yuchun, who was sweating profusely making a barbecue, froze in her movements as she said, "That number, I found it in my mother's belongings."

                Qin Ming asked, "It's just two numbers short, it shouldn't be hard to find. Have you tried dialing the number?"

                Bai Yuchun was silent for a moment and said, "I've dialed them all, it seems ......"