Rags To Riches Chapter 343-344

 Chapter 343

Qin Ming grabbed Song Ying's hand and carefully washed the dirty mud off of it, washing it carefully, not even letting go of the crevices of his fingernails.

                He knew that Song Ying had forgotten to wash her hands because she was in a hurry to return the wallet to him, and this was an urgent feeling that Qin Ming naturally had to cherish, not to chill the heart of his personal secretary.

                The so-called emperor's art, the art of harnessing the subordinates, is naturally to attack the heart as the top.

                Of course, Qin Ming definitely didn't mean to take advantage of the opportunity to mooch off her, he just felt that Song Ying's fingers were so long and her flesh was very soft.

                In fact, Qin Ming had taken it for granted that Song Ying did not find the sludge in the sewers dirty at all.

                She had lived in a training camp on a small island in the Pacific Ocean for over ten years in the past, in which she had carried out various missions all over the globe, and she had seen dirtier and more horrible hells on earth.

                Song Ying thought to herself, she was so trivial, and Qin Ming had personally cleaned her up, wasn't this valuing her?

                She felt sweet in her heart, as if the last time she had worked late into the night at the Cloud Peak villa and fallen asleep crouched on the workbench, Qin Ming would also tenderly carry her back to her room, this was the kind of tenderness that belonged to Qin Ming towards her.

                Song Ying, who had lost her parents since she was a child and had been training at the training camp, suffered every day and had never felt the tenderness and care of anyone, Qin Ming being the first.

                Although this was a very ordinary thing in Qin Ming's eyes, Song Ying's heart, was already so nervous that her body heated up, looking at the side of Qin Ming's face, it felt so handsome that she couldn't do anything to move her eyes away.

                And the strange behavior of the two men also drew a lot of comments from passersby.

                "Eh, look at ...... those two are a couple, right? So sweet, the guy is so serious about washing his girlfriend's hands."

                "Tsk, the female is so pretty, her body is so nice, much prettier than the jitterbug netizens."

                "See, the woman is looking at the man, tsk, true love."

                "Hey, you guys have been hogging the hand-washing tray of the public test for a long time, it's too much. Go away, we have to wash our hands after going to the toilet."

                "Oh, aunty sorry, we'll be leaving soon."

                Qin Ming suddenly heard a complaint from a nearby square dancing aunt, he hurriedly apologized and pulled Song Ying away, he washed up anyway.

                As Song Ying watched on, she couldn't help but notice that Qin Ming would be particularly polite to the general public, completely devoid of the stature of the world's richest big boss.

                Qin Ming finally wiped the sludge off Song Ying's cheeks with soaking wet hand towels, restoring her beautiful face.

                When facing Qin Ming, Song Ying would be much gentler and show the shyness of a small woman, no, her face was flushed and she couldn't help but have a snickering curve on the corner of her mouth.

                Song Ying asked expectantly, "Young master, when are you coming back? Are you still angry about Elder Chang? Chang Lao's side also has his difficulties, many people are against you inheriting the group, Young Master, and he has to give some conditions to get more support."

                Qin Ming said, "I have my principles, I like money. But I will not be a slave to money. When I was at my poorest, I survived on steamed buns with boiling water every day, what am I afraid of? If my godfather forces me to do what he wants and take control of my life, he is touching my bottom line, this life of mine belongs to me, no one can say anything about my life."

                Song Ying listened, unable to understand.

                Because she had been controlled, trained, tasked and assigned work since she was a child, she had long since been trained to be a killing machine that followed its master's orders and did not understand what it meant to be autonomous.

                But she did not want Qin Ming to leave the group, because she was the one assigned to Qin Ming, and if Qin Ming was gone, she was gone, and for her, that would be the end of the line.

                Song Ying asked worriedly, "Is the young master really going to leave us behind? It's true that we didn't do what happened to the Nie family, it was Nie Jianmin who was too adventurous with his investments and also met with an accident, which led to his bankruptcy."

                Qin Ming's heart softened again when he saw Song Ying's aggrieved and pitiful look, with nothing to do.

                Qin Ming found that he was also a typical person who ate soft but not hard.

                He scratched his head and said, "Alright, I won't return for now, this is a battle between me and my righteous father, you don't understand. But I won't go, I promise."

                Since this great fortune in the sky had fallen into Qin Ming's lap, Qin Ming was certainly not a fool and naturally did not want to throw it away, and he was also very clear that he could no longer pull out of it and had to go on.

                When Song Ying heard that Qin Ming would not leave, she smiled happily, she could be described as smiling like a flower, very nice, she clenched her fist in excitement and said, "Then I will definitely take care of the business in China before the young master returns."

                Qin Ming nodded and asked, "Is there still enough manpower? How are Qi Minghui and Ah Long doing?"

                Song Ying said, "Young master has an eye for talent, Qi Minghui is quite capable and has done a good job with all the business. Ah Long has also retrained the armed forces within China so far, and his level has improved quite a bit, as expected of a special forces officer from China."

                Qin Ming nodded, all was well on the group's side and he was relieved.

                Qin Ming's side came out to confirm that it was Song Ying who helped him get his wallet back and was in a particularly good mood, after all, a stunning beauty like Song Ying, who fought so hard for his wallet and also said 'I am your man', those who said they didn't feel anything were monks, right?

                Qin Ming went back to check on He Menggu's condition and did not let Song Ying follow him.

                Song Ying watched Qin Ming go back, then she took out her mobile phone, dialled a number and said: "Tomorrow I want to see news of Cao Lijian's whole family disappearing in Guangcheng. When Cao Jingcheng is in prison, send someone to deal with him properly in and find a reason for him to die in prison."

                The other end of the phone hesitantly asked, "Will this cause discontent in the Cao family? On this side of Guangzhou City, Team Leader Hou has quite a lot of business with the Cao family, and Cao Zhengmin and Cao Lijian are cousins, so they might be unhappy."

                Song Ying grunted coldly and said, "Then inform Cao Zhengmin, if their Cao family has any opinion or resistance, I will make their Cao family's original family disappear together, I do things to cut down the grass and never leave any potential threat behind."

                The person on the other end of the phone shuddered at the sound of it, and then responded, "Yes, Secretary Song, I'll get right on it."

                Song Ying hung up the phone and said coldly, "Don't blame me for being ruthless, if you don't assassinate the young master, you will still have a life to live, but ......"

                Qin Ming went back to the hospital, He Menggu was considered to have walked through the ghost gate again, although she survived, but her spirit was much worse.

                Bai Yuchun came out of the ward with a sad face, Qin Ming looked at it and didn't know how to comfort her, her days were too hard.

                Qin Ming said, "I know some friends who know the law, you can fight the Cao family in a lawsuit, if you win you will get the compensation."

                Bai Yuchun said sadly, "It doesn't matter at all whether it's money or not. My mother has suffered all her life, she has suffered all her life, and it was so easy to get your help and have a few days of good life, but, but ...... she suffers again."

                Qin Ming secretly shook his head, He Menggu's rebellious personality, suffering is a certainty, how can someone who can be bullied by anyone get a foothold in this society?

                She could only rely on her man, and it so happened that her man had run away.

                Qin Ming did not want Bai Yuchun to follow in her mother's footsteps and encouraged her, "You have to be strong. Don't think about yourself, don't always think about forbearance, forbearance is for those who care about you, not for those who bring you pain."

                Bai Yuchun looked at Qin Ming with seeming understanding, she felt that Qin Ming had a point, since she was a child she had always endured, she had always endured whoever bullied her, her mother had taught her to be patient and to run away. Only Qin Ming was the first one to teach her to resist.

                Bai Yuchun wiped her tears, gave a strong smile and said, "Well, I will, thank you Qin Ming. I really don't dare to imagine what I would have done without your help."

                Qin Ming stroked Bai Yuchun's full head of hair and said, "Haha, life has to go on, just be optimistic and smile more."

                Suddenly, the nurse in the ward came out and shouted, "Oh my, why has the patient disappeared, the one in bed 6, called He Menggu, why has she suddenly disappeared?"

                One of the patients in the same ward said, "She seems to have taken the lift to the roof."

Chapter 344

Up on the roof?

                This was not a good sign, Bai Yu Chun and Qin Ming were chatting at the front door of the ward, how could He Menggu have gone out the back door and gone up to the roof?

                When they reached the roof, they saw that He Menggu was already standing on the edge of the hospital's roof wall, and was about to fall from the hospital's twenty-storey high building.

                "Mum!" Bai Yuchun was so shocked and scared that she sat down on the ground with her legs weak, and shouted out loud, "Mom, don't do anything stupid."

                He Menggu held on to the railing with one hand, stretched out one foot outside, and said breathlessly, "Don't you come over, pure ...... mother begged you, don't come over."

                If it wasn't quiet enough on the roof, Qin Ming wouldn't have been able to hear her weak speaking voice yet.

                With a sobbing voice, Bai Yuchun cried out, "Mom, what are you doing? Will you come down and talk?"

                Qin Ming was actually a bit puzzled, this He Menggu had easily recovered her life and had just woken up, why did she want to jump off the building?

                Could it be that she was desperate because she thought her son had poisoned her?

                In fact, Qin Ming thinks that the family is in this state because of He Menggu, who has spoiled her son too much and raised a social baby, but has taught Bai Yuchun by example to be tolerant and submissive.

                Bai Dayou only kept asking for more and more, while Bai Yuchun kept giving, she failed as a mother.

                Still, Qin Ming called the police and did his best.

                Soon the fire arrived and also blew up an inflatable tent below, while He Menggu made such a fuss, the hospital was full of people downstairs, although it was not uncommon for people to jump from a hospital, it was very common, and passers-by were talking about it.

                And many people came here on the rooftop too, the hospital director, the security team, the attending doctor and so on.

                "Come down, Auntie He, we have a comprehensive plan for your problem at the hospital and have applied for a relief fund for you, it won't cost much."

                "Auntie He, what is your complaint? Can you come down and talk."

                "Mum, please come down." Bai Yuchun wanted to go over, but was afraid of irritating He Menggu and did not dare to go over.

                He Menggu just shook her head and said, "I'm not coming down, let my son come and talk to me, let Dayou come over."

                Qin Ming listened and sighed, what is this for? You only have that unfilial son in your eyes and don't want your daughter?

                After about ten minutes, in order to stabilize He Menggu's emotions, the police quickly brought Bai Dayou and his wife from the detention center over.

                At first, Bai Dayou didn't know why he had come back to the hospital, but when he saw his mother halfway out of the fence, he didn't want to live anymore, did he?

                "Mom, come down." Bai Dayou said pitifully, "I know you're angry with me and hate me. But I didn't expect the medicine Cao Shao gave me to be poison, I just wanted to help him put on a show and earn some money. I was cheated, it's all that young Cao's fault... Mom, come over and hit me."

                When He Menggu saw Bai Dayou coming over, she cried in outright anger, and the weakness of her, swaying against the wall on the roof of the building, made her look very dangerous.

                With a body like He Menggu's, even if there was an air cushion below, falling down would probably be fatal.

                Qin Ming and the others could only hope that the fire fighters who had already entered the top floor would be able to climb up from the window and push He Menggu back unnoticed.

                He Menggu cried for a while and said, "Pure, I'm sorry for you. For so many years, you have followed your mother and suffered nothing but hardship, you were bullied and mother could not stand up for you, mother has always blamed herself."

                Bai Yuchun cried and said, "Mom, it's all in the past, am I not fine? I don't care, Ma, please come down."

                Still shaking her head, He Menggu said, "After this incident, Ma knows that she can't let you continue to suffer, and the root cause of your suffering is me being an incompetent mother."

                "In fact, Mum has been hiding a secret. Mum doesn't know whether she should tell you or not."

                Once they heard there was a secret, the group all pricked up their ears, this was a surprise, how could such an ordinary family have a secret? Could it be that Bai Yuchun was a foundling?

                Indeed, Qin Ming had suspected it at first, Bai Yuchun was too beautiful, her complexion was also on the white side, her body was tall, her front and back were curvy, the genes were too damn powerful.

                On the other hand, He Menggu was a thin village girl, perhaps the years had worn away her past beauty, but she didn't look like a beauty in any way.

                But then look at Bai Dayou, the appearance and body deviation is too big, especially Bai Dayou beer belly is too obvious, daily too lazy, beard is not trimmed, to say is Bai Yuchun brother, how to look how not.

                Later, Qin Ming thought it was Bai Yuchun's father, whose genes were too strong, and he was probably a beautiful man.

                Sure enough, as soon as He Menggu opened her mouth, she said, "Pure, you're actually not my own."

                It was quiet, the atmosphere here on the rooftop became unusually quiet, this kind of thing actually caught up with them, the doctors felt like they were watching a show, although they had seen a lot of all kinds of strange things from patients' families.

                He Menggu continued, "More than twenty years ago, I married Dayou's father, who was a lousy gambler who knew nothing but to gamble every day and didn't care about our mother and brother. Your brother and I also suffered from debt collection day and night, hiding in the east. Until later, by an accident, your father, Bai Jingting, appeared in front of me carrying the newborn you in his arms."

                "Mr. Bai was handsome and well-mannered, but he was wounded and seemed to be being hunted by his enemies. I took him back home to settle down and help him hide from his enemies, and I was hiding from my creditors."

                "Mr Bai paid off the debt for our family with all the money he had, and I finally had a period of peace. And Mr Bai also posed as Dayou's father in front of people on a daily basis. It just so happened that both of them had the surname Bai, which was well hidden from the village, and friends and relatives misunderstood that Mr Bai was my husband who was nowhere to be found."

                "Although Mr Bai and I were a fake couple, those two years or so were the happiest and most restful days of my life. It would be nice if everything could continue."

                The crowd's hearts thumped, although they had guessed the outcome, they would always be worried when He Menggu said it herself.

                He Menggu said sadly, "But Mr. Bai's enemies still found him, he couldn't let you follow him and risk your life, so he entrusted you to me, and he was left alone to distract his enemies for so many years."

                Bai Yuchun was dumbfounded that she was not He Menggu's daughter, her father was right, but her own mother was unknown.

                Bai Dayou, also dumbfounded and at the same time not surprised, muttered, "I just said, how come my old sister looks so good, unless there's a genetic mutation, it turns out she's someone else's child."

                "You shut up!" Seeing her heartless son, He Menggu shed a line of old tears and cried, "I hate it, why don't you ever grow up?"

                "After all these years, I've left you the best of everything, and you just don't grow up. Just like your father who is nowhere to be found, you are good at everything, eating, drinking, gambling and smoking."

                Bai Dayou retorted glumly, "Mom, I didn't go whoring."

                "You shut up, all these years ...... ahem, how much trouble have you caused your sister?"

                "I put up with you and let you ...... be I was too biased, because you were my own flesh and blood, so I was always biased, always expecting you to grow up and understand things, but I know that I was wrong."

                "People say that when you raise a child a hundred years old, you have to worry for ninety-nine years. Dayou, in the days to come, with mum gone, you will have to rely on yourself, there will be no one else to wipe your ass for the things you have committed."

                He Menggu trembled with excitement and patted the wall, her frail body shaking as the crowd watched with trepidation.

                He Menggu choked up and said, "Pure, you are also my daughter, mum can't drag you down anymore, I hope you can forgive mum for the mistakes she made in the past. Qin Ming, Auntie He knows she is asking too much, but please, please help our family Pure. Auntie He will always wish you well."

                After saying that, He Menggu didn't even turn her head back and jumped straight up.