Rags To Riches Chapter 341-342

 Chapter 341

"Dad, help me." Cao Jingcheng was pinned down by the two police officers, crying out one after another.

                He was at least a university student and knew very well how heavy the sentence he would face once he was found guilty of what he had done. Although the Cao family was a wealthy and powerful businessman in Guang City, they had many enemies.

                Would Cao Zhengmin go around and owe people favours for the sake of his son, who was a cousin of a side branch? Not really.

                Cao Lijian looked at Qin Ming and threatened, "Do you believe it or not, one phone call from me will have you and your little girlfriend floating in the mouth of the Pearl River tomorrow."

                Qin Ming said, "Fight, you can fight."

                When Bai Yuchun heard the name "little girlfriend", her heart pounded inexplicably. Although she hated Cao Lijian's threat, she was happy to be misunderstood as Qin Ming's girlfriend, even if she didn't hate his misunderstanding.

                Cao Lijian was very annoyed when he saw that Qin Ming was not afraid at all. Although he was not very famous and not very capable in this city of Guangzhou, who did not give his cousin Cao Zhengmin some respect?

                This made Cao Lijian's previous threats useless, and he couldn't understand if the university students nowadays had a hole in their brains, for you, a foreign student, dared to go against the rich local families? Have you lost your wits?

                Cao Lijian cursed angrily, "You poor down-to-earth bumpkin, you wait for me."

                He immediately took out his phone and dialed a number, then walked aside and said in a low voice, "Hey, Boss Nian, help me clean up a guy, his name is Qin Ming, he's from the China Provincial University of Technology ...... Hello? Hello? Boss Nian? Why did you hang up?"

                Cao Lijian was bewildered, Nian Lao Liu in the east of the city was his long time business partner, although he was often cheated by Nian Lao Liu in the name of investment, but the relationship was still good, why did he ignore him as soon as something happened?

                Cao Lijian immediately called his cousin Cao Zhengmin and said, "Hello, cousin, it's me. Something has happened to me, Ah Cheng has been set up by someone, a man called Qin Ming. What? No, can't move? Hurry up and apologise? How is that possible?"

                Cao Lijian was forced to hang up the phone, as his backer, Cao Zhengmin, the head of the Cao family, could do nothing about it.

                His whole aura shrivelled up and he was a different person.

                Cao Lijian then took the three strokes of gold, coming up with the appearance that he was from the old and powerful Cao family, and that people would generally be cowed if they knew about the Cao family; then he called out to his friends and backers, forcibly relying on his power to run over the other party; and finally, if he really couldn't, then he took money to smash people, and if the other party didn't move, then you didn't smash enough money.

                But he was not willing to apologise to a poor boy from a mountain nook, he couldn't not save his own son.

                So he put his cousin Cao Zhengmin's words behind him.

                He walked up to Qin Ming, pulled a face and said in a low voice: "Kid, you are from the same school as my son and are considered an alumnus. You have to give the school face, and you are still young, young people are prone to make mistakes, so I'll give you a chance as an elder. Three million, how about you give it back?"

                Qin Ming laughed and exclaimed, saying, "Sister Chang Xi, this boss Cao wants to pay a bribe, saying that he will give me three million to change my confession."

                "Eh, you!" Cao Lijian was anxious, wasn't his little scheme being told by Qin Ming in public making him lose face?

                "Shhh!" The surrounding onlookers cheered backwards, thinking that Cao Lijian was really classless.

                "Good job, young man, you can't let the capitalists break your back."

                "Young man, we support you."

                "Young man handsome handsome."

                Sun Changxi immediately came forward and pulled the two apart, warning, "Boss Cao, please watch your words."

                Qin Ming also shook his phone and said, "You and your son, your threats and bribery words and actions against me, I recorded them oh."

                "You!" Cao Lijian was greatly annoyed, and looking at Qin Ming's arrogant face, he was so angry that his teeth itched.

                The police were his soldiers, the people's supervision were his generals, the hospital's cameras, his mobile phone were his weapons, as long as he took the initiative, in this society of rule of law, it did not take much violence to deal with a person.

                When they saw that they could not negotiate, Mr. and Mrs. Cao Lijian were completely furious, they only had one son, and if they were dragged to jail, they would be ruined.

                Cao Lijian shouted, "Qin Ming, remember, if anything happens to my son, I will bury you with me."

                Mrs. Cao hissed like a shrew, "Our Cao family is not to be messed with, we have money, a lot of money, and we can buy his life in a matter of minutes."

                The people around were in an uproar, these rich people were so arrogant, they had no regard for the law, to say such things in public, did they really think they were the King of Heaven? If it wasn't for the civilian police separating them, the common people would have stormed out.

                "Boss Cao ......" coldly, a majestic and sophisticated voice came.

                The crowd was forcibly pushed apart by a few bodyguards, and Hou Qing, the head of the team in charge of the Guangcheng industry of the Huan Yu Century Group, emerged from the crowd.

                Hou Qing's aura was still very strong, after all, he had been in a high position for a long time, as soon as he appeared, the scene was immediately quiet.

                Hou Qing did not walk over, but to stood at the edge of the crowd and said, "Do you also want to follow the example of Wang Youcai and Zhang Jundong?"

                With a thud, Cao Lijian's heart seemed to be seized by an invisible claw, his life resting on a single word.

                He knew these two people!

                In the past, he had had tea and meals with Wang Youcai and Zhang Jundong, called them brothers, but in the last month, they had both offended someone, and one had been killed by his own son, and the other had been sentenced to sixty years in prison.

                Could it be that this Mr. Hou in front of him had done it?

                Hou Qing, relying on the help of the Huan Yu Century Group, had been operating in Guang City for many years, and his influence in the shopping malls, officialdom and the military arena was even greater than that of the Cao family; he, Cao Lijian, was not even worthy to mention Hou Qing's shoes.

                Cao Lijian hurriedly trotted over and said with a nod and a bow, "Mr. Hou, no, I wouldn't dare. I don't know what I have done to offend Mr. Hou, I am stupid, please let me know."

                Hou Qing pointed at Qin Ming and Bai Yuchun in front of him and said, "You have offended the moral bottom line of the common people, you have offended justice! What your son did, I've inquired clearly, abetting people to poison themselves just to pick up girls, such a dude's behaviour, and you want to cover it up? There are some people you can't afford to offend in your life."

                Saying that, Hou Qing pulled Cao Lijian's collar and moved to his ear, whispering, "If Mr. Qin refuses to forgive you, your whole family will disappear from Zhonghai City tonight, and your son doesn't need to go to jail, just go to the funeral home to get his ashes. Not to mention Cao Zhengmin, your grandfather Cao Tianqiao can't protect you either. Get lost."

                After saying that, Hou Qing pushed hard, overthrowing the stunned Cao Lijian to the ground, his whole body was dumbfounded, sitting on the ground, he couldn't figure it out.

                He couldn't figure it out. What was the deal with that Qin Ming? Why was he, why was everyone protecting him?

                Cao Lijian was wrong, everyone was relying on Qin Ming's protection. If Qin Ming were to "kneel down", it would be difficult to say who the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group would be, and then all the people in charge of the industries in this part of China who had already shown their loyalty would eventually be liquidated.

                Hou Qing finished his speech and left, but his warning made Cao Lijian's soul rise. He thought again about the warning he had just received from Boss Nian and his cousin Cao Zhengmin, and seemed to have figured out something.

                He tried to stand up, but after several attempts, he found that his legs were too weak to stand up.

                He couldn't stand up, so he crawled over to Qin Ming like a dog and hugged his leg tremblingly, begging, "Mr. Qin, please spare my life. We are just small businessmen who are foxes and dogs, you, you give us a way out."

                The crowd around them was dumbfounded, weren't they just being arrogant and domineering?

                How come they suddenly took a sharp turn for the worse?

                Cao Jingcheng saw his own dad, who had become such a coward, kneeling down and begging Qin Ming, simply subverted his three views and dignity and disgraced him.

                He suddenly shouted, broke away from the civilian police, grabbed a stainless steel fork on the ground and rushed over, "Qin Ming, I'll fight you."

Chapter 342

After hearing Hou Qing's warning, Cao Lijian was scared out of his wits, some people really had the ability to make his whole family disappear overnight in Guangcheng.

                He finally realised that Qin Ming's identity was not that simple, he was afraid that it was very special, but he was very low-profile, and he just bumped into him, wasn't that looking for death?

                Cao Lijian was scared out of his wits. Having lost his backer, he knew very well that he was nothing at all. He crawled to Qin Ming's feet and begged, "Mr. Qin, spare my life. I have no eyes, I don't know Mr. Qin, and I have offended you. I am willing to compensate Mr. Qin, and only beg Mr. Qin to spare us."

                Seeing this scene, the surrounding crowd was surprised.

                "This guy, why has he suddenly gone soft? Hahaha, his legs are weak and he can't stand up."

                "It's not that I hate the rich, this kind of rich people, when they are rich they don't do good, they work for the tigers and cause trouble to the common people, they deserve to be defeated."

                "That man who just came, he's a big shot."

                "Film it, film it."

                The crowd's emotional excitement, Cao Lijian's kneeling and conceding, everything was reversed too quickly, Qin Ming was invincible from start to finish, a poor kid who couldn't afford it, who was he?

                Cao Jingcheng looked at his hands handcuffed, he was about to be taken prisoner, his glory and fortune went with him, his parents could not protect him.

                And the woman he longed for became Qin Ming's, and everything irritated his poor dignity and self-respect.

                On what basis?

                He, Qin Ming, would be able to reap fame and fortune and sit back and enjoy the beauty, why?

                Cao Jingcheng had to live behind bars? He was not convinced!

                Suddenly, Cao Jingcheng pushed the two policemen out of the way, and he picked up a steel fork on the ground, which had been thrown in by the emotionally charged crowd earlier.

                He grabbed the steel fork and lunged towards Qin Ming, saying, "Qin Ming, I will fight with you."

                Cao Lijian shouted, "Son don't, we can't afford to mess with you."

                But Cao Jingcheng was already mad, he was jealous, he could not accept his defeat, he could not go to jail unless he had someone to take his back.

                The incident happened suddenly, but Qin Ming also reacted, he first backed up, but coincidentally his feet slipped, the crowd had just thrown too many miscellaneous things in, the corridor was a mess, Qin Ming's shoes were too old, his feet were worn to the point of no rubber, so it was easy to slip.

                Qin Ming stumbled and failed to stand, but it was too late, Cao Jingcheng's steel fork had already reached his chest, and Bai Yuchun dodged to block Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming exclaimed, "Pure, don't!"

                But Bai Yuchun didn't dodge, she didn't know how she physically lunged in front of Qin Ming, she didn't want Qin Ming to get hurt, she couldn't do anything for Qin Ming, so let's block the damage for him for once.

                Suddenly, in the gap behind the crowd, a scalpel suddenly flew out with a swoosh, and plunged into Cao Jingcheng's wrist, forcing him to stop moving, his wrist wound splitting open and blood flowing: "Ah ......"

                Cao Jingcheng grabbed his injured hand and shook incessantly, while the momentarily careless police immediately pounced on him again and pinned him to the ground.

                Sun Changxi looked over to the crowd in surprise, curious as to who had flung the flying knife, horrible as it was, what if the target was crooked? So the person who threw the knife must have been very confident, and I'm afraid that anyone who can practise this skill is not a simple person.

                But she couldn't find it anyhow, so she said, "All right, hurry up and take the man back to the police station."

                Qin Ming is also a moment of shock, just slipped, if not for the accident, he is not afraid, but the accident is inadvertent, although he was blocked by Bai Yuchun, but Bai Yuchun to be injured he can not afford, he was finally saved by the group's bodyguards.

                "Pure, it's alright." Qin Ming patted Bai Yuchun who was crouching on his chest, this silly girl grabbed him to death and blocked him, this piece of courage, deserves recognition.

                Bai Yuchun slowly lifted her head, and again pulled her jacket hanging over her head with restraint, lest anyone should see her.

                Her heart was like a deer in the headlights, and for the first time, she leaned on Qin Ming, listening to the beating of his heart. She felt that Qin Ming's chest was strong and secure, making her heart feel so peaceful that she wanted to keep leaning on it.

                But Qin Ming pushed her away and asked, "Not scared, are you?"

                "Huh? Um, oh ...... I, I'm fine." Bai Yuchun was pushed away, blushing and a little disappointed, and said in a hurry, "I, I don't know, suddenly my body was out of control, and my mind was thinking that I couldn't let you get hurt."

                Qin Ming smiled, quite touched, he hadn't helped the wrong person.

                At this time the icu door opened, the doctor saw that the outside was still a mess, very angry, said: "Please hurry up and disperse, clean up, everyone cooperate with the police work, do not block the corridor, later to have other patients over, what can be done? Is the family of ...... He Menggu here? People woke up, now transfer to the inpatient department."

                As soon as Bai Yuchun heard that her mother had woken up, she immediately followed.

                She glanced at her elder brother Bai Dayou, who was handcuffed and was too weak to meet her eyes.

                He was about to follow him when he saw a familiar figure flash through the crowd.

                He was about to follow them when he saw a familiar figure flashing through the crowd. He wondered if it was the man who had helped him with the purse and the scalpel that had just injured Cao Jingcheng.

                He immediately pushed through the crowd and followed him all the way out, all the way to the outside of the hospital.

                When Qin Ming saw a woman in a white dress, he shouted, "Stop right there."

                The people outside the hospital were startled and looked at Qin Ming strangely, thinking, "What has this man done? What are you yelling at your mother for?

                But Qin Ming's eyes fell on the tall, long-haired woman, who did not stop and continued to run.

                Qin Ming quickly gave a push, like a small cheetah, and chased after her, pulling her from behind.

                At this moment, Song Ying was covered in filth, her face, hair, hands, white flutter lace patterned clothes, all stained with black mud and dirt, wasn't it exactly the same dirty mud from the sewers and ditches as Qin Ming's wallet?

                Qin Ming understood, his wallet was retrieved by Song Ying, why else would she be so dirty?

                Song Ying was stopped by Qin Ming, her eyes were a little panicked, but she quickly calmed down again and said, "It was found by the young master."

                Qin Ming was heartbroken for a moment, what a delicate woman, to dig out the sewers for his wallet?

                How did she manage to do that? This could also be recovered, it was too divine.

                He wiped the dirty sludge from Song Ying's face, and no amount of dirty mud could hide her clear and stunningly beautiful face, her skin was full of collagen, so delicate that it wrung out water.

                Qin Ming asked, "Why are you doing this, Feng Dongxiang is one of the four elders of the group and should be your boss, aren't you going against him?"

                Song Ying shook her head and said, "I am your man, Young Master, I have the responsibility to retrieve Young Master's wallet when it is lost. Young master, please come back, I can't live without you."

                The words "I am your man" struck Qin Ming dumb.

                No matter how resentful Qin Ming was, when he heard Song Ying's words, his heart and mind were in turmoil and his mind could not contain itself, it was too useful.

                Qin Ming managed to calm down, he looked around and suddenly took Song Ying's hand and said, "You come with me.