Rags To Riches Chapter 339-340

 Chapter 339

Qin Ming came up with a smile and looked at the badge on Sun Changxi's shoulder and said, "Sister Changxi, it's me again, congratulations on your promotion."

                The person who came was none other than Sun Changxi, the beautiful police girl who had gotten to know Qin Ming well before, she had been promoted to the rank of First Captain because of the several times Qin Ming had provided her with evidence of the suspect.

                Sun Changxi asked, "Who did you say stole the drugs?"

                Qin Ming pointed to Cao Jingcheng and Bai Dayou couple and said, "It should be the three of them. The doctor said that the patient had aconite poisoning, and in general, people are rarely exposed to aconite, and there is nothing wrong with the patient's daily diet."

                As soon as they saw the police coming, Bai Dayou and his wife were bloodless with fear, he did not expect Qin Ming to be so perceptive and spot the clues straight away.

                Bai Yuchun still looked surprised and said, "My brother, how could he have poisoned my mother? Didn't he take all the money away?"

                Qin Ming said, "Because it's still profitable, this is supposed to be abetted by Cao Jingcheng, Bai Dayou and his wife didn't even care about their old mother's life for the sake of money, the money from He Menggu's operation before, and the medical fees that her sister borrowed from loan sharks to raise, they all rolled away and took it to gambling."


                The people around them were filled with righteous indignation when they heard Qin Ming's story.

                "Is this still a human being?"

                "Bastards, worse than pigs and dogs."

                "For gambling money, he even rolled away his own mother's money for medical treatment."

                "This little girl is so pitiful."

                Bai Dayou was scared out of his wits because he was really weak-minded, and it was indeed him who had cast the poison.

                Because Cao Jingcheng said those weren't any poisons, just drugs to make people appear briefly unconscious, and he couldn't name anything, he just heard Cao Jingcheng say that if things went well and he was allowed to pick up Bai Yuchun, he would give them 100,000 yuan.

                So Bai Dayou had been very calm, thinking that his old mother would not be in danger of dying.

                But when the doctor said that He Menggu had food poisoning, he was vain, but at least it was salvaged.

                But now that Qin Ming had guessed it all, could he not feel weak? This is a lawsuit. Is Qin Ming a detective? How could he be so powerful?

                On the other side, Mrs Cao saw that her son, Cao Jingcheng, was also sweating. How could he be so stupid? He couldn't even pick up a girl, and he even used such dirty tricks.

                Sun Changxi looked at these people and asked, "Qin Ming, what evidence do you have? The police won't arrest people just because of your analysis, everything is about evidence."

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, just now I contacted my brother, the water cup that He Menggu drank from is still in the living room of the community house, I asked my brother to keep it, there should still be aconite poison in it, just take it to the laboratory. I asked my brother to keep it, there should still be aconite poison in it, just take it for testing. At that time, only He Menggu and Bai Dayou and his wife were there, they have to give an explanation anyhow."

                What explanation could there be? Bai Dayou subconsciously put his hand over his trouser pocket, remembering that he had forgotten to throw away the bag containing the aconite.

                When Qin Ming saw Bai Dayou's weak move, his mind turned quickly and he was quick to grab his wrist and pull it in.

                "Hey, Qin Ming what are you doing?" Bai Dayou panicked and immediately reached out to Qin Ming.

                There was a snap, but it was blocked by Sun Changxi on the side, who blocked Bai Dayou's fist for Qin Ming, who also fished out a plastic bag that still had some powder in it.

                Qin Ming said, "This can be taken for a lab test. No, take it to make water and let Bai Dayou take a sip himself, if he dares to drink it, it's fine, if he doesn't dare to drink it, ......"

                Bai Dayou was fearful and trembling, his face was pale and he shook his head frantically, "No, I won't drink it. It was, it was Cao Jingcheng who gave it to me, he told me to make it, said it wouldn't kill anyone, it would just pass out."

                Cao Jingcheng's whole body was dumbfounded, this brainless punk, he was so scared that he was shaking things out in public, wasn't this dragging him down with him?

                Who told you to put a small half packet, you wouldn't have been poisoned so deeply if you put a tiny bit of nail chips!

                The ICU door was abuzz with excitement as things turned upside down and it turned out to be a poisoning case!

                The case was a poisoning case in which the suitor's entire family was set up after a failed courtship.

                "I, I wasn't involved!" Sister-in-law Bai saw that the wind was not right and immediately raised her hand to deny it, "I was just a bystander the whole time, I didn't participate in any of the actions, Qin Ming, I just mocked you a few times and abused you a few times, I am not an accomplice, don't slander me."

                Qin Ming rebuked coldly and angrily, saying, "What are you if not an accomplice? You encouraged Bai Dayou to throw poison and claim the life of the family's mother-in-law."


                From the crowd of onlookers, a plastic bag containing cold soup was thrown over, hitting Bai Dayou in the face and pouring soup all over her face.

                "Scum of the earth! Sentence, this kind of scum who betrayed their loved ones and poisoned their old mother for money should be shot."

                "Yes, shot, it's so infuriating, is this still a son?"

                "People's hearts are not ancient, the world is getting worse."

                "Beat them to death, beat them to death."

                The crowd of onlookers threw all sorts of miscellaneous things over, smelly shoes, takeaways, blood packets, rice, and for a while there was chaos here in the corridor.

                Mrs. Cao and her son Cao Jingcheng were not spared, they were thrown by a boiling hot soup, scalding the two of them, their skin Ebil scalded bright red, cursing and jumping, but the crowd was in an emotional state, not afraid of her at all, what a demon woman, shameless, scum, all kinds of curses were spewed out.

                Cao Jingcheng defied the handsome and handsome face, woefully out of shape.

                Mrs. Cao was even worse, her make-up was all blown up, and when she tried to call someone for help, her mobile phone was knocked to the ground.

                In the end it was the police who kept order and calmed the crowd down.

                At that moment, the door to the icu ward opened again and the doctor from earlier came out again. Seeing the mess here in the corridor, even the police were coming, he was confused and said, "What's going on? Stop messing around here, why haven't you paid your bills? Go and pay the bill. The medicine has been given, but there is still quite a bit to be used later on, all of them are imported ......"

                The latter words, although the doctor did not explicitly say, but also very obvious, so expensive drugs you have to not pay, the hospital lost a lot of money, he is responsible for.

                "Hahahaha ......" the wretched Cao Jingcheng suddenly laughed out loud, "No need to treat them, they don't have money, this family of bastards is poor, they don't have any money at all. I could have paid for it, but there's no need now."

                Mrs. Cao shouted like a madwoman, "It's better to die, how dare you, you poor? You poor people? How can you do that? What are you doing? The end of the world is not a place to be. What are you doing? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

                Bai Dayou said unrepentantly, "Qin Ming, look at it now, my mother is hopeless, are you happy? You don't have any money and you have to make so much trouble."

                Bai Yuchun was also anxious and said, "What about Qin Ming? My mum, my mum is really ......"

                Cao Jingcheng scoffed like a madman, "What about it? Qin Ming, you beg me, you beg me, and I will lend you two hundred thousand to save people. But I do have conditions."

                Qin Ming was also in two minds, all eyes fell on him, as if he was the only one who could have the solution.

                He hurriedly called Zhang Xiaoyan to borrow some money from her.

                Suddenly, a cleaning aunt came over, holding up a dirty wallet and said, "That, who is called Qin Ming, someone asked me to return his wallet."

                The crowd was stunned, a wallet? Qin Ming's?

                Qin Ming looked in surprise at the cleaning aunt who walked in, holding a dirty, black water sludge covered wallet, opened the compartment inside and turned out an ID card, wasn't it Qin Ming's?

                Qin Ming took the wallet, the corner of his mouth lifted and said, "Who said we don't have any money?"

Chapter 340

Qin Ming looked at this cleaning aunt in amazement, she was holding a dirty, black water sludge filled wallet, it was his wallet, the money inside was soaked through and emitting a foul smell from the ditch.

                The cleaning aunt said, "A man just asked me to bring it to you, it's yours, right?"

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Thank you auntie."

                Qin Ming took the wallet, never expecting that the wallet he had dropped into the sewer would come back, and the cards were all still there, so now he had money.

                However, he had no time to care who had recovered the wallet.

                Cao Jingcheng said, "Qin Ming, how much money do you have in your wallet? Do you have two hundred thousand? If not, I can lend it to you."

                As he said this, he approached Qin Ming. At this moment, Cao Jingcheng's face was swollen, the back of his hand was sprained, and he was in a terrible mess with all kinds of soup on his body, burning his skin red, but he couldn't care less about that.

                Bai Dayou, that fool, did not withstand the scare and gave up all their plans. What was a seamless plan had become full of holes, but he was facing criminal charges, he was going to be finished.

                He approached Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, I'll pay for Bai Yuchun's mother's medical expenses, 200,000, no, how about a total of 300,000 for the later nutrition? The person is not rescued? I'll give another half a million in, how about you round this up for me and blame it all on Bai Dayou, you testify for me?"

                Sun Changxi frowned and asked, "What are you two muttering about? Cao Jingcheng, don't even think about threatening Qin Ming."

                Mrs. Cao was equally wretched, but she had to find a way to get her son off first, and she immediately shouted, "Ouch, officer, I've flashed my back, come and help me."

                Qin Ming looked at the way these two mothers and sons were behaving, how dare they not have the courage to take responsibility for what they had done.

                He shook his head and said, "Cao Jingcheng, it's better for you to admit your mistake in court and seek leniency."

                Cao Jingcheng anxiously lowered his voice and shouted, "I can't go to jail, a little bit of my aconite won't hurt at all, it's that fool Bai Dayou who put too much in, I told him a thousand times to put a tiny bit in, a little bit of nail chips would be fine, he's not in his right mind, he can't blame me."

                Qin Ming was disgusted to hear that he had taught someone to poison and set up Bai Yuchun, almost getting him killed, but he had no remorse.

                When Cao Jingcheng saw that Qin Ming refused to nod, he said, "How about one million dollars? Qin Ming is not that I despise you, you may not earn one million in your lifetime, one million is enough for you to build a villa back home, that's good enough."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "No way."

                Exasperated, Cao Jingcheng said, "Without my payment, will you just watch He Menggu die? My family has the money for a lawsuit, and the person who poisoned her is Bai Dayou. Besides, you've offended our Cao family like this, you're an ordinary person, don't you weigh it up?"

                Qin Ming was even more upset, this guy had actually come to threaten him?

                "Who said I don't have money?"

                Qin Ming grunted coldly and left for a while, in less than five minutes he returned, holding various invoices and admission slips, gesturing to the crowd that he, Qin Ming, had money.

                "Crap, what's going on?" Xie Guangkun said in surprise.

                He Menglian, who had been watching, was also surprised: "Isn't Qin Ming a poor student? Why is he suddenly rich? He can't fit 200,000 in his wallet, right?"

                Bai Dayou was also curious, "What's going on? Isn't he just a wage earner? Why didn't he take out the money just now?"

                Cao Jingcheng was dumbfounded, his eyes widening in disbelief, "How, how is that possible? I've investigated Qin Ming's background clearly, there's no way he could have so much money."

                Cao Jingcheng still wanted to use He Menggu's life to threaten Qin Ming and Bai Yuchun to help him get off, but it turned out that Qin Ming had money and paid for all the medicine directly, directly hitting him in the face.

                Qin Ming didn't bother to pay attention to him, as talking to him would drop his status class, leaving him there to shock himself.

                Sun Changxi gave Qin Ming a look and said, "You're a student, you're quite rich, taking 200,000 just like that."

                Qin Ming said modestly, "This is all I have left from the stock market speculation, so I've become a poor man.

                When Sun Changxi heard Qin Ming's words, she couldn't help but brighten up, it was rare to see a man who was so low-key and treated money like dirt, she gave a thumbs up and praised, "Well done."

                Bai Yuchun was moved to tears again and said, "Qin Ming, thank you, thank goodness for you, without you, I wouldn't know what to do alone? Whoops ...... you are the one sent by God to save me, my lucky star."

                Qin Ming smiled, wiped away the teardrops from her eyes and said, "Saving people is important, money or not, I don't value it."

                Indeed, money is the guts of a hero, having money has a bottom line, there are still several billions in the card, Qin Ming does not take it seriously, he treats Bai Yu Chun as a friend, helping a friend, Qin Ming never asks for anything in return.

                Because he cherishes and enjoys the time he has with each and every one of his friends.

                Qin Ming said to Sun Changxi, "I've already paid the medical expenses, and there's nothing more to do here. Sister Changxi, you police have to follow the law."

                Sun Changxi gave him a blank look and said, "Call me Officer Sun."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Yes, Sister Officer Sun. Please do your job impartially, I heard that the other party is a rich family, you won't be soft, right?"

                Sun Changxi glared at him in disgust and said, "What are you talking about? How could I possibly be afraid of any powerful family, deal with it how it should be dealt with."

                The evidence was all there, all that was left was to take the person's statement back, investigate and collect evidence, and prosecute the case.

                But at this time, Cao Jingcheng was mad, he shouted, "I don't want to go, I don't want to go, I didn't do anything wrong, mum, save me, save me. Call Dad, our Cao family is so powerful, there must be a way."

                A few police officers held Cao Jingcheng down, handcuffed him and wanted to take him away straight away.

                "Mom, save me, oooh ...... I don't want to go to jail, mum ......"

                "Son ah ......"

                Here in the corridor, two mothers and sons, who had been pelted with all sorts of things by the onlookers, staged a separate bitter drama.

                "Stop it all!" Suddenly there was an angry shout from behind the crowd, and a middle-aged man in a suit with a big belly came out.

                Mrs. Cao saw the old man and cried out, "Honey, you're finally here. Our mother and two are going to be bullied badly."

                When Sun Changxi saw the man coming, she knew him, a side branch of the powerful Cao family in Guang City, Cao Zhengmin's cousin, Cao Lijian.

                The Cao family's original family was a truly old and powerful family in Guang City, just like the Mu family, with great influence, deep connections, industries worth up to tens of billions of dollars, already three generations old, and many connections in the officialdom.

                This Cao Zhengmin's cousin, Cao Lijian, was a bit mediocre, but because he was related to the Cao family, people generally gave his cousin a bit of face when they saw him.

                Cao Lijian stepped forward and said, "Let go of my son, how do you police work? How can you do such a thing to my wife and son? Is there any law left? Can you let him be beaten up at will?"

                Sun Changxi grunted, "Mr. Cao, we are doing our job impartially, just now the crowd was agitated and we did our best to stop it."

                Cao Lijian yelled, "They were all injured like this, their skin was all burnt red, their faces were swollen and their hands were sprained, and you call this doing your best? If you did your best, then you were incompetent and negligent in your duties. You're so young to be a captain? Did you get there through connections? What's your number? I want to file a complaint against you, and let me tell you, I know your city hall director Wang very well, I want to file a complaint against you directly to director Wang, you can wait for a review."

                Cao Jingcheng cried out, "Dad help me, that Qin Ming has put me in such a bad way."

                With a serious face, Sun Changxi said, "Mr. Cao, you can't scare me with those words. And Cao Jingcheng, watch what you say."

                Cao Lijian got the hint and came directly in front of Qin Ming. Seeing that Qin Ming was dressed very plainly and his looks did not stand out, and he had little impression in his mind, he was angry with a wave of contempt.

                He held his chin up arrogantly and said, "Kid, you know what? You're in big trouble, get down on your knees and apologize to my son and I'll spare your dog's life."

                "Pfft, huh ......" Qin Ming laughed, it was the first time he had seen such a simple-minded uncle at his age.

                Qin Ming took a step forward, he was taller than Cao Lijian, and questioned in a more arrogant manner, "I wouldn't put you in my eyes, who are you?"