Rags To Riches Chapter 337-338

 Chapter 337

Qin Ming has now fallen out with Chang Hongxi, not to inherit the group, but also by Feng Dongxiang lost his wallet, really a little money is difficult to defeat the hero ah.

                The first thing that came to Qin Ming's mind was Liao Qingxuan, who was now a wealthy woman and could afford 200,000 yuan.

                Qin Ming went out to the stairway and made a phone call to ask if Qingxuan Liao had 200,000 to borrow.

                However, when the call was answered, I heard Liao Qingxuan's drunken voice shouting: "Burp ...... Qin Ming, where are you? How come you're not home yet? The teacher has to cook and eat for you, you can't cook if you're not here, burp ...... hey, today I changed the contract with the TV station and found a good male lead, the teacher's work will be staged soon, you remember to come and see it then ...... burp, so hot, Qin Ming you When are you coming home? Teacher still has to take a bath with you."

                Qin Ming speechlessly squinted his eyes, guess Liao Qingxuan went to socializing and drinking again tonight, but at least he will still find his way home, this woman is either drinking or on her way to get drunk ah, which man will be unlucky to marry her in the future, thinking about his wife every day why she hasn't come back yet? If you think about whether or not your wife has suffered a loss when she was drunk, it's a dog's play of life.

                Qin Ming called Mu Hao again, who knew that his wife Xu Shulan would answer the phone.

                The first thing Xu Shu Lan said was with a pleasing smile: "Oh, it's Qin Ming, good son-in-law, when are you coming back? Mum has been making soup for you every day. I heard that you auditioned for a stage play for Si Chun, and it was broadcast on the provincial TV, and it was a stage play by that famous dancer, Miss Liao. Mum has made you bird's nest candy water for your midnight snack."

                Qin Ming had a dark face.

                He and Mu Xiaoqiao had already divorced about it, ending the sham marriage, the absurd superstitious farce, how could this Mu Hao not even talk about his wife? What was the Mu family trying to do here?

                He was about to ask about borrowing money when he heard a loud noise over at the icu entrance, he hurriedly hung up the phone and rushed back.

                Qin Ming rushed back to see three women riding on Bai Yu Chun, one of them even used lipstick to scribble on her face, and two outside were about to take off her clothes.

                Qin Ming was furious, what were these people doing in public?

                Bai Yuchun is a weak woman, unable to struggle, next to Cao Jingcheng, Bai Dayou, Xie Guangkun, He Menglian, even the security guards are watching, do not know to go forward to pull people away?

                Qin Ming rushed forward with a roar, "Have you all gone mad?"

                Mrs. Cao scolded, "Where is this poor boy from? How dare you meddle in my family's affairs? Don't you know where my family stands in Guangzhou? Are you tired of living?"

                Qin Ming ignored her blackmail and quickly rushed forward, yanking Cao Jingcheng's girlfriend away from her, throwing her away like a chicken and dropping her in a heap. The other two women who were picking off their clothes were even knocked to the ground by Qin Ming's fists and kicks.

                "Ouch, brat you dare to hit someone, oops ......"

                A few women still tried to resist, only to have their noses collapsed by Qin Ming's fist, they saw Qin Ming's ferocity and dared not make any more trouble.

                Qin Ming looked at the condition of Bai Yuchun, her face was smeared with lipstick, Qin Ming came in time, the clothes were not ripped off.

                But her soft and painful crying, shivering with fear, was really very pitiful looking at him.

                Qin Ming was so distressed that he looked around him and was so angry that he shouted, "Are you still human? So many people bullying a weak girl, what has she done wrong? What have you done to her?"

                Cao Jingcheng's girlfriend Xiao Li stood up and cursed, "She's a mistress! She deserves a beating, if my sister who works at the hospital hadn't told me today, I wouldn't have known there were such shameless women."

                Mrs. Cao also said, "Seducing my son, vixen, bitch, slut, deserves to be beaten."

                Qin Ming pointed at these people in front of him in amusement, finally landing on Bai Dayou and Cao Jingcheng and said, "Forget Bai Dayou, he was a piece of shit in the first place. Cao Jingcheng, you know what's going on, and you didn't even help out, do you want to be ashamed? You've disgraced your Cao family. Oh no, I forgot, you are only a relative of the Cao family, not a real family."

                Mrs. Cao was annoyed, "What do you mean by that? Do you think the Cao family needs to invite my brother's family to clean up after a poor boy like you?"

                Qin Ming said, "No, what I mean is, your son cheated on you, don't put your hat and guilt on someone else's head! It wasn't her who seduced your son, it was your son who stalked him for two years! Stalking and stalking even after being rejected, shamelessly coming on."

                "Before that, because there was a little bully in our school called Wang Cheng Hu who competed with him, he was afraid of being beaten by Wang Cheng Hu, so he wimped out and didn't harass anymore, then that Wang Cheng Hu was cleaned up, so he showed his true form and pestered other girls every day."

                "Cao Jingcheng, am I right?"

                "Just now Cao Jingcheng for threatening other girls, as long as they become his girlfriend, they will pay 200,000 medical fees, tsk ...... don't want to help, then get out, don't play mind games here. Did I say wrong again?"

                Cao Jingcheng was said to things, blushing, vainly glanced at his old mother and his real girlfriend.

                Mrs. Cao's face was dark. She knew her son better than her mother, and looking at Cao Jingcheng like this, she knew that he had cheated on her and was weak.

                The young woman was furious and went forward to slap Cao Jingcheng: "Cao Jingcheng, how dare you cheat on her? My Liang family is at least respectable in Guangzhou, you have a girlfriend like me, and you still cheat on me? I pooh, I even believed your mother's nonsense and thought this woman seduced you."

                Cao Jingcheng was furious and Mrs. Cao was frantically giving her son a wink, they were only a side branch of the Cao family, the family was having difficulties in running their business lately and had to ask for financial help from the Liang family, a small powerful family, and at this critical moment, he couldn't lose Liang Li, his girlfriend!

                Mrs. Cao said, "Xiao Li, don't listen to the nonsense of people from unknown sources. Our Ah Cheng is not that kind of person."

                Cao Jingcheng was also anxious, looking at Bai Yuchun, after all, she still had a beautiful skin, no money, just play around, really want to lose the Liang family's monetary help for her, or forget it.

                He flipped out on the spot and said, "No, Xiao Li, listen to my explanation, it's really her seducing me. Don't believe what her brother and sister-in-law said?"

                Cao Jingcheng, with a black face, lowered his voice and threatened Bai Dayou, "100,000 as usual for you guys, help me round up this panic."

                When Bai Dayou heard that 100,000 was given as normal, his heart burst with joy, easily, 100,000 in the bank.

                Bai Dayou immediately turned against the water and said, "Aiya, this wife, this beauty, Cao Shao really has no words, top notch, I just run errands for Cao Shao odd jobs. But when Mr. Cao heard that my mother was sick in hospital, he immediately came to help, there is nothing to say about his character."

                Sister-in-law Bai also said, "Yes, Mr. Cao is pure-hearted and helped pay for the initial medical expenses. It was the follow-up treatment that was too expensive and he said he didn't have that much money and couldn't help anymore. But this sister of mine even offered to be Cao's friend and let him pay the 200,000 medical fees."

                Bai Dayou was busy nodding and said, "Yes, my sister, she used to be very simple, but unfortunately, she has followed the bad guys and learned to be bad. Now I guess she has been dumped by the rich man and wants to cling to Cao again. I, as a brother, am ashamed of her."

                Sister-in-law Bai added: "That man's name is Qin Ming and he's just a licking dog. Of course he has to speak for my sister, he's always been my sister's spare tire, spending my sister's money, don't believe him."

                The surrounding crowd of foodies were in an uproar when they heard their brother and sister-in-law say this.

                "This woman is too cheap, isn't she? A gold-digging woman."

                "If a person is shameless, he is invincible."

                "Female university students nowadays are really, too gold-digging, just thinking of selling their flesh for money."

                "I can't believe she's so weak and pathetic, but her character is so bad."

                Hearing the "explanation" from Mr. and Mrs. Bai, Mrs. Cao and Ms. Liang Li were able to calm down their anger.

                Mrs. Cao said, "Listen, Xiao Li, it's not our Ah Cheng's fault, it's that woman's fault, her brother and sister-in-law didn't even speak up for her."

                Liang Li stroked the side of Cao Jingcheng's face that had been hit with pain and said, "Mmm~ Husband ...... I, I was too impulsive and misunderstood you. Do you, does your face still hurt?"

                Cao Jingcheng said tenderly, "It doesn't hurt, wife you hit me a few more times. Beat me awake, otherwise I will easily make mistakes."

                "You, you ......" Bai Yuchun listened to the slander of these people, and the misunderstanding of the surrounding uninformed crowd, tears fell from her eyes, her heart was sad, helpless, desperate, and she wanted to die to show her will.

                At this moment, Qin Ming turned around and squatted down, wiped the lipstick off her face, took a thin jacket and put it on her head, saying, "It's okay, I'm here. I will do you justice."

                Cao Jingcheng said disdainfully, "Hmph, justice? You are a poor boy, what kind of justice is that? The size of my Cao family is thicker than your waist even if you pull out a hair."

                Qin Ming slowly stood up and said, "Is that so? Then let me try."

Chapter 338

With a thin coat of Qin Ming's hanging over her head, Bai Yu-chun seemed to be cut off from all the slurs and misunderstandings in her ears, and her desperate mind was briefly relieved.

                Her eyes were red from crying, and looking at Qin Ming's smile, she felt healed again. She felt that it didn't matter if the whole world misunderstood her, as long as Qin Ming believed her, she would be satisfied.

                "Where did you go just now?" Bai Yu Chun asked weakly.

                Qin Ming wiped Bai Yuchun's rolling tears and said, "I was looking for someone to borrow money, I was fired by my boss, so I couldn't ask my rich boss. But know some friends. Well ...... I also have a classmate who does live streaming and has a good relationship with me, so I should be able to borrow, so don't worry too much about it."

                As soon as you hear that Qin Ming can borrow money, Bai Yu Chun's hanging heart will let go, if not for the many people here, she would have to disregard any reserve and directly throw herself into Qin Ming's arms, pouring out her grievances.

                She feels that only Qin Ming understands her, understands her grievances, understands her heartache, understands her helplessness.

                "Qin Ming ...... I, I ......" Bai Yu Chun cried again, this time with tears of emotion, her eyes were hazy and she didn't even know what to say that she dared to take, if it was Qin Ming, she wouldn't even have a problem giving her body to him, the problem was that Qin Ming didn't need her ah.

                Qin Ming said, "It's okay, I'm here. I will do you justice."

                He swept back at each of them, a pair of cold eyes that made them panic, as if Qin Ming would suddenly rise up and pounce them to the ground.

                Cao Jingcheng said disdainfully, "Hmph, justice? You are a poor boy, what kind of justice are you presiding over? The size of my Cao family is thicker than your waist even if you pull out a hair."

                Mrs. Cao grunted, "You don't want to leave either, you hurt my people and my future daughter-in-law, you poor? You poor? What are you doing? Erisai just fang Huang Zhen!

                "Hmph ......," Qin Ming said with a cold smile, "This is something that has to start with Bai Dayou's perverse behavior."

                Qin Ming pointed at the faint-hearted Bai Dayou and said, "Only this morning I saw Bai Dayou robbing He Menggu's money, why did he go again this afternoon? This rebellious son knows full well that his mother doesn't have any money, so there's no way he'll go again. So there must be something strange going on."

                "Your mother suddenly fell into a coma and instead of calling an ambulance first, she first went to her so-called friend, Cao Jingcheng, and then called her sister home, deliberately delaying the rescue. One of the suspicions."

                "Going to the hospital instead of going to the closer and better People's Hospital, instead going to the more distant Central Hospital, seemingly to keep me from knowing which hospital He Menggu was being treated at. Suspicion number two."

                "The last thing is that the doctor said that He Menggu had food poisoning, while Bai Dayou insisted that it was a coma caused by a heart surgery that was not done properly, which is strange, and Bai Dayou you are not a doctor, a hobo, so who are you to refute a word? The third point of doubt."

                "The last thing is, Cao Jingcheng shamelessly proposed pure pure to be his girlfriend, then he is willing to pay the medical expenses, Bai Dayou persuaded his sister to be Cao Jingcheng's girlfriend, the third point of suspicion."

                Qin Ming said very methodical, people around listening also very can not help but believe a few points, this do son of how to save people? All kinds of blind operation.

                Now both sides are sticking to their own words, the people around are not good at talking nonsense.

                "This matter is so complicated, we'd better not slander people's little girl indiscriminately."

                "Yes, now one side one argument, listen to what's going on with this youngster."

                Qin Ming heard some rational words and added, "As I said earlier, it's this so-called gentry Cao family, young Cao, who obviously has a girlfriend and still wants to cheat on her and pester a girl who works hard for others. He also took advantage of the fire and blackmailed Pure to be his girlfriend with the patient's treatment fees."

                Cao Jingcheng was greatly annoyed and screamed and cursed, "Nonsense! What proof do you have? Huh?"

                Mrs. Cao also said, "Yes, what proof do you have? Not only will I sue you for injuring my future daughter-in-law, but I will also sue you for false accusations, so you can wait for your family to die and go to jail."

                "Evidence?" Qin Ming suddenly pulled out his mobile phone, smug, and said, "From the beginning when I was tricked into going to the People's Hospital, I specifically went to question the doctor who had operated on He Menggu before, and took the surgery files from that time. The various reports and indicators after the heart surgery at that time proved that He Menggu's surgery was a success. As I have just counted several doubts, I have been suspecting again from the beginning, I suspected that He Menggu's coma was not simple, so I have been recording, so you can listen to it."

                Once they heard that Qin Ming had a recording, Bai Dayou and his wife were both confused, this kid was so shady? And recording?

                Cao Jingcheng even turned blue, bud yo, he was going to be finished now.

                Before they could stop it, Qin Ming had already played the recording.

                "Actually, if Bai Yucheng you promise to be my girlfriend, I can pay for this medical bill out of hand."

                "Sister, Cao Teenager is a lot of money, so why don't you just say yes?"

                "No, I don't want it, I can think of other ways to raise the money."

                "If you promise to be Cao teenager's friend, Cao teenager will take 200,000 for my our mother's medical treatment ah."

                "Sister, brother kneel down for you, just promise Cao young, two hundred thousand ah ......"

                Listening to the contents of the recording, the ironclad evidence was irrefutable, and none of the people around were moved, so that was what happened!

                They all misunderstood Bai Yu Chun.

                "So that's how it is, this rich kid is evil, we just scolded the wrong person."

                "Yes, little sister, I'm sorry."

                "It's really unkind for the rich, this kind of rich second generation dude, he deserves to die the most."

                "Isn't this forcing a good man to be a prostitute? It's abominable. Let's raise some money, raise some medical fees for our little sister."

                Cao Jingcheng was red in the face and furious, "Qin Ming, you bastard, turn off the phone for me."

                Cao Jingcheng tried to come up and grab it, but Qin Ming dodged and avoided it, swung his fist and knocked Cao Jingcheng to the ground, Qin Ming's fist was still very fierce, and it swelled half of Cao Jingcheng's face.

                "Aww." Cao Jingcheng fell to the ground and also hurt his hand, causing him to wince in pain.

                "Ah, son." Mrs. Cao was so frightened that she rushed up and held her son, cursing, "You, you poor? Pan Jun? Countenance? What are you doing? The door of the house? Forgive me!

                "Humph!" Liang Li suddenly sneered, walked to Cao Jingcheng, another slap to Cao Jingcheng, said: "Cao Jingcheng, we are finished, every day equipped for youth, infatuation man is very hard on you, right? I, Liang Li, don't need a scum like you."

                Mrs. Cao was anxious, now the two families were talking about business cooperation, officially because her son was in love with Liang Li again ah.

                "Xiao Li, this, this is a misunderstanding." Mrs. Cao pleaded bitterly, "Ah Cheng he knows he's wrong, give him another chance, Xiao Li."

                Liang Li walked up to Bai Yu Chun, bowed towards her and apologised, "Right no go, I misunderstood you. I, there is nothing I can do to help you, these are for you."

                Liang Li shoved the two thousand or so in her wallet over, but Bai Yuchun shook her head and didn't take it.

                Qin Ming put away his phone and said, "Cao Jingcheng, do you still have the face? Colluding with Bai Dayou and plotting against Chun Chun, you are really scheming."

                Cao Jingcheng was so ashamed that he was ashamed of himself, and he stood up in a panic, wanting to leave the place.

                But Qin Ming said, "Young Cao, where are you going? I have another matter here that needs your cooperation, and I estimate the time, the person should be here too."

                At that moment, a clear, crisp female voice came out, "Who just called the police? Was someone poisoning the house?"

                Qin Ming turned his head and was overjoyed, saying, "Sister Chang Xi, I called the police."

                The policewoman in the lead frowned and said in an unpleasant manner, "Student Qin Ming, why is it you again?"