Rags To Riches Chapter 333-334

 Chapter 333

Qin Ming took Bai Yu-chun to the Guangcheng Library Centre and he introduced him, "There are many summer jobs here in the summer, they are organising books, the pay is not high, but the work is indoors, there are more free time and there is time to study, very suitable for us. I know their director, he's very nice."

                Bai Yuchun felt that the money was a little less, and it didn't include lunch money, it was only fifty dollars a day, there were many part-time jobs that were a hundred a day.

                She asked, "Qin Ming are you doing it here too?"

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "Do it for a month, I've hurt my arm, it's good to pass the time here."

                When Bai Yuchun heard that Qin Ming was staying, she also nodded and said, "Then I will also work for a month."

                The two of them went through the induction procedure and started working part-time.

                Qin Ming was just killing time, as soon as Ao Mei had finished replacing his documents, he estimated that his hand injury had almost healed, and then he could use the money he had to start something he wanted to do.

                The reason he brought Bai Yuchun with him was simply to have more friends to talk to.

                After cleaning up the loose books in the afternoon, the two of them became idle and sat in the office reading books.

                Qin Ming was reading a Philosophical Dictionary with great interest, but Bai Yuchun was a bit distracted, she looked towards Qin Ming from time to time, she had some doubts in her heart, but did not dare to ask.

                "What's wrong?" Qin Ming asked when he noticed her strange behaviour.

                Bai Yuchun hurriedly covered her blushing face with her book and said, "No, nothing, why did you, why did your hand get hurt?"

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "I gave someone a beating, no I won in the end."

                Bai Yuchun looked at Qin Ming's arm, inexplicably heartbroken, although she hadn't seen Qin Ming for a long time, she thought he hadn't had a good time either, he had been beaten up.

                Bai Yuchun bit her lip and hesitated for a moment before asking, "Is it, is it because of Miss Nie's affair? I heard that she broke up with you and her family had a change, and now she has disappeared."

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "Well, for some reason, we split up."

                Bai Yuchun's heart thumped as she heard the exciting news from Qin Ming himself.

                Although she was sorry about it, this might be her only chance.

                Bai Yuchun said, "So, do you miss Miss Nie?"

                Qin Ming said unapologetically, "Yes, but I don't even know where she is, I asked someone to help me find her, I might hear from her after a while, or I might never hear from her."

                Bai Yuchun said, "...... but life must go on, Qin Ming you can't give up on yourself because of this, be strong, er ...... the beauty of life lies in the future."

                Qin Ming harrumphed: "You're taking care of yourself, and you've come to comfort me?"

                Bai Yuchun made an awkward scene, covered her red face with a book and said, "I'm afraid you're disillusioned, many people have all kinds of problems because of lost love. In fact, Qin Ming, you're so good, there are still many good girls who like you."

                Speaking of this, Bai Yuchun became even more shy, her books covering her entire face, revealing only a pair of big watery eyes.

                Qin Ming shook his head, the bitterness in his heart was something only he could understand.

                Bai Yuchun's heart was pounding and she said, "Qin Ming is single, but he doesn't seem to have let go of Miss Nie, so will I take advantage of the situation? Is that green tea? Well ...... doesn't count, no. He was dumped, it was Nie Haitang's that was wrong."

                Bai Yuchun's eyes drifted wildly, her mind was in turmoil, she felt her trouser pocket, only two hundred dollars, her heart calculating: "Western restaurant is not affordable, ordinary Chinese food can not eat good, roadside jerk-off, Qin Ming will not mind? How about making him something nice to eat? But would it be too daring to go to his hostel alone?"

                She had always had a soft spot in her heart for Qin Ming, but knowing that he already had a girlfriend, she could only watch him in silence and wish him well.

                Now that she knows Qin Ming is single, Bai Yuchun feels that if she doesn't hurry up, Qin Ming will soon be snatched away by another woman.

                She wanted to find an excuse to invite Qin Ming to dinner, but found that she was shy in her pocket.

                Only this morning Qin Ming had told her that the money she gave to her mother, He Menggu, for her living expenses had been snatched away by her elder brother and sister-in-law.

                In the past, Bai Yuchun was angry about such things, but thinking that they were all relatives, and with the influence of her mother's character, she put up with it as long as she could.

                But now, when it comes to Qin Ming, she feels blocked and uncomfortable, thinking that the money she earns from her part-time job, why should it always go to her elder brother and sister-in-law to squander?

                She even began to hate Bai Dayou, how could she have found such a big brother.

                The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, and the more she wanted to slap her big brother Bai Dayou to death.

                Qin Ming suddenly said, "Oops, by the way, go to that house in the neighborhood for soup tonight. My parents came to visit me last time and brought two chickens, my sister is making soup tonight, how can I finish it alone, look at your skinny body, you should come along too, just that Green Island neighborhood near the school."

                Bai Yuchun nodded happily and said, "Mm-hmm, oh."

                In her heart, Bai Yuchun was very envious of Qin Ming's family of origin.

                She had grown up as a single parent, and her father had been chased by people when he was a child, after hearing that he owed huge sums of money from gambling and had fled to who knows where.

                She was also looked down upon for being poor, jealously bullied by girls in her class for being pretty, and always lacked a sense of security because her family lacked the love and care of her relatives. Bai Yuchun was soft on the outside, but was actually very strong on the inside, and never looked back when she decided to do something, and went all the way to black.

                Therefore, she is very eager for a complete and happy family.

                And Qin Ming's family was just fine, both parents were there, her brother and sister were friendly and harmonious, the family supported each other, it was simply the standard model family she had been daydreaming about for over a decade.

                "Ugh ......" Bai Yuchun deflated and slumped on the table, covering her face with her book and muttering in a small voice, "I still want to invite Qin Ming to dinner, but it turns out he's inviting me to dinner again. How am I going to say yes to him?"

                Bai Yuchun secretly took out her mobile phone, which was playing a video.

                Wasn't it the same video of Bai Dayou and his wife, who said to their death that Bai Yuchun had fallen in love with a rich man, that the house in Green Island was hers and demanded to move into the community, and that she was so angry that she jumped into the lake to die, and then was saved by Qin Ming?

                Someone took the video and uploaded it online that day, and it also caused quite a stir. Bai Yuchun also secretly saved it on her mobile phone after she found out about it.

                Especially the process of Qin Ming giving her artificial respiration, chest compressions, exhalations, her soaked body being touched and kissed by Qin Ming, clearly filmed.

                Every time she saw this video, Bai Yuchun blushed inwardly and could not help but reach out and cover her chest, her legs could not help but clench, and her mind was filled with Qin Ming's appearance.

                Suddenly, the book was suddenly pulled away by Qin Ming and he asked, "What are you doing, Pure? It seems like you're preoccupied?"

                "Ah!" Bai Yuchun let out a scream and hurriedly plopped her entire body down on the table, covering her phone, and said, "I, I'm fine. I'm fine."

                "Zizi," the phone suddenly vibrated, scaring Bai Yuchun again, she hurriedly took the phone and saw that it was her big brother Bai Dayou calling, she hesitated for a moment but answered it.

                "Hello? What? Mum has fainted? I'll be right back." Bai Yuchun suddenly exclaimed.

                Qin Ming had a bad feeling when he heard this and asked, "What's wrong?"

                Bai Yuchun said anxiously, "Qin Ming, my brother said that my mother had a heart attack and fainted again, so I need to go back immediately."

                Qin Ming frowned, hadn't He Menggu had an operation on her heart? At that time, the doctor said that the operation was successful and that there wouldn't be much of a problem in general.

                But he didn't have time to think about it any more and said, "Alright, I'll talk to the director and get off work an hour or two earlier, I'll send you back."

Chapter 334

Qin Ming originally wanted to rush to the hospital, after all, the person fainted should be sent to the hospital.

                As a result, when he arrived at the house in the district, he wanted to curse in his heart, Bai Dayou, the couple actually just left He Menggu in the living room, and didn't call 120 for an ambulance, didn't they know that saving a person is like putting out a fire?

                "Mum, Mum?" Bai Yuchun rushed to He Menggu, only to see her motionless and pale.

                Bai Yuchun asked, "Brother, what's going on? Mum didn't get better after her last surgery, why did she suddenly fall into a coma?"

                Bai Dayou said disdainfully, "It must be their hospital doctors, who are unscrupulous and charging black-hearted money."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, he had secretly facilitated He Menggu's surgery, wasn't this scolding Qin Ming into it? He scolded; "You have a clean mouth. Who has a black heart like you, something you can even take to gamble on your own old mother's operation fee?"

                "Eh, you!" Bai Dayou was exceptionally annoyed, and looking at Qin Ming with an unkind face, he said, "What do you, a wage earner, know? It must be the bad feng shui of this shitty house of your boss that caused my mother to have a relapse of her old illness."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Feng shui? Bai Dayou, are you someone who lives in a feudal society?"

                Sister-in-law Bai scolded, "Formaldehyde, this new house has excessive formaldehyde, and it was only after living here for a long time that my mother suddenly became ill. Qin Ming, it's all because of you."

                Qin Ming responded forcefully, "After the house was renovated, formaldehyde was eliminated and a professional assessment agency was called to assess the formaldehyde residue, which is zero. Besides, my brother also lives here, what discomfort does he have?"

                Sister-in-law Bai was dumbfounded by the refutation and finally could only say, "You, you have bad feng shui here, it affects my mother's qi and affects her mood."

                While the two were arguing, Bai Yuchun had already taken out her mobile phone and called for 120: "Hello, People's Hospital? I have a patient here who is in a coma ......"

                Bai Dayou grabbed the phone and turned it off, saying, "Aiya, what else to call? The ambulance has arrived, our mother has long since cooled off, hurry downstairs to the hospital, my friend has a car, it's already here."

                Bai Yuchun was also panicked and hurriedly said, "Then, then go quickly."

                Qin Ming looked at it strangely, if Bai Dayou was really anxious about his old mother, then how could he not call 120 at first, but call his friend to come?

                Wouldn't a 120 ambulance be faster? And the one who came was still a doctor and could be treated immediately.

                Qin Ming helped carry He Menggu downstairs, but he saw the Audi A7, wasn't it Cao Jingcheng's car?

                This guy's face was bruised and swollen, having been trampled on by job seekers in the job market this morning.

                When he saw the crowd coming down, he didn't get angry and hurriedly went forward, saying, "Elder brother Bai, what's going on?"

                Bai Dayou said, "My mother is sick, so I'm troubling young Cao."

                Cao Jingcheng looked like an old acquaintance and said, "Hey, we are friends, we should be. Hurry up, get in the car, I'm taking auntie to the hospital."

                When Qin Ming saw Cao Jingcheng, he was very surprised that he had contacted Bai Dayou, most likely to facilitate the picking up of Bai Yuchun.

                After all, relatives like Bai Dayou and his wife were too good to deal with, and giving money would make them work for them.

                Qin Ming was quite impressed, just like Nie Haitang's mother Zhang Yao, only one was seeking a small fortune and the other a huge one.

                After the crowd got on the bus, Qin Ming wanted to squeeze on too.

                However, he was pushed away by Bai Dayou, saying: "What are you doing you? Qin Ming, do you want to be ashamed?"

                Bai Dayou finally waited for her chance to hit back and scolded, "What is your status, Qin Ming? This is our family matter, don't get involved, huh? You're a poor man? What are you doing? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it. The weevil is a weevil. The car is Cao's own, so you're not dirtying up Cao's car with your raggedy clothes. Don't you go and drive your boss's car to act tough?"

                Cao Jingcheng said, "Student Qin Ming, sorry, I have just five people in this car, it's full. Why don't you come by bus, the First People's Hospital of the city, it's not far."

                Qin Ming frowned, these people were really petty.

                Bai Yuchun looked at them targeting Qin Ming and was uncomfortable in her heart, there was nothing she could do about it.

                Qin Ming could see Bai Yuchun's dilemma, he patted her fragrant shoulder and said, "Alright, time is urgent, you go, I'll take a taxi there."

                Bai Dayou said from behind, "What are you doing here if you don't have to come? Is it bad luck? We have Cao Shao, Cao Shao is richer than you, more handsome than you, more capable than you, go where you are cool."

                Qin Ming didn't want to dwell on it and walked away straight away.

                Bai Yuchun wanted to sit in the back and said, "Brother, I'll sit in the back, you can sit in the front passenger side."

                However, Bai Dayou said, "You go, you sit, get in."

                Bai Yuchun had no choice but to come and sit in the front.

                Cao Jingcheng in the driver's seat smiled at her very gently and pointed to the bouquet of flowers on top, saying, "I wanted to give them to you this morning, but it didn't work out, so now you don't mind taking them, do you?"

                Bai Yuchun looked at the flowers in front of her, she really did not want to accept them, her mother was in a coma, can you go to the hospital quickly? And accept the flowers?

                But Cao Jingcheng looked as if you don't accept it, we don't drive.

                She had no choice but to give a polite smile and accept the flowers, saying, "Thank you, Mr. Cao, it's not enough to get you to the hospital."

                Cao Jingcheng laughed: "Don't worry, we'll be there soon."

                Qin Ming landed alone in the district, if it was usual, Ah Long would have come in the back with his car and gone wherever he wanted.

                But now he was poor after leaving the group and didn't have a car.

                Qin Ming said glumly, "It's hard to get around without money, so that's probably the truth, right? Feng Dongxiang you old thing, the group's fourth patriarch, outrageous, I'll make a note of it."

                Qin Ming had to run outside the district to take the bus.

                When Qin Ming arrived at the hospital by bus, Bai Yuchun sent a message saying that they had not come to the First People's Hospital, but had gone to the Central Hospital, and she only found out when she arrived.

                Qin Ming didn't get annoyed when he heard this, but he thought something was fishy.

                It was clear that the First People's Hospital was closer and had a higher level of medical care, and it was here that the last operation had been performed.

                Half an hour later, Qin Ming set off again and rushed to the Central Hospital.

                By the time Qin Ming arrived at the Central Hospital, He Menggu was already in the operating room, and relatives Xie Guangkun and He Menglian and his wife had also arrived.

                But the Xie Tao was nowhere to be seen, and I wonder if Zhao Fugui had dumped her.

                Qin Ming still wanted to ask Bai Yuchun about the situation, when He Menglian came up, pulled Qin Ming and asked, "Qin Ming, where is that Zhao Fugui in your class? Did he get a new girlfriend? Why hasn't he contacted our Tao Tao anymore?"

                As soon as Qin Ming heard this, he immediately knew that the two of them were completely finished with their romance of only half a month.

                Qin Ming said, "Although Zhao Fugui and I are in the same class, we have an average relationship, where he went, I don't know."

                Xie Guangkun cursed in anger aside, "That scum who plays with feelings, our Tao Tao has been cheated by her, what a big loss."

                Qin Ming shook his head, that was also because you guys saw Zhao Fu Gui as rich and completely blinded yourselves, not looking at Zhao Fu Gui's character and making an effort to flatter him, huh?

                At this time, Bai Yuchun came over, she looked anxious and said, "Qin Ming, do you think my mother will be able to survive this time? My mother has suffered all her life and has never enjoyed any blessings, she's like this ...... I can't even imagine."

                Qin Ming patted her small hand soothingly and said, "Don't worry, it's fine."

                Sister-in-law Bai suddenly came over and pulled the two of them apart, saying, "Hey, Qin Ming you're such a shady, shameless person, let go of our Pure Pure's hand. Our family's business is none of your business. You go away quickly, you are not welcome here."

                Bai Yuchun said angrily, "Sister-in-law, I was the one who asked Qin Ming to come over. Qin Ming was also being kind."

                Bai Dayou said, "Sister, I'm not talking about you, Qin Ming is a poor? Pan Jun? From the sympathetic cut from the mong anti-stirrup1 tired can carambola Yi wall bad neon quality sweet Yan mong? The best way to get a good deal is to have a good deal of money. Qin Ming, I ask you, can you get the money immediately?"

                Qin Ming frowned and fell silent, if it was usual, he would be able to, but now he really couldn't, he couldn't get the money for the operation.

                "Che~!" Bai Dayou scoffed disdainfully, "Poor bastard, so what's the use of you coming here? Young Cao is really the one who is useful."

                "That's enough!" Fiercely, Bai Yu Chun suddenly interrupted Bai Dayou loudly.

                Everyone was startled, how did this Bai Yuchun, who usually spoke in a gentle voice, suddenly lose his temper?