Rags To Riches Chapter 33-34

 Chapter 33

Nie Haitang's kiss, Qin Ming feels like cotton candy as soft and fluffy, the tongue is flexible and lively, the fluid is sweet and cool as a cup of lemonade in the summer, refreshing.

A long time, the lips parted.

The two of them looked at each other, Nie Haitang suddenly shyly pushed Qin Ming away.

She ran to the side of the bed to put on a wide bath towel, said from the bottom of her heart "Qin Ming you, you do not misunderstand, my foot slipped just. That ...... that since it has been born, I am not a backward thinking ancient, a first kiss only la. No more, as a reward for you to save me, you do not need to put in mind."

Qin Ming touched his lips, the sweetness in his mouth still did not dissipate.

However, Nie Haitang this arrogant words, also let his heart warm, really a dishonest little girl.

He slowly opened his eyes, saw Nie Haitang rolled bath towel shy look, smiled and said "Haitang, you are really beautiful."

Nie Haitang heart a happy, mouth glutinous.

She felt that everything was like a dream, she quietly pinched herself a piece of flesh, lest this is all false, when the pain informed her that everything is true, she was even more happy.

She had already given up, desperate, and even instructed Zhang Qingqing not to tell Qin Ming, but it turned out that Qin Ming still came, still came to save her.

She had a feeling of Prince Charming saving the princess, and now that she heard Qin Ming's words of praise, it was like eating honey inside.

There were few people who praised her beauty, but Nie Haitang never felt anything because she knew she was beautiful, but when Qin Ming praised her, she felt excited, happy, and shy.

Qin Ming turned around and said, "Haitang, get dressed first, I won't peek."

Nie Haitang heart a warm, into the bathroom to change clothes, not a moment later came out in a dress, pavilion, like a neighboring jade, with a smile on his face, the usual smiley Nie Haitang is back.

At this time, Nie Haitang look at Qin Ming more different, after all, experienced some things, feelings and deeper layer, Nie Haitang even gave out the first kiss.

Qin Ming also felt that Nie Haitang seemed to be more gentle than usual and her smile was more beautiful.

Qin Ming did not want to stay here any longer and said, "Let's go."

Out to the promenade, Nie Haitang saw the chaos of the cafe and said strangely "Wow, the fire alarm is fake, right? But, what's going on? No one is there?"

Qin Ming naturally will not say, he ordered everyone is not allowed to go up to the eighty-eighth floor.

Qin Ming and Nie Haitang took the elevator straight to the ground floor, the two did not want to stay here, Qin Ming intended to use the Rolls Royce to send Nie Haitang back, and then give her a surprise, it is time to show off the rich.

But just out of the elevator, he saw that He Kun again, he seemed to have just come down, all dirty with footprints, and had sprained his neck due to pushing and shoving.

As soon as He Kun saw Nie Haitang, he immediately became red-eyed and said, "Miss Nie, where are you going? Your Nie family does not want those 11 percent of the shares? Have you forgotten what you promised me?"

Nie Haitang some fear behind Qin Ming.

Qin Ming had anger in his heart, this guy was really sinister and shameless, knowing that the Nie family was no longer in trouble, he still wanted to take advantage of Nie Haitang.

Nie Haitang is not stupid, she said "He Shao, you now have no more chips in hand to coerce me into submission, you should stop lying to people."

He Kun frowned, looked at Qin Ming, and said angrily "You're the poor brat with a Huawei thousand-dollar phone who said that? Bad for me, know who I He Kun is?"

He Kun is not willing to let the mouth of the swan meat fly away, annoyed and angry, going forward to slap Qin Ming.

Qin Ming, of course, would not let him do it, straightened his back, caught He Kun's wrist with his bare hands, He Kun tried to break free, but now can not break free, because this young man is so strong.

Qin Ming said in a stern voice "I don't care who you are, if you dare to have wrong thoughts about Haitang in the future, I will uproot you together with the He family."

He Kun disdainfully said "shamelessly, what do you count. I ...... ah!"

He Kun did not finish his sentence, suddenly his buttocks buckled back and his legs clenched. It turns out that Qin Ming flew up a foot, kicked directly to He Kun's crotch.

Qin Ming's kick is not a light force, the pain of He Kun long open mouth screaming, then fell to the ground and rolled, rolled for a while now there is actually blood on the ground, it seems that the eggs broke ah.

He Kun bowed his body and kept spinning on the ground, crying miserably "Ah, it hurts me to death. You, you beast, stink silk, I will not let you go, I want you to die! Ah, my egg, ah, blood, blood! How come there's only one left?"

Hearing that He Kun was going to retaliate, Nie Haitang was a bit worried again and said, "Qin Ming, you, you are too reckless, the He family is rich and powerful, not easy to deal with."

Qin Ming's face sank and he said angrily, "He knew the stake was sold, but he still deceived you, he deserves to die. I only physically castrated him, considered merciful. The evil one will have his own evil grinding, there is his He Kun afraid of the existence."

Qin Ming walked over coldly and sternly, he bent down and said two words in He Kun's ear, and He Kun's eyes suddenly opened wide and his face changed.

He immediately struggled to get up, leaned against the wall, and hurriedly said "I'm just a small injury, no need to make a big deal. Oh, also do not bother you guys, I go to the hospital by myself, uh ...... ha, ha ...... pain."

Nie Haitang looked at the distant He Kun smiled smugly, turned back and said "now rest assured, he will not find us trouble because of this matter."

Nie Haitang very strange "eh? Why? Qin Ming what did you just tell him?"

Qin Ming said, "I bluffed him, I said this time to help the Nie family you should know who, and I am the young master's subordinates, you want to find me trouble, is to find that for the young master's trouble. He Kun was then scared to death. Moreover, he plotted against you, although he did not succeed, breaking one of his eggs is considered cheap."

Nie Haitang Oh, and curious "Oh, how do you know so much about Qin Ming? I also just learned that my family was saved, and my father did not know who saved our family."

Qin Ming mysterious smile "Then guess, why?"

Qin Ming was pleased with himself, anyway, when he came out to the parking lot and saw his Rolls Royce, he would also know.

Now let Nie Haitang guess his identity, so what's the harm?

He wasn't going to hide, it was time to show off his wealth.

"The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time, and you've got a lot of people who have been in the marketplace for a long time. You said bluff He Kun words. Then the truth is ...... you asked your friend in the stock world to help, right?"

The corners of Qin Ming's mouth tilted, how can this brain hole go? Totally incorrect.

"...... uh, this." Qin Ming is a bit torn, he does not quite want to say it directly, no surprise then how meaningless.

Qin Ming was too late to explain, Nie Haitang grabbed his hand and said gratefully "Qin Ming tell me, what did you pay for to help my family this favor? Even if you are friends with the big man in the stock market, even if the other side appreciates you, it is not easy for you to ask people to do things, right? You didn't sacrifice anything, right?"

"Uh ...... did not sacrifice anything ah." Qin Ming is even more embarrassed, it's really easy to lie and hard to round up the lies.

However, at this time, Nie Zhengming appeared, he saw the hands of the two living together, but thought Qin Ming grabbed his sister, Nie Zhengming was furious, he ran over while shouting "you beast, let go of my sister."

Chapter 34

Nie Zhengming suddenly stepped between them, interrupting their conversation.

Nie Haitang was surprised and asked, "Brother? Why haven't you left yet?"

Nie Zhengming was puzzled, how did his sister know that he was leaving?

I was pushed out of the 88th floor by the crowd and when I wanted to go back, I was blocked by the security guards and your mobile phone didn't return my calls. I wanted to come down and talk to the person in charge, but then I ran into you. Sister, is this stinky silk coming to haunt you again? Don't be afraid, I'm here."

Nie Haitang hurriedly blocked her brother and said, "Brother, it's not true, don't misunderstand. If it wasn't for Qin Ming, I'm afraid I would have been cheated by that guy He Kun."

Nie Zhengming's heart moved, remembering that when he came down just now, he received a phone call from his father, saying that the crisis in their family had been overcome and that he should leave his sister alone and go home immediately.

Nie Zhengming would believe it, but no matter what, he despised Qin Ming because he was a poor man and he didn't think Qin Ming had that ability or capacity.

He just thought he had saved his sister by mistake, but that didn't mean Qin Ming could pursue his sister either.

Qin Ming now had a headache when he saw Nie Zhengming. Earlier, he had beaten him up in order to find Nie Haitang in a hurry, so he was probably held in a grudge.

He said, "Haitang, since your brother is here, let him take you back. Your parents must be very worried about you too. You should go back first."

When Nie Zhengming heard this, he immediately pulled his sister away and said, "Forget it, sister, let's go back with me first."

Nie Haitang still wanted to talk to Qin Ming more, very reluctantly, but when she saw the way Qin Ming shook his mobile phone, she also understood that she could talk about anything on the phone.

Nie Haitang had no choice but to go back first.

When the two siblings got into the car, Nie Haitang's mobile phone rang. She was full of joy thinking that Qin Ming was so impatient to contact her, but when she saw it was actually her best friend Zhang Qingqing.

On the other end of the phone, Zhang Qingqing and the others were gathered around the badminton court, one by one approaching Zhang Qingqing to eavesdrop.

Zhang Qingqing's fingers were curled around the long one and she cautiously asked, "Haitang, how did it go? Did the blind date go well?"

Nie Haitang smiled playfully and said "No, it didn't go well, I didn't get along with the youngest of the He family."

"Oops!" Zhang Qingqing was greatly disappointed, the other people in the badminton club also sighed and shook their heads, except for that Fang Jinsheng who was overjoyed.

Fang Jinsheng secretly clenched his fist and said, "Great, the Nie family is hopeless. Nie Haitang is no longer a young lady from a wealthy family, so the distance between me and her is closer and the possibilities are greater. I'm not going to wait for news, but now I'm going to work? When Haitang comes back, I'll say bad things about him, Nie Haitang will definitely hate Qin Ming."

Zhang Qingqing said "If it fails, doesn't that mean your Nie family's company will become someone else's? Tsk, but this is good, at least Haitang your happiness for the rest of your life is preserved."

Nie Haitang puffed out a smile "It's already fine, Qin Ming saved me."

"Huh?" There was a sudden cry of shock from the other end of the phone.

Zhang Qingqing suddenly turned around and cursed, "Oh, what are you all doing, eavesdropping? So gossipy to be an entertainment reporter in the future, right?"

Fang Jinsheng was very excited and said loudly, "What's going on? Haitang, that Qin Ming went to work. How could he have saved you? Don't misunderstand."

Someone else was also curious, "Is it possible that Qin Ming broke into the Century Building? That's not possible, is it?"

"Qin Ming's silk? He can't even get into the Century Building, can he? I don't believe it."

Zhang Qingqing was also very unconvinced and said, "That Qin Ming, he? Does he have that kind of ability?"

Nie Haitang's heart burst with joy, she was especially happy to hear such shocked voices from her friends in the badminton club, because they didn't know how good Qin Ming was, and Qin Ming was going to be a hit this time.

Nie Haitang said, "Qin Ming broke into the Century Building to save me, and knocked people over in order to escape arrest by the security guards, and he cleverly broke the fire alarm device in order to trick He Kun."

That's about it for the so-called favouritism, Nie Haitang didn't know the details of the process, she heard it all from Nie Zhengming and Qin Ming, and after organising herself, she added to it by describing Qin Ming as witty as a demon.

On the other hand, on the badminton court side, Zhang Qingqing simply tuned in the speaker with her mobile phone, and the crowd was stunned to hear Nie Haitang say this.

"My God, Qin Ming is crazy? Breaking into the Century Building? He even confronted the security guards? And broke the fire alarm device? He's in the police station now?"

"The point is that he can still run? Someone tell me that's not true."

"Does Qin Ming have that kind of guts? Usually so silky, anyone can hoot and holler at him, he's actually that good?"

Fang Jinsheng was dumbfounded, looking at the Apple phone Zhang Qingqing was holding, if the screen didn't show that the person was Nie Haitang, he wouldn't have believed that that Qin Ming actually dared to make a scene for Nie Haitang.

The point is that Qin Ming could still run away after making a scene, are all the security guards at Century Mansion useless? Why didn't they catch Qin Ming and beat him to death?

He also wanted to make a scene, but he didn't have the courage.

Fang Jinsheng was very remorseful, "If I had known it would be so easy, I would have gone too. Damn Qin Ming, he lied to me about going to work, what a shame."

Zhang Qingqing asked curiously, "Haitang, what is going on? Isn't your family in crisis because of the equity issue? Is Qin Ming still capable of doing that?"

Nie Haitang said, "Because Qin Ming knows a rich man, he asked him for help, so my family's problems were solved."

At this moment, Nie Zhengming, who was driving beside Nie Haitang, interjected, "It can't be that poor man who asked someone to do the job. I heard from Dad that that person is very mysterious, sister, don't be fooled."

Nie Haitang nodded nervously, but said with certainty "No, it was Qin Ming who did it. Qingqing, I'll talk to you later, anyway, first give a safe report to everyone in the badminton club, and then have a meal together when I get back."

Zhang Qingqing hung up the phone and was quite happy, saying "Ha, the Nie family is worthy of being the newest noble family in Guangcheng, the lucky man has a heavenly destiny. We don't need to think too much about it, let's disperse today."

He bit his lip and said, "No, President, ask Haitang again. Is she mistaken for someone else? How could that guy Qin Ming ...... be?"

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself, why are you yelling at me? Why don't you yell at Qin Ming?"

Zhang Qingqing pulled down his face in dissatisfaction, scaring Fang Jinsheng not dare to say anything, stifled to stand aside.

To be honest, Zhang Qing Qing was particularly annoyed with Fang Jin Sheng today, this guy was not capable of anything, just a little better off than Qin Ming, yet he was always dreaming of climbing up the high horse of the Nie family.

Today, Qin Ming broke into the Century Building for Nie Haitang, so at least he was better than Fang Jinsheng.

Both of them are toads in Zhang Qingqing's eyes, but Qin Ming is the toad that runs errands by his side all the time, but today he is still a toad of action.

And this Fang Jinsheng is the toad who has not given her face all day and sneered at her errand boy Qin Ming, but today is still a toad who is indifferent in the face of the one he likes.

As the badminton club dispersed, Fang Jinsheng smashed his badminton racket in anger and cursed angrily, "Damn it, Qin Ming, you stinking silk, remember that."


Qin Ming in the Century Building suddenly sneezed, rubbing his nose as he muttered to himself "Who's cursing me? It can't be Yang Wei, can it? I'm so close to them, it's about time I ran into Li Meng and the others, right?"