Rags To Riches Chapter 327-328

 Chapter 327

Luo deputy director holding the pipe stick, hideous cold laugh: "Hey, hey, hey, you brat is no longer capable, now can not even move, as long as you move, Liao Qingxuan fell, I see how you can still cross? I'll take a boat and flee abroad immediately after you're done, and I'll have my mistress and money ready. You think I'm going to meekly ambush the law? Don't be naive, I've accumulated so much over the years, are you a poor? You're a poor man? Mo Jun

                As soon as the words left his mouth, he struck an iron bar at Qin Ming's hand pulling the twine.

                Qin Ming placed his foot against the wall, relying on his body's strength to pull on the rope, freeing up his left hand and quickly raising it to block.

                There was a low thud, the sound of an iron bar striking a muscle.

                Qin Ming's brow furrowed and his teeth clenched, but he didn't budge in the slightest.

                He sneered back and said, "Didn't you just eat? Or do you only have strength when you touch women? Oh, that's not tickling me?"

                "Hm?" Vice President Luo's heart was shocked, he didn't expect Qin Ming to be so hardened, and the unyielding look in Qin Ming's eyes made Vice President Luo's heart tremble even more, this kid was a ruthless person.

                "Give me hell." Vice Station Chief Luo violently swung his iron rod and smashed it down towards Qin Ming's head.

                There was another low sound of an iron rod striking a muscle as Qin Ming resisted again.

                "Hey!" Vice President Luo staked his wrist and struck at Qin Ming's knee.

                Boom, Qin Ming's knee ate the pain and he had to bend over, but his feet were still firmly planted.

                But Deputy Director Luo's attack didn't stop there, the anger and resentment in his heart was all vented, and the iron rod struck Qin Ming like a fierce wind and rain: "Poor? Pan Kang tomb cragged? Iridiumz quiet cno strangulation word roast ???????!

                The ruthless Vice President Luo struck with a complete disregard for lightness. Qin Ming had to pull the rope to keep Liao Qingxuan from falling while trying to fend off the iron bars, and his arms were already red and swollen.

                Boom, boom, boom!

                Suddenly, a loud bang came from the locked iron door of the rooftop, it was someone kicking the door, the door was already crooked and deformed, it was evident that the kicker was very strong.

                He dropped the iron bar and pulled out a knife, his face was fierce as he shouted, "You've ruined everything for me, I want you dead."

                Qin Ming was quick to see the opportunity and moved his body sideways, but the knife in his clumsy hand hit the wall and fell to the ground.

                He tried to back up and distance himself from Qin Ming, but it was too late.

                But Qin Ming immediately flew up with a kick, bang!

                A kick hit the fatty flesh of Vice President Luo's abdomen, and his whole body was so uncomfortable that he fell to his knees in front of Qin Ming with an owl, spitting out all the lobster, shark's fin and mao tai he had just eaten.

                Seeing the opportunity, Qin Ming flew up with another kick to the head of Deputy Director Luo, sending him to the side, his glasses shattering and his whole body falling limp to the ground.

                "Hey puke, unbearable." Qin Ming spat down with a mouthful of spittle and said disdainfully, "What's the use of eating fat? The body is the capital of the revolution."


                There was a loud bang and the whole iron door was kicked open, it was really Ao Mei who had arrived, she was not surprised to see that Qin Ming had finished when she came in.

                Ao Mei helped Qin Ming pull on the rope and asked, "Young master, do you want to pull up now?"

                Qin Ming squeezed his trembling left arm, which was already red and bleeding, he shook his head and said, "Wait for a while."

                "Eh, ah~!" Vice President Luo, who had been kicked to the ground, struggled to get up, he touched the blood on his nose and said angrily, "Qin Ming, you poor? Pan Jun? Retreating from the lot doctor? チ耍? 阋晕晕? Min min mould? The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The enthalpy of the city: the salaries of our people? The newest and most recent edition of the website is available in the following languages The "Kissing Tuan? Shoulder for mantle" ???? The main focus is on the development of a new and innovative approach to the world of music. We have a lot of people who are interested in the world. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

                Qin Ming was silent, his right hand picked up the iron bar that had just struck him dozens of times, he looked at the old man indifferently, and struck him hard on the thigh.

                "There was a muffled sound of the iron bar hitting the bone, and the bone broke.

                "Ahhhhhh!" Deputy Director Luo let out a pig-like scream, "You poor? Pan Jun? Black ∽櫻? The door blue? Juggling? Blue? Forgive d keeper? The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. Iridiums Senate for the sake of the desolate fluorescence oil Sun? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The chimney sword looks grasshopper jail wild!

                The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual website. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it. The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company. The first time I saw you, I was in the middle of a fight. The actual fact is that you are able to get a lot more than just a few of these. gucci outlet? ""!

                Qin Ming pointed an iron bar at his face and said, "Do you know? The young people nowadays have no money, no power, but what is the most frightening thing about them? It's the guts."


                Qin Ming struck again, his strength was much greater than Vice President Luo's, and the rod struck Vice President Luo's other foot, breaking all the bones in both legs.

                "Ahhhhh." The pain was so great that he almost lost the feeling in both legs, and the pain made his lower body incontinent, and his shit and urine were all flowing, and the stench was unbearable.

                He was also finally unable to speak, his body jerking out in spasms.

                Qin Ming threw the man away in disgust, wiped the fingerprints off the murder weapon again, and then picked his hand at Ao Mei, asking her to pull the man up.

                Ao Mei quickly brought up Liao Qingxuan, who was almost scared out of her wits.

                After being saved, Liao Qingxuan saw Qin Ming sweating profusely and her left arm red and swollen, she was distressed and blamed herself: "Qin Ming, Qin Ming! It's all my fault, it's all my fault for dragging you down."

                Qin Ming gave a warm smile and said, "Teacher, don't blame yourself, we are friends, it's right to help each other. Take a step back, I helped you voluntarily. How can I blame you?"

                Liao Qingxuan, however, blamed herself to the point of tears and said, "I'll take you to the hospital, this arm is swollen ...... quickly, I'll help you to the hospital."

                Qin Ming threw a look to Ao Mei, the latter nodded to understand the next aftermath and let Qin Ming relax and leave.

                As soon as Qin Ming and Liao Qingxuan left, Ao Mei grabbed the half dead Luo vice president, picked up the knife on the ground and scratched around his face with threatening force.

                Deputy Director Luo looked at this beautiful blonde, even though he was now in a half-disabled state, he was amazed, such a beautiful foreign horse, he swallowed his saliva, although he had thoughts, but really did not dare to make a move, and said, "Beauty, beauty, you let me go, I can give you money, you let me go."

                Ao Mei took out a money transfer data swipe machine, with an angelic smile on her face, and said, "OK, let's calculate how much your little life is worth."

                Vice President Luo hastily endured the pain, pulled out his card bag, took out all the cards in one go and said, "I have a lot of money, if you let me go, I will give it all to you."

                Thirty minutes later, however, the police, who had received a tip-off, came to arrest Luo, the deputy director of a television station, who had been corrupting and taking bribes, operating illegally and submarining his subordinates.

                But when the police found Luo, the deputy station director, they found that he had been crippled and beaten, his hands could not write, his mouth could not speak, his whole person was in a kind of fearful trembling, and when he saw that the police still arrested him, he even cried, his eyes revealed the dawn of hope.

                In the night sky of the city, Ao Mei whistles and walks with a sensual stride of triumph, playing with a bank card in her hand, quite satisfied with her harvest tonight.

                But halfway down the street, a gold Rolls-Royce with a stretched roof blocks her path, and she suddenly realises that the pedestrians around her have suddenly lifted their disguises and turned into expressionless thugs, swarming around her.

                Ao Mei's face was stony as she looked ahead. The car door slowly opened and a pair of slender 1.2m thighs stepped out, black stockings were extraordinarily alluring, the cinched waistline, the voluptuous breasts, the stunningly beautiful face, all were deadly temptations.

                Song Ying, with a cold, expressionless face like an iceberg queen, got down from the car sharply.

                The two girls were about the same height, and Song Ying's dark eyes met Ao Mei's blue gaze, not giving way to each other.

                They both knew each other too well.

                Song Ying said seriously, "Corrie? Look what you've done, Olsen, the first day you've been by the young master's side and you've got him hurt."

                Ao Mei took a step closer to her, their chests touching, just a fist away, and she said in a tit-for-tat voice: "The young master hasn't even blamed me yet, and you, the secretary, are going to exercise your power? Are you qualified to do that?"

Chapter 328

Song Ying remembers that her parents were both Chinese who immigrated to Magnesium. That year, when she was five years old, she woke up in the middle of the night to find her home to see her parents being fed bullets of liberal democracy by a group of bandits.

                Orphaned, she was sold to the local mafia by the gang of thugs.

                It was in that dark, damp basement that she first met the woman in front of her, Corrie Olsen. Olsen, who was also five years old.

                There were seven or eight such girls in that place, and a ten-year-old girl as the head of the children.

                They fought over the few food items they had every day, with the winner being allocated food and the loser going hungry.

                During her first few days there, Song Ying was completely unaccustomed and uncomfortable and was bullied to no end, but Corrie Olsen came to her aid. Olsen gave her a helping hand and gave her some food to keep her alive.

                Eventually the two five year olds, Sung Ying and Corrie, teamed up to defeat their ten year old foe and take control of the food distribution in the wet basement.

                They don't know how long they waited to be rescued, only to learn that the Mafia had been wiped out and some ruthless people had taken them to an island in the Pacific.

                From the age of five, Song Ying and Corrie? Olsen began their training at the camp.

                They also know that their allegiance is to a businessman called Chang Hongxi, and that the power they work for is called the Huan Yu Century Group, a super business empire that has a huge global fortune and influences the lifeblood of the global economy. Some poor countries and small nations can be run right over, and most developing countries don't dare to mess with this mysterious and terrifying existence.

                During their time in the training camp, the duo slowly became the top agents in the camp, becoming fluent in various languages, familiar with various fighting and assassination techniques and demolition, and their hard training raised them to become killing machines, with even many men losing to them.

                Over the past ten years, they have eliminated one group of elites after another.

                As the saying goes, the leftovers are the kings, and they all know that as long as they remain at the top of their game, the selection of the powerful awaits them and they will be able to step up to the top and they will be able to leave this hellish training camp.

                However, the training officers, who were not happy with their relationship, were intent on dividing their pure friendship and often set up competitions to determine the winner.

                The losers are not punished, but the people they care about are.

                Corrie? Olsen cares about her sister, and it is because she is strong that her weak sister has a chance to survive in the camp.

                Song Ying also met another girl from China who spoke the same language and soon became good friends, they were close and talked about everything.

                During the competitions between Song Ying and Cori, when Cori lost, the evil training officer used to torment Cori's sister, causing Cori to grow resentful.

                Similarly, when Song Ying failed, her best friend from China was tortured.

                Because she was discriminated against by the trainers because she was from China, the punishment for Song Ying's best friend was much heavier and more damaging than for Corrie's sister.

                Song Ying won more than she lost, so Corrie's sister was often locked up in a small dark room and starved.

                Corrie also begged Song Ying to lose more often because she couldn't bear to see her sister suffer.

                But Song Ying also struggled for her compatriots from China, because if she lost, her compatriots would be hung over the sea for a day and a night.

                Song Ying's refusal made Corrie more and more upset and the relationship between the two sisters grew colder and colder.

                Until one time, Song Ying's best friend became ill and could not afford a punishment.

                Song Ying begged Corrie to lose once to her in return for her losing twice more in the future as a trade, but Corrie refused mercilessly, and in the end Corrie won the match.

                Song Ying lost and her best friend was tied to a stick and floated in the sea, where she died of sunburn after too long and her illness.

                Song Ying will never forget that day, and she cried for a long time as she held the body of her compatriot.

                And Corrie Olsen was so guilty. Olsen also felt guilty that her sister's punishment was a day of starvation in a dark room, when perhaps she should have listened to Song Ying's plea.

                But there was no pill for regret, and that night an angry Song Ying killed the training officer, as well as the entire island's training management.

                She tried to escape that hell, but failed, and the Huan Yu Century Group was so terribly powerful that she was taken back to continue her rehabilitation until she was taken away by Chang Hong Xi two years ago to develop her business skills, leaving her to be Qin Ming's secretary.

                And Corrie? Olsen was also picked by the eldest master, Chang Hongxi, to become the leader of the intelligence network, leaping to become an important cadre within the group.

                However, the feud between the two has never stopped.

                The night lights on the roadside flickered incessantly, and the sultry air made the atmosphere between the two men even hotter.


                Song Ying and Ao Mei, chests colliding, if it were a normal situation, it would be two beauties competing for the same, but the atmosphere was obviously very serious as the two women struck out at the same time, lowering their feet against each other.

                Clash! Hands touching, feet clashing, a momentary burst of force, surprisingly the air around them recoiled and shook.

                The two were evenly matched in strength, their eyes staring at each other, not giving in to each other.

                Song Ying said with an expressionless face, "You are not qualified to stay by the young master's side, the young master will return sooner or later, there is no place for you in this part of China."

                Ao Mei chuckled, "I do think that the young master likes me quite a lot and has given me a nickname. After all, unlike you, I have a dead mother's face all day long, and the young master is probably sick of seeing you."

                Song Ying sneered back, "Oh, you know nothing about the young master, you were already a traitor, how long will the young master stay by your side?"

                Song Ying poked at Ao Mei's sore spot, she had indeed betrayed Chang Huan for her sister, this was a big no-no for those at the top, even if she was kept alive because of her outstanding ability, she would hardly be reused again.

                It was at this point that Ao Mei's mobile phone rang.

                Qin Ming sent a call and asked, "Ao Mei, how are things going?"

                Ao Mei responded, "Young master, everything is fine, the police have taken the ruined man away and no one suspects us."

                Qin Ming said to his satisfaction, "Good, go and clean up that teacher Guan who I beat up in front of the hotel as well, don't let him drag those security brothers down with him."

                Ao Mei responded, "Yes."

                She hung up the phone and shook it triumphantly, saying, "I'm going to work for Young Master, get out of the way."

                Song Ying was furious and she warned, "If the young master gets hurt next time because you don't do your job properly, I will definitely not let you off."

                Ao Mei gave a disdainful grunt, "What do you know? Wounds are a badge of manhood, our young master is not a docile puppy."

                Song Ying was not impressed, "I'll do what I say, next time it won't be a rubber bullet that shoots you in the head."

                Ao Mei's expression flinched as she touched the bruise on her side forehead, she looked at Song Ying with a grim sideways glance, the two women's eyes seemed to be separated by lightning and were unusually hot.

                The two women were fighting over Qin Ming, and at this time, Qin Ming had just come out of the hospital.

                After registering, getting a cast and getting medicine, Liao Qingxuan took him back to his house in the Green Island district of the city.

                Qin Ming's left hand was in a sling, so he couldn't use it at all. He had to recuperate for a week or two, and everyday life was not easy, but Qin Ming wasn't upset, he had saved Liao Qingxuan, this injury was nothing.

                Qin Ming said: "Miss Liao, the deputy station manager Luo has been arrested, you can talk to the station manager directly, are you sure? I do know some people, maybe I can please ......"

                Liao Qingxuan handed Qin Ming a glass of water and said, "Okay, don't say anything first, you are injured like this, why are you still worrying about the teacher? Take a good rest."

                Qin Ming scratched his head and giggled, "I ran into Principal Liao today and she told me to take care of you more."

                Liao Qingxuan shook her head in disbelief and said, "She told you to come to me if you were in trouble, right? My mother wouldn't say that, you can't fool me. However, it's true that my mother doesn't know you. I didn't understand you at first either, I thought you were ordinary and rustic, and I was lecturing you like a successful member of society, but now I think I look like a clown. I didn't realize that underneath your ordinary appearance, you were hiding so much power. Sure enough, people can't look like people."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, this flattery was just right, he was comfortable.

                He said, "Teacher Liao is complimenting you, I am actually very ordinary, nothing special."

                Liao Qingxuan glared at her and said, "If you're complimented, take it well, I don't usually compliment people, especially men ...... boys, you're not a bad kid, you have a future. Stay tonight, the teacher will help you take a bath later."